The iron traitor ending relationship

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the iron traitor ending relationship

The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa Genre: Fantasy, Adventure, Romance There wasn't much development in the relationships, but as I said the. The Iron Traitor ends on a major cliffhanger. Kagawa killed me with the ending to The Eternity Cure, so I can only I like that the tension in the Call of the Forgotten series is centered around Ethan and Keirran's relationship. The Iron Traitor (Call of the Forgotten #2)Julie KagawaIn the real world, when you vanish into thin Haha, I'm still pissed about The Eternity Cure's ending, as well! Personally, I have a love and hate relationship with recaps.

To be honest, I struggled to read the first few chapters of the Iron Traitor. It not only lacks chemistry, but draggy as well in the beginning. The Iron Traitor by Julie Kagawa only gets interesting after awhile, where readers are thrown into the whirlwind of adventure once again.

He was first featured in an alternate universe, where his personality is different and altered. He is immortal and ageless Ethan knows the limit of his sacrifices, and despite the fact that his girlfriend is dying from cancer, he refused to make a bargain with the faeries to keep her alive any second longer should the time come. Now, that is something I applaud; his bravery to let go instead of hanging on to something inevitable.

Another brownie point for Ethan Chase. Keirran, on the other hand, did the most terrible thing just so that he could keep his love, Annwyl, a former handmaiden to Queen Titania who was banished and exiled from the Summer Court alive when her existence is threatened by the forgotten.

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I felt that what he did was not justified at all. All we know about Keirran and Annwyn is just a tidbit here and there. And to make it worst, it was revealed at the end of the story that Annwyl was commanded by Queen Titania of the Summer Court to get the attention of the said Iron Prince and seduce him before betraying him.

Though we come to understand later that Annwyl really did fell in love with Keirran for real afterwards. To me, it is not worth to destroy everything for just one girl, who in my opinions, lacks backbone and character.

The Iron traitor ends with a terrible cliffhanger, where Keirran stabs Ethan with his sword, and the last page ends there: Ethan Chase all shocked, bloodied, and dying; just because Keirran thought that it is all right to kill his own uncle so that Annwyl can be saved.


Can it get any stupider? So, did I enjoy the book? Judge me how you will, but not since Harry Potter 5 have my feelings been so heightened by the events of a book. I want to punch someone Keirran. I want to yell at him. I want to pick him up and shake some goddamn sense into him. I want to hold Annwyl's hand and stay with her into that sad goodnight. I want to sh I know that not all children turn out to be like their parents, but man, that Keirran is something else.

I want to shake some sense into Kenzie. I want to pull Ethan in for a hug and never let him go.

The Iron Traitor

I am so angry. I am so upset. I just finished reading this book not 15 minutes ago, and truly, my feels are all over the place. I have always loved Julie Kagawa's Iron Fey series, but I don't think ever been so emotionally invested in a book within this series as much as I have been with this one. I really liked the Iron Fey. I enjoyed previous book in the Call of the Forgotten series. I can say with absolutely certainty that I love this book and I consider it one of the best YA novels I've read all year.

Love, sacrifice, adventure, old friends, new enemies; you've got it all within the pages in this book.

the iron traitor ending relationship

Yes, the end has me shrieking in horror. It is a cliffhanger of the heartwrenching sort. I will take that cliffhanger, I will take all the horror and upset and anger it has wreaked in my emotions, and I will say to Ms.

the iron traitor ending relationship

Kagawa, "Please, miss, may I have some more? Ethan and Kenzie are back home, and in a shit ton of trouble with their respective parents. Kenzie winds up in the hospital because of her cancer, Ethan's in a ton of trouble with his parents. Suddenly, Ethan gets a special visit from his sisterit turns out that Keirran, Meghan's son and Ethan's nephew, has gone missing.

Soon after, Ethan gets more visits from the fae, some unwanted, some welcome, but altogether unexpected. Before he knows it, Ethan is pulled unwillingly into yet another adventure, because like it or not, Keirran is family, and he's going to do what he can to find him. Keirran is a man on a mission. Annwyl, his love, is Fading, and he will do anything to stop it. It's the fae version of death. She is slowly physically disappearing, and her memories are fading away as well.

It is all she can do to keep hanging on in order to say goodbye to Keirran before it's too late. However, Keirran is desperate, and what he is willing to wager for Annwyl's life will endanger more than they can ever imagine. The story is fast-paced, action-packed, but never at the cost of characterization.

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There are slow moments, tender moments, introspection, but not for a single moment did this book lose my attention. It has been a long time since a book has captured my attention so thoroughly from beginning to end. The setting is beautiful, well-described. Deceptively beautiful, that is, because nothing is ever guileless in the land of the Fae.

the iron traitor ending relationship

Everything looked peaceful, but I knew what a horrible lie that was in Faery. If everything appeared this tranquil, there was probably something stupidly dangerous lurking nearby. The creatures and the setting is typical Kagawa, which is to say, evocative, beautiful, brilliant.

For me, a book has to have a combination of a compelling plot and complex characters, and this book has everything I could ever want. I loved how Ethan and Keirran's situations turn out to ever-so-subtly parallel one another. Both Ethan and Keirran's loves are dyingKenzie growing weaker by the day from cancer, Annwyl Fading out of existence.

The difference is in their characters, and how they each individually react to their situation. I was not overly fond of Ethan in the last book. I mean, I liked him in the way one would tolerate a headstrong, annoying sibling who grew up into a sullen, angry young man who pushed everyone away, but Ethan's character took a change for the better in this sequel. Ethan is so much more mature this time around, and I loved him for it.

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