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including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or personal relationships. To learn. If you are contemplating leaving a long-term relationship, there are ways to do this that could limit the damage. This post explores how you can determine if it is . It's never easy to end a relationship and, as a result, people often get into emotional trouble when they try.

Kassie and Roy stood in the hallway, watching them before leaving them alone. They walked around the mansion in a comfortable silence. The only noise they heard was the faint sound of the heavy raindrops coming outside.

After a while, Roy decided to speak up. She took his gift and opens it slowly. Once she saw it, she gasps and widens her eyes. Her gift was a simple charm bracelet decorated with blue and purple beads, a soccer ball, a guitar, and letters spelling 'Kassie' in the center. She took it out of the box and slipped it around her wrist. She held her hand out in an attempt to display her new jewelry. Kassie smiled and place both her hands behind her back. Roy followed her without question, wondering where she was leading him.

After a few minutes of silences, he spoke. Kassie turned to him with a smile. Kassie entered and motion Roy to come in with her. Roy frowned, not quite understand what was going on. He entered the guest room and the door closed behind him. No one heard or seen them for the rest of the night. By the next day, the sun was up and shining upon the land of the Mushroom Kingdom, drying up everything that had gotten wet from last night's downpour. Inside of Luigi's mansion, our two couples were resting peacefully in their beds.

Within the master bedroom were Luigi and Wendy. The pink koopa had transformed herself human for the night and sleeping beside the green plumber.

She had her head resting on his arm and her arm across around his chest. Usually, it's Luigi who's the first one up.

However, this time it was different. Wendy was the first to awaken as she starts to shift from her sleep. She stretched, yawning as she did so and opened her eyes slowly. She wasn't really an early morning person and would love to sleep in, but she had plans for this morning so she had to get up early. Carefully so she doesn't disturb her partner, she climb out of bed.

The slight movement caused the green plumber to shift and turn. After a moment, he settled and return back to sleep. She smiled; the green plumber was adorable in his sleep.

She leans forward and places a light kiss on his cheek. Luigi sighed with content, a small smile forming on his lips. Wendy chuckled softly to herself and quietly left the room.

Wendy jumped slightly out of fright by Spettro's greeting. She shushed him, signaling him to keep quiet. Wendy kneeled down to his level. Wendy smiled and petted the Polterpup on the head. Spettro wags his tail back and forth as he walks beside Wendy towards the kitchen. When they got there, the kitchen was still and quiet, expect for the sound of Spettro's heavy panting. Wendy had never cooked before in her life, seeing that she had faithful servants to do it for her.

But Luigi always does and seem to enjoy so she decided to give it a try. She looks over to the door to see her brother leaning causally against the wall. She puffed, "Good morning to you Roy; what are you doing up so early?

Wendy wipes her hand, finish with the onions. She grabs a bowl and places her chopped onions, green peppers, tomatoes, and sausages inside. Next she grabs the eggs and started cracking them within the bowl. Do ya even know where da fire extinguisher is?

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The rest of up to her," Wendy answered causally. Roy puff but didn't say anything after that. Wendy paused from her mixing and turned her attention on the stove. She places a large pan with some butter on the stove top and resumes mixing her bowl as she waits for the pan to heat up. Roy stood where he was, watching his sister cook for the first time and seem to be doing well. From the corner of his eyes, he spots a wrinkled sheet of paper on the corner.

He walks over and picked it up. It was a magazine article with a picture of a burrito on it. It had a list of cooking ingredients and the instructions on making it. She sets that aside and stir the pan with a spatula. Roy stood beside her to see how it was going. So far everything was good, nothing was burn. Then asked, "Need any help? He took out four plates and place two tortillas on each, making a total of eight.

After sprinkling on some cheese, Wendy came over with the pan and divided the egg mixture evenly among each tortilla. He just finished his first set when he noticed his sister having trouble with the first one. He raised a brow, "Need any help? Once all eight break burritos were done, they work on the dinning; making sure everything was ready by the time Luigi and Kassie wake up.

Both of them looked like they just got out of bed, although Kassie was looking a bit on the fatigue side and her hair was very messy.

Years ago, he was terrified of living in a small house since it made him feel open to the world. Now, he barely considered the mansion a place to call "home".

Needless to say, Luigi preferred a more private life. Mario didn't mind where he was, as long as he had a home. So, the brothers lived far apart from each other. Mario lived on one end of the kingdom relatively close to the castle for obvious reasonsand Luigi lived on the other. It was the first time the younger Mario brother had lived on his own. The house was simple with a two-floor plan. You enter through the front door, to the left is living room, straight down is the kitchen, and to the right is the stairs.

Go up the stairs and you're faced with three doors. The first one led to the bathroom, the second one led to his room, and the third was just a closet with three shelves, all holding something different. It had only taken three days for Luigi to memorize the entire house. He could find his way around the house with his eyes closed. The mansion, on the other hand, was just too huge. All these rooms and trap doors and strange items everywhere, it just wasn't his style.

He was grateful that it was his, though; he just didn't want to live in it. As Luigi entered his home, Polterpup picked up his head and yawned. He liked to take naps on the bottom step and wait for Luigi to return. Polterpup jumped to his feet as he saw who it was. He let out a playful bark and wagged his tail, following his master into the kitchen.

He looked down at the ghost dog.

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Luigi knew that ghosts didn't need to eat. There were no consequences if they didn't eat, anyway.

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Luigi just liked to say things to the little fella. After Polterpup's little night time run, the two returned home.

Polterpup's collar jingled and jangled all throughout the house. Luigi had to take the collar off him if he expected any sleep that night. Luigi changed into his night time wear and walked into his room. Polterpup was curled up on top of the bed, all warm and cozy. The ghost dog whimpered as he jumped to the floor. Luigi got into bed and looked down. Polterpup held his head in shame, thinking he was a bad boy.

Luigi wiped the dog slobber off his face and put the pup down. Luigi fell asleep almost immediately. Polterpup nestled himself beside Luigi, moving his arm over him with his nose. He felt happy to be wanted again. Polterpup had woken Luigi up early, anxious for his morning walk. The two left the house and Polterpup ranged ahead constantly, chasing butterflies and sniffing the flowers.

Luigi followed behind him, with his hands in his pockets, following the sound of that little bell. As they got closer into Boo Woods, Polterpup started to growl and bark in the direction of the mansion.

He sensed an unwelcome presence there. Luigi could also see what looked like a moving truck right in front of the mansion. Look at this beautiful plot of land. Perfect place, don't you think? The way the sun shines on such a mansion. We must take it at once! Polterpup was persistent and refused to let go until his master pulled him away. Luigi started to respond, but "I didn't think he would need one. The two men were tall, much taller than Luigi, and wore the same beige inspector coats.

Their heads and faces were covered by inspector-like hats and their eyes appeared to be white. I'm more than certain he made no marks. Not a scratch to be found. The pain, however, was there. Luigi was 30 years old.