Soo baek hyang ending relationship

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soo baek hyang ending relationship

Korean Dramas: A Year End Reflection. Posted in . King's Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang (8/10, 8/10) Marriage Not Dating (6/10, 7/10). Ending My Fascination with The King's Daughter, Soo Baek . The relationship between Solnan and her half brother, Jinmu started out so well. and Crown Prince Myeong Nong ascends the throne end of episode. will ever reach that stage in her relationship with Myeong Nong.

The drama being well balanced in many different aspects is the reason behind it all. When I critique a Korean drama I go after many things. The acting chops,set design,the script, setting and the casting is an example that I go by when it comes to Korean drama reviews.

Su Baek Hyang went beyond my expectations of Korean dramas.

soo baek hyang ending relationship

I enjoyed the lighting,certain camera angles and shots. I am not an expert on camerawork but I was able to feel the sincerity through my computer screen. It felt classy for a TV drama; especially for a Sageuk drama.

The set design was marvelous for the limited budget they had. According to some information given on the internet, the budget for Su Baek Hyang was very small compared to Empress Ki but despite all that I was able to see that they put a lot of sweat and tears into this project.

I absolutely fell in love with the architecture of the time period. I got the feeling that the people that were working on this drama knew what they were doing since I was able to picture Paekche of the 6th century through the gorgeous palaces and costumes.

soo baek hyang ending relationship

The wardrobe,makeup,hair and accessories seemed to fit the era perfectly. I really enjoyed watching certain characters wear Paekche attire; especially my favorite actor Jo Hyun Jae who plays Myeongnong in this drama. I loved the characters a lot in this show. A lot of the times Korean dramas can be notorious for characters that feel half-hearted at best. This is where I would praise the writing for the show. The more I watched, the more addicted and engaged I became.

The intriguing situations, the twist and turns,the emotional aspects of the characters that I could relate to, and also fangirling over Myongnong Jo Hyun Jae. These characters would make you feel like you are on the edge of your seat. The performance given by these actors were really good too. Solan Seo Hyun Jin is a carefree, outgoing, a bit chatty,tomboyish and not very ambitious. She can come off as a bit ditsy but pure hearted nonetheless. Beauty wise she might not resemble her mother; Lady Chaehwa but as far as her personality goes she is more or less the carbon copy of her mother.

On the other hand; Solhi Seo Woo is very beautiful and any man would fall head over heels for this maiden. However, beautiful flowers can have thorns on them and this younger sister of Solan Seo Hyun Jin is exactly that.

Review: King’s Daughter, Soo Baek Hyang

She loves extravagance and the finer things that life can bring such as: Nice silk,tea,and flowers which were somewhat of luxury items of that time period. Myongnong Jo Hyun Jae is a neat freak.

Sire, you rebuilt Baekje.

soo baek hyang ending relationship

Baekje is still yours. Did I really save our people? Did I rebuild Baekje? Is it truly mine? The way I see it, someone else rebuilt Baekje. That someone was you. Marshal Hae, Baekje is yours. I got the accolades, while you wallowed through the muck. I got the glory while your cleverness was dismissed. I know you drove Baekga to kill the late King. Using any and all means for the good of Baekje. And so Baekje prospered. You helped me and the Crown Prince.

And I am sorry to leave our lovely young Empress. I have one last favor to ask. Something only you can do.

New and improved: Emperor’s daughter Soo Baek Hyang (2013)

Myeong Nong and SBH. King is seated at the throne when Crown Prince goes in. King goes down the steps and approaches Crown Prince. He tells Crown Prince to go up to the throne and take his place. Crown Prince goes up the steps and sits on the throne. I have always known. You were meant to rule Baekje.

The throne is yours. Sit straight and tall. The fate of Baekje is in your hands. Crown Prince leaves the throne and goes down to the King.

soo baek hyang ending relationship

You will never rest. Life is one long regret. But that is your destiny. I am not… not yet…. I once dreamed that the throne was my punishment for my past lives. A rarity in saguek but these two characters were such a relief to have!

Even during the dark periods, some of their scenes as Smarty and Farty, were welcomed. I was surprised how well the writer would infuse these comedic moments following some seriously sad and teary scenes. We, the viewers welcomed them; believe me! Kim Young Jae as King Sunimun. For an actor to be able to take a character from being the most hated to most loved in the same drama is a fete in itself. I think the last time I saw him was in A Love To Kill and The Devil more like cameo performances in these dramas but both times I remember his characters fondly.

But playing Sunimun should definitely give him recognition, not only by us viewers but also by future casting directors. His portrayal was sheer genius! Yes, My little dimpled love Choi Ro-Woon as the little orphan boy later named Kko-Mak won my heart and soul in this drama!

As a matter of fact, I believe he won the heart and soul of the writer and director too! There was a point in the drama that it was obvious that his character portrayal was over but a surprise to me, he kept getting more and more scenes! If you have never seen it, here it is Pizza Hut CF.

soo baek hyang ending relationship

It is so freaking cute!! He was just so adorable in this drama! When he smiled, I smiled; when he laughed, I laughed. I could go on and on featuring the rest of the supporting cast but again, this is a testament to the wonderful casting done. I tip my hat to the casting director! A job well done!! His role was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

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If you compare the early Solnan with the later Solnan, it is a wonder the Prince fell in love with her talk about opposites attract. The Bromance From royal brotherhood at times to a brotherhood of thieves, this was one drama that had not one, not two but three bromances going! Whereby, the affection between the Crown Prince and Kang-Bok transcended their station. Who else could follow around the super picky and neat freak Prince and never complain?

His jealousy towards Yeo-Ok was palpable at times. The Dysfunctional Family The relationship between Solnan and her half brother, Jinmu started out so well. Their interactions were cute and memorable; however, with the death of Ku-cheon, that relationship disintegrated so fast, it made your head spin. The painful to watch, non-relationship between father King Muryeong and son Prince Jinmu was all because of a lie. This was the cause of so many viewers having such sympathy for Jinmu and his antics.

We knew that had the King not totally alienated Jinmu from the royal family, there might have been some inkling of humanity within his makeup.