Sleepy hollow 1999 ending relationship

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sleepy hollow 1999 ending relationship

Sleepy Hollow is a American period horror film directed by Tim Burton. horse, then rides to Hell taking her with him, fulfilling her end of the deal with the Devil. .. British actors, choices in color and movie sets and character relations. Sleepy Hollow () on IMDb: Plot summary, synopsis, and more. soon discovers that the horseman's ghost has an unholy connection to Balthus Van Tassel. When Sleepy Hollow came out in , Tim Burton told everyone who Then Peter Cushing shows up as a devout vampire hunter to end the .. but good magic and a respectful, equal relationship that triumphs over evil.

Lady Van Tassel is the one really controlling the Horseman and ordering him to kill. Men Are the Expendable Gender: Averted throughout, the Horseman chops off as many women's heads as he does the men. The entirety of the movie except the ending scene is shot with a creepy blue filter. The "red" blood is actually orange.

The horror tone of the scenes with the Horseman are interspersed with the darkly comedic scenes with the bumbling Ichabod Crane. It's as if the Horseman gallops ahead in a traditional horror film, and Depp and Burton gallop right behind him in a satire. The deaths of the Killian family. When the true villain is finally revealed, she goes into a long, long infodump of raw, untreated exposition that details her entire scheme in agonizing detail.

It doubles as a Motive Rantbut despite all the Evil Gloating that goes on, it's a Justified Trope considering Lady Van Tassel has already called for the Headless Horseman, and so loses nothing by spelling out in great detail the whys and wherefores of the plot. Christina Ricci is absolutely smoking hot in this film. She's not a filler character, but her deep cleavage makes her fit the trope.

The Horseman, both in his past life and his ghost life. Lampshaded in the woods. He only kills when Lady Van Tassel orders him to. All he wants is to have his head back and finally rest in peace. Lady Van Tassel's first name is never revealed. According to the family tree visible in the movie, her name is "Mary Preston. Ichabod falls like a brick for the cute witch Katrina. His mother was " an innocent child of nature " "condemned, murdered to save her soul" by his father, a "Bible-black tyrant hiding behind a mask of righteousness.

Ichabod is a Man of Reason who rejects the intolerance of the Church and honors the gentle Katrina for her compassion. A few songs in the soundtrack feature a single woman wailing with great effect. Special notion to the gentle wail during Ichabod's memories of his mother and the same wail with a much more unsettling feeling in the woods.

Lady van Tassel gives a particularly great one when she realizes in whose arms she just woke up after the final showdown. Off with His Head! The Headless Horsman's favorite way to kill people is to cut their head off with his sword, both when he was alive and a mercenary and now that he's a ghost. Rolls in and puts out the torches before the Horseman comes riding in.

Killian tries to fight the Horseman to save his family, but the Horseman kills him before going after his wife and child. The Headless Horseman clearly adores his horse. When it's shot at the beginning of the movie, he reacts with grief indeed, had he not stalled to comfort it, he probably would have gotten awayand when they are reunited at the end of the film, he gives it a genuine and surprisingly sweet smile. This is a well-off town, so fancy dresses are the norm.

From the beginning of the movie, when two policemen bring in a badly beaten man arrested for burglary. It's heavily implied that they beat him up. The Tree of the Dead only lets souls through; any material objects, such as the victims' bodies, get compressed inside the tree trunk instead.

Katrina's pentagram; though Ichabod correctly interprets it as a sign that Katrina practises witchcraft, he instead concludes that this must mean she is behind the murders, and doesn't discover that it is a protective charm until he reads her book while leaving Sleepy Hollow. The pre-headless Horseman once worked for the Redcoats, not for money but for the love of killing.

The Headless Horseman is revealed to be this. He's actually manipulated by Lady Van Tassel to kill for her own revenge and this time, unlike in his previous life, he feels no pleasure in killings. Moreover you can see that when he has killed his specific targets, he simply heads back in the forest, not caring of no one.

sleepy hollow 1999 ending relationship

Even when Brom attacks him, he simply overpowers him and begins to leave, showing that he is not interested in killing. Unfortunately, Brom was too brash for his own good and so he ended cleaved in twain. There are clues pointing to both Baltus and Katrina as the culprit before Ichabod finally twigs upon the truth.

Right for the Wrong Reasons: Ichabod starts his investigation firmly believing that the Horseman is a man of flesh and blood and that the Horseman has a human reason to be running around killing people. He's wrong about the Horseman being a human being, but he's right about there being a human motive Plenty of them all throughout Sleepy Hollow, but most notably the familiar pumpkin-headed scarecrow at the very beginning of the film. The Horseman has also filed his teeth to sharp points to add to the ferocity of his appearance.

The Headless Horseman cannot enter Holy Ground so fleeing there almost works The film opens with a man passing a cornfield that has a scarecrow standing up in it. Some may need a double take, but others will recognize it immediately from one of Tim Burton's other films. The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad has at least three: The fact that Brom disguises himself as the Horseman to freak out Ichabod.

When Ichabod borrows a horse from Killian, he's told its name is Gunpowder — just like his borrowed horse in Irving's short story.

Likewise, the Hessian's horse is called Daredevil, which in the short story was the name of Brom's horse. Reverend Steenwyck has no problem with Lady Van Tassel slicing her hand, smearing him with her blood and drinking it while they're having a roll in the woods.

And he later beats Dr. Lancaster to death for saying too much to Baltus. Ichabod's dad, who hated witches and figured the only way to save his wife's soul is to kill her in one of many torture devices he keeps in his church.

sleepy hollow 1999 ending relationship

In his dreams, Ichabod closely associates the murderous Horseman with his "Bible-black tyrant" father. Crane refuses to believe that there is a murderous ghoul behind the barrage of grisly deaths up until he sees the actual Horseman coming to get a victim right in front of him.

It was snowing when the Hessian became the Headless Horseman. So Much for Stealth: Played wonderfully straight when the Hessian who later becomes the Headless Horseman is escaping through the woods from Revolutionary War soldiers. He encounters two children gathering firewood and cautions them to silence with a finger to his lips.

Without changing expression, one of the girls deliberately snaps the stick she's holding, drawing the soldiers in their direction. A variant in that everyone knows that the Headless Horseman is doing all the killing, but they're trying to find the person controlling him. Lady Van Tassel decapitates a maid to serve as her corpse. Take a Third Option: Katrina makes a spell to keep the horseman from entering the church, which keeps her father safe.

The Horseman would fail his mission if he can't get to Baltus, so he uses a fence post as a harpoon to drag Baltus out of the church and take his head. The Three Faces of Eve: The three prominent female characters. Katrina, as the youngest, is of course The Child.

She's an Ingenue and rather naive but very trusting. Ichabod's mother is The Wife; in addition to being very maternal, she's shown to be caring and nurturing. Lady Van Tassel is the Seductress. She seduced her way into becoming the Van Tassel matriarch and had a fling with the reverand. Ichabod's father killed his free-spirited wife in one of these by locking her in an iron maiden.

Town with a Dark Secret: The general public just knows that there are several murders in Sleepy Hollow. The town's council knows that it's a ghostly Headless Horseman going around doing the killing. While Ichabod is having a nightmare about his childhood, we see what happened to his mother, and this story is quite a tearjerker. When the Hessian, now in possession of his head that was taken from him by Lady Van Tassel, gives her a squick-filled kiss as he drags the both of them into Hell to spend eternity.

Lady Van Tassel uses him to kill people for her personal reasons. Lady Van Tassel, who manages to seduce Reverend Steenwyck into her service. The Hessian doesn't speak any word in the movie. Setting up the final act of the film: Subverted with the Witch of the Western Woods, who looks like wicked but just wants to help.

Her sister plays it straight. Would Hit a Girl: Both Ichabod and Young Masbath fall into this trope, Ichabod by body-tackling Lady Van Tassel off her horse and Young Masbath by smacking her over the head with a heavy tree branch!

Would Hurt a Child: Peter Guinness as Lord Crane: Ichabod's father in flashbacks who was a devoutly religious man who tortured and killed his wife after he found her practicing witchcraft. Development[ edit ] InKevin Yaghera make-up effects designer who had turned to directing with Tales from the Crypthad the notion to adapt Washington Irving 's short story " The Legend of Sleepy Hollow " into a feature film.

Through his agent, Yagher was introduced to Andrew Kevin Walker ; they spent a few months working on a film treatment [5] that transformed Ichabod Crane from a schoolmaster from Connecticut to a banished New York City detective. BloodlineYahger had planned Sleepy Hollow as a low-budget production—"a pretentious slasher film with a spectacular murder every five minutes or so.

We started developing it before horror movies came back. It was one of the things that maybe shaped what I like to do. His work went uncredited through the WGA screenwriting credit system. This included a long prosthetic snipe nosehuge ears, and elongated fingers. Paramount turned down his suggestions, [17] and after Depp read Tom Stoppard's rewrite of the script, he was inspired to take the character even further.

After this, the crew made the fake heads come to life by adding silicone paint, fake eyes, and putting hairs into the scalp one by one. It was a long process to create a head, but the end result looked incredibly realistic. In the featurette Behind Sleepy Hollow, he joked that the action sequences were easier than memorizing lines. That being said, Depp has had a ton of action experience since Not only did they have to build sets for an entire village, but they also had to build the Western Woods where some of the scariest parts of the movie take place.

Even though the set took a while to build, the coach chase within the woods took three whole weeks to film according to the featurette Behind Sleepy Hollow. Not only did the horses have to be trained before the shoot, but the stunts had to be planned out as well.

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First, a shot of a horseman riding in front of a blue screen was filmed, along with a background shot that has the set and the other actors. The digital effects team then created animated fog, leaves, and dirt that the Headless Horseman would disturb as he rode out from the tree. Individually, each element looks silly, but when they are combined and digitally meshed together, it creates an incredible scene.