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9 reviews of Witch Spring Hill Ice Cream "Great variety of flavors, both hard and soft. Our group tried a Smores sundae w/hot fudge, a Screwdriver and. May 26, Explore Julia Danilenko's board "The end of summer" on Pinterest . | See more Hmm, I wonder if corn husk dolls started in relation to Lammas. There are a total of 9 Endings in Witch Spring; only one ending can be acquired per playthrough. After acquiring an ending, you can replay it from the Title.

In essence, it explores the daily life style of how Makoto gets around while also developing her magical skills as the flying witch. Her friends and family guides her while we also learn about their characters. There is no linear storytelling as each episode seems to be an episodic adventure of itself.

A good deal of the enjoyment about the series comes from the characters.

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Makoto is the polite type of girl with a down to earth type of personality yet also has a problem of getting lost. Throughout the series, this humorous gag is played as we see how clueless she can be with directions. As a younger character, it comes to no surprise that she is curious about the world around her and the people she meets. Furthermore, she has a peculiar interest in magic after seeing it with her very own eyes.

Akane Kowata is the witch of the series, literally. She is not just the older sister of Makoto but also acts as her mentor figure as well.

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Despite that, she deeply cares about her family and we can see that she has a gentle heart. Although by personality, I find that he is more similar to Akane with his down to earth personality. Familiars such as cats and hamsters are also no stranger in this series either. The point is that the series wants the viewers to experience what it has to offer by bringing all sorts of content to the table.

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After defeating it, if Luna enters the Falls again, she will comment that the current is too fast and will retreat from the area.

Pirates Edit If you went to the far right of the Sea of Arua during the main story, Luna would get attacked by pirates and flee. Return there in post-game, and Luna drives them off using her spells.

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Afterwards, three chests will be floating in the water, each containing 10, Gold. You can change your pet from the turtle to Bad Rabbit and then swim to the chests, and Bad Rabbit's ability will activate. Once you reach the center, you will fight the pirate captain and his men again. After defeating him, you can open more chests that contain more gold. Set Bad Rabbit as your pet before opening the chests; its ability will increase the amount of gold gained.

Approach a gated door, and Luna will enter.

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If you approached during the main story, Luna would refuse to enter. Luna will immediately encounter the Dark Warrior in Abandoned Mine. Afterwards, she will face Beruch. Go even further in we recommend healing up before doing so to battle Livya. Make to have a pet and weapon that best suits you, because Livya's HP and Strength depends on your stats. After defeating her, a cutscene with Justice will happen and it reveals that they were friends before she willingly volunteered herself for the Pope's experiments so that Justice wasn't chosen.

Once the Mirror Room is unlocked, you will encounter a mirror Luna with her exact stats.