Skins series 6 ending a relationship

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skins series 6 ending a relationship

Whilst Mini gets it together with Alo - though demanding he tells nobody about it - Franky tells Matty that she wants to end their relationship and she is easily. "Finale" is the series finale of the sixth series of the British teen drama Skins. It premiered on E4 but that she knows a relationship could not work between any of them for that reason, before going outside and being met by Clara, who takes. demanding he tells nobody about it - Franky tells Matty that she wants to end their relationship and she is easily Skins (–) Season 6 | Episode 1.

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Liv — Always feeling alone and isolated finally confronts her fears about Alex leaving. He tells her he needs to leave and promises that everything will be okay.

skins series 6 ending a relationship

Liv starts to separate herself from Alex which is needed. It is a beautiful friendship…just may not be the healthiest. I also love her dedication to Mini in the beginning of the episode trying to apologize and work on their friendship.

I was also so happy that Liv was in the hospital room helping Mini with the baby. Things may not be perfect, but things are starting to come together. She still has support. Alex — Definitely a plot device who likes to take off his shirt and his jeans yet he still has a bit of heart. The friendship he provided Liv was sweet; however, he is an adventurous sort so he Is off chasing that adrenaline rush. I wish we had more time with him.

Rich — I plan to write a detailed analysis of Rich. She lives in his head and she still has his heart. That kiss in the pool was a kiss goodbye that it was time to let go and start moving on. The group is healing and starting to function again. He got into Cambridge and his future is full of potential. She taught him how to live, how to smile, and how to love. It was sealed with a kiss. Bye to the past. Bye to the pain. Bye to the bullshit.

After she recovers, she attempts to make amends with Mini. Mini forces her to repeat her vodka-drinking stunt, but still does not forgive her. In a drunken state, she goes to visit her sister. After another frustrating meeting, she coldly informs her that she won't be returning, and goes home. She then takes the blame for Maude's broken crockery when her mother demands to know what happened.

In " Nick ", Liv is continuing her relationship with Matty. However, this incites Nick's jealousy, as he still has feelings for Liv, and causes him to feud with his rugby teammates. Upon Matty's introduction to the gang, Franky immediately recognises him, as he had previously aided her after a meltdown, setting up later events in the series.

Later, in a bar, Nick attempts to talk to Liv, but she refuses to talk about their relationship, as she is now in a relationship with Matty. After he has a violent fight with his friend, Rider, both Liv and Mini confront and then reject him.

The next day, after a heated fight with Matty and his father, Leon, Nick attempts to speak to Liv, but she tells him to leave. In " Alo ", Liv and Matty are continuing their relationship.

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However, unbeknownst to them, Franky begins to develop feelings for Matty herself, and Mini recognises this, encouraging her to pursue him, saying "Liv'll do it to you in a heartbeat. Outside, she gently asks Franky what her sexuality is, but fails to receive an answer. After this encounter, Liv begins to feel concerned that Franky is disturbed.

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Later, while having sex with Matty at a party at Nick's, Matty notices Franky watching them through the door, but does not tell Liv. In " Grace ", Liv notices Franky and Matty's tense interaction while rehearsing for Grace's production of Twelfth Nightand puts two and two together. She then forces him to pull out of Grace's play, both for fear that he is in love with Franky, and out of concern that he may hurt her emotionally.

Grace attempts to tempt her back into it by inviting her to a girls' night. Liv hesitantly agrees, but is shocked when she turns up to discover that Grace's father is Professor Blood, the school headmaster. They attempt to rehearse, but eventually give in to Liv's offer of cocaine. While high, Mini persuades Franky to admit to her sexuality — that she is Pansexual i.

Liv takes the opportunity to determine Franky's feelings for Matty by asking who she is "into" at the moment, and fails to receive and answer. The tension between Liv, Matty and Franky gets worse when Matty, seeing an unattractive man being to forward with Franky, marches over and scares him off, to Liv's dismay.

Failing to get Liv back on the team, Grace decides to simply order her to, persuading her that things will be okay. Liv and Franky, despite limited practice together, manage to perform their scene very well. However, Liv notices the shocked expression on Matty's face upon seeing her kiss Franky which Grace had added in for effect and confronts him backstage. When he fails to respond, she tearfully tells him to enjoy a relationship with Franky and makes to leave. Grace, however, persuades her to stay.

skins series 6 ending a relationship

Liv reluctantly agrees, but makes it clear to Matty that it's her or Franky, and he cannot have feelings for both. Mini, who has developed a crush on Franky, tries to take control of the love triangle by ordering Matty to stay away from Franky, saying he has "made her ill.

As their love triangle comes to a head, they take MDMA and go to a nearby town. There, they break into a church and Liv, in an effort to salvage her relationship with Matty, starts to seduce Franky right in front of him. Her actions do not have the desired effect, as he merely shakes his head at her, and they are chased off by the gun-wielding church owner.

In the forest, Liv admits that her actions had been out of fear of losing Matty, and Franky wanders off. Matty, finding himself having to choose between staying with Liv or going after Franky, decides upon the latter. Liv is both distraught and concerned that he will only hurt Franky emotionally. Liv, while trying to find her own way to the church, runs into Mini, who is afraid for Franky's safety.

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Liv, who has held similar fears herself and realises that Mini's crush on Franky may help break up the love-triangle, reconciles with her, and they set off to find Matty and Franky. Franky and Matty begin to have sex in the forest, when Franky has a panic attack, throws Matty off, and charges off through the forest in blind rage and panic, with an aghast Matty in hot pursuit.

She runs past Liv and Mini, who stop Matty and, seeing him button up his trousers, realise what they have been doing. Realising that Franky may hurt herself in her current state of mind, Liv and Mini join in on the chase, just as Franky trips and falls over the side of a cliff.

Horrified, Liv manages to drag Franky to safety. Later, she and Matty break up on amicable terms. Series 6[ edit ] In " Everyone ", the gang are on holiday in Morocco and Franky falls for a boy name Luke, whom Liv is warned is very dangerous.

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Eventually, she is confronted by an image of Grace, who encourages her to face up to the two and tell them the truth. Feeling her confidence return, Franky tearfully admits to Nick and Matty that she loves both of them, but that she knows a relationship could not work between any of them for that reason, before going outside and being met by Clara, who takes Franky home to Jeff. Matty and Nick decide to make peace. Meanwhile, back at the party, Grace appears to Rich as well, and the two share a kiss in the pool, before she disappears.

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The next day, Liv and Mini have finally reconciled, when Mini suddenly suffers contractions, and has to be rushed to hospital. Clara tells Franky that she had lied about what she had done to her mother's body, and offers to take her to where it really is, which she and Jeff accept. In a final closing scene, Franky is driven by Jeff and Clara to where her mother is. But, rather than arriving at a graveyard, they arrive at a mental hospital where Franky is finally re-united with her mother.

Alex, meanwhile, boards a bus for Heathrow Airport, and sends Liv a goodbye text, which makes her smile. Nick and Matty go to a police station, and share a final hug before Matty goes inside and turns himself in.