Ruka urushibara ending a relationship

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ruka urushibara ending a relationship

The first time we meet Ruka, she's introduced through the eyes of and relationship developments as the other characters, even though her entire arc, from beginning to end, focuses exclusively on Ruka's “wish” to be a girl. Posts about urushibara ruka written by braverade. the shop to explain the disturbance he had to break up (not the kind of landlord duties he likes undertaking. Let's Play Steins;Gate by ProfessorProf - Part Urushibara Ruka has misgivings. In the end, we spent four hours walking. We went all the way to Ueno . Our temporary relationship feels like it could break at any moment. A suffocating.

Choosing the subject of my first article was quite difficult, but I eventually settled on Ruka for one particular reason.

Out of most of the characters on my pre-prepared list, she was one one that incited the most mixed feelings within me, giving me a lot of opportunity to discuss everything I want to include in future posts. This refers exclusively to the anime, not the visual novel. Delicate as an orchid, fair as a cherry blossom. The personification of feminine grace… and a dude.

Tall as a willow, slender as a reed… a dude. Radiant in shrine vestments…. The sun dips low in a rosy sky… cicadas buzz… Ruka is a dude.

Steins;Gate Part # - Urushibara Ruka has misgivings

Until her bigger character arc begins, she fills a very awkward role in the cast, as despite her key role in the plot she hardly has enough screentime to be called a main character.

She works as a shrine maiden, a job that allows her to dress and present as a girl. Even after this is inevitably undone by the course of the plot, he still keeps his word. She's even invited to the club in the epilogue.

Like Brother and Sister: He views Mayuri as a little sister figure and "precious thing to protect," though Mayuri herself seems to hover somewhere between utter devotion and a crush.

Mayuri is very dependent on Okabe after the death of her grandmother, but is beginning to feel like she's a burden on him. She also fails to realize that she's genuinely important to him and not just a thing to be taken care of.

While this is mostly a worry of Mayuri's, very early on it does occur to him that perhaps the mad scientist game has kept her from growing up. Not that he'd say it in those terms, though. The most notable example is him deceiving his past self using a clever loophole devised by his future self.

When Kurisu encourages him to delete the first D-mail even if that means she has to die, Okabe realizes he is in love with Kurisu.

Steins;Gate - Luka End Complete English Translation [Anime EP 18 Alternate End]

He views himself as a great mad scientist, the scope of which is basically renting out a tiny apartment, calling it a lab and using it as a clubroom where he occasionally builds weird gadgets. A lot of people think he's dating Mayuri, but Okabe will correct them. She's his little sister and something to protect, not his girlfriend. He spends most of Steins;Gate 0 dressed in black as he's still mourning Kurisu's death.

Nor has he had a girlfriend in his life. He may have lost it in Faris's ending, though. Allowing others to make D-mails causes Mayuri's repeated deaths. The True Ending reveals that his arguing with Kurisu causes her father to snap and murder her.

Daru's real name is Itaru, though it's rarely mentioned apart from when the origin of 'John Titor' is discussed to be based upon a multilingual pun by translating his name into English. Kurisu gets the most nicknames: The Zombie for apparently coming back to life, Christina just to annoy her by getting her name almost right, Assistant to inflate his own ego as a Mad Scientist and a handful of others like Celeb Seventeen.

Eventually he admits that he's too nervous to actually use her name. Moeka is Shining Finger thanks to her ridiculous typing speed. Luka is Lukako, which is putting a feminine ending on an ambiguous name that belongs to a feminine boy.

ruka urushibara ending a relationship

Suzuha becomes the Working Warrior after she irritably tells Mr. Braun that she's a warrior, apparently unaware that this makes her stand out juuuust a little. Braun is itself yet another nickname to the landlord, Tennouji. His daughter Nae becomes Sister Braun. Nae doesn't really get why Okabe calls her father that. He also calls her Chipmunk sometimes. He's rather oblivious to how people are feeling a lot of the time, even when the spell it out for him. When he does notice tension he generally tries and fails to defuse it by going into his Hououin Kyouma shtick.

When the plot takes a turn for the depressing, Okabe occasionally hides his true thoughts, goals and emotions by using his mad scientist schtick. He's pretty dense when it comes to others feelings and love isn't an exception.

Faris and Luka are unable to get through to him without being really blunt about it. The latter came as a particular shock, causing quite a crash. When he, for once, calls Kurisu by her real name, she immediately picks up on the fact that something bad is happening. Conversely, during Steins;Gate 0because he's used the Kyouma personality so long some characters have trouble taking him seriously when he's actually trying to be serious.

Rather than looking prettyhe has a rather unshaven, sloppy appearance emphasized by his perpetual scraggly face. They have known each other nearly all their lives, are like family to each other and one of Okabe's main motivations is to protect her at all costs.

This comes to a head when Okabe finds himself being forced to choose whether to save his little sister figure or his love interest. Not wanting to carry a heavy computer back to the clubroom and hearing Kurisu's refusal to help, he gestures to Luka to get him to offer to help.

Once Luka does, he politely refuses and says he'll do it all on his own while Luka repeats his offer until Kurisu hesitantly offers to help out too, at which point Okabe instantly agrees, much to her surprise and irritation. Though deep down he's not serious, eventually he really is being monitored by an evil organization. One that assassinates his best friend followed by kidnapping and enslaving his love interest, forcing her to work on time travel for them. At the beginning, Okabe wonders if the woman trying to get people back to the conference is trying to cover up the apparent satellite.

Okabe himself is in there with her. Proud to Be a Geek: Okabe makes no effort to hide his questionable hobbies and passion for bizarre scientific endeavors. In fact, he plays them up in an effort to hide his true, socially awkward self.

Very early in the visual novel, Okabe mentions that he dislikes his real name, because it sounds like 'that elf boy's blue pipe thing', referring to the famous Ocarina of Time. What better way to signal to the audience that this is a story about time travel, than by naming the protagonist after a famous device used for such? In the movie, the side effects of his time traveling begin to catch up with him.

His "Reading Steiner" ability gives him a continuity of consciousness whenever the world is changed, but this means he has no idea how the current world works after changing the timeline. Thus, from the perspective of everyone else, Okabe just seems to spontaneously panic over the supposed disappearance of people that were never there or forgetting that Luka is and always was a girl.

These tend not to go well for him, especially in the case regarding Luka. Fate gives him one towards the end of the series, when he's forced to choose between condemning Kurisu or Mayuri to death.

Thankfully, a third option presents itself, but only after he's been forced to make the choice once. In the ending for Amane Suzuha his mind starts to run ragged from the sheer repetition and only Amane herself agreeing on a way out helps him. He goes from rescuing Daru from a truck to simply observing Daru nearly get run over with an intense level of indifference to contemplating incredible abuses with just a few repetitions, which horrifies him.

ruka urushibara ending a relationship

Self-Serving Memory After he and Kurisu finishing lugging a heavy computer back to the lab, he inwardly complains about how often she asked to take breaks and then out loud complains about her, after which she retorts that he asked to rest five times himself. More seriously, when Moeka first assaults the lab and kills Mayuri he notices that she's upset, hesitant and shaking. As time goes on he slowly forgets this until in chapter 8 he remembers her being completely calm. Moeka is never like that so presumably he's just trying to vilify her in his head in case he has to kill her.

She Is Not My Girlfriend: He has this with Kurisu, mostly from the Lab Members, who just assume that they have a thing for each other. Both Okabe and Kurisu are in denial about it. When having to fix events so that Mayuri doesn't die he has to undo the happiness these events brought. Usually right in front of the person in question, who know what he's doing. He has to sacrifice Amane's peace of mind and happiness, Faris' father, and Luka's chance to live as the gender he identifies with.

In the future, Okabe is a legendary terrorist, but apparently not much about him is known. This leads to Suzuha taking Okabe's nonsense utterly seriously in the present since she doesn't know that Okabe was actually just some dorky university student in It all sounds about right to her, after all.

Smarter Than You Look: He seems like an idiot, especially early on, but as the story progresses it turns out he has a really intuitive way of understanding things and finds it easy to explain them in simple terms. In the present, he and Kurisu handle the bulk of the theoretical work while Daru handles tech stuff.

In the future, he even invents a full time machine and a device to measure temporal deviations. Maybe his claims about his IQ were true after all. His Hououin Kyouma persona is created through one in the movie. Kurisu told a young Okabe about Hououin Kyouma, and that story inspired Okabe.

In one timeline she dies just after meeting him and in the other they end up on opposing sides of global conflict. The only way for it to work is to find the Steins Gate choice and remove both bad timelines from the equation. In the second half of the story he often hides what he's feeling behind his normal Large Ham attitude. He quietly leaves the rooftop as ordered but definitely not because he was scared or anything.

This Is for Emphasis, Bitch! Loudly and melodramatically screams out bitch after accusing Kurisu of various vague crimes. Of course, it sounds absolutely ridiculous and unnatural. Pepper to be the drink of science! A Tragedy of Impulsiveness: The opening of the story is a Flash Forward of Okabe cursing himself out for repeatedly acting without thinking with something as dangerous as time travel.

He keeps sending D-Mails back even after the first big change caused by Moeka makes him realize that the world can change in massive and unexpected ways from the smallest of actions. After this, he allows the past to be changed three more times, each time vastly altering who is around him and how close he is to ensuring Suzuha's Bad Future.

Occasionally pulls stunts that freak out the other Lab Members just for laughsusually with Kurisu as the main target. Special mention goes to the Drama CD where he pretends to have used the D-Mail to make himself a completely normal person.

He hides behind his eccentricities when he's being nice to people because he's kind of awkward.

Ruka Urushibara (Steins;Gate) – Trans Women in Media

He's not very subtle about it either. Even his internal monologue refuses to admit that he likes anyone. For example, the only time he notes that Kurisu is attractive is their first meeting when he's baffled as to why she's even talking to him.

Also, his heart is beating fast from the sense of danger and no other reason, and that's a fact. What You Are in the Dark: Kurisu suggests that if Mayuri's life is at stake and time travel will revert any damages he causes, he could simply physically force Rukako to tell him her mother's old pager number or kill Moeka to take her phone.

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This is one thing that sets him apart from Dr. Nakabachi, who was intending to undo the murder of his daughter with time travel if it came to it since he figured it wouldn't really matter in the larger scheme of things. Brought to a head in Suzuha's ending, where his thoughts get very dark, knowing that there's no way he can be punished for his crimes. Despite going through massive Sanity Slippage implied to partially damage from the Time Loop Machine he never actually does anything wrong.

Would Hit a Girl: However, later in the story in the worldlines where Luka has been changed to being female, Luka accidentally broke it when she was cleaning the storehouse on Jan.

The Future Gadget Lab, although skeptical of whether or not the urban legend is true, lets Luka send a D-mail back to his pregnant mother's pager, telling her to eat more vegetables. In episode 10, it's revealed that the D-mail has worked and the characters are transferred to a world line where Luka was born a girl.

This causes an extremely awkward situation in which Okabe does not realize this and gropes Luka's crotch in order to prove to the Future Gadget Lab that she is male.

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He quickly learns that he's been moved to a world line where Luka is a girl and that he's been accidentally sexually harassing her while causing Luka heavy embarrassment. Luka agreed to it, though reluctantly, after confessing her love for him and requests that he takes her out on a date. Luka then spends the rest of the day practicing with the sword Samidare along with Rintaro; both of them feeling genuinely comfortable in each other's company.

Luka, who still remembered her first meeting when Rintaro saved Luka from being harrassed on the street, even though this memory is from a world line where she was born male, revealed to Rintaro that she had been in love with him since that first encounter that she shouldn't be able to remember, and that she will still love him no matter what happens, female or not.

Rintaro smiles and sends the D-mail, reverting Luka back to being a male. Luka's Ending in the Game In this route of the visual novelRintaro decides in the end to not send the D-mail that would make Luka return to being a boy again. He convinces himself that Mayuri will still die no matter what he does and he doesn't want to sacrifice Luka's happiness.

This ending starts by Luka confessing to Rintaro and swearing to give him her mother's pager number on the condition that the two go on a date together once.

The two's date is deeply awkward and contrived, so much that Luka cuts it off abruptly, leaving Rintaro to guilt over it. He realizes that it wasn't truly a date because he was trying too hard to impress her by not being himself, and rushes over to the shrine where the two spend genuine bonding time together.

After which, Luka gives Rintaro her mother's pager number in order to send another D-mail to Luka's pregnant mother.