Star wars force unleashed hoth ending a relationship

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star wars force unleashed hoth ending a relationship

and secrets for Star Wars: The Force Unleashed for PlayStation 3 (PS3). Successfully complete the game with the Sith ending to unlock the Sith Stalker armor. .. The following trophies require the "Hoth Mission Pack" bonus downloadable content: Weird Things Everyone Ignores About Zelda & Link's Relationship. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed is an action-adventure video game and part of The . the Rogue Shadow, developing a close relationship with his crew, consisting of The story ends with Starkiller's broken body being grafted with armor so he can .. IGN found the level design in The Ultimate Sith Edition's Hoth scenario. Jan 16, Hoth - The Force Unleashed: Fight Wampa ice monsters through Fight the rebels coming through and you'll meet Luke Skywalker at the end of the next ( from Star Wars Battlefront 2) and clear hallway to the main hangar.

Fight the two AT-ST's at the bottom of the room, then activate the lifts. Take them to the very top of the room, and kill any Imperials in your way. At the top, look above the laser focusing crystal, and you should see a Jedi Holocron. To get there, you must jump on the beam above the laser channel. If you can time it right, you can get there by jumping from the top grav lift ring, but this can take a while.

Starkiller's Trial of the Spirit

To make it easy, stand on the top grav lift ring, and pull one of the channel rings out of its place, and put it between the Apprentice and the beam you need to get to. Be sure to place it on the ground, and then just let go or else the ring will break, roll away, or tip over. Once in place, jump onto the ring, then onto the beam be careful of the laser as one hit will kill youthen get the Holocron, and equip the Crystal. Demon Wyldfire Getting Kento's robe in "Imperial Kashyyyk" mission This robe is unlocked after an intermission sequence.

Turn around and look behind you after the intermission sequence where Starkiller has a vision in the hut. There should be a Holocron behind a wooden object. Collect it to unlock Kento's robe. Movie references in "Imperial Kashyyyk" mission Get through the second gate, and enter a room where you must fight one of the Emperor's royal guards.

star wars force unleashed hoth ending a relationship

In the room with the Wookie on the wall, to the left is what appears to be Jar-Jar Bink, frozen in Carbonite, as well as some other memorable characters from the Star Wars movies such as the eye of the creature that was in the trash compactor with Luke, and the little creature that sat next to Jabba the Hutt.

Crash landed Millennium Falcon in "Imperial Raxis Prime" mission After you bend out the first mangled mess of metal and kill all the Rodians, stay to the right along the platforms as much as possible.

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When you reach the end prior to the chasm, look over the edge to see the Millennium Falcon. Getting Sith robe in "Raxus Prime" mission After defeating the first junk Titan you encounter, go across, and from the bridge after this you must fight more of the Force-controlled robots.

Once this is done, leap across a large area. Once there, to your left will be a section of steel beams. Force Push these down to find the Holocron that will unlock the Sith robe. Hidden X-Wing in "Raxus Prime" mission After you have electric bombed the initial entrance to the Hyperdrive Core three times, stand facing away from the entrance, and walk to the right slightly. Look into the toxic waster sludge, and you will automatically target something.

Raise it up with Force Grip to see that it is an X-Wing.

star wars force unleashed hoth ending a relationship

Bend the last one backward, and make it a sort of step. Disable the Falcon's forcefield after opening generator covers.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 - Dark Side Ending

Use the constant dribble of T Snowspeeders to disable the dynamos and fight Luke Skywalker twice. Luke Skywalker [ edit ] After destroying the forcefield dynamo defending the Milennium Falcon, you fight Luke twice. Skywalker is dangerous simply because he's a lot faster than Kenobi and he has a favorite attack of somersaulting backwards while throwing his saber as you approach.

Try and stun him or knock him over before you get close and rip his face off. Electricity will also work, assuming Luke doesn't block your attacks right from the get go. So much for Deak Starkiller, eh? It's easily seen as red energy crackles over his body, but hard to avoid if you've been attacking him. Knock him down with one good strong hit, then attack with all you have. Kota was a respected Jedi General during the Clone Warsbut while he was a military genius, he considered clone troopers unfit for battle, instead relying on his own militia.

When Order 66 was issued, there were no clones in his squad to obey, and Kota was able to disappear. Starkiller quickly deduced that Kota's primary motivation for coming out of hiding and attacking the Empire was to attract attention; he wanted to be found.

Upon arrival at Nar Shaddaa, Starkiller became increasingly troubled by Vader's order to "leave no witnesses," as many of his eventual victims were loyal Imperial citizens whose only error was to cross his path, though Starkiller satisfied himself that this was yet another test from Vader, and steeled himself.

As the Rogue Shadow, guided by Juno Eclipse's deft hand, approached the TIE Fighter Construction Facility that Kota and his men were currently attacking, Starkiller centered himself in the violence and conflict from within. As they approached one of the facility's hangars, Starkiller activated the Shadow's weapons systems and destroyed the hangar defenses.

Leaping out of the ship right into the thick of the battle within the hangar, Starkiller killed off the combatants within with brutal efficiency, quickly clearing the hangar. The survivors retreated through the heavy blast door at the entrance with Starkiller in pursuit.

With tactical updates from Juno, Starkiller carved his way through the facility, all the while the warring forces became progressively more alarmed by his presence. The militia forces thought he was some kind of Shadow trooperwhile the stormtroopers merely thought him a Jedi.