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Minami-ke Tadaima - One cola Minamike Okaeri [January 4, ] Minami-ke Cute Moments Minami-ke Okaeri Ending HD Kana Feeds Chiaki Minami-ke. I did a search on the term "Minami-ke" here and drew a blank. . time on one joke and 2) the ending wasn't as climatic as it should have been. Very fitting ending for this third season of Minami-Ke. It was pretty Chiaki and Kana's relationship is always a pleasure to watch. Chiaki won't.

She is good at manipulating Hosaka. She has a distinctive smiling expression and loves alcohol which she calls high-grade "juice". Kana is the only one smart enough not to drink the "juice", while still managing to get everyone else drunk. Ayaka Saito She is a first-year student in the same class as Natsuki. She has an interest in him and believes she can read him by looking at his eyes. When Natsuki forgot his lunch, she offered him some of hers, then lent him money to buy a yakisoba-panand when he forgot his umbrella, she offered a pink one decorated with bunnies to him to use.

However, she also mistakenly interprets Natsuki's love-struck look at Haruka to be directed at herself and believes Natsuki has feelings for her. Junior-high school students[ edit ] Voiced by: Tetsuya Kakihara Kana's classmate.

He plays soccer and is a popular classmate of Kana. He is in love with Kana. He is a bit naive and very innocent towards girls. His affection towards Kana will often make him do regrettable things but because of them he has had the opportunity to become closer with the family and visits them often.

Chiaki has come to associate him as a father figure and will often place herself on his lap when she seeks fatherly affection or to complete the family experience. Saori Goto Kana's friend, an honor student. She is often ignorantly persuaded by Kana and dragged into her silly escapades. Ao Takahashi Kana's classmate. She has a crush on Fujioka and views Kana as a love rival, but befriends her to get close to Fujioka.

Minami-ke Okaeri

Also has the same random personality as Kana and is a bully to other girls on the show. Momoko Ohara Third year. She is a senior to Kana. She has a crush on her. She has the same height as Chiaki. Elementary school students[ edit ] Voiced by: Rika Morinaga Chiaki's classmate. He is nicknamed "Idiotic child" which his classmates believe is more of an impression of him than a nickname. He has a crush on Haruka, and goes as far as cross dressing first forced upon him by Kana to avoid detection from Chiaki, who became jealous and angry with him after he helped Haruka cook dinner, in order to see her at the Minami residence.

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When he crossdresses, he is referred to as "Mako-chan". Aki Toyosaki Chiaki's classmate. She seems to be the most responsible and level headed among the characters her age.

For example, at least three New Year's celebrations have been shown The character designs for Season 3 differ vastly from the first two seasons, to the point of invoking this trope at times. Almost the entire cast. It's easier to point out the characters who do have family names: Kana uses this as an advantage and tells people about a "secret" place for a hanami in disguise of "it's just between us", so a lot of people will be invited for the hanami.

Ninomiya-kun 2 gets her rival Sannomiya-kun 3 in Tadaima. Makes you wonder if there was an "Ichinomiya-kun 1. There are no signs of parents. A conversation implies that the sisters' father is dead or long absent, and their mother is not mentioned at all. This seems to go for Touma and her brothers too, but they get less screentime.

A few characters are subjected to this, such as Makoto and Chiaki. Never ask Keiko what grade she got for whatever test you just took, you'll just feel bad about your own grades after. Or you badmouth about her grades that makes her sad.

The limited vocabulary of Teacher and Ninomiya "Sensei! When people discuss things about Touma, she's often lying around within earshot. This is lampshaded when Natsuki asks Haruka to tell Touma something. The question of Touma's gender who are not sure about her true gender.

Hosaka and his plans how to give Haruka a bento or another gift.

Character Pairings (Minami-ke)

In the end, he never meets her anyway. Characters often act as if they do not hear the conversation that is taking place right next to them i. Touma to her brothers' talking about her. Taken to extremes with Chiaki not seeming to notice anything that would give away Makoto's disguise Sakuraba likes to portray Hosaka, Fujioka, and Makoto as Spear Counterparts and Opposites Attract of Haruka, Kana, and Chiaki respectively in promotional art he makes, although in the manga proper those three are quite far from being romantically involved, and Hosaka and Haruka in particular barely know each other; surprisingly enough, Touma's brothers, who are generally accepted to be the real Spear Counterpart for the Minami sisters, get no such service from Sakuraba, they are in none of the promotional material.

In the end, Natsuki spams " Shiki: The Teacher and Ninomiya. Apparently also an in-universe Cash Cow Franchiseas well, since the Teacher and Ninomiya also star in their very own multi-genre video game spoofing a lot of familiar titles from video game history as well as their very own magic show. Kana gets sick in episode 9 of the first season. Chiaki keeps her company and watches over her, and tries to cheer her up.

I realize that it has since been done by a different studio, but even still, the earlier version seemed to work well enough for it! Well they ended up tweaking it again, and gone is the creepy looking faces the characters would get when they were annoyed and the like. The eyes have been made a little bit smaller, and the characters seem to look a bit more mature. It was really hard to adapt to at first, but I found myself getting use to it by episode 4. The voice cast has all returned to fill their roles for all the characters, and once again pull it off very well.

The opening and ending songs are much more lively when compared to the original Minami-Ke soundtrack, and are quite catchy with their happy upbeat sounds! A nice soundtrack for the ears! I found the character chemistry between some of the various cast members to be a bit more planned out for this version.