Shin hakkenden ending a relationship

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shin hakkenden ending a relationship

Hakkenden Wiki Shino infobox . growth is a result of hosting such power in him which will consume him in the end with a horrible death. Relationships Edit. There is also the revelation of the surprising relationship between Shino and his father, with Noro ending things between the two grown-ups. I also like how Dousetsu's Arc has such open ending to the two's relationship, giving the audience the opt to creeate their own stories after what.

Thankfully, Daikaku was saved by none other than the precious cat Noro. He knows he is dead, and he has no plan whatsoever to take Daikaku with him. Instead, Noro protects him from the back, letting go of Daikaku while wrapping his arms around him at the same time.

He is still trying to look out for Shino by keeping him close… And wiping his memory?

Shino Inuzuka

This is the confusing part. Riou is trying to make Shino forget about his murderer, Fuse-Hime. Fine, Fuse-Hime might be from the Satomi family, but Shino remembers nothing about the Satomi family. So why wipe his memory? Of course, the fact that Fuse-Hime is from the Satomi family just makes things worse.

shin hakkenden ending a relationship

Meaning that Fuse-Hime is a relative of Shino. Whatever it is, we are one step closer to the mystery now. Slowly entering the incest territory Whoa, I did not expect such a shocking episode. Instead of solving things with blood and Murasame, Daikaku solved his own problems with the melodramatic meeting between him and his father, with Noro ending things between the two grown-ups. He loves his mother so much even the bell flowers granted his last wish personally.

Though this tragic example is supernatural and fictional, this is enough to show that a loving child who is raised up with love will always love his mother, no matter what.

Of course, we can also see this in another way: Children might seem weak and powerless, but there is more to them than that.

shin hakkenden ending a relationship

I mean, if the fictional Akihiko can do such amazing thing, just because of his love, imagine what real kids can do. Shinobu Arc The eighth and last guardian, Shinobu finally remembers what happened when he was spirited away. His mother planned to throw him into the cliff, but this evil intention caused the doom for the two, with Shinobu being saved by a Tengu which has the possibility to be his father.

After all, the one who raised him up were the Tengu, not the grandmother who ignored him when he was locked in the attic. Nothing more, nothing less. And unfortunately, he blames himself for his death. Hazuki is what I call a great father. He showered Shinobu with lots of love even though the possibility of Shinobu being his child is just fifty percent.

Shin Hakkenden

Seeing the shrine where Hazuki used to live, it is more than obvious that Hazuki is a great god. Shinobu is still half-human after all, and he has a place to go back to. And, Hazuki still loves him just like a fellow Tengu. Kobungo even comments on the fact that many people have gathered around this small boy.

shin hakkenden opening

Shino is very straight forward, usually talking or taking action without thinking, which typically concludes with a scolding from Sousuke. Shino seems quite perplexed by the fact that Genpachi has shown a romantic interest in him, and this again points to his age and naivety.

Shino clinging to Sousuke in fear, upon seeing a bug He cares deeply for those around him, to such an extent that he forcibly revived Sousuke after they were fatally injured five years ago and promotes the guardian of Hamaji 's School to befriend her when he wishes her to be happy and make friends swiftly. However, even though his exterior personality is happy and optimistic, he reveals himself to be quite burdened and knowledgeable of the events taking place around him; this is often seen when his thoughts travel to his immortality.

He is shown to have a deep fear of the possibility of living alone one day. Other characteristics Shino is also known for: Although Shino has his phobias, when he needs to fight, he shows great bravery and is calmer especially with Murasame in hand. History Edit Shino was born with the Devotion Bead. The young Shino was made to dress as a girl due to the villages traditions, and was very sickly. Shino lists his symptoms as: He also had measles when he was younger.

The Museum of Katie: Shin Hakkenden 神八剑伝

Sousuke often read to him or entertained him when he was bed-bound Shino and Sousuke in the hollow of a tree When he was young, Shino was told that he would not live into adulthood. He still openly welcomed Sousuke and Hamaji into his home and treated the two abandoned children as his brother and sister.

shin hakkenden ending a relationship

This happened when the two went to get chestnuts in the mountains for Hamaji who had caught the measles. Sousuke unfortunately came down with a fever and it began to rain. The two then waited for Yoshiro to get Shino's father in the hollow of a tree and huddled together for warmth, when Shino noticed the peony mark.

shin hakkenden ending a relationship

Later, the village gets attacked, overcome by a deadly disease and the buildings set on fire. Shino, Sousuke, and Yoshiro were gravely injured and left to die. Shino was utterly helpless and full of feelings of regret and sadness as little Hamaji beat upon his chest, begging her brother not to die. In the midst of the flames, Rio Satomi appeared and offered Shino the blade Murasame in order to keep living.

Using this power, Shino forced Sousuke to continuing living as well, unable to handle his possible death. They then go to live in a church in another village with their grandfather, and an unidentified priest. Shino, under Murasame's curse, does not age in this time. They are labeled as outcasts and are unfairly treated by the residents of that village.

The villagers believe that Shino, Sousuke and Hamaji bring disease, due to the fact that they are the only living survivors of the tragedy. Shino, Sosuke Inukawaand Hamaji.

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