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Promise Me (Myron Bolitar Book 8) and millions of other books are available for . This item:Promise Me (Myron Bolitar Series) by Harlan Coben Audio CD $ . In the end, the book succeeds for the same reason every book in the Myron Bolitar . Careers · Blog · About Amazon · Investor Relations · Amazon Devices. Promise Me by Harlan Coben is a Dutton publication. .. I was hooked and the twists and turns kept me guessing right up to the surprise ending. .. The more recent books delve into specific relationships and Promise Me focuses on. Harlan Coben's work ethic, gift for plot twists, obsession with sales numbers, or in a relationship with an inner muse, but in his determination to rise to the . For the week that had ended the day before, Promise Me was No.

Meeting Coben at the Old Peculier crime writing festival in Harrogate, I am struck by his big frame, big hands and big smile. If he is in high spirits, it's probably because he has not only a new book to plug, but also a film: Of course, Hollywood came calling first.

Tell No One is the story of a man who can't get over the death of his wife, and they thought that no one would buy someone like George Clooney, for example, not being able to fall in love again after eight years. So they gave him a replacement girlfriend, which defeated the whole purpose of the book.

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Canet has described Coben's book as "a thriller and a love story" and this dual approach is pivotal to the success of his cool, elegant film. Absences are at the heart of both books. In The Woods, prosecutor Paul Copeland is a single parent who lost his wife to cancer and whose sister was murdered at a summer camp - at least, that's what he thinks until the case is reopened two decades later.

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In Tell No One, David Beck's childhood sweetheart vanishes into thin air on a romantic vacation and is subsequently identified as the victim of a serial killer.

So why, eight years later, does Beck receive an email out of the blue with information only she would know? In the final pages, Coben shuts down these stories with a volley of trademark twists, leaving the reader reeling. Unlike those writers whose last-minute revelations seem thin and gimmicky, the final resolutions in Coben's books feel unquestionably right.

Tell No One was the book that brought Coben breakout success after seven consecutive novels centred on the investigations of Myron Bolitar, a former basketball player, turned sports agent, turned unlikely detective. Like James Sallis's Lew Griffin, Coben's sleuth never set out to be a private investigator; he just ends up looking for people. Bolitar pounds the streets on her trail, navigating the worlds of pro-sports, academia and a pornography racket. Coben admits that he owes a debt to the heavyweight crime writers of an earlier era "We're all children of Raymond Chandler and Robert B Parker" but Bolitar is more soft-boiled than hard.

It's certainly difficult to imagine Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer living in the basement of his parents' home, as Bolitar does, and unless I'm mistaken, there was never a Fiddler on the Roof poster in the office of Dashiel Hammett's Sam Spade.

In fact, throughout the Bolitar series, Coben's pop culture references - Seinfeld, Harry Potter, Bruce Springsteen - are disarmingly middle-of-the-road.

I can be funny, but he can be funnier - he uses the lines that I'd think of later. He's stronger, a better fighter, a more loyal friend.

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Myron's goal in life is to get married and have kids - which I won't give him. But my parents died young, and the relationship that he has with his parents is the relationship I would envisage myself having with mine It starts when Aimee calls Myron in the middle of the night and asks him to pick her up in the city - she makes him promise not to tell her parents, and he drops her off at what she says is a friend's house.

Her use of a particular ATM machine links her case to that of another missing teenager, Katie. Myron is soon under investigation by the police.

When Katie's shady father finds out about Myron's involvement, he sends psychotic thugs, the Twins, after him their bite is much worse than their bark. Luckily, Myron's best friend Win is even deadlier.

Other players in the drama include Aimee's mother and father, her boyfriend Randy and his protective parents the moms and dads in this story will go to incredible lengths to assure their children's futuresLivingston High School teachers, and an elderly doctor who spotted Katie in the city. Other characters seem to be there more for continuity with the earlier Bolitar books than out of plot necessity - including Myron's previous soulmate Jessica Culver who has a brief walk on part, and his delightful El Al parents his worries over them - and vice versa - ring true to life.

As the story develops, the violence escalates, and surprises unfold to the very end. In Promise Me, Harlan Coben explores the intense feelings parents have for their children, and the extreme things they will do to keep them safe.

Myron Bolitar does ultimately keep his promise to Aimee's mother, and decides that helping people - despite the inevitable failures - is what he wants to continue doing with his life. So I expect he'll be back for further welcome encores. Former NBA basketball player Myron Bolitar, the forty-something owner of the Manhattan-based sports personality and entertainment talent agency MB Reps, admits that he has established quite a reputation for getting involved in other people's lives.

As he says to an acquaintance in his hometown of Livingston, New Jersey, 'You must have heard this is what I do. I help people when they're in trouble. If you're ever in a bind.

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If you're ever out drinking or your friends are drinking or you're high or stoned or I don't care what. Promise me you'll call me. I'll come get you wherever you are.

I won't ask questions. I won't tell your parents. That's my promise to you.