Reply 1997 joon hee ending relationship

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reply 1997 joon hee ending relationship

Reply is a South Korean television series that centers on the lives of six friends in . Kim Ki-wook as cellphone store salesman (ep 9); Park Ji-yoon as Joon-hee's sixth older sister at noraebang (ep 8) / seventh older . The Definition of Relationships . "Reply Reaches Its End with Memories and Love". Aug 26, Joon-hee puts it up to his face to compare and realizes they do look alike, and tells Yoon-jae to marry a nice quiet well-mannered girl or he'll end up .. Their relationship probably does more for Yoon-jae's character than. Sep 19, Answer Me Episode 16 (Final) reality that my time with this darling show has come to an end, that I have to say goodbye . Joon-hee laughs and says Yoon-jae isn't stupid enough to go into the delivery room, . remarks that his “in- yeon” (fate/relationship/ties) with bbasoonies must be very deep.

Bingrae eventually drops out of school without telling anyone, and picks up part time jobs all over the city. This is where his storyline takes a turn, and throws him into the love octagon that is found in most Korean dramas.

reply 1997 joon hee ending relationship

Although his personal hygiene is questionable at best, he is the perfect role model for Bingrae. Trash is on route to become a successful doctor and is completely comfortable with who he is. He calls him sunbaenim, which is even more honorific than hyung. Even after Trash tells him multiple times to use the brotherly term, Bingrae continues to keep his distance.

It takes Bingrae nearly four years to finally be comfortable enough to call Trash his hyung.

reply 1997 joon hee ending relationship

During these four years, Bingrae struggles to understand his feelings for the older boy. Trash decides to make Bingrae his dongsaeng, confiding in Bingrae that he has always wanted a little brother.

Hoya “Traumatized” from Colleagues Constantly Questioning His Sexuality

Drinking games lead to a kiss between Trash and Bingrae, and Trash is constantly giving him special attention. Trash picks him up from work, buys him food, and pets him like a dog, even going so far as to call him Puppy throughout the drama.

This unlikely couple had lots of fans, and many viewers were rooting for their success. Although they both struggled with understanding their love life, this mysterious and oftentimes withdrawn character is nothing like the confident Junhee of Answer Me An anonymous fan on Tumblr called it a great let downand confessed that they never finished the drama because they were so upset.

The reality is, if the writers had made Bingrae gay for the sake of having a gay character, they would have destroyed everything they had built with Junhee in Answer Me Bingrae is confused and unsure about every aspect of his life. He is unsure of what he wants to do in the future, of who his friends are, and especially of his own sexuality.

He drops out of school, lies to his parents, and has no outstanding talents. Junhee is confident and comfortable with who he is. He has to hide his feelings from his friends and family, but he never questions them. He is hardworking, naturally talented, and undeniably charming. Even in a cameo in Answer MeTrash picks Junhee out as the most attractive and well behaved boy in the group.

reply 1997 joon hee ending relationship

The ending that upset many fans of the Bingrae and Trash couple was very well thought out. Bingrae steps out from the reunion party to meet a mysterious someone.

Answer Me The Importance of Kang Junhee and Why Bingrae Had To Marry A Woman | caricakez

The friends he left behind in the apartment give the viewers no help in determining who Bingrae is meeting, only that the person is very important to our character. As he waits at the curb for a car to pull up, the audience remembers the final episode of Answer Me Junhee smiles and declines, explaining that someone is coming for him. Junhee waits at the curb and gets into the flashy red sports car that comes to pick him up.

The script writers kept the identity, and gender, of the driver completely ambiguous. There was never any confirmation of whether Junhee ends up with a man or woman. The audience finds itself blinded by headlights again in Answer Me as Bingrae stares down the street waiting for his special someone.

Suddenly, a red sports car appears. The audience remembers where they have seen this scene before. The Key is in the Car Although Answer Me fans had to wait until the end of Answer Me for an answer, I loved the way the writers subtly tell the audience that Junhee was in fact a gay man.

The car that Junhee hops in at the end of Answer Me signifies his homosexuality, and it speeds by Bingrae as his wife pulls up in another car. With the sports car as a metaphor for homosexuality, the writers make being gay a completely normal way of life.

The car passes Bingrae without causing a fuss and there is no dramatic music or lighting as Junhee gets in his sports car. Being gay is as natural as the cars passing you on the street and is not something that needs to be made into a big deal.

Answer Me 1997: Episode 7-12

That car, or that sexual orientation, simply was not for Bingrae, and saying this in such a natural, subtle way is incredibly important for the gay community. Korean Attitude One of the problems the gay community faces in Korea is simply ignorance.

Answer Me had an incredible following, with its last episode having the highest viewer rating ever for a drama produced by a cable network. The audience was mostly made up of men and women from their teens to their 40s, showing that the show had a wide range of viewers.

The timing of these dramas is absolutely crucial. Just before the airing of Answer MeKorea experienced its first same-sex marriage. Legally, South Korea does not recognize marriage between same-sex couples, but that did not stop Kim Jo Gwang Su from marrying his long time partner Kim Seunghwan on May 15, The wedding was purely ceremonial, and their request to register for marriage was denied.

While you may not achieve the dream, getting close gives you the chance to be happy. Unrequited love usually ends in failure. First, do what you want instead of what you can. You only live once. On D-Day, there is only victory or failure. As we untangle it, we get to see our fate. If the red string of fate really exists, where will mine end? I wish I knew. Then I could figure out how to stop liking you. Mine with him was one of the easiest.

A relationship that was easy to explain and easy to maintain. A casual relationship between old friends. But that day, I realized something. Ours could become one of the hardest. The relationship between a man and a woman is of ever-lasting love and fighting. They get upset and console each other. They fight and make up. They hurt and they embrace. A relationship as complicated as manic depressive disorder. A relationship that is too complicated and too sensitive. A relationship that lasts your entire life.

That next time may never come. If you love her, the best time to love is now. You must confess now. You never know what will happen in the future. Your next chance may never come. We met, dated, and loved in our own way. The reason why we think first love is beautiful is not because people we first loved were actually handsome or pretty.

And because … and because we know that we can never go back to that young, passionate time of our days. Without any calculation, it throws everything in with pure passion, and inevitably fails. But it is, at the same time, dramatic. It comes with inexplicable feelings that we never get to experience again so first love becomes the most dramatic moment of our lives.

It never comes back.