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Jul 20, My first full-length episode of my sprite series: Super Mario Bros GT The Grand Adventure. Man, what a work with sprites. But I wont give up. Mario has been emotionally abusing his brother for years (decades, even), Taking these as given, the ending of Mario Odyssey served us the final piece Peach's dominating personality would thrive in a relationship with Luigi. [–] TheGeeNeeEditor for GT 0 points1 point2 points 1 year ago (2 children). Mon, 10/01/ Super Mario Bros. It's frustrating, but it's interesting to see how it builds these new relationships. At the end of the day, right now, we are.

Taking these as given, the ending of Mario Odyssey served us the final piece of evidence on a silver platter the size of the moon. Throughout the game series, the trope has been simple: Bowser kidnaps Peach and Mario saves her. As the games have progressed, we've come to find that Mario doesn't really have a reason to save Peach other than love or boredom.

On the other hand, we've learned that Bowser evidently wants to marry Peach. Perhaps the original plan was that by forcing her to marry him it would also make him the ruler of her kingdom, but he seems to have genuinely fallen in love with her by Mario Odyssey.

He even goes to the extent of finding and taking the best things on the planet to give her a totally out-of-this-world wedding.

Now, at the end of the game, Mario has fought his way through multiple kingdoms, defeated any challenge that kept him from Peach, and she decides he's not gonna cut it.

Bowser, by comparison, has spared no expense for their wedding and has at the very least shown his persistent attitude toward having Peach, and she leaves him, too. She's so done with the two, in fact, that she just leaves them stranded on the moon and goes back home. Her character is clearly to be self-serving, so why not marry someone who would do anything for her? Well, I think the reason is the other side of her personality: If she commits to marrying Mario or Bowser, she would undoubtedly have to concede some of her power, and that's never going to happen.

Mario obviously isn't going to bring any financial bonus to her life; maybe she's worried he'd just be a leech on her kingdom cache of gold. Admittedly, Mario doesn't seem to have any problem finding coins, but he is a plumber, and no princess is going to marry such a disgusting commoner.

Bowser is undeniably a powerhog, commanding armies and sending minions to do his dirty work. Peach would lose too much of her precious control if she chose him, despite his access to wealth and political strength. My theory is that Peach had been planning out who she would marry for some time before the events of Odyssey.

She is a princess, after all, and such a decision is crucial during the reign of royalty. More than that, her time as ruler has made her very calculated. You are too near, if when you jump toward the object, you'll bump into it without getting ejected pixel by pixel.

Immediately when the wall starts ejecting Mario, start steering away from it. This causes the wall to pull you in instead of push you out. Immediately after your vertical movement stops, start moving to the direction you want to go. If the wall is ejecting you now, you failed some of the previous steps. The easiest way to perform this trick is into 2-block tall obstacles at walking speed.

Do a minimal height jump hold A for 1 frame at the exactly right distance. You are too close, if you bump into the wall without a chance to counter the ejection. You held A for more than 1 frame or your jumping platform was less than 2 block distance far from the floorif you land on top of the floor.

When the wall would start ejecting, hold to the opposite direction from the obstacle. Once Mario lands into the wall, start walking normally. If the wall just ejects Mario, you were too far from the wall when you jumped. This trick is apparently also possible in SMB3 noticed against some water level end pipes. A special case of this trick is called 'the swim of death', as demonstrated in the image on the right. The physics of Super Mario Bros is nearly the same in air and in water, and thus walls can be entered in water too.

Add other swimming tricks. When you get foothold, jump immediately. When you land, jump again. When you land again, jump again. Usually three or four jumps are enough before you can walk through the wall. Each jump takes you deeper into the wall. During each of the jumps, you need to steer heavily to the opposite direction you're going to. Otherwise the wall will eject Mario. Steering only has effect during a jump i.

If Mario is standing, the direction of ejection is determined by the location of his upper body in relation to the left edge of the wall. If it's partially out from the wall, he'll be ejected to the left unstoppable unless you jump. Otherwise, he'll be ejected to the right stoppable, speedable. When he is big, he can simply perform a duck-jump into the corner and start walking. This is because his head will be well inside the ceiling, enabling the ejection to the right.

If he ducks again before he is fully inside the wall, he'll be ejected to the left instead. Jump into a solid wall and walk through it It is possible to perform the wall-entry trick even without a ceiling. However, it requires extremely precise positioning and efficient speed. This is the hardest of all of the tricks. You will need to have a proper X-subpixel position value for this to work. A subpixel is a position component which is not rendered onscreen.

In this game, 16 subpixels make up 1 pixel. Now when you jump into a wall not doing this trickyou might be pushed out immediately without having entered the wall at all. At other times you might have been able to be inside the wall partially. This is the result that you want when optimizing your X-subpixel position. You can press "left" for 1 frame while running to the right to decrease your subpixel value by one unit. Do this until jumping into a wall will result in Mario being partially inside the wall.

If this condition is met, you can follow these instructions. Jump towards a wall, approach its edge as closely as possible right before you enter it, and become embeded in it as deep as possible at the first frame you have entered it. The required minimum depth is 3 pixels.

Immediately when the wall starts ejecting you, start steering away from it. This causes the wall to pull you in instead of pushing you out.

As soon as you land inside the wall, jump while moving away from the wall for 1 frame. You have to hit the block above you inside the wall. You may have to repeat doing this until you are so deep inside the wall that you will not be ejected out while you are walking forwards inside the wall. If you can't hit the solid block above when jumping, you will be ejected out. You will need to try again from the start. After you have entered the wall deep enough, start moving in the direction you want to go as soon as you land.

If the wall is ejecting you now, you failed the previous steps. Off-screen wall climbing This trick is trivial to perform. When there is a hole on the left side of the screen, you can cram Mario in between of the screen edge and the wall, and climb upwards the hole.

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Mario will be unable to fall down. It can be used to reach the ceiling of the dungeon in places where there normally is no route to the ceiling. By jumping repeatedly and steering to the left, it can also be used to enter the wall, as shown in the right example image. Aside from brick walls, it works with other solid walls too. Accelerating faster When you need to accelerate from zero speed, you can do it faster if you jump a small jump backwards and steer to the opposite direction Mario is facing.

This can be used to start a level faster, to accelerate faster after exiting a pipe and to complete a walljump faster. Press "left" and "right" for 1 frame. Press the "A"-button for 1 frame to make a small jump to the right. Start holding the "B"-button. When landing on the ground you will need to face backwards for one frame without holding the "B"-button. The next frame you can start jumping again, holding the "B"-button and you will have gained running speed.

It looks very aggressive, compared to the normal merrily bouncing fire balls. Though, this technique is more userful in water levels since it doesn't slow down Mario. As long as you're moving downward as you hit the enemy, you'll kill it.

If you time it just right, sometimes you can even hit the bottom of the enemy. This is useful for killing enemies that seem to be too high to jump on. Moustache stomp This is not a walljump. This image illustrates how "landing" on a turtle at the right time can save Mario's life, even if it is only his moustache that lands on the turtle. Walking inside enemies When you stomp an enemy, the enemy becomes a friend for a short while, so if you stomp it from below, you don't need to worry about being immediately killed by it when you bounce upwards.

In fact, you can sometimes get inside an enemy right after stomping it, and the enemy doesn't harm you as long as you are inside it. Bouncing high off turtles How it's done: If you jump toward a turtle while it's in the air, you can stomp it while moving upward and keep moving upward. The maximum height that you'll be able to reach if you keep holding down A depends on the exact frame that you made your jump and which part of the turtle you hit, so if you aren't bouncing high enough, keep adjusting your jump.

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This is useful for being able to get over an obstacle or landing on another enemy after bouncing off a turtle. In SMB2j, due to the high bouncing force, when hitting enemies like flying Koopa Troopas in upward motion, you'll gain a lot of vertical velocity that sometimes takes Mario or Luigi straight to the sky.

Jumping through hammers How it's done: The game does a very poor job of detecting collisions with hammers, so sometimes you can go through a hammer without getting hit, and sometimes you can completely miss a hammer and still get hit.

Bowser will start throwing hammers beginning from Even if it looks like there's no gap in the stream of hammers, it's still likely that you'll be able to get through without taking a hit. It is easier if you are small or ducking, due to the smaller hitbox.

Turning around quickly Press left and right simultaneously for 1 frame. The running speed is instantly reduced to a walking speed or even slower.

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This allows for a much more sudden braking. It can be applied anywhere where you need to brake quickly. Avoiding fireworks In SMB1, fireworks come when a level is completed with the last digit of the timer at 1, 3, or 6.

In SMB2j, fireworks come when the last digit of your coin counter matches the last digit of the timer. Getting more than one fireworks wastes time, therefore it should be avoid. For example, in of the warped runthe flagpole glitch is not used to avoid 3 fireworks, while in the console speedrun, usually the runners choose to slow down to wait for the last digit of the timer to turn to 2.