My forged wedding kunihiko ending a relationship

Предупреждение о содержании

my forged wedding kunihiko ending a relationship

Blood in Roses+: Bridget. [Walkthrough] My Forged Wedding Party: Kunihiko Aikawa Sweet Route: First Marriage Interview Outfit - Coin Get: CG (Sweet Route), ~Super Happy End: Escape to the Roof~. No Selection. Walkthrough – My Forged Wedding Party – Kunihiko Aikawa. Endings. Super Happy End: + points; Happy End: +points; Normal End: Marriage Interview Outfit (Get CG) – Coins. Kunihiko doesn't want to attend an arranged marriage meeting, so he asks This is the picture rewarded to you if you get your Super Happy Ending with him.

my forged wedding kunihiko ending a relationship

Has Chiharu called you? Then lets make a baby! And in fact when it started Saeki actually has the same kind of mentality as me when it comes to a Family.

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And this is what triggered a revelation in me on why I like Saeki so much. I like him because other than his terrible fashion sense He is Exactly like me!!

In almost every way and it made me like him even more. This is exactly something that I would say! I love Tofu the dog too but he always takes up my space in bed and he get spoiled a lot more than I do. Anyways back to the story.

my forged wedding kunihiko ending a relationship

As I had to take care and get to know Shun he really grew on me. And the story really grew on me.

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This story definitely hit a home run with me and at points I was really crying, or laughing. It was very emotional and heartwarming story and I think it was so perfect. He is a whiter after all I guess. He is so romantic and cute and writes his emails like how I write my text messages to my boyfriend! In my creative imagination he can be drawn in a much more handsome way. Now I feel compelled to draw him so I can prove my point.

Shun is so Cheeky I love how cute he is! This story was amazing and totally blew my expectations out of the water. I loved playing Mommy with Saeki as the Dad and I would definitely play this story over again because of the heart-warming moments in it.

It really showed a great sexy side of him. His route focuses on his past, how it affected him and how you will help him over come his emotional obstacles.

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You learn in his route that after losing his best friend he chose to never love nor to be happy. Appearance Kunihiko has wavy chin-length dark purple hair, light purple eyes, pale skin and a goatee. He wears a tan fedora that has black lining across it with a necklace, a light brown jacket over a pink shirt, light blue jeans, brown shoes, and has his hair down.

He wears a grey pinstripe suit with a white shirt, dark blue tie, and his hair up in a ponytail. He wears a simple long sleeve pink or black shirt and jeans, and his hair in a ponytail. Personality Kunihiko often portays himself as man who has a lot of freetime and is carefree. You have pointed out that he looks bored most of the time. He does know how to have fun but that is all a facade of how he truly feels. Though everyone seems to think he does not want to love nor give up his bachelor life style, in truth it was because after he lost one of his best friends, Shintaro who was to marry another best friend of his, Hazuki, he felt guilty.

My forged Wedding Cgs -A thousand Years

Guilt that he had carried since Shintaro's death, he blamed himself for not preventing Shintaro from walking out during a large storm after their argument and ending Hazuki's chance to marry Shintaro.

All his life he has been carrying this burden and felt that since he ruined someone else's happiness he himself should not be happy. When you are living with him, you'll realize he likes to tease you, a lot.

Предупреждение о содержании

He also will treat you like a kid before he begins to fall in love with you. At work, he is very serious and gets his job done but because most people have never seen him work they are usually startled and shocked at the difference. You head downstairs to start the day to see that your Uncle is already downstairs reading a girls' magazine. The two of you chit chat when Kunihiko's phone rings.

my forged wedding kunihiko ending a relationship

He answers it, while you open the bar. After you return, you find Kunihiko acting strange and you ask him what was wrong. Though hesitant, he gathers the courage to ask you a very big favor: