Shaider ending a relationship

When did Space Sheriff Shaider end

shaider ending a relationship

The No Ending trope as used in popular culture. You say you want a resolution? Well, you know, we all want to see the end. But here, there is none: a work . Like Sharivan, Shaider also has a new face behind the mask that many partner (well, enough for them to have established a pretty solid relationship). passed on both Hiroshi and Dai's legacy and story feel never-ending. Space Sheriff Shaider-Uchuu Keiji Shaider Annie's jealousy towards . She didn' t want her personal agenda to taint their professional relationship. She reached the end of the corridor and leaned back against the wall.

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It looked like they were having an animated conversation; Dai was laughing over something Vivian said. Annie had never seen him this happy since she was assigned to be with him. Annie snapped out of her thoughts and didn't know what to do. A part of her wanted to ran away from the scene, but at the same time, her curiosity got the best of her. She decided to check out on them.

shaider ending a relationship

He left and soon returned with her order. She paid for it and walked towards a place discreet from Dai's view. From that distance, she could still see them clearly as they talked and laughed. She felt like being pierced with a thousand swords seeing him enjoying himself with another girl.

She sipped her coffee, and picked up a glossy magazine left on her table. She made sure her face was covered as she peeked through the top of the magazine. She saw Vivian pinch his cheek, and Dai didn't seemed to mind it one bit. Annie wanted to strangle him that very moment. How long were they together? Did Vivian herself asked him out, or did Commander Quo, their boss, asked him to do this?

It was agonizing for her to watch them together. Why can't she do the same for him? I'm not jealous, Annie thought as she sipped the rest of the coffee she ordered.

She knew he was a friend to him, and that's all they could ever be. She can't imagine her feelings going beyond that. Even if she thought of it before, she reminded herself not to nurture those thoughts. Sweet thoughts are never guarantees.

She didn't want her personal agenda to taint their professional relationship. Besides, she was not sure if he felt the same for her. From afar, she saw Dai and Vivian stood up. They were done with their coffee break. Annie covered her face with the magazine as she peeked. She saw them walk out the door, with Vivian clutching his arm, as if they were a couple. Well, look at that. She shot dagger looks behind their backs as they disappeared from her sight.

She didn't want to think anymore what they will do next or where they will go. She pretended not to know about his "date" with Vivian as she asked, "Where were you yesterday?

You didn't tell me about your route. Too bad, we should have done it together. Dai stewed in his seat as he thought of something to say. Why are you looking at me that way?

shaider ending a relationship

But his reaction was wrong; it made Annie flare up with anger. Don't tell me you're with Vivian. Commander Quo asked me to send her off to Planet Bird. But before that, she asked me to tour her around the city. I was there yesterday at the coffee shop and I saw both of you. I can tell you liked her very much, huh? You don't have to be so secretive about it. She felt as if someone had hit her on the head with a hammer.

I told you, we're not an item! Dai understood her point and wanted to apologize, but not a word came out of his mouth. He watched as she walked out on him again. She couldn't take this anymore, as she was starting to look obvious. She didn't want him to see the obvious. She was indeed jealous of Vivian, of her and Dai together. She is a teacher at the Space Sheriff School.

She asks Shaider to take Annie with him to Earth. After the final battle against Fuuma, she marries Gavan. The captain of Galactic Union Patrol. He battles Fuuma to defend the Bird Planet. After the battle against Fuuma, he announces his marriage to Mimi. He has a face like a squirrelDai's classmate and friend who was deputized in response to Fuuma's war declaration.

He was killed when Fuuma attacks his home planet during the Great Invasion. He has a face like a birdDai's classmate and friend who was deputized in response to Fuuma's war declaration. Dai's classmate and friend who was deputized in response to Fuuma's war declaration. He is killed when Fuuma attacks his home planet during the Great Invasion. A cheery journalist from Planet Bird who, against the wishes of her father, the president, heads to Earth to write about the Space Sheriffs and Fuuma.

However, crashing into the Fuuma fortress by mistake, Vivian is used in the villains' plan to destroy Vavilos. In the process, due to Pairpair, Vivian falls in love with Shaider to Annie's dismay. The residents of this realm revere Kubilai as a god while carrying out his intent of conquering the universe through psychological attacks on many planets, destroying worlds like Gao, Omega, Mind, Gor, Marine, and Mount before targeting Earth to establish the second Mu Empire. Their airforce includes mini-carriage-like fighter jets and battleships with frowning faceplates.

Eventually, on Kubilai's birthday, Fuuma celebrates by systematically destroying every planet while pressing hard on their goal to conquer Earth. But once Kubilai is killed, Fuuma disbands as the palace self-destructs just as they nearly dominated the entire universe. Losing his snake-armed body in the process, Kubilai was reduced to a giant, golden head, and he embedded himself in the wall of the Fuuma Palace's throne room where he rules Fuuma while a new robotic body was being built for him.

When he found the resting place of his ancient foe and the prison holding his body, Kubilai went to great lengths to ensure his weakness, his third eye, would not be revealed.

When Shaider storms his palace, Kubilai unveils his robot body and takes Shaider into the Fushigi Dimension for an epic final battle. After detaching from his robot body, Kubilai meets his end when Shaider plunged his Laser Blade into Kubilai's third eye then used Shaider Blue Flash to finish him.

Sealed within the Eastern cave where Dai found the ruins by the Warrior Shaider, Kubilai's headless body grew several more tentacled limbs with one-eyed snake-like heads on the ends and an eye protruding from its neck. When Dai broke the seal to find the means to stop Kubilai's head, he unwittingly revived the body, and he hunts Shaider to take out his pent-up rage on.

Managing to trick the body into the cave's entrance in order to blind it, Shaider manages to blow off all of his tendrils and then defeat the body with the Shaider Blue Flash before it could regenerate. The monster managed to mock Shaider when he is trapped in the chamber before being killed for good.

Kubilai's 15,year-old transvestite grandson who serves as advisor and strategist, wearing elegant white robes with a horned, immense oval shaped headdress and the "Sky Cutter" scepter through which he shoots blue beams from its core.

As a high priest with telekinetic abilities, Poe presides over the Fushigi Beast birth and Fushigi Dimension Generation ceremonies. Poe also drinks an elixir made somehow from young girls and Kubilai's energy every years to maintain his youthful appearance or his face assumes its actual corpse-like appearance and he would die. Having nightmares about the Nazca images, yet soothed by a mark on his staff, Poe wanted to find out the meaning behind it.

It was only after Kubilai reveals the full story to him that Poe becomes more determine to kill Shaider to the point of taking part in later attacks on Shaider to avenge his parents and Mu. After Hessler and Girls 1 and 3 died, Poes arrives to Easter Island to go all out in killing Shaider through his "Phantom Showtime" torture with the aid of the remaining Girls and the Beasts.

However, Shaider manages to escape the trap, though Poe later destroys the entrance to the prison of Kubilai's Body to trap Shaider. When Kubilai is killed, Poe loses the means to stay young and fades away into nothingness alongside the Beasts. A sword-wielding field operative in black armor.

shaider ending a relationship

Hessler oversees the attacks on Earth. He is a proud yet easily irritated warrior. Though he encouraged Himley to fight alongside him, Hessler started to regret the decision when Girls 1 and 2 point out to him that his brother might upstage him. Driven by the justified paranoia, Hessler mortally wounds his brother during their fight with Shaider and leaves him to die. After the death of Girl 1, Hessler heads to Eastern Island to confront Shaider as he make his way to ruins.

While Girl 3 performed a suicide attack at Hessler's command in an attempt to kill Shaider, the remaining members help Po in stopping Shaider from finding out Kubilai's secret. Soon after capturing Annie and Shaider arrives to save her, the three Girls allow Kubilai to devour them into their combined bat form to kill Shaider.

The black suited leader of the Girl's Army, Hessler's right hand. On Kubilai's birthday, Girl 1 offers to personally kill Shaider and Annie for her master. To achieve that goal, Girl 1 uses Fuuma science to become a black-armored cyborg with various concealed weapons.

However, though her body is destroyed by Shaider, the spell Po cast on her during the operation takes effects as Girl 1's astral self possesses Annie to have her sabotage Vavilos. When Shaider intervenes, Girl 1 becomes tangible battles Shaider as they take their fight into the Fushigi Dimension where her powers are magnified.

But in the end, Shaider kills her for good with Video Beam on the source of her life after disrupting her form with Shaider Blue Flash.

The low level creatures of Fuuma creatures present in the throne room who sometimes aid in Fuma missions that require them to assume forms.

After Kubilai's death, the Beasts faded out of existence along with Poe. The followers of Fuuma who wear Rangda -style masks with big round eyes and fanged mouths armed with hatchets and rifles. They act either as foot soldiers or as pilots for the carriage-shaped aircraft. Shaider occasionally pummels them before going on to fight the Strange Beasts.

Destroyed at the end of the series when the fortress crumbled apart and exploded. Placed within boiling Fushigi Seawater, the pearl enlarges into a giant egg that Kubilai hatches with his beam. Their naming system is two syllables, then those two syllable repeated. According to Poe in episode 5 they are considered as Kubilai's offspring, not just creations.

A green and red Fushigi Beast with a Barong -like face, using a spear, and able to roll into a ball. It was sent to Earth in order to ensure Fuuma's scheme to using the Fushigi Song to send people into a berserker rage via a pirated broadcast. When Shaider arrives to stop it, Balibali is deployed to deal with him. After Shaider destroys the broadcast source, Balibali escapes into th Fushigi Dimension with the Star Sheriff in pursuit. Balibali tries to kill Shaider in both giant and normal-sized forms before the Star Sheriff destroys it with his Shaider Blue Flash.

Its powers include super speed, levitation, teleportation, size changing, turning into a giant anemone, an explosive spear, and a sword. A hideous canine Fushigi Beast with eyeball bombs and a long tongue who assumes the form of a dwarf trumpeter and takes some of the Beasts incognito as a carnival band so they can parade around town while shooting particles from his mouth to drive any animal infected into a crazed carrier that passes the madness into other animals. Managing to track Petpet down with Annie's help, Shaider chases the Fushigi Beast into the Fushigi Dimension where the monster uses the environment to his advantage before Shaider uses his Shaider Blue Flash to destroy Petpet.

Its powers include a human disguise, emitting the petopeto virus which forces animals to become berserk, explosive boomerangs, a zambatou, a long tongue, teleportation, size changing, choking gas from the mouth, and eye bombs. A green plant monster who was created in a plan to keep the Star Sheriffs from interfering by exposing Annie to altered delusion-inducing, with Girugiru and the Rare Beasts disguising themselves as the rest of her family to trick her into attacking her partner.

Its powers include a halberd with a machine gun, high jumping, invisibility, and choking has from the trunk. A purple skull-faced Fushigi Beast with a ram-headed staff, Meromero disguised herself as a witch to lure children with delusions of magic they can be switched with the Beasts posing as them in animal form so that the real children can be turned into loyal animal-human hybrids to manipulate their parents into submission.

When Dai gets involved, he manages to find the lab at an amusement park with the aid of Yohko's dog. With Annie providing cover, Shaider manages to restore the mutated children and destroy the lab. As Annie takes the captive children and Yohko to safety, Shaider pursue Meromero into the Fushigi Dimension where it gained the ability to disappear and attack him out of nowhere, but Shaider uses his Shaider Scope to counter before destroying with Shaider Blue Flash. Its powers include a witch and butterfly disguise, a staff with teleportation properties and can emit explosions, retracting into her levitation cloak, invisibility, and telekinesis.

An oversized silkworm Fushigi Beast with a goofy looking face on his belly and a staff who is used in a scheme to make hard working people lazy. With the Girl' Army spreading rumors about the monster as an enlightened being, they gathered hard working people to become lazy gluttons before entering a chrysalis state to eventually become worm-like creatures.

However, the incident gets Dai's Attention when Girl 1 kidnaps Yohko for a forced conversion after being brushed off. When Annie is captured during her infiltration, Shaider saves her from becoming a chrysalis before fighting Mujimuji as Annie takes his potential victims to safety. Taking the fight to the Fushigi Dimension, Mujimuji overpowers Shaider with its silk attacks until it was destroyed by the Shaider Blue Flash with his victims restore to normal. Its powers include mouth webs that can cocoon humans in seconds, a staff with a torch at the end, invisibility, and a sword.

A food-based Fushigi Beast with a bowl-like hat who creates food and beverages that gives whoever eats it telekinetic powers in a scheme to have the bullied children take revenge on their tormentors.

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Gokugoku's food was first tested on a depressed child named Shigeru who attacked not only the bullies, but his PE coach and his own family with before collapsing once losing the last of his powers. Shigeru's sudden change catches Dai's attention as Fuuma starts recruiting more bullied kids to cause chaos. Using the cat Shigeru discarded, Dai finds the boy as he is force-fed by the Girls Army.

Its powers include teleportation, a high body temperature, a mentally controlled set of an oversized fork and butter knife with explosive properties, and a machine gun in each fork tip. A Fushigi Beast based on the Rose Animal, a proposed giant frog - rose hybrid, who was sent after the biotechnology scientist Dr. Katori to get the data to create actual rose animals to ravage cities. It was only created as a countermeasure when Dai offers to protect Dr. Katori's daughter Ayako when she is targeted when the scientist refused to give the Girls Army his research.

After Barabara renders Annie powerless with its rose petals, Fuuma gains the CD holding the Rose Animal data until Shaider arrives and destroys it in the ensuing fight.