Itachi vs sasuke ending relationship

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itachi vs sasuke ending relationship

Sasuke had always chased "strength" to defeat and kill Itachi. When he This brings an end to the first part of Naruto leading upto Shippuden. For a long time, the doomed relationship between Sasuke and Sakura seemed Itachi could have easily said that he saved himself and Sasuke and started a new Sasuke ended his brother's life after chasing him for years. Naruto and Itachi have been dating secretly for awhile now and it has Sasuke and let's just say they all learn the value of relationships and how . Naruto could honestly say he didn't think it would end like that and it hurt his.

Itachi, however, knew an Uchiha coup would lead to intervention from other villages and ultimately start another World War, something he could not support. He instead became a double agent, reporting the Uchiha's actions to the Third Hokage and the Konoha Council in the hopes it would help them find a peaceful resolution. But as time went on it became increasingly clear that peace could not be achieved.

His own options exhausted, Shisui entrusted his remaining eye to Itachi and begged him to protect the village and their family name before drowning himself in the Naka River. When the following day some Uchiha, already suspicious of Itachi, accused him of murdering Shisui and staging a suicide, Itachi lost his composure and attacked them, defeating them easily. By age 13, he was promoted to Anbu captain. He explained this to Itachi and left him a choice: Itachi chose his brother.

From observing him, he came to believe the man was truly Madara Uchiha bent on provoking some new conflict. It's likely that Sasuke's intentions in Konoha were a bit more complex. Staying in Konoha reminded him every day of his goal to defeat Itachi. Also, there was likely something very satisfying for him to defeat Itachi learning from the same people he did instead of learning new techniques elsewhere.

Sasuke didn't just want to beat Itachi; he wanted to dominate him. He wears this burden solemnly, knowing he wants his clan to thrive despite their shortcomings. He knows that he must pass on the genes to another generation to keep their talents alive.

However important it was to have Sarada, it's fair to assume that he might not be the only Uchiha, though.

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Various Uchiha clan-members have appeared out of the woodwork throughout the years. Granted, most have been resurrected, but the point stands. For example, the Uzumaki clan is dismembered, but Naruto remains. Also, though he was thought to be one of the last, Karin and Nagato existed outside of Konoha. Some sparse Uchiha members might also be scattered around. Instead of habitually lashing out, mistrusting others, and remaining emotionally adrift, he chose his friends.

However, the truth is that Sasuke will never conquer it. The Curse of Hatred is integral to the Uchiha legacy. He was willing to bleed out in a battle zone to let the curse end, after all.

itachi vs sasuke ending relationship

It must be tremendously terrible and an awful burden. It's far more likely that Sasuke will always feel that terrible, burning hatred within him. All he can do about it is fight the urges to do vengeful things and do his best to protect the Konoha people he failed. Though Sasuke is better off by Boruto, the Curse of Hatred never leaves him and likely never will.

He habitually does long-term, in-depth missions to protect Konoha and assist Naruto. He works to protect instead of hurt. Though he was once a demon, now the people see him as a hero.

Fans sing Sasuke's praises, but he will always have evil capabilities. Now, he has a family and his friends guiding him.

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If Konoha was to fall, though, it's likely Sasuke would fall down the same paths and become an unstoppable villain all over again.

Nowadays, he does have a capacity for good that he never showed before. That doesn't take away his capacity for great evil, though. Only Naruto manages to stop him in a bloody standstill, and even then, both shinobi lost an arm.

Fans debate who is stronger, and it goes back and forth endlessly. Sasuke was always stronger. I had to come and see you. As Itachi disinfected Naruto's face his phone kept going off he knew it was his brother but didn't care. After the silence got unbearing for the both of them Naruto pulled Itachi to him for a kiss.

Itachi and Naruto walked down the stairs listening to what Kushina was saying on the phone. Boys will be boys, right? Okay well here is Itachi. Yes, I will talk to you later. If I was there it would have never happened to begin with. Naruto knew what Itachi was thinking and kissed him lightly on the lips before his mother could come back into the room to calm Itachi down. Itachi wanted to pull the blonde back to him but he wasn't sure he could focus on his mother if Naruto was near.

That was one of their first dates to learn sign language together. Well technically Naruto knew it because he had a close cousin that was deaf. But Itachi was a quick learner that wanted to learn it and they had a lot of fun. Naruto smiled at her then ran to the hallway with a thumb up making Itachi smile softly.

No one from both families really knew or understood Itachi and Naruto's relationship. Kushina noticed with her being home a lot that they spent a lot more time together and thought it was nice. It intrigued Naruto a lot when Itachi acted like the goofball because he was always so serious but when the two were together he opened up like a wild flower.

He couldn't believe how different Itachi was compared to Sasuke. He thought all the Uchiha's were stubborn and emotionless assholes that only showed their pride and anger. But the moment Naruto and Itachi got really close Naruto saw all the emotions from Itachi and he found that he couldn't look away when those little smiles became big. As for Itachi he couldn't believe the goofball he fell in love with could be so cultured and serious when he wanted to be.

They did things together that Itachi couldn't even tell his friends about. Naruto complimented his art and even went to art galleries with him even though he has no interest in art. When they went to the museum Naruto was in the damn dinosaurs section while Itachi was in the actual art section. They are different but in ways that complement the other. Naruto loves languages and history while Itachi is artsy and creative with a vast knowledge of things. Itachi could find himself talking to Naruto for days and not get annoyed by him though if Naruto wanted to be he could be really annoying he would know because he watched Naruto annoy Sasuke.

Do you want to break up with me because I won't break up with you? Let's just give him time to cool off and then talk to him about it. After an hour of talking about books and what college Itachi was planning to sign up for since he was a senior they got called downstairs for dinner.

Naruto and Itachi were laughing as Naruto's father talked about his day at the office and how his new worker is weird and creeped him out. Kushina could see the change in Naruto and Itachi.

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Itachi was always so composed and quiet but around Naruto he seemed to brighten up and be more outspoken. As for Naruto it seems like he is more serious about school and where he wants to be in his life like he knows who he is now.

She didn't know what was going on between the two but she loved how they acted around each other. Naruto," Itachi said looking toward everyone until he landed on Naruto. She knew not to say anything because she wanted them to come out on their own. She also wasn't sure if they were already together. Naruto walked Itachi to the end of his driveway so Itachi could walk away from there. They didn't have school tomorrow and he wanted to hang out with Naruto.

Naruto was actually supposed to spend the night by the Uchiha residence but didn't feel like it was right seeing as he was fighting with Sasuke at the moment. As Naruto closed the door he leaned back against the door nervously thinking about what was going to happen when Itachi got home considering he saw the anger in his eyes as he cleaned his wounds. Itachi got home but didn't cool off by no means. He was extremely upset with his brother and tonight might be the night he admits his feelings to more than just his brother.

Once Itachi walked into the door his mother was there with a smile. He heard the steps and looked to them to see Sasuke. Honestly, he thought Naruto's face was bad but his brothers were worse. Naruto must have been really passionate and that fueled Itachi's love for him even more. Sasuke could honestly say he didn't expect his brother to say something to him right away and not only that but he said something in front of their mother.

Sasuke schooled his features before he decided to say what he said. He should," Sasuke said glaring right back at his brother.

itachi vs sasuke ending relationship

This shocked both Mikoto and Sasuke because they never seen or heard Itachi get out of line the way he was. They were even shocked by how angry he was and that they could even tell he was angry especially because he never showed when he was upset aside from one other time when a kid took his art supplies when he was younger. Not only that but you bailed on him the moment you started dating Sakura a year ago.

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I was there to hang out with him. Itachi didn't hesitate on hitting Sasuke punching him right in the jaw making him fall back on the stairs.

itachi vs sasuke ending relationship

Everyone was shocked at that moment in silence because out of everyone in the family he was a pacifist even his mother was more violent than he is and she is a sweet woman. We were friends not like it's ANY of your business.

I liked him since middle school and never bothered to say anything. I only started loving him when we started talking last year when YOU bailed on him. Talk about him again like he did this or I did this as a betrayal to you I will do worse than he did to you. Sasuke just sat on the steps not talking or listening to anyone. He could only think that maybe he was wrong and being selfish and why was he really mad.

If anything, he wants his brother and Naruto to be happy. But do they have to be happy together? He did notice the changes between the two of them but never thought they were the reason the other was changing. Itachi even started to eat lunch with them instead of his friends. If he really thought about it the signs of them being closer and together are more there now that he knows. Itachi was upstairs pacing back and forth; as he continued to think he realized he had to call Naruto to let him know he made it home.

It amazed him that Naruto could simply calm him down just from hearing him. He knew his brother had speed and precision while Naruto had brute strength. No Itachi didn't want them to fight but he doesn't expect Naruto to not defend himself even if it's his foolish little brother.

By the way my parents know we're dating. I was just shocked. Does that mean I can tell my parents? Itachi laid back on his bed completely happy because he finally told his parents how he felt about Naruto.

It took some of the anger out of it if he had to be honest. As Itachi was dozing off he heard a knock on his door he knew it was either his mother or his brother.