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It says that what matters isn't the shell in relation to the savior, but the fact that Characters assume this by default, but in the end they're proved wrong. Mon Colle Knights the Movie: The Legendary Fire Dragon and The .. Before it can use its abilities on Gluko, Tenaka got in the way and ended up frozen in ice. Looking for information on the anime Rokumon Tengai Mon Colle Knights (Six Gates Professor Hiiragi recruits his daughter Rokuna and her friend Mondo to be the Mon Colle Knights and help him in obtaining Synopsis, Background, Alternative Titles, Picture, Airing Dates, Producers, Relations . Edit Ending Theme.

Twinkle Starwho plays dirty and sided against the heroes with Count Collection, is a holy monster. Coatla monster sealed for destructiveness, is a holy dragon.

Saban claims that this is an Evil elemental. The Swamp Hydrawho has been peacefully living in the wind realm without destroying the world around, is a demon dragon. Orthroswho is loyalty incarnate and an ally to the heroes, is of the fire but uses demon energy as its main offensive.

It doesn't negatively affect anything. Redaof the demon element and the archvillain, is able to combine holy and demon energy into one attack.

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Saban tries to cover this up by throwing around the word "evil" a lot and as mentioned above, changes Coatl's root element. Ciel, of the holy element and ally to the heroes, is able to perform demon magic without ill consequence. Saban claims the spell she used instead was a "force of light". The lines about how one needs to kill in order to become stronger with the dark element are not in the original. The demonic Cyclops is indisputably evil, yet isn't depicted using demon energy.

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This violates the previous dub rule according to which the Cyclops should have lots of power, so Saban pretended that the Birdmen's attacks are actually his attacks.

Pazuzu, who unwittingly destroys the forest in his fight with Bahamut, is a demon. While acknowledging that Pazuzu is not evil, only oblivious, Saban off course removes any reference to him being a demon. There is no Boomerang Spell. Those monsters weren't "made evil", they were just being mindcontrolled. Mondo's way of addressing Gabriolis is rejecting and offensive, provoking him and talking about how fighting villains like him since he is good and Gabriolis evil. Saban Mondo goes from wanting to be friends to wanting to be enemies till Saban has no more choice but to have the boy act like he shouldwhile it is reverse with original Mondo, who starts out unable to forgive but eventually refuses to fight Zaha at all, after learning from Ciel that there's more to it than just good or bad.

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This turns the message of reaching out before one judges on its head: Zaha explicitly refers to the idea that since he cannot change into an angel, he must be evil. He was raised to believe this and it played a part in his fall. The dub removes his self-racist sentiments entirely, and thereby the disprove of it.

Ciel counters Zaha's fear by stating that regardless of his form he will still be the same person; Zaha need not fear that his form is testament to his will or that he will be compelled to do further evil. Saban changes this part to say the exact opposite, that darkness should be rejected and light accepted for him to find peace.

It's never mentioned who won the war in the original, and the phrase that it endlessly repeats itself indicates there will be no winner. Saban replaces this by saying that "Good" won. When the Flame Angel tells Mondo of the risk that the demons pose when conjoining the worldMondo sees a memory of the redeemed Zaha and says everyone can be part of his dream. Saban alters this conversation to have Mondo say that evil is already part of his world anyway and Gabriolis was turned good, so they can be modified.

Original Mondo simply doesn't believe there is a thing such as a collectively evil species to begin with, while dub Mondo affirms it and only points out there are exceptions. Those "gargoyles" were not chasing the heroesthey were fleeing for their life.

There is a moment where the demons are obviously having doubt about Reda's actions and they are first victims on the list. The Yondai Tenshi wonder whether it's morally acceptable to let the demons die through their inactivity, with the Flame Angel implying they ought to do something.

This was cut and replaced by footage that makes them look indifferent and in the case of the forest angel, amused. Their lines were altered to affirm that the ugly things over there are evil. Ciel refers to all monsters being part of the same world that Reda is attacking and that there is no such thing as Angels and Demons see above notes on racially discriminative phrases.

This is replaced by her saying that everyone banding together is an exception to the rule, with the second statement cut. The Wave Angel at two points lists all elements as being part of the same thing therefore equal. One is replaced by her talking about faith, the other has her talking about pure hearts. The lines by the Fire Angel about how all needs to be one are also cut.

Rut brought along the other demons to helpthe dub replaces his lines with stating that all evil monsters have come. In other words, Ruth reasoned with them, while Saban just uses this to again call the entire species evil. Reda's motivation rant is cut and he never talks about the end of war by diminishing all differences. The irony is that the original said this: Reda was the one droning on about how the dark element was the most pure, untainted by morality, and he is proved wrong when all his subjects show up and say screw you, we're gonna do the right thing, and they gave their power to the holy Saint Star Dragon, who suffered no ill effects from said power.

In the end, the demons are seen amongst the other monsters and joining the heroes peacefully, which closes off the show on a hopeful note, now that Reda is gone and the angels having finally reached out, they will be able to decide their own life. It is only in the last minutes of the show that they finally drop it, which is why only the dark element goes nameless during the energy gift scene: For closure, it is interesting to have a look at all the monsters in the show do something not nice for a reason that is not mind control or the carnivorous drives of an sentient but not sapient animal.

Fire Orcs — Invaded the elf village for some undefined vendetta. Minotaur — A murderous rampage may be overreacting to finding people in your cave. Wind Pazuzu — So absorbed with battle that he's disturbing the natural order through his wind powers. Bahamut — Ditto to the above. Earth Troll — Trampling on random people to vent. Hekatonchires — Random rampage. Redda would prefer to avoid battle when not having a good advantage. In the dub, he wants to create a world of nothingness.

In the original, he wants to create a formless world where all souls are the same and neither good nor evil will exist. Redda was the one who enabled Gabriolis to embrace the darkness after he was seemingly abandoned. In the final battle, he is killed by Gabriolis. N-Nouncer A man with a circle that has the letter N on it.

He serves as the announcer of any tournaments in Mon World. Asako Dodo Japanese ; Debbie Rothstein English Lark's sister and Zaha's fiance in the Japanese version she is Gabriolis' sister in the English dub who sports a long gold dress and is always barefoot. Spectra is a Light Angel who comes to Gabriolis in his darkest hour to show him what really happened in the past so he may find redemption. She reappeared when Redda was chasing after her near the Fire Angel's castle and was rescued by the Mon Colle Knights.

Wendee Lee The guardian angel of the Water Realm and Guardian of the Arialla Pearl one of the Mon items who sports long purple hair, three wings, wears a strange dress, and is always barefoot.

The Angel of all Oceans and Spectra revealed to Gabriolis what really happened the day when he was "abandoned. Chimera - A three-headed monster that resemble a lion with dragon wings. It has a lion head, a maned lizard head, and a maned goat head where all three heads breathe fire. Prince Eccentro considers Chimera as one of his most powerful monsters. Squirt Fish - A small fish that can squirt water at its enemies.

It comes in a variety of different sizes. Bisonator Frenzied Bison in the Japanese version - A powerful bison monster. Fog Dragon Mist Dragon in the Japanese version - A white dragon that uses fog to defend itself or hide in for protection. It looks like a plesiosaurus with turtle flippers and a nearly unseen shell on its back.

Fish People - Mermaid -type monsters that have great singing voices. Gill Men - Anthropomorphic salamanders without tails that ride the waves and wield tridents. Toad Warrior Poison Toad in the Japanese version - A giant toad who isn't as tough as he looks, but he loves to eat flies.

Cat King - A small humanoid white cat walking on his hind legs and wearing clothes. He rules a kingdom of similar cats. Ballerina Cat - A bit taller, more anthropomorphic feline with black fur and ballerina outfit, always speaking in rhyme. Sonic Condor - A giant condor monster that can fly very fast. It is a monster that has elements of both a phoenix and a roc. Flying Stego - A large purple dragon that seems to have a plane engine in its chest. Behemoth - A giant rhinoceros -like creature with a grey armored shell.

He is Forester the Forest Giant's rival. Forester the Forest Giant - A giant who lives in the sandstone formations near the forest he protects. He hates violence unless if he has to defend himself. Forester is Behemoth's rival. Pegasus - A chibi winged horse that grew out into a full-fledged pegasus with Mondo's help. He remains a great and loyal friend to Mondo who cares deeply about him in return.

Griffin Hippogriff in the Japanese version - A Hippogriff-type monsters, colored mostly black. They are extremely lazy. Forest Elves - Elves in the simplest sense. It would seem their warriors are exclusively female and are led by Sonnet. They're rather afraid of dirt. Forest Elf King - The king of the aforementioned elves, unlike his warriors a gentle being. Rex - A Tyrannosaurus -type monster. Ogre Tribe - Inhabitants of the Fire Realm, they value strength very much and are not all too smart.

Their main village has been accidentally destroyed by Beginner by summoning a giant meteor.

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Airiphant - A small pink flying elephant who blows tornadoes after inhaling. Nighthawk Male - A dark brown giant bird. It was once controlled by Eccentro once to attack his own wife and nest. Nighthawk Female - A light brown giant bird.

Leviathan - A large dark blue carp -like fish with sharp teeth.