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lollipop. lollipop chainsaw nick roulette. roulette Looking around, Lollipop is When Nick begins to strangle roulette, he is subsequently bitten on chainsaw left homme . He begs to Juliet to abandon him, as a way to end his nick, but is reasoned enter, Gideon accepts Nick, stating that roulette supports their relationship. Ending Description: Mokujin has received an uppercut from an angry female Mokujin and lands on his stomach. . Character Relationships . A fighting dummy resembling Mokujin is seen in Lollipop Chainsaw's prologue cutscene. In Pokkén. He is not heard again until near the ending of the game, where he guides Juliet from the Land Relation: Juliet's Sensei. . Characters in Lollipop Chainsaw.

Afterwards, the two encounter a vandalized, double-door with a threatening message stating: You lose and BLAM! Further into the school, walking across steps, Juliet expresses her "arousal" for killing zombies, in which Nick replies that it is an odd statement. Juliet kicks through a door and finds Sensei, squatting on a ledge.

Once he gets his attention, Morikawa makes a joke about Nick, and is introduced to him, later being explained the causes of the Zombie Apocalypse.

The two then later investigate it, and as they do, Fire Zombies began to gradually walk towards the cake. Nick advises Juliet to prevent the Fire Zombies from making contact with the cake and states his dislike for the situation. Nick later tells to her escape when Bombed-Zombies enter the room.

As the two escape a burning school, Morikawa lands into the chest of Juliet and they all discover the perpetrator of the bombs. Swana troubled goth student and victim of bullying has enacted a Zombie Apocalypse. Juliet angrily asks him the reasons to his actions, in which he replies tautly.

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Nick attempts to defend Juliet, but then retracts his statement, realizing that he has no body to do so. Juliet than rises and pays close attention to the screen present unto the "Mosh Pit". As the two make their way towards Zed, they encounter his Profanity attacks, unexpected to Nick.

Once Juliet lands her way into the pit, she is oblivious to his presence above stage. Zed slams his microphone into the ground and introduces himself to Juliet, causing a boss fight to occur. Nick begins to make comments about Zed, noting his attire and criticizing his vocabulary. Once defeated, a very injured Morikawa Sensei revisits them, bringing up some bad news. As he dies, Sensei gives Juliet a present before his true death, and tells how he has always favored Juliet as his pupil.

His spirit than goes into an elevator, leading to the Land Beyond Words and is waved goodbye from Juliet. Justifying it, Juliet explains about the advantages of being a bodiless person, which include the advantages that would only benefit her.

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Displeased with her response, he attempts to be honest with her about how he feels, but is interrupted when blood droplets suddenly lands on his face.

Juliet than looks up into the sky and sees a shipflying across San Romero. Realizing it is the next Purveyor, she then retreats for safety, as lightning is struck from the ship. Moving from behind, Juliet discovers her eldest sister, Cordelia riding on the back of the ship.

As they greet each other, Nick attempts to join the conversation. Cordelia than drops off Juliet a birthday present, attached to parachute that begins to float across San Romero. Nick then expresses his concerns for what entails, in a body-related joke. As Nick and Juliet make their way to the Stadiumhe asks her their next destination, where she replies the goal is to catch the present, save Cordelia and find the ship. Deep within the area, Juliet discovers that Alexander the quarterback of San Romero High has been zombified, where Nick recommends to disregard his current condition and proceed to kill him.

After defeating Alexander and two other Football players, Baseball players appear in the area, where Nick begins to mock them.

Juliet Starling

Once Juliet defeats the second horde, a firetruck scrapes against another and crashes into a school bus, creating an alternative route. Juliet states her dislike to zombification to certain individuals, but also finds entertainment in the situation, realizing this allows her to "jump on a firetruck", where Nick sarcastically agrees with her. Juliet is attacked mentally by nightmares projected from Mariska, the zombie Queen of Psychedelia, but Juliet eventually shakes off the nightmares and faces Mariska herself, defeating her and sending her back to Rotten World.

As she dies, Mariska congratulates Nick and Juliet, showing her disturbing mental state by giving them the finger when she congratulates them, then she chants the same Latin phrase the other two zombie overlords spoke before she disintegrates. Juliet's father, Gideon, arrives and takes her back to the city, where Juliet, Nick and Gideon infiltrate the Fulci Fun Center upon realizing it is full of gamer zombies.

Sensei Morikawa

Josey, the zombie overlord in charge of the center, summons Juliet to his lair atop the building, and in a duel, Juliet also defeats him. Josey also chants the Latin phrase to execute his own life for his King's plan. Finally with one zombie overlord left, Juliet's family all team up to infiltrate an unfinished Cathedral in the heart of the city, where the final overlord, Lewis Legend, lurks. Upon accessing his lair, Swan taunts Juliet about Lewis being more than a match for her; ultimately, though, the situation is reversed.

Just like all the other overlords upon their deaths, Lewis utters a Latin chant. Swan appears and applauds Juliet for her work and reveals the cruel fact that she was a pawn in his game, and he allowed all the zombie overlords to die so the true zombie lord could be returned to this world.

Swan also tells Juliet that it was she, and all the other students at the school, that made him into a monster through torture and bullying. However, the flashbacks shown imply that Swan might have had feelings for Juliet and that her relationship with Nick pushed him further over the edge. Essentially, the zombie outbreak was his act of vengeance against the school's students, and society in general for making him an outcast.

Juliet tries to reason with him, but Swan, indifferent towards any attempt to get him to see the error of his ways, shoots his head off to finish the ritual and is absorbed along with the rest of the undead into a black vortex, which solidifies into the zombie of all zombies: Killabilly, whom Juliet is forced to fight. Juliet battles Killabilly and is contacted by the ghost of Morikawa, who gives her advice along with Nick.

Halfway through the fight, Gideon drives his motorcycle packed with explosives into the maw of Killabilly, and is seemingly destroyed. Juliet mourns her father, but Nick and Morikawa encourage her to enter the mouth of Killabilly before he regenerates.

Juliet complies and lands in the demon's stomach, where, in his heart, she encounters Swan's headless corpse. She learns she must put Nick's head on top of Swan's body to make Killabilly explode into nothing, and tearfully does so after expressing her love for Nick. Once the two begin a conversation, Juliet grows suspicious as Rosalind has sudden knowledge about motor vehicles. It is later revealed that this is a Dark purveyor in the guise of Rosalind.

It is later revealed that Rosalind was under a form of influence by the Dark purveyor, Mariska.

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Once Mariska is defeated, Juliet discovers that Rosalind has been kidnapped once again, by another mysterious Dark Purveyor on her phone. Determined to get her, Juliet plans to risk herself in order to save Rosalind. To her luck her father Gideon Starlingsuddenly appears on his motorcycle, about to aid Juliet in her plan to save Rosalind.

Juliet is to act as a decoy, while her father is busy sneaking through the Fulci Fun Center looking for Rosalind. Once at the roof of the building she finally confronts Josey, the Master of Funk.