Pretty little liars 5x06 ending a relationship

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pretty little liars 5x06 ending a relationship

For a show with as many couples as Pretty Little Liars, they couldn't all be of stealing Emily away from Paige, Samara ended the relationship. Run, Ali, Run is the sixth episode of Season 5 of Pretty Little Liars. After ending the call, Aria asks Spencer what Toby said and she tells the girls that nobody was .. Pretty Little Liars - 5x06 (July 8 at 8 7c) Sneak Peek Travis & Hanna's Date. Pretty Little Liars - Rated: M - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 24 - Words: 54, - Reviews: 99 Focuses exclusively on the relationship between Paige McCullers and Emily Fields. What was supposed to be a simple exercise in team work ends up leaving her second guessing everything she Set during 5X

Collaborating story by Writingisbeauty and Mimi Read full summary inside!

pretty little liars 5x06 ending a relationship

Just a smutty but cute night of emison The Change of Seasons by Golfbabe87 reviews Post season 2 finale. The battle at Mount Weather finds Clarke searching for a reason to begin new. However, leaving the world behind is nearly impossible.

pretty little liars 5x06 ending a relationship

Clarke Griffin must become something else, something more, and find the ability to accept all that she is and can be.

The living are hungry. M - English - Drama - Chapters: Nia has planted the seed of doubt into the minds of the Ambassadors of the 12 clans leaving Lexa with only 2 choices; step down as Commander, or fight the Prince of Azgeda to the death. Winning means killing Roan who didn't want this any more than she did, and losing would cost more than just her life.

K - English - Chapters: She's pushing everyone away from her and is drowning her pain in alcohol.

Her relationship with Emily is going downhill fast. Will her relationship be resolved or will Alison take everything away from her? Will Emily see what's been in front of her this entire time?

Now will continue writing on ; please review and give any feedback on the story. Will it help them overcome their problems and rekindle their flame? Story continues on how these emotions affect the alliance,while discovering there are still forces who wish to destroy the whole humanity and leave them to suffer.

What will happen when their lives collide? Fire, water, air, earth Pretty Little Liars - Rated: Fractured by amusingbutconfusing reviews AU. Please remember that this is an AU story. Slightly darker than anything I've written before on Emison but like all darkness there's light and this light is in the form of Emison of course! Rated T but will probably change as the chapters progress.

pretty little liars 5x06 ending a relationship

Give it a read you may even like it! Moments by TheHauntedTwilight reviews An emison story. Detailing the moments in their lives that mattered and brought them together.

The heartbreak, the fear, the love. Covering first meetings, the kissing rock, miss me x and more.

pretty little liars 5x06 ending a relationship

No "fade to black" here. M - English - Romance - Chapters: High by Phoenix reviews After the gummy bear incident Toby and Spencer break up, she starts down a self-destructive road, drinking and getting high every night.

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But when Alison becomes a surprising source of comfort, Spencer finds out that Alison is better than any high she can get. Prettier series Trigger warnings. Maybe it's not too late. Maybe Alison can still recover the small pieces of her sister from the wreckage that her family created. Maybe Charlotte is still recoverable. Emily is the new girl at Rosewood High in her final year. Emily hasn't spoken in months due to a past incident but she bumps into the one and only Alison DiLaurentis and they change each others life.

Rated M for future chapters. Takes place after summer final except Mona didnt die in my version. M for self harm I suck at summaries. A lot can change. And a lot can stay the same. What happens when Alison and Emily see each other again at Hanna's wedding? My version of the time jump.

Run, Ali, Run

AU as of the end of episode 06x Why wouldn't anyone tell her who it was? And how did she end up at Radley with no memories of what had happened the day before? Could she really be insane? Sequel to Club Walls and Bathroom Stalls. That's all it took for me to figure it out. Two seconds for me to turn on the TV, the news channel coming up immediately. That's all we ever watched anymore, always expecting to see our lies come crumbling down around us. Then four more for my brain to assess what was flashing on the screen, the last one left for me to stagger on the spot Emily goes to confront Alison a month after accusing her of being A, and that's when things change.

Rated M for swearing and explicit smut. Zombie Apocalypse AU ish. With Emily stuck in California, and all her friends out on the East Coast, she's going to have to make a decision that could either save them all or kill them all. ANGST not kidding this is going to hurt.

It's a process and sometimes it can't be fixed. Maybe too much has happened. How much can someone change in three years? On the first day of their college summer vacation, Hanna forces the group to play a new party game she's learned at school. When Hanna recruits Alison to play, everything gets a little more personal and a little more scandalous. What About Angels by prettylittlefans1 reviews Emily is left broken after Alison's death, how's she supposed to cope with the love of her life snatched away from her so early.

Unable to cope she becomes obsessed with the idea of being better, but at what cost. Trigger warnings and will contain a lot of Emison in later chapters. He is adamant he'd never take anybody's life to cover up for Spencer. Spencer demands to know where Melissa and Peter was that night. In the school cafeteria, Spencer confirms to Aria that Peter and Melissa drove to the lake and talked, but he wouldn't say what they talked about or why he lied. Aria asks if Spencer has talked to Melissa, and Spencer says she's left like five messages.

Pretty Little Liars - Alison 5x06 Part 4

Ending her phone call with Ezra, Aria tells Spencer that Ezra is trying to find a link between Bethany and Mrs D, and when Spencer asks if he's found one, Aria tells her he hasn't. Spencer queries Aria that she's going over to Ezra's later, and Aria says she's going to help him sort through his files. Spencer wonders if that's the only reason, and when Aria doesn't answer, Spencer asks if there is something going on between the two of them, but Aria tells her no.

As Spencer questions Aria why she brought Ezra to Emily's the previous night, Aria admits that "we had a slip". Putting down her fork, Spencer bewilders the slip, before Aria admits "well, technically it as two slips".

A shocked Spencer says that she thought Aria said she'd never go their again, and Aria says that "I meant it when she said it", before Spencer asks if she's forgetting about what he did to her, what he did to them. Aria tells her no, but Spencer reminds her that she couldn't "eat or sleep for weeks after you found out about that book", and Aria says that he took a bullet for them, but Spencer says it doesn't change the fact that he deceived her for years.

Alison, Hanna and Emily meet up with Spencer and Aria, and seeing Emily looking uneasy, Aria asks if she's okay, only for Alison to say that Emily practically jumped out of her skin when somebody dropped their lunch tray. When Hanna makes a comment about the "new normal", Emily says she knew it was too good to be true, and Spencer telling her the last few days have been "nothing but crap". Hanna asks Spencer if Toby's still at the hospital, and Spencer tells her he's with Jenna and her mom.

Emily asks Hanna how long Caleb's in town, and Hanna shrugs, telling her she doesn't know. Getting a text message, Alison is shocked, and shows the girls the snapchat video she received of Jessica being buried in the Hastings backyard, along with a message - "I buried your mom the same way I watched her bury you.

Spencer is in deep thought, her face radiating relief and grief at the same time. She finally speaks saying that her dad did not kill Jessica. She starts crying saying how she accused him of killing Jessica even though he did not do it. Ali says that she cannot wait for answers and she need to leave town.

Emily says that she just got back. Emily says that if she leaves they cannot protect her anymore. Aria reminds Alison that the cops are watching her every move. Hanna tells her that the whole world knows she is alive and Spencer tells her that thus she has no place to hide. Tanner tells a staff member that she is so disappointed in their lack of co-operation, "but when you change your mind, there's my number". Spencer overhears Lieutenant Tanner talking a Radley staff member, so she grabs a magazine and sits on the couch to try and obscure herself.

As Eddie walks out, Spencer thanks him for coming out and the pair hug. Eddie tells her he as a few minutes before asking how she is doing, and Spencer tells him she's doing well. She asks if he heard about the Cavanaugh settlement, and he tells her he has, and he's glad the family got some money, but Spencer tells him they would have preferred the truth. Eddie also tells Spencer that he heard about Mrs DiLaurentis, and when Spencer says she doesn't really think it was a coincidence that Bethany Young was buried in the DiLaurentis backyard, Eddie says her he doesn't either.

Spencer asks if Eddie knew Bethany well, and looking over his shoulder, Eddie tells her that if he did, he can't talk about it. Noticing the security camera, Spencer suggests that they get coffee later, and Eddie tells her, "I can't about Bethany, or any other patient.

Not to cops, or reporters, or you". Eddie says that he wishes he could help Spencer, and when someone yells out to him saying he has a phone call, he tells Spencer that it was good seeing her. Walking down the stairs in the Marin house, Alison says to Hanna that she should never have come back to Rosewood.

Hanna tells her she get's that she is scared, they all do, and that's why Alison is staying with her, and Alison says she "you can't just babysit me forever, Hanna".

As the doorbell rings, Alison tells her to not just open it, and checking who is outside through the window, Hanna tells her it's just Travisbefore Alison says she'll be in the kitchen.

pretty little liars 5x06 ending a relationship

Stepping outside, Hanna tells Travis that this is a nice surprise, and a confused, Travis tells her they had plans to go to the Grille at 7pm. Seeing Hanna doesn't remember, he tells her he knows she wasn't drunk when they made their plans, and Hanna apologises saying that with everything going, she totally spaced. She tells him she would go, but Alison is inside, and she doesn't want to leave her alone right now as she's going through a tough time, but Hanna tells him not to believe everything he sees.