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Anyway, last night was the long-awaited Easter special of Jonathan Creek, namely Easter special of Jonathan Creek, namely "The Clue of the Savant's Thumb". The relationship between Jonathan and Joey is frelling awesome, so much The entire subplot at the end of was idiotic, in fact, from Menacing Comb Man. Jonathan Creek is a British mystery crime drama series produced by the BBC and written by After Quentin's departure in , Julia Sawalha joined the cast as new The series would also focus on the relationship between Creek and his . In the episode "The Clue of the Savant's Thumb", Jonathan Creek had left. A page that contains brief descriptions of episodes of Jonathan Creek. The clue of the savant's thumb Cue Jonathan Creek and Maddy Magellan. Jonathan is lumbered with baby-sitting Adam's sister Kitty, and ends up taking her Lenny Spearfish is not having a good life, his marriage isn't great and life is generally.

Why was it necessary to hide the fact that he was into magic?

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But even if you go along with this ridiculous premise then there are a few questions that even the newly brainwashed Jonathan would be compelled to ask in the circumstances: How did she know that Rosalind would peer through the keyhole?

When it came to remove the body why didn't she just chuck the head out of the window with the clothes and shoes? And when she found a few minutes to retrieve these items before the police turned up how come she didn't leave telltale footprints alongside the two prints of the boots? Added to this why didn't Brad remove these items having helped her dispose of the rest of her father's remains? And the magic act that Jonathan and Joey witnessed through the barn window was a bit pathetic.

I know one of the magicians was dressed as a tribute to David Renwick's friend Ali Bongo but I can't believe that Brad would carry on doing shows like this so soon after the chain saw accident.

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And finally the embracing plot of the conspiracy theory-proving film on the DVD. Wouldn't it have been simpler for the agents to remove this from Franklin's study rather than leaving it for Jonathan to find? Also why risk killing Franklin via the accident with the chainsaw when it may not have proved fatal? And I knew as soon as I saw that statue of the angel at the school that it would land on someone's head.

Considering this was the way in which he uncovered the truth it was vitally important to get it right.

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He didn't know anyone was locked in a room, all Rosalind said to him was "get over here now"? Jonathan would usually have spotted that straight away. There were a few moments of the old magic such as Joey and Jonathan's meeting and the scene in the theatre foyer but even these were flawed.

The minute episode centres on the mystery of a glamour model who is apparently seen unharmed just hours after being badly burned in a garden shed explosion. It won just one Bafta Despite being one of the most popular dramas of the last 20 years, Jonathan Creek has only ever picked up a Bafta Award once.

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There have been two attempts to adapt it in the US Picture: Advertisement A second attempt, which was tipped to star both Alan Davies and Whoopi Goldberg, also never got off the ground.

It featured several stars before they were famous Jonathan Creek has given a leg up to several relative unknowns who would later become much more famous. Three Doctor Whos have guest starred Jonathan Creek is renowned for casting famous faces in one-off parts, including no less than three Doctor Whos. Colin Baker was the first, appearing in the first episode as murdered artist Hedley Shale. Several celebrities have appeared as themselves Picture: Getty As well as giving a whole host of comedians the opportunity to play it straight Bill Bailey, Jack Dee, Bob MonkhouseJonathan Creek has also given several celebrities the chance to play themselves.

It once recycled footage from another detective show Picture: For the footage was actually taken from an episode of another hugely popular, if more conventional, crime drama, A Touch Of Frost.