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mysims ending relationship

After thinking a bit more about it, I decided to try the following: Dismiss the butler, wait until he/she has left the premises, then call him/her to. Otherwise, when the controllable Sim says goodbye, the date will end, and a pop -up Dating is a quick way to build up romantic relationship with another Sim. However I usually let my sims do their interacting on their own and not pay . The clean slate LTR ended her relationship with the sim she lived.

Lover You can be lovers once you've reached relationship level 7 with your sweetheart. You can now woohoo with your lover, but you must have the at least the Sleepytime Double.

Relative These are Sims connected by blood. One good example is your baby. You can have baby once you've hit relationship level 8 and lover status.

Another requirement is the bassinet. Rival While on relationship level 2, you can declare rivalry with other Sims. That Sims will be your arch nemesis. You can do mean interactions such as slapping or insulting.

mysims ending relationship

Relationships are formed or destroyed by interactions. These are actions by your Sims towards the other. It can be a friendly gesture or hostile one, but you can acquire a relationship point for each interaction. When you tap a Sim, you can also add them in your list. You can also give them stickersview their home or report them if you feel you need to.

As you achieve goals, make friends and help other townspeople, you will advance the Star Level of your village. When you reach the next level in either game, new areas are unlocked. Guide Format This guide now is in the form of a General Guide, divided into sections that deal with individual specific aspects of the game, including Star Ratings, mini-games and other activities.

Strategies are discussed and information as to specific plot points is included. As previously stated, I have created a very detailed Walkthrough Guide, published separately. In the Walkthrough, each option and new event is discussed at length as it occurs in the course of gameplay.

Relationships in the Sims Mobile | The Sims Mobile - GameA

You can find the Walkthrough at: If a player likes to have detailed instruction to achieve maximum advancement in the minimum amount of time, that player should use the Walkthrough.

The sections of the guide give general information about every aspect of the game. Information that was given in the Walkthrough section as unlocked in the course of gameplay here will be given in a more complete form. In other words, in the Walkthrough, I listed the items available in the various shops as they were unlocked.

Personal traumas such as those experienced by Ewan and Nicki were described in the Walkthrough when they occurred in the course of gameplay. Here each is given a section. There are sections that deal with Fishing and Gift-Giving as well as all mini-games.

You can buy items at shops to give to tourists as gifts or you can use items that you have obtained as rewards from other Sims, including the Leis that you receive from Ashley. Social interactions constitute a mini-game of sorts. Each Sims responds differently to any specific item or type of social interaction. All Sims like flowers, but when the gift is a Cake, each Sim will have different reactions to a specific type of Cake.

There is a fundamental difference between Tourists and Business Sims or Residents where Social Interactions are concerned. The exceptions are the occasions where you must engage in a series of interactions in order to obtain your personal Gold star friendship rating with a Resident. With tourists on the other hand, you can engage in Social Interaction once in the course of a day and always will have the option to choose 'Gift' or 'Converse'. From time to time, a Tourist may make a special request either for a specific item or for a Photograph.

Special items include an Anchor and a Large Lei. Some of these special items are found inside fish that are sold to Joseph. Others are found as treasures in the ground beneath Sparkles at night. When a Photograph is requested, it will be very specific in nature as well. Successful fulfilment of a Tourist's special request always will increase your town Star Rating.

The request can be made elsewhere but I have noted that it occurs at the Symbol Tree quite frequently.

MySims - Walkthrough

What should I do? I was going to buy a Large Lei, but I don't have enough money on me. Do you think you could part with yours? Conversations occur in one of two manners. With a Sim who has come to the area for the purpose of opening a business, you initially will have only an option to 'Converse'. With any Tourist, you will have a choice between two options: Gift Converse In every social interaction, there will be a time limit and you must fill the bar completely within that time frame.

If you choose the 'Gift' option, you may need to 'Converse' with the Sim after the gift is accepted in order to fill the social interaction bar completely. A Gift therefore is not necessarily an alternative to conversation. Moreover, it is not necessary to give a Gift in order to complete a successful Social Interaction.

A Gift may act as a boost to the conversation, but you can fill the social interaction bar completely within the given time frame simply by using the various Converse options. Gifts are any items that are gift-wrapped in your inventory. Initially, the only gifts that you will have for Tourists are 'Bouquets of Flowers' purchased from the Flower Shop and Leis.

When the Cake Shop opens, you will be able to purchase Cakes for gifts. Jewelry made by Olivia using gems that you have acquired is a gift item as well. Each gift has an intrinsic value in terms of increasing the social interaction bar when acceptable to the Sim in question. The disadvantage here is that the Chinese Cake, when disliked, will end any hope of completing a successful social interaction. Another lesser Cake when disliked only will empty the bar partially. The Chinese Cake in fact is rather a risky gamble but when it pays off, it will give your Sim immediate success in social interaction as well as a higher number of Simoleons than any other gift.

When it is met with dislike, it will make the Sim too angry to interact further with your Sim. All social interactions last for a full period, whether successful or unsuccessful. You can give only one gift to a Sim per day and can interact with the Sim only once for better or worse. In terms of value, the Large Lei will fill the social interaction bar more than any other floral gift.

The Bouquet of Flowers is the least valuable gift. In terms of edible gifts, the Shortcake and Cheese Cake are the least valuable. The game will warn you as to the consequences of completing a social interaction unsuccessfully: Make a mistake during conversation. If you err during your conversation with a visiting Sim, they will be in a bad mood for a while. Once they are in a bad mood, you cannot initiate a conversation with them again until you wait for the time to change.

Whenever you 'Converse' with a Sim, you will see four of the following options in terms of interaction: You will learn to recognise the little musical tune that requires an Angry response, the one that requires the Crying response, the one that needs to be met with Encourage and the one that requires Comfort. When you see little musical notes and a change in tune, you should respond with Laugh. Talk will work in many different circumstances. Once you have given the initial correct response that matches the music, you will have more choices in terms of options that will be successful.

The most common music appears to be one that allows Encourage, followed by Talk. Listen is appropriate once you have used the 'Talk' option in this situation and very often it will lead to the musical notes that allow 'Laugh'.

In some cases, a Tourist suddenly will terminate the social interaction with a statement or question. The way in which you respond will decide whether or not the Sim will be content or upset afterwards. For example, halfway through the time limit when you are choosing options to 'Converse' with a Tourist, the Tourist suddenly may declare: I don't care what you say.

You will have a choice to agree or disagree by choosing X or a chequemark. I shouldn't get angry. This will end the social interaction successfully. If you choose to agree by tapping the chequemark, the Tourist will be even more furious and the social interaction will end unsuccessfully. I have a hard time believing you. In another situation, before the Social Interaction time limit has been reached, the Tourist suddenly will end your capacity to continue by saying: OK, I'll just have to trust you.

Agree by choosing the chequemark. Are you actually worried about me? I feel a whole lot better. Business or Commercial Sims have names and their friendship is assured by patronising their businesses and playing their mini-games.

Non- business Sims or 'Tourists' have no names and their friendship will not advance permanently, unlike the Sims you meet in the Wii version of the game.

Each social interaction is separate. Maximum Friendship with the Resident will result in the acquisition of a personal Gold Star. In some cases, you will obtain this Gold Star simply by patronising the Sim's business often and speaking frequently to the Sim.

In other cases, however, you must fulfil a 'quest' of sorts when a crisis arises in the Sim's life. Restoring the Sim to contentment will allow you to attain the Gold Star. Spending Money You need to patronise local businesses in order to help them to succeed. Earning money through mini-games and social interactions gives you the means by which to buy items from local businesses.

As in other games that are founded on the idea of community, your own success is bound to the success of your village. Spend your money freely in order to advance the game. Purchasing items at a local shop will unlock more items there and advance your friendship rating with the shop owner. At the bottom of the lower screen is an icon of a rubbish bin if you wish to toss out any items.

mysims ending relationship

Map The Map displays all areas that have been unlocked. On the top screen, you will see a bar that represents your Friendship Rating. Once you have attained the maximum rating with a Sim, a Gold Star will be displayed to the left of the Friendship Bar. The description beneath each character will change as more options are unlocked.

For example, at the start of the game, you will see the following for Tyler: A cheerful Sim, but gets depressed easily. The tailor is open! Clothing can be bought now. When you have unlocked all possible clothing, the description will change to: Tyler has made some clothes and the kinds of clothes that can be bought at his store has increased even more.

High Score The four mini-games are displayed here. You can unlock three levels in each: Easy, Normal and Hard. In each category, you can see your high score with any other relevant information.

Fish The Fish Menu displays each type of fish that you have caught or otherwise acquired and sold to Joseph at his shop. There are five possible pages for each entry. Each time you catch another fish, another page will be completed until there are five. For example, under Eel, you will see a photograph of an Eel on the top screen with the Biggest Size of Eel caught and the total Number of Eels caught listed below.

On the lower screen, you will see the following: A lone, slender-bodied fish found living in the shadow of rocks. Can be caught in lakes or upper parts of a river.

A nocturnal fish mainly active at night. Usually found lurking behind things, but if the lure is reeled in using a zigzag motion, the eel will aggressively take the bait.

The best eels can be caught in clean and clear waters. As you can see, the information given on the five pages of the entry will tell you where, when and how the fish is best caught. Found in gentle currents. Often caught in mountain lakes with gentle currents. During the day is the best time to catch this fish. It is a strong fish that will attack fast-moving lures. It is said that huge pikes sometimes attack humans and can be found in places where the abundance of nature attracts many animals.

Lives in lakes and rivers where there is very little current. Often found in high altitude lakes. It's an active feeder twice a day: Move the lure quickly to catch the fish's attention.

This fish is a big eater and large carps can be found where bait is plentiful. A notoriously ferocious fish. Can be caught from a boat or the beach shore. Actively looks for food all day long. Move the lure in a zigzag pattern to anger the fish so that it will attack it. Large barracudas are found in parts of the ocean where large schools of fish gather.

Lives in schools in the sea. Can be caught from a beach shore. Swims in schools all day long. Move the lure quickly to attract its attention. Plankton is its food of choice, so the big horse mackerels are found in plankton-rich parts of the ocean.

Found in oceans with a lot of reefs. A boat should be used to catch these fish. Swims all over the ocean on a fixed course. Can be caught in the ocean from anywhere around this town. Not very active during the day. Move the lure quickly and the fish will aggressively come in for the bait. Big sea basses can be caught in the ocean where there is a large river nearby.

Can be caught from a beach shore or an embankment. Active all day long. It is a demure fish and if the lure is moved too quickly, it will be scared away. Lives in schools near the surface of the ocean. Swims all day long following a fixed course. Move the lure in a zigzag pattern to attract the fish. The biggest pacific sauries are found in oceans with abundant aquatic life and few natural enemies.

Does not approach land, so the only way to catch it is by boat. Pictures This is where your three photographs are displayed. A maximum of three photographs can be saved at any point in the game. Specific photographs may be requested by Tourists randomly throughout the game. By taking the photograph desired and displaying it to the Tourist, your Star rating will increase. Collecting Items There are a number of methods through which your Sim can collect special items in the game. These are as follows: Purchasing items from shops 2.

Digging up items at any location where you see a 'sparkle' on the ground 3. Digging up items found through the 'dowsing' mini-game on the Mountain 5. Exchanging points from the 'dowsing' mini-game for special items 6. Exchanging medals earned at the Casino for special items Special Items beneath Sparkles During the Night period, you will see Sparkles on the ground in every area. Press 'A' or tap on the Sparkle to uncover a hidden treasure.

Treasures include random sums of money, rare floor and wall patterns, fish, frogs, gems, surfboards, house plants, portable plants, cakes, leis and odd items like Plugs that cannot be acquired in any other manner. Here is a partial list with the area in which you can find it: Money can be found in every area and is the most common treasure to be found.

Shortcake Small Lei Highlands: Cloud floor Sky wall All Potted Flowers: Disco Wall Items found in Fish When you give Joseph a fish, he always will pay you for it, but sometimes he will find a special item inside it as well. When he does, he will give the item to you. Many of the items found inside fish are the same as those found beneath Sparkles in the mountains. For example, any colour of frog can be found inside a fish and Pearls are another item that Joseph may find in a fish you have caught.

Purchasing Items Items that can be purchased from local shops fall into three different categories: Furnishings and decorations for your Home 2.

Outfits that you can wear 3. Gifts for Tourists Furnishings and decorations for your home can be purchased at the following locations: Olivia's General Store Here you can purchase special entertainment items such as televisions and radios, lamps and screens that match sets sold by Sophie and sets of furniture for the kitchen.

MySims - General FAQ/guide

You can purchase decorative items such as stuffed animals and surfboards. Sophie's Furniture Shop Here you can purchase the majority of items of furniture that you will use in your home, including walls, floors, storage items, beds, chairs and sofas.

Ashley's Florist Here you can purchase household plants that can be displayed in your home and flowers that can be planted in flower beds outside.

Casino Here you can redeem coins for prizes that can be displayed in your home. A few pieces of actual furniture, such as beds and chairs are offered here as well. Some 'royal' pieces, including a Throne and King and Queen Beds can be found here. Most of the items are decorative display items including models of famous places like the Pantheon.

Tracy's Mountain Resort Here you can redeem points earned by dowsing for decorative items such as paintings and gems. Other items offered here are head and body parts for a statue that can be erected in the Town Square. Star Ratings One of the primary goals in the game is to increase your Star Rating. Each time you gain a Star, new options will be unlocked. You will begin the game at Zero Star Level. On the very first day of gameplay, by planting flowers in all the flower beds in the town for Ashley, you will reach Star Level 1.

You need to perform specific actions in order to fill the Star rating bar that determines your Star Level. Unlocking a new mini-game or any new option at a shop is another action that increases Star rating.

You will find that each Star Level becomes more difficult to attain. Star Level 1 will be achieved in a single day and you may be able to raise your level from 1 to 2 in another day but after that, it will take more actions to raise the Levels progressively to 3, then to 4 and finally to 5. Star Level 1 has been reached! The town will look a little different tomorrow. As more shops open and the town becomes prosperous, the Star Level will accumulate.

Once the Star Level metre is full, the number of tourists will increase, and a wider variety of events will occur. Asgard News Star Level is up to 1!

Your activities have helped clean up the town a bit and the Sims in town seem happier!

19. On ending relationships (2005/05/13) Ven Ajahn Brahm

Keep up the good work! You will find yourself automatically at the Town Hall now, speaking to Helen. It's been a while since we last saw tourists here! I hope they have a good time here and can take back some good impressions They'll spread some good stories about this place, and then even more tourists will start coming.

We have our work cut out for us! Olivia from the general goods store is back from her buying trip Fisherman Joseph should be back too. And this is just a rumour, but I heard that there's some one living in the house in the Forest. There isn't any one in the Forest, and it hasn't been touched, as far as I know I wonder if some one really is living out there.

When you reach Star 2: Asgard News Star Level is up to 2. A few stores have opened up and the town is picking up. The mayor is thinking of ways to improve the town's transportation system. You will find yourself with Helen: All the visitors are having a wonderful time and the number of tourists is climbing steadily.

With the number of Sims increasing, we've decided to introduce a trolley system to improve the transportation around here. There will be a small fare to ride the trolley, but it'll be very convenient, so please do use its services when you can.

And, to increase the number of shops, I've hired some one to reopen the cake shop that had been closed down. He should be at the shop by now. With this, the Town is taken care of But there are other areas that need tending to. I think the Highlands need to be addressed first We don't have the funds to hire a ranger for that area yet.

It's a nice place with a windmill and all When you reach Star Level 3: After trying the paraglider, your third star should be reached. Star Level 3 has been reached. Asgard News Star Level is up to 3. All the stores in town are open for business and every one is eager to work. Sims from the lively town on the outlying island are coming to the mayor's town. You automatically will go to the Town Hall. A lot more Sims are getting involved in sporting activities and the place is becoming more and more like a resort town.

Today we got an application from some one applying for the position of Forest Ranger. And, there's going to be a ferry service between and the Entertainment Area on the island.

Get ready for more tourists. When you reach Star Level 4: Star Level 4 has been reached. The town will look a little different now. Asgard News Star Level is up to 4!

The boat can be taken to the Entertainment Area and more new places are opening up. The only place that is still closed is the mountain The Mountain will be unlocked almost immediately after you reach Level 4. Between Level 4 and Level 5, you will unlock many new options. When you reach Star Level 5: Star Level 5 has been reached. Asgard News Star Level is up to 5! All areas are now accessible and the town is almost fully developed.

There are some Sims interested in taking up a new sport! You're making the tourists happy and this town is so full of Sims now. An excellent town symbol has been erected and every one is gazing upon it with deep interest. Also, somebody has arrived at the air field in the Entertainment Area. He seems to be having some sort of trouble. I wish there was some way I could be of help to him Gaining personal Gold Stars: The town Star Rating is displayed with a Bar on the top screen and obtaining Stars will unlock new options.

You can obtain a personal Gold Star with each Business Sim as well. The personal Gold Star does not affect the town's Star Rating but it signifies maximum Friendship with the Sim in question. Some personal Gold Stars are acquired simply by purchasing large numbers of items from the Sim's shop.

Others, like the Stars for Nicki and Ewan, require a special series of social interactions. Nicki's Heartbreak In the case of Nicki, when speaking to her one day, she will declare that she no longer will operate the ferry. You want a ride? But I won't be riding the boat anymore I took a customer out Scuba Diving and because of a navagational error I made, we almost became shipwrecked.

I'm a failure as a helmsman. I've decided not to work on a boast anymore. I'm just standing here and reflecting on the mistake I made. So if you could just leave me alone Speak to her and she will say: But I sure am hungry Give her any type of cake.

You're giving me a cake? No, no, I'm still in remorse! Keep feeding her cakes and speak to her each time afterwards. She will repeat the previous remark about still being in remorse. After about five cakes: I've had enough cake, Freyashawk. You're a nice Sim. Filling my stomach has made me feel better. Dwelling on my mistake is not going to do any one any good All this time wasted on my own worries and I'm just incoveniencing more customers!

I'm going to do my best! The description in the Characters Menu changed to reflect the improved situation: With her worries gone, she's dedicated to doing her best for her customers! You now will have a Gold Star with Nicki. In the case of Nicki, I was able to bring her back to her ordinary duties in one day. With respect to Ewan, it took three. Ewan's Heartbreak When you access the Characters Menu, you will see not only the items or new options you have unlocked with respect to any character but the current mood of that character.

For example, in my first game, my first inkling that something was wrong with Ewan was the description in the Characters Menu. He's suddenly become gloomy while on patrol It could get worse later, so find out what's wrong. I made the error of not doing so immediately.

It was only after Charlie, who gossips about every Sim, told me that Ewan was upset that I was reminded of the need to visit him.

In a subsequent game, Ewan himself gave me a hint as to his future heartbreak when I spoke to him one day in the forest. The very next day, Charlie told me that Ewan was upset. I visited him there. I can't believe I said what I did. I'm not fit to protect this town Your only option now will be to 'Converse' with him. Do so successfully and he will say: I don't need you to cheer me up. Just leave me alone Talk to him again immediately.

He will tell you again to leave him alone, but afterwards you will have an option to give a gift or Converse with him. Any gift you give to him, whether flowers or cake, will fill the Social Interaction bar completely.

This is for me? I've never received a present before. I don't know what to say I want to say thank you, but He will slump over with sorrow and discouragement and you will not be able to interact with him further that day or night.

Visit him the next day and you will have an option once more to give him a gift. Again, any gift, whether cake or flowers, should fill the Social interaction bar completely.

I don't know what to say. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. He will slump over with discouragement and sadness as he did on the previous day and you will not be able to interact further with him that day. The next morning, visit him again and you will have an option to give him a gift.

As before, any gift, whether flowers or cake, will fill the Social interaction bar completely. Ewan; Thank you, Freyashawk. Your kind heart has helped heal my Heart of Justice. My first mission is to keep protecting this town with all my effort. In time, I will find a girl to call my own. My mind is clear on this! With this, I obtained my personal Gold Star with Ewan. Furthermore, the description in the Characters Menu changed to reflect the situation. The Entertainment Area When the ferry service resumes, you will be able to travel to the Entertainment Area on the Island.

The boat trip costs 50S. The Captain is Nicki who will introduce herself to you. Today's the first day of this ferry's service. I'll take you to and from the Entertainment Area. Didn't I see you on my boat before? When you arrive at the Entertainment Area on the island, look for a girl with blonde hair and speak to her. Her name is Elizabeth and she is one of the most influential characters in the game.

The pleasure is mine, Freyashawk. You may call me Elizabeth. I hope I'm not intruding, but I'd rather not trouble you. Then she will tell you: I have a house for my pet near here. But it's just too small and cramped for my pet.

So I've bought an entire island and decided to build a new, grand house there. And I'm looking to sell the current pet house to some one. You wouldn't happen to need another house, would you? Tap the chequemark to obtain the offer of a lifetime!

I bought it for , But you can have it for a day's worth of pet food which is 10, Accept and she will ask: Is this deal really acceptable to you? The house is a very good deal, however, as it is a mansion with three rooms that you can decorate and a large swimming pool.

Local Shops and Businesses In the Comprehensive Walkthrough Guide for this game, I give a list of items for each shop or business at each new level. In this General Guide, the lists of items represent the highest level of upgrade. There is a Casino in the Entertainment Area. It is open only during the night period. How to play at the casino Coins are used instead of money at the casino.

Buy coins from the machine located at the right side of the entrance. Once enough coins have been accumulated, they can be exchanged for items through the machine. Perhaps some hard-to-find items can be gotten here! Three different games are available at the Casino: You can play 'Dodge the Thief' at this table.

If you'd like to play, please take a seat. My name is Hawk. It is our pleasure to have you here. This table is for a game called 'Dodge the Thief. You can play 'Tic Tac Trump' at this table. Of the three games, it is Exactly 21 that offers the greatest opportunity to make a profit. Although the limit begins at 10, it soon is raised to 30 and finally to 50 as you continue to play.

Ashley's Florist Shop At the Flower Shop, you can purchase plants in pots that can be used to decorate your home, flowers that can be planted or used to make Animal Feed and Bouquets of Flowers that can be given as gifts to tourists.

As you spend money at the Flower Shop, new items will be unlocked. The mini- game that is unlocked is the lei-making game. The two options at the Flower Shop are: Buy Portable Item House Plants: Make a Lei There are three levels to each mini-game, including this one: Easy Normal Hard You can win three medals in each: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

In fact, any item that can be given to another Sim as a gift will appear in your inventory gift-wrapped! The other 'portable items' in this menu can be used to fill flower beds throughout the town and in your own garden. Olivia's Shop When you enter Olivia's Shop for the first time, it will appear that the shop is deserted.

Investigate and when you press A next to the suit of armour, you will rescue Olivia, who has been caught inside! Later, you must find Olivia in her shop again, finding that she is stuck under a table.

I dropped something under the desk, and when I crawled underneath to pick it up You helped me out again. The third time you find Olivia, she will say: You've always been able to find me when Ive been stuck somewhere. So, I decided to hide on my own. But you still found me. Like all businesses, there are five levels in terms of the items that are available at the shop.

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Although the majority of items in any furniture set are sold by Sophie at her Furniture Shop, Olivia does offer some items such as 'dresser with drawers' and lamps that Sophie does not sell. In order to complete any set, you need to purchase items at both shops.

Furthermore, some sets are available immediately but others will become available when new items arrive at the two shops. In order to complete some sets, you will have to wait until all five new 'deliveries' of new furniture have arrived at both shops. When you have unlocked both options at Olivia's shop, you will see the following: They cannot be given to other Sims as gifts. This option can be used to sell items from your rucksack. As you might have guessed, this option can be used to sell any item of furniture.

In this context, furniture includes any object that can be placed in your house, including house plants and prizes that you have acquired by converting points from the casino or dowsing. The selling price for any item is only half of the price paid originally.

Make Jewelry This option will be unlocked one day when you enter Olivia's shop with a gem of some kind in your Inventory. Gems either are found inside fish you have caught or by dowsing on the Mountain. Olivia will ask for the gem. Give it to her willingly and she will make a ring for you. After you obtain the ring, the option to ask her to transform any gem into jewelry will be unlocked. Bakery The cake shop.

A wide variety of cake can be bought at the cake shop.