Hayate no gotoku 3rd ending a relationship

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hayate no gotoku 3rd ending a relationship

Really, really sad that some of the character building just ended with their closure [–]smatdesawebob.info 2 points3 .. to be honest, just felt like a one-sided relationship on Nagi's part. webob.info 30/hayate-no-gotoku-chapterreleased-the-final-chapter/. "Hayate no Gotoku!! her to the goal at the last minute (despite leaving Kyonosuke behind), 03, "There is No Legend After All" she wants to ask Hayate about his relationship with Ayumu. #3. Apr 10, AM . Congrats Hayate you took the top spot for worst endings away from Mass Effect 3. BBCode .. and Hayate no Gotoku still remains one of my favourite series of all time. Thank you very much The only truly mutually loving relationship in this manga was Hayate and Athena.

They head to Loser Park where Nagi tries to make romantic advances on Hayate, but they are interrupted by a mysterious dark butler, Cyborg Butler, and Superintendent Kirika. Hayate is knock unconscious, but they are saved by Himegami Akanewho now calls himself Princess God. In Hayate's dream, his parents appear and they don't believe he is a butler.

He woke up the next morning, and Nagi and Maria were desperately waiting for him to wake up. Himegami was on a chair while Klaus argues with him about his banishment as a Sanzenin butler. Throughout the day, Hayate fails at all his butler chores. Maria and Nagi are worried and want Hayate to take a day off. As Hayate felt disappointed what has happened to himself, Himegami explains it is because Kirika drained all his butler powers.

In order to keep Nagi safe, Hayate resigns as Nagi's butler and leaves the mansion. Meanwhile in Hakuou's dome, Kirika asks Hayate to wear the ancient butler robe which has been rejecting countless butlers. In exchange, she promises to leave Nagi and her fortune alone. Hinagiku found out about Hayate, she calls Nagi that Hayate was getting blackmailed over the Sanzenin estate.

Nagi, Hinagiku, Himegami and the SPs come to Hayate's rescue, but they arrive too late, as Hayate has turned into a nekomimi maid.

hayate no gotoku 3rd ending a relationship

They battle Kirika and Shion who're under the curse of the white snake and during the battle, Nagi's pleas reach Hayate. The nekomimi maid uniform transforms into the legendary butler uniform. When the dome starts to collapse, Hayate, Nagi, Hinagiku, and Himegami managed to get out of there, to their safety. Himegami gets a hold of the legendary butler uniform, and then disappeared. Kirika and Shion somehow survived and still flirt each other. Realizing that it's still Christmas, Nagi made a stop at Loser Park, Hayate and Nagi wished themselves a Merry Christmas the place where they first met each other.

Hayate is forced to take her on a bike since he doesn't have a permit to drive.

hayate no gotoku 3rd ending a relationship

While on their road to the beach, Nagi uses her credit card to buy a carriage for them. Meanwhile, their road continues as Hayate takes Nagi to go all the way to the beach, full speed ahead.

But then, they encountered an enemy in his automated car, and they were challenged to a highway race. Hayate used a secret technique to survive from the curve.

hayate no gotoku 3rd ending a relationship

Hayate and Nagi have arrived at the Kujukuri Beach on time to see the sunrise for a New Year's Day, but Nagi falls asleep just before the sunrise.

While Hayate went to buy two warm coffee cans, he forgot his wallet, until Maria reached to him. Hayate put his coat on Nagi and the sun has risen. The next day, the mansion's circuit breaker overloads and Hayate goes to the annex to turn it back on. On the way there, he gets stuck in a blizzard which is really caused by Sakuya's snow blower. Hayate looked at the map that shows a hot springs that is inside a power plant. Sakuya dragged him into the hot springs, and holds him.

Fortunately, he managed to turn the power back on, but passes out due to the extreme cold. Yukiji appears, shocking the three with an unusually cheerful attitude, giving Hinagiku a New Year's allowance because of a promise Yukiji made with her 10 years ago although it was only yenand shocking them even more after they found a letter of resignation which dropped from Yukiji's bag.

After Hayate and Nagi rushed to the Hakuou Three Amiga, he tells them that Yukiji is quitting her job as their teacher, and find that hard to believe, but Yukiji replied to them as a "yes". When homeroom ends, the class begs Yukiji to stay as a teacher causing Shiori to burst out in tears, who is happy that the class cares for her and decides to not resign. The resignation letter actually belonged to Shiori who found being Yukiji's superior harder than she thought.

Yukiji was happy because she found many signs of good fortune.

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Hinagiku gives Yukiji a piggy back ride to her room after beating her up. Elsewhere, Maria rents movies from Wataru's video store. Then saw Ayumu putting a New Year's card for Hayate in a mailbox but then bumps into some thugs. Maria and the SPs defend Ayumu and she gives her some marshmallows that Saki gave her earlier.

Back in the Sanzenin mansion, Hayate, Nagi, and Maria talked about their usual day. In the Sanzenin Mansion, Klaus just brought an expensive portrait, but Hayate points out it to be a fake, which Klaus disagrees, until a judge appears and claims the portrait is indeed a fake, leaving Klaus shocked.

Hayate explains to Nagi and Maria, that his father was once an art dealer, who would use Hayate to switch a picture for a fake to package for a customer when he was little, because of that he could tell the difference. Nagi, perplexed by Hayate's apparent lack of weaknesses, plots ways to find chinks in his armor.

Maria, Sakuya, and Isumi get swept up in the flow and discuss their weaknesses as well. Hayate and Wataru begin studying German in preparation for a Hakuou mathematics exam. Nagi decides to teach Wataru. During a flashback, Wataru felt sad that he can't enter the Hakuou Academy, since there were only three seats available for students who skip grades. But when Sakuya arrived in front of Wataru, she gave him her enrollment documents.

Back in Hayate's room, they go to check on Nagi and Wataru. Wataru explains that he only loves Isumi, in which Isumi suddenly heard him. Wataru then covered his confession by telling Isumi that it was a joke, which provoke Sakuya to hit him with a paper fan for being hopeless. Nagi becomes jealous that Hayate and Maria were alone together, so she chases him while he runs away. Can you really imagine an ending with the main heroine having her heart broken and becoming emotionally scarred for life?

They don't matter, of course! What about Hayate, you might ask? You say that he has feelings for Hinagiku and it would be like a dream come true for him to be with her?

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You say he was feeling sad to have to let go of Ruka? I don't dislike her? What we are sure of however is that Nagi is definitely in love with Hayate in a romantic way and with everything that she has been doing so far just to get him to notice her, it would be a terrible ending and a horrible waste of time if he does not at least notice her as a girl at some point. Naturally, you could argue that there are other girls who deserve him more and who have done much more for him.

Again, the problem here is applying real-life standards to a fictional and rather idealized story. It's really easy to justify Hayate eventually developing or even having already developed feelings for Nagi and just actively suppressing it When Hayate finds himself unable to respond, Hinagiku asks him who he would rather be in the bath with: Being unable to respond, she then asks if he would do it with Yukiji, though he refuses. Hinagiku scolds him for being too laid back in these situations, thinking that he's in love with Ayumu.

Hayate reveals to her that he doesn't actually have a girlfriend, to Hinagiku's surprise. She gets angry at him, asking about Valentine's day. Hayate admits that he was confessed to, but he didn't answer, and Ayumu didn't actually need to hear his response. Just then, the situation catches up to Hinagiku, and she panics realizing that the supposed safety net of him having a girlfriend she was relying on no longer exists, she offers to buy ice cream and quickly runs out of the house.

While returning from the store with the ice cream, she meets Ayumu, who had ended up in this part of town as she was chasing a food truck. Hinagiku began to worry, thinking that Hayate would show up and reveal that they're staying together for the night, which could potentially give Ayumu the wrong impression of things. Just then, Hayate comes out and tells Hinagiku that the bath was ready for her.

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Ayumu starts crying, thinking that they were indeed together and about to go into the bath together. She runs off, convinced that she was about to interfere with their relationship.

Hinagiku runs after Ayumu and asks her to stay over, rather than worry about a stupid misunderstanding. Along the way, they end up finding a stray kitten. Hinagiku decided to help Ayumu When they got back to Hinagiku's house, they reveal that they had found the kitten.

Hayate realizes that the kitten is probably hungry, and he sets off to buy milk for it. During this time, Hinagiku and Ayumu talk about Hayate, and Ayumu reveals that she's extremely relieved to hear that Hinagiku doesn't love Hayate. Ayumu worries that people like Hinagiku seem to attract him, which doesn't surprise Hinagiku. She decides that she'll cheer her on, and Ayumu talks about Hayate's situation, and how he can't return to the mansion, and how he was abandoned by his parents.

Hinagiku is reminded of her own very similar past, and she thinks that this might be pert of the reason for her feelings towards Hayate. Just then, Hayate arrives with the milk. Hinagiku greets him, though Hayate reveals that the stray kitten was peeing in her arms.

She runs off to take a bath, and Ayumu leaves her a fresh set of clothing. Hinagiku asks Ayumu if she's really okay with not having heard Hayate's response to her confession. Ayumu admits that she knows what his response is, though even she shows a little skepticism about it. She describes her plan to try to steadily get closer to him, but she doesn't seem convinced it will actually work.

Ayumu admits that she wishes she was more attractive like Hinagiku, so she didn't have to go through these plans. After a little silence, Hinagiku asks Ayumu to call her by her first name, and that she'll also call Ayumu by her first name. Ayumu reluctantly agrees, though the entire event surprises her. The next day, Hayate was ready to return to the Sanzenin mansion, and he took Shiranui with him since Hinagiku's mother was allergic to cats.

When he asks if there's any way he could repay them for letting him stay over, Hinagiku's mother reveals that her birthday is March 3rd, and that he could repay her then, to Hinagiku's embarrassment. Hayate promises to give her a gift. Acknowledging Her Feelings for Hayate Hinagiku and the student council trio During one ordinary school day while walking on the streets, she suddenly spots Hayate, Ayumu and the student council trio who were out looking for presents for Hinagiku.

She got irritated when she heard them discuss possible presents, as they rejected most of the things she would actually like, since they assumed she didn't like girly things, and they also called her clumsy. When they end up saying that she's a little boy on the inside, Hinagiku reveals herself to them, with a passive-agressive tone. However, at this point, Hayate had run off with Ayumu. Eventually, they catch up with Hayate, and they had asked him about his relationship with Ayumu.

Here, he reveals that he doesn't feel qualified to have a girlfriend, due to his lack of money and financial skills. When Hinagiku asks where he got this idea from, he tells about how his ex-girlfriend, Athena, told him this back in kindergarten.

Here, Hinagiku realizes that part of Hayate's twisted thinking is because of Athena's words.

hayate no gotoku 3rd ending a relationship

Linn guides Hinagiku to acknowledge her feelings for Hayate Afterwards, Hinagiku was preoccupied, worrying about what she was feeling.

She had also learned that Hayate was potentially at risk of failing, preventing him from moving to the next grade, causing her to get very angry at him. When she meets him next, she gets angry at him, saying that she'll never forgive him if he fails because he was busy thinking of a gift for her.

During the day, she finds herself pacing around and thinking about Hayate, trying hard to deny any hint of being in love with him. Soon after, Linn Regiostar appears and tries to get her to admit her feelings. She ends up concluding that these feelings were because the fight with Hayate during the freestyle marathon was unsettled.

Isumi then arrives and gives her a letter from Hayate, challenging her to a fight, with weapons. The letter called for Hayate to win, since he needed to beat her to dispel the curse that was placed on him, though she misunderstood this, thinking that he was just confident that he would win.

Her birthday Hinagiku sings at her 16th birthday The match was scheduled on the night of Hinagiku's birthday at 9: But it was also the day of the Hinamatsuri Festival so she was also in the festival.

There she received an expensive watch from Nagi as a gift. Hinagiku also attended a grand birthday party hosted by Miki. She was also forced to sing A Cruel Angel's Thesis in front of the crowd by the student council triowhich then thereafter she got her revenge by forcing them to sing a song like her, namely The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Before the end of the party, she had already left to meet Hayate for the scheduled meeting.