War of the monsters magno ending relationship

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war of the monsters magno ending relationship

Sep 12, Figure 1: The Battle of Gog and Magog in the Wellcome Apocalypse relationship between monsters and God if they are men, suggests that he is inhabited by a monstrous race of men, as Magno-Caulij The other. he bore in battle too, before he could found a city, bring his gods to Latium, But make the gift of empire without end. .. Variant translation: A monster horrendous , hideous and vast, deprived of sight. Voluptas She calls it marriage and with that name veils her sin! Fama .. Mens agitat molem et magno se corpore miscet. MONSTER'S fascinating relationship between that country's 20th-century political history and Viana's Companhia Batalha da Quimera (Company Battle of the Chimera). A wealthy pro-industrial nationalist, Vargas ended up fashioning an almost Paschoal Carlos Magno—a poet, diplomat, elected official, and former.

Kitrina does not appear in the New Lynx — Originally seen allied with Gotham's villains, Lynx would later be seen fighting alongside its heroes. After battling Red Robin, he comes to believe she is on his side. Lynx does not appear in the New She rejected crime and took to patrolling Gotham as an antiheroine. At the conclusion of the Grayson series, much like Dick Grayson, Bertinelli also leaves Spyral and takes up the mantle of the Huntress and starting from DC Rebirthmuch like her pre-Flashpoint version, she joins the Birds of Prey.

Talia al Ghul — is the daughter of Ra's al Ghul and is the mother of Damian. The clone eventually kills Damian, which Talia did not anticipate, and leaving the grieving Batman vindictive towards her and the clone. He was deemed cured after his facial reconstruction surgery by Dr. Dent was requested by Batman to watch over Gotham City during his one-year absence with Robin. Dent's style of justice has been more brutal than Batman's precision-style vigilantism. Upon Batman's return to Gotham, a series of grisly murders of several members of Batman's rogues gallery points to Dent.

When confronted by Batman, Dent blows up his apartment. The inner turmoil created by the situation forced Two-Face out of his psyche once again, and he is seen re-scarring his face with a scalpel and acid. In the New 52, in Batman and Robin 28 it is implied that Dent has achieved closure and that he commits suicide by shooting himself in the head. Bane — He would come to be an ally to Batman following their initial encounter; however, in the events surrounding Infinite Crisis, he appeared to return to his evil ways.

Yet, he proves to walk a fine line as observed in the Secret Six. In the New 52, Bane has officially returned to being one of Batman's adversaries. Riddler Edward Nygma — After waking up from a coma, he has gone "legit" and formed a well-known detective agency that sometimes helps Batman. When Riddler gets caught in a bomb explosion, the explosion re-awakened his psychosis. In the New 52, Riddler has officially returned to being one of Batman's adversaries.

Deadshot Floyd Lawton — He entered Gotham as what appeared to be another crimefighter. However, he would try to kill Batman to be the city's only hero. He would return later in the Suicide Squadforced to help people but when he learned he had a daughter, he sought to wipe out gangs that threatened her home. As a member of the Secret Six, he often walks a line between cold-blooded killer and murderous saint. In the New 52, Deadshot has officially returned to his evil ways, being a member of the Suicide Squad.

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Catman Thomas Blake — He started his career modeled after Catwoman and Batman as a foe to the latter. Catman would also work for the Shade to help destroy remnants of Green Arrow's life as a hero after his apparent death, seemingly giving up crime and retiring. As a member of the Secret Six, Blake seems motivated to do good but is haunted by his violent, animal-like nature. Thomas reprises his established status as a core member of the Secret Six with the New 52 relaunch of the title.

Cheyenne Freemont — A fashion designer and daughter of two metahumans, she is reluctant to use her abilities as her parents were run out of town for using theirs. Briefly involved with Dick Grayson, she creates a costume similar to Nightwing's and uses her powers to help Nightwing save Jason Todd from the Pierce brothers before retiring as the female Nightwing.

Cheyenne does not appear in the New Sasha Bordeaux — Bruce Wayne's former bodyguard. Events forced her from his side that resulted in a long journey, arriving at the government organization known as Checkmate. Sasha does not appear in the New Onyx Onyx Adams — Orpheus' bodyguard and protector.

She took up his position as gang leader after Orpheus' death. A bond developed between Onyx and Cassandra Cain. After the events of Infinite Crisisshe was not seen in Gotham until Birds of Prey inwhich reveals she has remained an active vigilante and a contact of Oracle. Club of Heroes — An international group of heroes largely made up of those inspired by Batman counting him among their number. They would later disband but would reunite when the occasion arose. Several of their number went on to join Batman Inc.

Manhunter — The name of three associates of Batman. Paul Kirk was a masked man during WWII that became a pawn for the Council when they genetically altered him into an assassin. When Kirk learned that the Council was using him and created clones of him as their soldiers, he joined with ninja master Asano Nitobe and Interpol agent Christine St. Clair to destroy the organization and kill his doubles. Kirk would add Batman to this group before his demise in his mission, the remaining trio continuing his work posthumously.

An exception in this would be made for the clone Kirk DePaul. Neither Paul or his clone appear in the New Mark Shaw was a human infiltrator for the Manhunters that would later distance himself from the group and become the super-villain Star-Tsar, infiltrating the Justice League as the Privateer.

After some time in prison, he wiped his record with service in the Suicide Squad. Afterward, he would again go by the name Manhunter as a bounty hunter working with Oracle operating largely out of New York. Shaw would take down several of Batman's rogues before the two met battling the Sportsmaster.

Marshal who is assigned to find Barbara Minerva, the Cheetah. He is referred to as "one of the best manhunters" in the United States Marshals Service. Kate Spencer is the grand daughter of Phantom Lady that took up the title Manhunter and later joined the Birds of Prey. She is currently the district attorney for Gotham City where she at one point continued to operate alongside the Birds as Manhunter.

Kate does not appear in the New Jason Blood — A demonologist based out of Gotham. Generally when dealing with such matters, Batman has consulted Blood and employed help from Blood's "companion", the demon Etrigan.

When the Justice League was stuck in the past, Blood was recruited to form a new version of the group based on a contingency plan established by Batman. In the New 52, his past and origins are largely unchanged. Etrigan is still shown as a demon forcibly bound to a young Jason Blood in a gambit to stave off the destruction brought by the Fall of Camelot and in the revised continuity he is tied to other Dark Ages-based heroes and villains.

In the present Etrigan's body lies buried in London; it is explained that he was sealed there by his own friends because of his betrayal on them, but magic emanating from it is able to possess persons above, eventually freeing the demon who promptly attacks Apollo and Midnighter.

The entire Stormwatch then battles Etrigan but even after being defeated, he is able to possess a host and flees. Nimrod the Hunter Dean Hunter — He was framed for a crime he did not commit by the criminal named Chancer.

Breaking out of prison, he stole a military suit of armor and sought to clear his name with Batman's help. In The New 52a new version of Nimrod appears named Maxim Zarov, a highly skilled hunter who uses teleportation techniques and is a member of, or an associate with, the Anti-Superman Army.

List of Batman supporting characters - Wikipedia

Gotham City Police Department[ edit ] Main article: GCPD and the ongoing series Gotham Centralin which they investigate the unusual crimes that plague the city, in a personal effort to minimize Batman's involvement.

Appearing alongside the main character in his first appearance, Gordon was the first Batman supporting character. Of particular note, is that in the early days of the characters, Gordon was not allied with Batman, and was more antagonistic towards him. However, he was a friend of Bruce Wayne. Year One ", Gordon is portrayed as one of the few honest, non-corrupt Gotham cops.

Harvey Bullock was brought in to be a pain in the side of Commissioner Gordon, but after accidentally causing a heart attack, his character repented, and has been a near constant presence since then. He is presented as being a slob and constantly suspected of corruption, but ultimately a good cop and strong ally to Gordon. Renee Montoyaa character who was added into the comics in the s as a character adapted from the animated series.

She made her first full appearance in Detective Comics Allen had a loving wife and two teenaged sons, whom he put above his job and the safety of others when Gotham was in crisis.

war of the monsters magno ending relationship

Allen saw Batman as a necessary evil, not wanting to deal with him but tolerating his presence. Their occasional interactions illustrated his views on Batman, notably during Brian Azzarello's "Broken City" storyline.

Allen was an agnostic who doubted the existence of God in spite of his family's strong faith. Prior to the New 52 reboot, he was originally introduced as a private investigator; pre-Crisis and post-Crisis, he was hired to be Batman's daytime liaison in the "Face the Face" storyline, [57] and later worked for Robin during the outbreak of a gang war in Gotham City.

A few, however, have a marked presence in the core Batman titles: In the early crossovers, the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight were usually depicted as good friends who cheerfully assisted one another against foes who were too big to be dealt with alone. In more recent times, their friendship has been depicted as more uneasy, but still with a deep amount of respect.

As Superman flew back to MetropolisBatman lamented to himself that Superman was a remarkable individual and that "perhaps, in another lifetime, he might call the Man of Steel his friend. Superman became a hero because he subscribed to wholesome idealism, while Batman was motivated by personal tragedy and a troubled past.

Regardless, after one instance of Batman using the ring to prevent a mind-controlled Superman from wrongdoing, Superman told Batman that he knew he, "gave the ring to the right person.

He had a youthful ward, Speedymuch like Robin, as well as an Arrowcave, an Arrowcar, and an Arrowplane, similar to Batman's equipment. Most of these gimmicks were stripped by the s, when both Batman and Green Arrow were revamped into more serious characters.

Batman and Green Arrow have often been partners, especially during the s, when Batman's team up title, The Brave and the Boldwas one of the few places outside of the pages of JLA where the Emerald Archer could be found. As with Superman, early teamups between Batman and Green Arrow were very friendly, but their relations became strained in more recent incarnations.

Batman and Green Arrow's interactions in the s were often employed as counterpoints to differing techniques and political philosophies. Queen and Batman's relationship was further strained by the involvement of Green Arrow in the mindwiping events that happened in the pages of Identity Crisiseven though Queen voted against the mindwiping of Dr. Light and Batman, but this seems to have been forgiven for reasons unknown.

Today, Green Arrow is frequently depicted as one of the few superheroes willing to stand up to Batman directly. Her father, John Zataratrained a young Bruce Wayne in escapology. Zatanna and Bruce have a working friendship in the comics, with Bruce calling her for assistance from time to time. Zatanna's standing with Batman after the events of Identity Crisis was initially very strained, but the pair made their peace to the point where she proposed that they start a relationship, but Bruce told her he cares too much about her to bring her into his world.

The relationship between Black Canary and Batman has not been stressed by the events of Identity Crisis, even though Black Canary was involved with the group who mindwiped Dr. Helena adopts the Huntress identity after accidentally arriving on Prime Earth through a Boom Tube, after the death of both her parents. Plastic Man Eel O'Brian — A crook that developed super powers after falling into a chemical bath, deciding afterward to change his ways.

During this time, O'Brian became close to Batman and came to rely on him as a close friend, often the Dark Knight being the only person able to motivate the elastic hero to action. Since the late s, the Question has had a recurring supporting role in various Batman titles.

Dragon is involved in training the modern Huntress, and allusions are made to his involvement training Batman himself. Toyman Hiro Okamura — A year-old genius from Japan. He now works with Batman to create custom-equipment and weapons, replacing Harold.

Hiro is revealed to be one of several robots, who fills in for the real Toyman while incarcerated, this was revealed in Action Comics Before his death, his company became a subsidiary to Wayne Industries. Nemesis Thomas Andrew Tresser — He sought to clear the name of his brother, brainwashed by the Council into becoming an assassin, and take down that same organization.

During this, he would find an ally in Batman and the pair teamed together until Nemesis was successful in his goals. Katana Tatsu Yamashiro — Initially meeting at the formation of the Outsiders, she moved to Gotham in the penthouse that served as the group's base of operations. During her years as a member, Katana became close friends with Batman, occasionally teaming with him when he called upon her. Wildcat Ted Grant — An original member of the Justice Society of America and an ex-heavyweight champion boxer, trained a young Bruce Wayne at one point.

The two have remained close allies, and Batman has been quoted as saying that Grant is one of the few fighters he respects. Occasionally, has been aided by Batman himself. List of Batman Family enemies Batman comics have introduced many classic villains. His rogues gallery is one of the most identifiable in modern fiction. Some of Batman's rogues gallery are notable for sometimes functioning as allies as well as villains.

Recently, emphasis on the psychological motivations of Batman villains have painted them in a much more sympathetic light than in their earlier stories, most notably Mr. Freeze and the Ventriloquist in their Batman: The Animated Series incarnations. The Animated Seriesand Batman: Her crimes were benign, unlike other Batman villains in Gotham City. At the end, she was defeated by Batman and was taken to Arkham Asylum.

Her next appearance was in Superman: She failed, as she is easily defeated by Superman. When Superman had asked her why Batman's enemies are relocating to Metropolis, she explains that Batman has been missing for some time. Labs' Gotham bureau, but her first comic book appearance dates back towhere she appearance in The Batman Adventures Annual 1. In his only appearance Seconds, he is presented as failed clock maker and thief.

While in prison he develops the ability to rewind time, due his increasing desire for a do-over. His crime was actually petty by stealing a pocketwatch, but he accidentally set off a chain of events that lead to deaths; he got the blame for purely circumstantial evidence.

Come New Year's Eve a decade later, Batman and Batgirl attempt to stop him by bringing Grey's son to him; however, the poison he planned to detonate went off regardless. The grief allowed him to rewind all the way back to his original crime; he decided against it, resulting in a new present day where he and his son are fixing clocks together.

Red Claw appeared in Batman: The Animated Seriesvoiced by Kate Mulgrew - In her first appearance in the series, Red Claw is revealed to be the enigmatic leader of an international terrorist organization named Red Claw, and also known as the "most ruthless terrorist alive", in Commissioner Gordon 's words. Red Claw resurfaces again in the final episode of the series, this time to cause trouble for Batman himself by abducting his butler Alfred Pennyworth.

Angel "Bird" Vallelunga appeared in Batman: Like his superior, Bird has no known criminal record prior to his incarceration. It is heavily rumored that Bird grew up in the same maximum security prison Bane was born and raised in Santa Prisca. In a side-mission to the game, Batman was investigating the man responsible for distributing te drug Venom throughout the streets of Gotham. Cornering Bird in one of the Penguin's nightclubs, Batman was able to stop Bird and his men from continuing to distribute the drug.

They are presented to be the silent henchwomen for the Penguin. No origin or alter egos were presented to them, but Penguin explains he acquired them during his trip to Asia. Condiment King appeared in Batman: He was identified as Buddy Standler, a former stand-up comedian who was brainwashed by the Joker, who was using the Mad Hatter's mind-controlling devices.

Ending for Battle Monsters-Shion(Sega Saturn)

When Batman defeats the Joker and his plans were exposed, it was assumed that Standler was cleared of all charges. The Condiment King later appeared in the comics as the alias of Mitchell Mayo.

In its first appearance, "Heart of Steel", it was created by Dr. Karl Rossum as a supercomputer. It later has a mind of its own by duplicating Gotham's powerful citizens and law enforcement. Rossum revealed that he created HARDAC because he wanted it to duplicate his late wife and daughter when they died under mysterious circumstances.

It was destroyed by the efforts of Batman and Batgirl. In its final appearance, it creates a duplicate of Batman. It was awakened when three thieves hide out in an abandoned warehouse.

Batman fakes his death when the duplicate pushed him off a cliff, causing the duplicate to kill itself as well. Mario is the bodyguard of a scientist and businessman, Paul Karon, who was crippled by the Joker. In order to remove his failure, he decides to kill all of Gotham City's costumed criminals. Though he could have been left to the criminals by Batman and Robin, they decided against letting an act of karma take placed, getting everyone arrested.

Digitally Advanced Villain Emulator is a villain exclusive to the show. His only appearance was in the episode Gotham's Ultimate Villain Mastermind.

Kong of Skull Island Vol. 3

In it, the villain Hugo Strange creates D. Some day, perhaps, remembering even this Will be a pleasure. Robert Fitzgerald Robert Fagles's translation: Maybe one day we shall be glad to remember even these things. Durate, et vosmet rebus servate secundis.

Endure, and keep yourselves for days of happiness. Per varios casus, per tot discrimina rerum. Through various hazards and events we move. Dryden Durate, et vosmet rebus servate secundis.

war of the monsters magno ending relationship

Fairclough ; spoken by Aeneas. Liveand reserve yourselves for better fate. Talia voce refert, curisque ingentibus aeger Spem vultu simulat, premit altum corde dolorem. So ran the speech. Burdened and sick at heart, He feigned hope in his look, and inwardly Contained his anguish. Robert Fitzgerald ; of Aeneas. Lacrimis oculos suffusa nitentis.

war of the monsters magno ending relationship

Her bright eyes brimming with tears. Fairclough ; of Venus. Volvens fatorum arcana movebo. Unrolling the scroll of fate. Fairclough His ego nec metas rerum nec tempora pono; Imperium sine fine dedi. For these I set no limits, world or time, But make the gift of empire without end. Robert Fitzgerald O Dea certe. Fairclough ; Aeneas to Venus disguised as a huntress.

Longa est injuria, longae Great is the injury, and long the tale. Lines — The leader of the enterprise a woman. Fairclough ; of Dido. Sum pius Aeneas, raptos qui ex hoste Penates classe veho mecum, fama super aethera notus. Italiam quaero patriam et genus ab Iove summo. I am Aeneas, duty-bound, and known Above high air of heaven by my fame, Carrying with me in my ships our gods Of hearth and home, saved from the enemy. I look for Italy to be my fatherland, And my descent is from all-highest Jove.

Robert Fitzgerald Data fata secutus. Following what is decreed by fate.