Sakura beach momoko ending relationship

sakura beach momoko ending relationship

The Day Pokémon Politics PUBG Relationship Roast Me Star Wars Satisfying School Sci-Tech Superhero Surreal Memes Sport Travel Giant Squid Washes Up On New Zealand Beach. points · Momoko Sakura, Creator Of Chibi Maruko-chan, Passed Away At 53 'The Big Bang Theory' Will End After 12 Seasons. In Sakura beach, Momoko is freaking " Ayumi we need to do The war quickly came to end, as of disappearance none of the other girls noticed until now. Machiko answers " Well they could have a bad relationship with him. Ice CreamLevel 1. XP: Ayumi's swimsuitLevel 2. XP: Momoko's swimsuitLevel 3. XP: MomokoLevel 4. XP: AyumiLevel 5.

The war quickly came to end, as of disappearance none of the other girls noticed until now. Maeko called her sister " Machiko come here please.

Five female manga artists who’ll continue legacy Momoko Sakura left behind when she died

As they arrive they see my guards dead and my doors blasted " What happened here" says Narumi Maeko replays " I don't know and this his place. They saw two girls unknown to each other taking down my guards silently and they burst through my door walk up to me then knock me unconscious end of the feed.

Every girl was surprised till Machiko stood up " We need to tell rest that Eric is gone. I slowly wake in a jail like room and a box in middle with a note.

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As I came out a saw a captain like dress with a eye patch on right eye. Since you have a strong military background we took you to lead our knights for the glory of our kingdom. In the Stellaris square table the girls are going through their evidence trying to figure out who was the two girls who took me. Meiko speaks " Do we have any leads or something.

We arrive to our instructor " ArisaKaguya I see you guys are getting long your mission is to kill some slimes in dungeon" we nod and arrive " wow who do you expect that this massive building was underneath" " Yeah" Arisa agrees and we enter the dungeon " Eric" ask Arisa "Yes Arisa" " Can you tell us your story how you got here" " You two want to know" both girls beg " Ok I will.

I wasn't like this I was a normal average person who love playing games however I do have a interest bar in me. One a regular day a bright light flashed and two girls show and hug me I ask why are they here. According to them a rift was formed causing any game I haven't played comes to my world.

So as those girls and I were talking a teleporter appeared came down with two more girls. As I was saying the teleporter girls came and started a fight with those angels girl.

Yup they were angel girls anyway they fight I went and hid till something knock me out. Well I think you had enough for one part. I stop for a sec " Eric are you ok. Arisa hugs me "thanks Eric" " no problem were are a knight family now. In Stellaris, Machiko rides on a transport ship with Ayumi and Meiko to the formal empire who declared war.

Person ask " What can I help you ladies" Machiko speaks " We want to see the former empire leader it's kind of a big issue with us and others. All three girls look at each in surprise but not lot hope " Do have the source single where it came" Ask Ayumi " yeah but is everywhere in the sector of stars" " We can take off your hands and investigate it" leader was a shock but he gave to them anyway.

They said their goodbyes and left. I fall backward " Eric are you ok?

sakura beach momoko ending relationship

We arrive at my house " Are you girls fine sharing a room" " It's fine by me" says Kaguya " It's alright with me" says Arisa " Well in that case here's your room. Merry Christmas to all of the girls.

Anyway, good night" Kaguya leaves " Good night I lay my head on the bed. In Stellaris, the search for me is becoming scarce however the girls are not giving up to get me but some are having second thoughts about it some think they killed me, others say I just forgot them.

There are some are staying strong " Meiko are there any results. And hey, guess what? But for me, the real red flag was raised at the end of the second day. Seiji goes star-gazing with Nene again.

The scene itself is innocence itself. Seiji and Nene look at the stars, and talk about the universe, exploring space, and the good things on Earth. Ayumi even says in so much words that she needs to control what Seiji does and does not do. I mean, holy shit. This is really a major major no! And then Sakura Beach 2 happily provides a second one. I mean, do I really have to add anything here?

At least the Raiders are honest about their awfulness. Surprisingly, though, Sakura Beach 2 mellows out a little bit after this. I mean, any hopes of the situation being resolved subtly are quashed when Nene officially joins your harem. The existence of a harem is just presumed at this point. But with Nene in place, Sakura Beach 2 starts sanding away some of its abusive edges.

That actually makes it worse instead of better, but I can see the original intent. And… If any significant time had passed between my Sakura Beach review and this game releasing, I could have mock-patted myself on the back for this. But it feels for all the world like, halfway into the game, the Sakura Beach 2 writers started realizing all that stuff I wrote about.

That their well-intended characters were coming off as major creeps. Maybe they finally played the first game for themselves? Whatever the reason, though, the second half of the game starts trying to bring these original good intentions to the fore.

Indie Wonderland: Sakura Beach 2 - Ninja Blues

And Nene and Ayumi stop solving their conflicts through sulking and violence, and start solving them through building sand castles. Or maybe I just wanted an excuse to get this sand castle screenshot in. Perhaps the biggest thing is a talk with Ayumi, where she finally reveals that her beef with Nene is about jealousy. It was at this point I understood that Ayumi is basically a Nice Guy. And then the whole thing ends with another emotional confrontation under the stars, where the girls ask you to pick which one of them you really love.

sakura beach momoko ending relationship

Sakura Beach 3, maybe? Then the credits replay all the lewd scenes, in case you missed one of them. But I definitely felt less icky and disgusted about it than I did about the first half. Instead, what I felt was more… mourning? The thing is, I can clearly see the shape of what Sakura Beach 2 could have been.

If it had the courage-indicating genitalia of your choice, Sakura Beach 2 could have been a really interesting story about the unfairness of unrequited love.

Indie Wonderland: Sakura Beach 2

And about letting go. We are told at the end of Sakura Beach 1 that Ayumi and Momoko have been in love with Seiji for a really long time. He never quite answered those feelings, though, and they never learned to deal with this well: