Mahou shoujo madoka magicka rebellion ending a relationship

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mahou shoujo madoka magicka rebellion ending a relationship

Rebellion was fun and ended on a relatively dark note. .. Plus they made Homura and Madoka's relationship seem toxic and made Homura. Feb 9, Much like the psychedelic sequence at the end of Puella Magi Madoka Magica episode twelve, Homura steals part of Madoka's power and. Aug 15, Everyone here must be thinking "Ah, it's the ending, we saw so much!" "She's come to Puella Magi Madoka Magica: Rebellion - Part 2. Wtf is going Throughout Rebellion there exists a very healthy sexual relationship.

In the classical world, erotic love was generally referred as a kind of madness or theia mania "madness from the gods". This passionate love was described through an elaborate metaphoric and mythological schema involving "love's arrows" or "love darts", the source of which was often the personified figure of Eros. During Homura's transition of friendship, it is possible that she started to develop feelings of love for Madoka, perhaps it was a juvenile crush toward an object of admiration and respect.

Perhaps it was this intimate love for Madoka that was the driving force for Homura to try to warn Madoka of Kyubey's schemes, and to try to stop Walpurgis Night.

mahou shoujo madoka magicka rebellion ending a relationship

Prior to timeline 4Homura's intention can be described to be noble and just, her attempt to save her friends, specially Madoka from the dangers to come. Homura was even willing to become a Witch together with Madoka if that was to be her fate. However, all that changed when Madoka gave one last act of self-sacrifice and saved Homura's life with the grief seed that she had with her. Madoka made Homura promise her to stop her own self from making a contract with Kyubey and to save her from her own foolishness.

This last act of kindness radically altered Homura, not just externally but perhaps even internally. One could argue that it also altered Homura's feelings for Madoka.

It is after these events that Homura's noble act to save a friend became an obsession, an obsession that soon exposed the dark side of Eros, and Homura started to deploy less than noble ways to save Madoka from herself by any means necessary. That includes making enemies with the other girls, and even sacrificing them if they became a danger toward Madoka.

Homura's single goal wasn't just about to stop Walpurgis Night, but to stop Madoka from ever making a contract, and to do that she needed to defeat Walpurgis Night first.

The reason that Homura would reset the timeline, was because either Madoka was dead or she became a witch, even when Walpurgis Night was defeated setting aside the facts that the world would be destroyed by Gretchen when it happened. Agape Agape is one of the Koine Greek words translated into English as love, one which became particularly appropriated in Christian theology as the love of God or Christ for humankind. Many have thought that this word represents divine, unconditional, self-sacrificing, active, volitional, and thoughtful love.

It is pretty clear that Homura doesnt represent the values of Agape. But Madoka, by Episode 12breaks the cycle of despair by displaying the values of love found in the Agape concept.

mahou shoujo madoka magicka rebellion ending a relationship

It is hard to say if Madoka reciprocates Homura's feelings. Madoka as a higher being was able to see all of Homura's struggles, past events, her suffering and her sacrifices, as well as her drive and motive. Madoka recognizes all parts of Homura, from all times and all events, and as such she accepts Homura as herself unconditionally. Yet even during that brief moment we are unable to determine what are Madoka's feelings for Homura. One could argue that Madoka responds to Homura's Eros with Agape, yet it is not very clear.

It is debatable if Homura's feelings for Madoka could be considered selfless or selfish in nature Homura faced many personal dangers and took many risks, yet at the same time she had disdain toward others who got in her wayas it is the debate regarding the nature of Homura's feelings for Madoka. Was Homura's love for Madoka driven by Eros or is it more consisting with the idea of Philia?

And was Madoka's acknowledgement of Homura's feelings for her a form of reciprocating those feelings, or was it a form of Agape as she became a natural force of the Universe? Platonic Ideal Some fans have constructed Homura's and Madoka's relationship as a form of relationship that transcends the norms of lust and romantic love. That their relationship is at a higher plane of existance. The phrase "platonic love" as defined by Plato means a deeply romantic attraction which transcends physical lust and thus drives the experiences of the deep romantic attraction to attain higher ideals of themselves.

Yuri undertones

It may include love, but it specifically meant to define it as "a romantic love not adulterated by sexual intimacy. Nor the focus of their relationship should be on sexuality or sex alone. Instead, the relationship needs to be understood within its own context and to be described as a higher form of intimacy, a pure relationship driven beyond sex or the satisfaction of lust. Homura's love for Madoka inspires her to transcend space and time. Madoka's love for Homura causes her to become the Platonic Ideal of hope.

Love Confession or Pledge of Friendship? Fans of yuri see it as Homura's love confession to Madoka and a promise to protect her life. Those who believe in the power of friendship see it as Homura's pledge to protect her most precious friendMadoka, against a cruel fate.

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Fans of yuri see it as Homura promising to risk her life for Madoka's sake, even if it is an unrequited or one-sided love Just like Kyoko's case. Is this scene depicting a powerful moment of friendship against all odds? Or is this Homura's attempt at a love confession where she promises to protect Madoka's life with her own life? Some believe this is a powerful love confession scene. There's no way I can tell you how I really feel.

I'm living in a different time than you! I've come from the future, you know? I've met you over and over again, and each time, I've seen you die. How can I save you? How can I change your fate? I've been looking for that answer and that answer only.

I've gone back and started from the beginning over and over again. I'm sure you don't get any of this. I'm sure you're put off disgusted by all of this. To you, I haven't even known you for a month - I'm just some transfer student.

But to me, you Each time I repeat all of this, the time you and I lived grows further apart--our feelings grow further apart, and my words stop reaching you. I think I lost myself a long time ago.

My desire to save you: And now that I've come this far, the only star left that will help guide my way You don't have to understand. My words don't have to resonate within you.

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But still, I beg you. Let me protect you. The erotic undertones are confirmed if someone notices the similarities of Homura's house with Utena's school. In particular the infamous nude drawing scene in the movie, where Anthy draws a naked Utena and then rips off her clothes along with her secret [3] [4].

Information boards in the same style can be seen in Utena's classroom as well. Episode 11 Screenshots A tender and emotional hug with a very surprised Madoka. Notice she is not pushing Homura away. Holographic projections reacting to Homura's strong emotions There is a great emotional build up with momentum at this scene. Homura promises to protect Madoka, even though to Madoka she is just a stranger.

Episode 11 Fanart This section contains fanart images Everything in the following fan gallery is created, or the comments accompanying them are created, for entertainment value and should not be confused with actual canon events of the Puella Magi franchise. But this is Urobuchi's world, where the power of love means nothing Episode 11 Trivia In the audio commentary for Episode 11Chiwa Saito Homura found the confession scene to be touching and emotional, and left her with a huge impression.

She confesses that she cried. Aoi Yuuki Madoka found the scene to be amazing and filled her with emotions. Aoi Yuuki felt that her and Madoka became synchronized during the emotional scene. Aoi Yuuki believes that, surely Madoka would have accepted Homura's feelings. I'm sure if it's small enough, a real miracle just might happen. I have to go meet up with everyone else.

I'll be able to see you again someday. So until then, we'll be apart for a little bit.

The Yuri subtext is strong on this one Just like the ending with Kyoko and Sayakathere is speculation with fans regarding Homura's relationship with Madoka and her willingness to sacrifice it all for her. On this new world Sayaka dies but she has no regrets, and Kyoko laments her death just when they have become friends fans have interpreted this in many ways.

In Episode 10, we learn that Homura was willing to create new timelines for all eternity just for Madoka. Once she learns that each new time line she creates only makes Madoka's fate into becoming a witch stronger, Homura starts to have doubts, but also becomes more resolute to save Madoka from her fate.

Kyubey contests that Homura's hope is a trap, and that it is only a matter of time before despair consumes her. At the end of Episode 11, Homura is tempted to travel back again for a "do-over," but she stops and gives up, knowing that it was her fault that Madoka now carries such a heavy cosmic karma. She realizes that the more she travels back in time the more certain it is that she will fail, as Homura has created a powerful reservoir of despair-based energy from different timelines -- all of them concentrating on Madoka.

To end Madoka's suffering and her own, Homura comes close to becoming a witch; however, Madoka stops her and tells her to never stop hoping. Once Madoka defeats the Witch version of herself, she creates a paradox: Madoka has become a deity of sorts, but at the cost that Madoka the person ceases to exist in her own world.

Homura is not happy with this outcome, but Madoka promises to Homura that she will always be there for her, and that she hopes that one day they would meet again. Madoka promises Homura that they will meet again, someday. Can't get more yuri than that. Homura possesses a new weapon in the new world, a magical bow. Madoka learns from Kyubey that he and his fellow Incubators have chosen to turn teenage girls into magical girls to use the energy that spawns from their inevitable transformations into witches to counteract entropy in the universe.

Kyoko, hoping for a chance to restore Sayaka's humanity, takes Madoka with her to try and reach Oktavia. But the attempt ultimately fails with Kyoko sacrificing herself to end Sayaka's suffering. Kyubey, having knew the futility but not telling Kyoko the truth, taunts Homura that she has no chance of stoping Walpurgisnacht without Madoka becoming a magical girl. It is then revealed that Homura comes from another timeline, having relived the same month several times in the hopes of saving Madoka from Walpurgisnacht, Kyubey revealing that Homura's actions made Madoka possess the potential to become a witch whose power dwarfs Walpurgisnacht.

Following Sayaka's funeral and being subjected to the tragic deaths of magical girls across history, Madoka tries to convince Homura to let her help her before Walpurgisnacht appears in the storm falling upon the city.

Homura attempts to face Walpurgisnacht, but is ultimately defeated and pushed to the brink of despair. But Madoka arrives and becomes a magical girl by using the karma within her to wish for the negation of all witches across the timeline while removing their original selves from reality at the moment their Soul Gems turn into Grief Seeds. The wish resulted in Madoka transcending into a godlike psychopomp while removing herself completely from reality with only Homura remembering her as she finds herself on a world where Mami and Kyoko are still alive as the three of them now hunt monsters called wraiths whole Madoka established the "Law of Cycles" in which magical girls disappear into a higher plane instead of becoming witches.

Following them defeating a Nightmare embodiment of Hitomi's frustrations over not being able to see Kyosuke, Homura realizes something is amiss in their memories as she and Kyoko learn they are trapped in a fake Mitakihara inside a witch's labyrinth. Homura proceeds to interrogate Bebe, remembering her as the witch Charlotte, only to end up fighting Mami who remembered they fought something different from nightmares. Homura is spirited away by Sayaka while Mami is kept from pursuing them by a mysterious Magical Girl, Sayaka revealing she possesses her memories along manifesting her Oktavia incarnation while warning Homura to reconsider uncovering the truth.

Meeting with Madoka helps Homura clear her head and reach the conclusion that she is the witch who created the barrier, Kyubey confirming himself and his fellow Incubators to masterminded it. Kyubey explains that hearing Homura speaking of a reality predating the Law of Cycles timeline inspired them to isolate her Soul Gem from the rest of the universe for observation with a labyrinth created within which Homura subconsciously brought in specific people like Madoka.

While Kyubey admits that Madoka's memory loss was unexpected, he decided to observe her until they devised the means to contain her and restore the previous timeline so they can better amass energy from magical girls transforming into witches again.

Kyubey's intentions provoke Homura into completing her transformation into the witch Homulilly to have her familiars kill every Incubator within the labyrinth while resolute to destroy herself rather then be saved.

But Sayaka and Charlotte's original self Nagisa Momoe, both reborn as Madoka's guardians of the Law of Cycles, update the others on what is happening as they fight their way through Homulilly's familiars to save Homura from herself before she and Madoka destroy the barrier separating Homura's real body from the rest of the universe.

She's about to become a witch, but she's still a magical girl. Let's say for the sake of an analogy that her Soul Gem was That's where they froze her at. Because that's the point at which Madoka would come in and save her from becoming a witch as she did to everyone throughout the series and they wanted to capture Madoka.

So, frozen at this state, the Soul Gem couldn't break and impose a witch barrier over some part of this world which is still a separate dimension of its ownso it created a barrier of sorts inside itself. Basically, the first part of the movie was spent inside Homura's Soul Gem. Note that at this point, the world they're in may be akin to a witch barrier, but Homura isn't a witch, as the barrier was created by what is still her Soul Gem. After the whole ordeal that culminates with her realizing she's the one who created the barrier, Homura is confronted by Kyubey, who tells her about what exactly had happened with her and what their plans for Madoka were.

There, she decides to become a witch inside the barrier so she can be killed by Mami and Kyouko there and ensuring Madoka will never come for her. Note that this Homura inside the Soul Gem is basically her soul, so being killed inside it is the same as destroying her Soul Gem. Now she purposely brings upon her more despair and suffering by accepting she won't be able to meet Madoka again and successfully becomes a witch inside the Soul Gem.

mahou shoujo madoka magicka rebellion ending a relationship

This is a separate world of its own, one that Madoka can't see nor reach which is still kinda of a moot point anyway since Madoka is trapped inside it without any memories of who she even iswhich is why it was possible for that to happen. The Homura in the outside world, her physical body, is not yet a witch, since any developments in the inside won't affect the outside thanks to Kyubey's filter. TL;DR - Homura doesn't become a witch in the outside world, she becomes one inside her own Soul Gem, which is a separate dimension from the one Madoka can see and interact with.

I get an idea, but I'm not pretty sure about it. In the ending we see Homura feeding QB with her soul gem.