The west wing posse comitatus ending relationship

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the west wing posse comitatus ending relationship

I would like to applaud the editors of "The West Wing Continuity Guide" on their dealing with of Josh and Amy's relation which could very generously be called hostile. As you say, now we know every end-of-season series of WW shows will. May 22, was the music that the Shakespeare company was singing at the end? Query: What does "Posse Comitatus" mean? arc) is unworthy of Aaron Sorkin and a show about the West Wing. by the boundaries of their professional relationship and the search continues for a replacement for Mrs. Landingham. Jan 4, The mixture of regular relationship interplay — a stew is being prepared, she is [“Posse Comitatus” — Season 3, Episode 21] After everything, The West Wing is still a television drama, so it includes . At the end, he reads her his section on curing cancer and Sam's love of great oratory shines through.

It's not a network debate. They should go in a room and talk, and then they should watch the play. And there are five congressmen who would be interested in the outcome of that meeting. SAM We get the votes He doesn't do it with the governor of Florida. JOSH It was a scheduling error. MAN 1 [sits] It was. MAN 1 I've got a primary. MAN 2 I'm spending money already. JOSH We can help you raise money. JOSH Look, there's a billion more for child care. This isn't a bad bill. We're fixing ten things MAN 1 How are the women?

MAN 1 How are the women supposed to train for life after welfare when they're required to work 38 hours a week? MAN 3 Forget the work hours. It's the marriage incentives. I can't run without women. JOSH [pause] All right. These are three 'no' votes, right?

The President's gonna call you. MAN 1 Do you know when? JOSH [walking out] No. Sometime during the first intermission. Standing in the middle of the room, Bartlet listens to Shareef's Arabic, while the translator waits by the side. Leo and Fitzwallace stand by the corner, while two men stand just by the doorway. The translator speaks when Shareef is finished. The translator asks Shareef, who responds. President, on the renewal of your ten-year lease on the Air Base in Tiaret.

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You're welcome here anytime, and please, send the best regards of the President of the United States to the Royal Sultan. The translator interprets again. Shareef offers his hand. Bartlet just looks at him. Make sure you apologize.

A little confused, Shareef slowly drops his hand. He says a word before leaving with his bodyguards. Bartlet looks down at Shareef's gift. He throws the incense burner in Fitzwallace's direction. Sam walks to the window to look through from his office.

Toby bounces the ball on the window again. Sam walks to Toby's door. SAM What about this? Say the President would love to meet with Ritchie, but he's gonna be busy tonight passing a vote Toby sees Josh passing by. JOSH [walking up] Yeah? You all right with that? TOBY I'm asking 'cause if we lose the vote then we've just said that he's the one that brought us down.

TOBY You all right with this? She looks over the empty desk of the President's personal secretary. I was worried you were gonna be late. Fiderer tries not to bump to the exiting staffers, shifting left and right, as she walks in.

Bartlet walks to his desk. Fiderer stands in front. President, this is Deborah Fiderer. I'll be right outside. What have you been doing recently? Why did you leave the White House? President, if you want to talk about getting screwed with your pants on She drops her bottled water, bends down and picks it up. I got pretty-pretty well-doinked. Fiderer] Would you mind waiting outside just a moment? If it's a joke, it's both funny and well-executed, but I think you and I both know that it's not.

I send you out to replace Delores Landingham, and that's what you came home with? I'm gonna get the Personnel Office on it. I got to go change for New York. Bartlet rushes out to the portico. Okay, that was my fault. I didn't properly prepare you for the meeting.

That was bad staff work. Before your next job interview with the President, I'm gonna remind you that you probably don't want to be stoned.

We're gonna get this right. They start to walk out. Have we done the first one yet? Each have a copy of a file in front of them. Two seats are left empty. They are for Leo and Fitzwallace, both of whom walk inside.

LEO After being presented with overwhelming evidence, provided by foreign and domestic intelligence agencies, the President requested the intelligence finding you have in your hands right now. MAN 1 How are you getting around ? MAN 2 He's on U. Why can't the FBI act on this? They're not allowed to engage in a police action. MAN 3 And the military? LEO [pause] I don't know. MAN 1 Leo, when does the President give the green light? LEO At the last possible minute.

I have theater tickets. They all rise as Leo walks out. Sirens are heard everywhere. A number of policemen and agents are on toll, as theater patrons, church officials and reporters are gathered near the entrance.

Posse Comitatus

The camera continues down to an open security van parked nearby. The agents inside are looking over a detailed map. RON The secure exits are indicated in red. The site agents are standing post. RON And the U. RON They can bring the dogs in. Ron turns to the street and calls on Simon, who approaches.

RON We've got a lead. I think I'm gonna have news for you in a few minutes.

the west wing posse comitatus ending relationship

Simon turns to the entrance, where he sees C. She walks over to a few reporters, just as Simon immediately heads her direction. How you guys doing? Simon nonchalantly whisks C. The wind blows hard. I wanted to get some air. I'm standing in the middle of the President's security detail.

What do you think's gonna happen to me? If I did, this would be easy! Maybe if we didn't shout so much. You're the first person who's got me seriously thinking about switching sides. Oh, I'm sorry you feel that way. I think I've been a treat. A little Easter treat. You seem a little riled. SIMON [angry] From the first day, you've acted like this is all my fault, when that's a pretty tough case to make.

I don't think any of it's your fault, and I appreciate everything you've done. I do like you. I said I do like you. I tried to kiss you. I was lying, you idiot.

I'm switching sides now. It sounded like an excuse. Somebody is threatening to kill you. I watched you for three seconds trying on dresses in Barney's, and the guy shows up You watched me at Barney's?

He starts to answer it. You're saying I need to take my protection more seriously? I think I take the situation plenty seriously, but I have to live my life, so maybe What does that mean to you? I shouldn't be talking.

Simon hangs up and turns to C. What do you mean? They got my guy. Where was he going? He wasn't gonna do anything to you.

the west wing posse comitatus ending relationship

I meant for me. They get comfortably close. Without resistance, they kiss passionately. It was a kiss weeks in the making. Well worth the wait. A long savored moment passes before they let go. They stay close, as if they can't get enough of each other. How about a drink? Can you meet me after the play?

Nearby, the sirens announce the arrival of the President's motorcade. I have to go to work. The crowd start to applaud and cheer as Bartlet comes out of his limo. Leo, Toby, Sam and the rest of the staff come out too. Bartlet shakes hands with several Catholic church officials and waves to the crowd across the street.

The camera pans up to the sign again: MAN Hung be the heavens with black, yield day and night. The audience applauds as the trumpets play, marking the start of the Shakespeare Company play.

the west wing posse comitatus ending relationship

The curtain rises for the first scene. The stage actors, all in periodic clothing, stay frozen, as a man center stage raises his sword and starts his monologue. While he does, the camera pans up to the theater balconies, passes by the President's, and into the rearmost, where Sam walks up and pokes Toby on the shoulder. MAN Comets, importing changes of time and states, brandish your crystal tresses in the sky, and with them scourge the bad revolting stars that have consented unto Henry's death.

King Henry the fifth, too famous to live long, virtue he had, deserving to command. He ne'er lift up his hand, but conquered. In the back balcony, Toby stands and follows Sam outside.

SAM He went to the Yankee game. SAM Local news covered it.

The West Wing: Posse Comitatus, 3rd Season Finale

He said this was how ordinary Americans got their entertainment. There's not a single person there who's ordinary. SAM He's coming at intermission. SAM I know what you mean. That's just not how we play bridge. It's not how we say cricket. SAM Okay, but you're starting to freak me out a little bit.

TOBY Just talk to me a minute. SAM How many people are at the game? TOBY It's a good game. SAM There was an incumbent President, who was facing a primary challenge, and on the day of the primary, his staff sent his motorcade into a district that was heavily favored by his opponent in order to tie up traffic. Now I would like it plain that I would never do anything to temper an election, but Toby pats Sam's cheek a few times and squishes his mouth. TOBY I am so SAM You're really very much freaking me out.

Toby starts to fish his pocket for his cell phone. Josh picks up the phone and presses a button. Is that okay with you? We should think of a reason. JOSH Why don't you guys get back to me? TOBY How's it going? TOBY I didn't hear you. We're gonna make her Chairman of the Platform Committee. JOSH [chuckles lightly] All right.

Josh hangs up the phone. An expression of guilt and exhaustion is on his face, even though he won the vote. Donna has been leaning on the doorway, listening. JOSH I bought her boss. You think her job's really in jeopardy? JOSH No, she'll lose it for sure. JOSH We won by eight. Donna watches Josh leave the office. After a moment, she leaves as well. Shown on all three screens, Toby and Sam talks to some reporters in the designated press area. He won't get here until the middle of the second act.

SAM I don't know Thanks to the people who made it. While we're talking, the House is passing the President's welfare reform bill, and he appreciates all the governors who worked the vote. Sam and Toby turn to leave. TOBY I love the theater. When finished, the couple say their thanks.

Bartlet walks with Charlie. That's why she was fired. Bartlet, a little surprised, just nods in agreement. He walks past the bright flowers on the side and straight to the candy stand. The Korean grocer behind the counter stands still, while a customer by the corner browses the fruit stand. Simon grabs a Milky Way bar. He turns to the counter. The grocer, with his thick glasses, stays still, looking down.

I'm gonna buy this, and We don't have that. How much is it?

the west wing posse comitatus ending relationship

Simon sees the open drawer of the cash machine. The grocer is still in shock after the robbery. The grocer backs a little when Simon pulls out his pistol from his concealed holster.

He quickly cocks the gun and turns around, pointing the loaded weapon to the suspicious guy by the fruit stand. I'm a Federal officer. The suspected man in the plain gray sweatshirt moves his hand. You know you'll never get there.

Put your hands in the air. The man complies as Simon steps closer. His gun is still aimed at the culprit. I want you to lie down face first on the floor. The man nervously lies down on his stomach. Simon reaches him and puts both of the man's hands behind the back.

Simon confiscates the man's weapon. He takes off his bow tie and uses it to cuff the man's hands. The grocer watches carefully behind his counter. A Secret Service agent walking in the middle of an armed robbery -- that's just bad luck.

You lie still, okay? Simon stands and speaks to his wrist mic, while slowly making his way back to the counter. He is interrupted by movement and did not have time to react. Simon is immediately thrown backward by three deafening shots. A second robber has been hiding in the back aisle. The long-haired goon runs outside after shooting Simon.

He looks at Simon's body and runs out as well. In the background, a melancholy tune starts to play. Bartlet watches from his balcony. Off with the crown, and with the crown, his head. And whilst we breathe, take time to do him dead. Let's hear the orisons he makes. But worse than wolves of France, whose tongue more poisons Bartlet stands and leaves.

In the other balcony, Ron gets C. Outside, a barrage of lights shine. The song "Hallelujah" continues. I heard there was a secret chord That David played and it pleased the Lord But you don't really care for music, do you?

Somebody's made a mistake. He was just on his way to the field office The song drains out their conversation. It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth The minor fall, the major lift The baffled king composing hallelujahs. He is still down on the ground, beside the many flowers. She walks amongst the people, the lights, the confusion. It took us five days, after all, just to calm down enough to make a comment that was semi-rational.

The idea that the way to raise ratings for May sweeps is to shoot or kill people every year for the finale finale last year being a two episode story arc is unworthy of Aaron Sorkin and a show about the West Wing. Two years in a row wasn't enough he had to manufacture the same thing again for the third year?

the west wing posse comitatus ending relationship

We are hurt by the hack writing that killed Agent Sunshine we do not believe we are giving away anything here since Sorkin telegraphs this punch with cliches overused by lesser writers. We are, for instance, shown Simon Donovan as a Big Brother, which was suppose to make his death more poignant actually, the heavy-handedness made it less poignant.

We have come to expect more subtlety from Aaron Sorkin. Then there was oh hell, let us admit that no matter how Sorkin wrote this, the introduction of a likeable character just to kill him for ratings points it worked by the way, the ratings for this episode made "The West Wing" third for the week although it is usually only 11thwas well we can't, at the moment, think of anything to call it "ridiculous", "nasty", "mean", "stupid", "gratuitous": And since we are making editorial comments, we'd also like to mention that for most of the past season we have missed the interaction of the main characters.

We have heard almost nothing from Charlie all season except for the time he destroyed all that government property when he decided to act as if he was in a gang war with C. Sorkin is bringing in two new characters as regulars for next season, but he hasn't been able to even write for the main characters he already has. Of course, there is an implied editorial comment inherent in what we have chosen to put into this site during the last two years and to state it here directly: This show needs to hire someone to check the facts mentioned in the scripts and point out the mistakes before the episodes are shot.