Sakura angels hikari ending relationship

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sakura angels hikari ending relationship

Sakura Angels is a very similar game that, albeit in a different setting, shares not to develop anything beyond the character's current relationship. of three possible endings: Hikari end, Sayaka end, or a “harem” end with. Galaxy Angel is a bishōjo sci-fi metaseries composed of anime, manga and dating sim video Each of the Rune Angels has a connection to one of the Galaxy Angels, such as Apricot . ability and the Angel Troupe with the best relation with Takuto will be with Takuto in the end like the previous two Galaxy Angel games. Based on the visual novel game Sakura Angels. This fanfiction is based on the Hikari ending of the visual novel.

Every day is the same: The strangest thing about his daily life is that he has an odd, frightening dream repeatedly.

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Accompanying this are terrible headaches which seem to crop up only at certain times. Still, he goes on through life without complaint just accepting these quirks. This all changes when one day on the way to school his headache takes on a new level of pain and a monster suddenly appears.

Just as suddenly, two women in skimpy attire, Sayaka and Hikari, also show themselves and defeat the creature before Kenta can even grasp what has just occurred. Thus begins the surprisingly brief tale of this visual novel. Every so often a dialogue option will pop up and serve as a bit of interactivity to break things up.

The ending will change depending on which choices are selected.

Sakura Angels Review

Thankfully, each decision is rather obvious, making a guide unnecessary to complete all endings. I can see that clearly here because the tone of most of the graphics and the tone of the story are night and day.

sakura angels hikari ending relationship

This continues in most of the graphics as they are more intent in delivering fanservice than following the tone set by the story. For the rest of the graphics, the fanservice is telegraphed from a mile away and more than often feels completely unnecessary.

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The same goes for the picture for the beach episode. I will say that the backgrounds are beautifully done and show a huge step up over the past few WC games in terms of animation effects and general composition.

sakura angels hikari ending relationship

The Gameplay is, to put it nicely, a mess. As I stated before, there is a choice system here designed mostly to choose between Sayaka and Hikari. Outside of the meaningless choices we have general incompetence. This is best scene with a strange issue where the sprites overlap with one another during certain transitions and gets stuck that way for a while. My favorite is during a scene that was supposed to be set during a rainy day, where you have Kenta loudly describing the terrible weather only to go outside into bright sunshine.

If only one person worked on it out of their own pocket, I could kind of understand why this is.

sakura angels hikari ending relationship

Especially considering this is a commercial endeavor it feels a little off to me NOT to give credit where credit is due. After the fun and interesting first half, it gets back quickly to what WC has sadly become known for: It actually gets back to it immediately as Yuzuki summons a tentacle monster to grabs Hikari for an Event Graphic.

sakura angels hikari ending relationship

Sakura Angels may have never been great, but it could have been decent. Hell, it could have been Pyrite Heart…yeah I cannot believe I said that either.

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This forces so much fanservice through your eye sockets after the midway point that it overrules the admittedly mediocre twists and turns the story takes so that they can squeeze one more hint of cleavage at the screen. In the meantime, if you have to have massive, shiny anime boobs in your life, you can do much better than this. Bad The few things Sakura Angels didn't screw up is quickly made pointless by its crippling addiction to mindless fanservice. The only thing that could possibly save Sakura Angels from being utterly mediocre was character interaction.

There are only 5 characters in the story. The characters, all of them, are as bland as they possibly come. The comedy and plot-advancement usually consists of Sayaka genki girl teasing Hikari the tsunderewho in turn gets angry and lashes out at the protagonist.

Ultimately, putting all the elements together, not only does Sakura Angel manage to be worse than Sakura Spirit in every way, but it is also a mediocre story on its own right.

sakura angels hikari ending relationship

The game itself has choices, which will lead you to one of three possible endings: Sound No voice acting, and no sound effects.

The game has a handful of soundtracks for ambient music, although none of them are memorable.