Yume nikki theories ending relationship

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yume nikki theories ending relationship

What's your pet theory regarding just about anything in Yume Nikki or its I like the theory that her worlds like Saya no Utas good ending world. Hi, so I completed Yume Nikki just now and read up some of the common theories about it all (Madotsuki being raped, etc.) and I noticed one. A page for describing WMG: Yume Nikki. Madotsuki killed herself at the end of the game because there is nothing left to explore in her dreamsTheory courtesy .

TRAP Syndrome is where one twin the pump twin survives and is connected to it's mother through the umbilical cord as normal, but the other twin the arcadiac twin has it's umbilical cord connected to the pump twin, and receives too much deoxygenated blood to develop a head or arms.

This also provides a higher mortality rate for the pump twin. Therefore, Madotsuki and her sibling had this syndrome, and Madotsuki was the pump twin. She managed to survive, and imagined her brother or sister as Takofuusen in her dreams.

Madotsuki is actually Latina. Several clues point to this fact The Aztec imagery in several areas of the game and the carpet of her own room. The fact these are usually the "floor" and that she touches them with her feet means she feels these are her "roots".

The various body parts scattered throughout the game are symbol of the violence in Latin America, maybe memories, maybe her wish to be a criminal. The Dark World is reminiscent of her home before she moved to Japan. Perhaps the most obvious one is the large amount of eyes scattered in the Dream World.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The author of the game may have been fluent in Engrish and known that the English word "Latina" could be not so subtly referenced to as "Retina". FACE is what she thinks will happen if she ever leaves her room, confesses being pregnant to her parents, and if the baby is delivered.

FACE is the child she imagines. Madotsuki wants to be male, and despises being female. She goes through the "zipper door" and sees the phallic rainbow. This represents her wanting to be male, and hopefully "checking" for a penis.

She's disillusioned when she unzips the pants she's wearing except she's wearing a skirt in the game for some reason and sees a vagina. FACE is her clitoris being stretched by strange metal utensils, seemingly an attempt to disfigure her female genitals out of hate and desperation. The evil-looking face on Madotsuki's dreams are her only remaining memories Some unknown, traumatic incident caused her to forcefully shove everything into the back of her mind.

She "forgot" everything, and is scared of leaving her room because there very well MIGHT be something worse than a few nightmares going on outside unbeknownst to her.

Also, the door is locked from the outside or she locked it herself just before she "forgot" and hid the key away, hence her shaking her head. Her dreams contain images and clues of her past. She searches for more about herself in said dreams. She later realizes that her cryptic dreams alone won't reveal everything, and she must either somehow get out of her room and seek answers, or just kill herself and end it all.

She goes "eff it" and jumps off her balcony, letting fate decide if she survives or not. Whether that was the key to her room she found and it just happens to be red, or a blood stain at the end is completely up to you. Madotsuki is in Hell She was murdered, and woke up in Hell.

This is not her room, and the door is locked. Her dreams are her reflecting on what happened in a somewhat distorted way. On the ceiling in the room, which it appears that the player is looking from, is a carved painting explaining her demise in excruciating detail. But she's fooled herself into believing it's all just a dream, and that if she goes back to sleep, she'll wake up and her normal life will resume.

She eventually finds out she can't go back to reality, and the only way to break the "cycle" is to somehow "kill" herself in the after-life. She jumps off the balcony. Outside these things, she lived a boring life composed of school, piano lessons forced by her parents though she did enjoy the company of Masada-senseiand mostly being ignored by peers, save for a few acquaintances.

yume nikki theories ending relationship

A world where nothing is ever boring and there's always "something there" is her paradise. She has a lot of fun already, but wants more. The door is locked for more of a thrill. She decides to jump off the balcony. Jellyfish appearing around the bloodstain mean that she just went off to have more adventures in this weird world of hers. Madotsuki is in purgatory Madotsuki died in a car accident, possibly along with other members of her family.

Her dreams represent various events in her life, whether terrible sexual assault, as the game heavily implies or pleasant the snow and forest worlds, among others, might allude to family outings, a notion supported by the bicycle effect's presence. Some of them could also represent events Madotsuki was never able to experience, hence traveling to Mars, climbing a mountain, etc.

The effects represent different facets of her personality. The knife is found in a dark world because she rarely or never showed that side of herself in life. Ditto for the kerchief found in the ghost world - the resulting effect is rather stereotypically feminine, as are the long hair effects, also found in dark places.

She can't go through the apartment door because that route leads back to life, and that way's closed to her. However, in her dreams she does pass through that door, as everything on the other side stands for a portion of her former reality. In the end she realizes and accepts that it's behind her. She must move on, and so the stairs appear on the balcony to let her pass beyond in the only way she can.

The blood smear at the very end stands for Madotsuki's acceptance of her own death. Madotsuki's not a Hikikomori ; she's just really sleepy. What do you think you're doing, trying to make her go out in the middle of the night like that?

A growing girl needs her sleep. But she doesn't have a toilet in there!! Well, she can go in the morning then Madotsuki is locked in her room by an abusive parent.

This is why she can't get out; She tries to open it, but try as she might, it won't open, so she shakes her head. After collecting all her memories OR "effects" in her dreams, she realizes that even if she were ever let out, she'd still lead a horrible home life.

She decides to end it all, hoping to be reborn as someone with loving parents and a happy life, or to meet her friends in the afterlife someday. Madotsuki is only dreaming part of the time. Usually, she's just hanging out in her completely normal world. One night, though, she had a dream where she was a hikikomori who refused to leave her room.

This was a nightmare for her, thinking of being so completely cut off from society; unfortunately for her, this dream was recurring. Finally, sick of the nightmare, she decided to try and end it: Madotsuki is a patient in a mental institute. The whole game is her hallucination. In the end, she is finally let out, which feels like a "leap" for her.

To support this theory, the Toriningen Exuse the spellingare other inmates at the asylum. Some are actively insane, thus the Toringen that chase Madotsuki. Others are capable of going insane if provoked, thus why a calm Toriningen can be stabbed, and will go insane.

Poniko is a nurse. She seemingly cannot hurt Mado, but suddenly, out of nowhere, the doctor comes, and the nurse goes away. Uboa is the doctor. When the doctor comes, he comes from nowhere Thus Uboa's event being random, and coming from nowhere. It makes the world seems dark to Mado Thus the lights needing to be off for Uboa to appear. The doctor has to touch Mado, and this makes her upset, and feel trapped Thus when you touch Uboa, he sends you somewhere you can't get out of.

The doctor may have to touch Mado in ways she feels is bad, and "wrong" Thus the touching monster in the background, who appears to be squeezing breasts The doctor may also need to take blood samples from Mado, and needles could possibly scare her, or make him seem like a bloodthirsty animal in her warped mind Thus the blood on the touching monster. Mado knows she can't get away from the doctor Which is why you cannot get away from Uboa's trap.

The white of Uboa's area represents the white walls of the doctors office and his clothes. Mado knows that she cannot escape, but she tries to when he touches her Thus Uboa's changing, possibly annoyed expression when you touch him.

The doctor is interested in Mado's mental issues, but otherwise does not force anything questions on her, unless she provoke it Thus Uboa coming towards her when you use the Cat effect, when he doesn't move on his own.

The whole game is her halluciation, as stated above. When you drop the effects as eggs, this is her trying to control her own insanity to be able to leave. When she jumps off her balcony in the end as said above, this is her getting out of the asylum, and it feels like a leap to her. The bloodstain at the end, however, shows that she was not ready to leave, that she was still insane, and the jellyfish represent that her insanity was still there when they let her go.

Madoutsuki is traumatized by rugs Those Aztec Gods that she's terrified of? They're the embodiment of the rug in her bedroom. She keeps trying to throw it away, but it always comes back. Also, the rug is a Time Lord. Also, those creepy monsters with the mouths on their stomachs represent her self-image, combined with the Fat Effect, and in the room after those monsters, pressing the buttons that makes those spleen things vomit blood clearly represents bulimia.

At first I thought so too, but then I realized she's no thicker than the protagonists of the other games in the "series". The vomit thing still makes sense, though. Maybe she had one in the past. That's because many of the fangame characters are edited from the Madotsuki sprite.

Madotsuki's eyes are always closed because she is asleep. Even when she is awake, her eyes are shut. So, maybe she's just dreaming all of the game. Madotsuki owns or owned a copy of Bokosuka Wars. The 8 bit world has a "Boss Room" with characters and music heavily reminiscent of it.

Tied with the above, Madotsuki's experience with videogames is because she traded the ones she had with other kids. She traded the games because she didn't have money to own many games in the first place. However, most likely they bullied and discriminated her, and the trades were often unfair.

yume nikki theories ending relationship

NASU is the only game she has left. Madotsuki is a better gamer than all of us. And that's why she can actually play NASU. Madotsuki doesn't open the door because this isn't her apartment. She got in by parachute.

She was interested in exploring the building, which was locked at ground level. It was locked because hallucinogenic fumes rendered it uninhabitable. Still slightly woozy, she mistimed the release of her parachute when jumping down, and landed hard but non-fatally, resulting in a pool of blood as opposed to a pool of splattered corpse.

Madotsuki was born in Japan and moved to America. This would explain the Blond Hair effect a lot- racial tension lead to her wanting to be white. It would also explain the Toringen party American girls doing American things that she just plain doesn't get, leading to social isolationas well as the Meso-American themes.

If she was in fact raped, it could explain the situation a little more especially if it happened before she learned Englishand why she keeps her eyes closed again, embarrassed at her race.

Masada-sensei might have been a Japanese-speaking music teacher at her school who helped her learn English. Poniko being blond supports this theory. All of these things might have lead to her becoming a Hikkikomori which, although most if not all of the western world would find it suspicious, her Japanese-raised parents wouldn't think so much of it. Madotsuki herself has no idea what the hell is going on.

Poor girl is just as confused as we are! Madotsuki is in fact an interdimensional horror. Who caused an horrific event in the area and would have continued, but was stopped by a bunch of plucky heroes who erased her memory of her true nature and forced her to revert to a human form. This explains why she so reluctant to go outside and why her building seems to be the only thing around: It also explains her dreams, it's her true nature manifesting itself to her.

It's her previous identity coming back to her.

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And it also handily explains the ending: After witnessing what she truly isshe decides to commit an Heroic Sacrifice rather that subject the world to her mercy.

Madotsuki is a test subject for some sort of sleep drug. The drug gives her very strange dreams, and even dreams within dreams. In the end, she doesn't kill herself but rather, wakes herself up from the drug induced dreams. The blood stain represents how she "died" in her dream world.

There is also a possibility that some of her effects are disguises Blond, Towel, Frog so that she can go into the human world. The whole game was her looking down on the world, and When she jumps at the end, that's just her jumping down to the real world. Those weird jellyfish are teleportation devices.

Madotsuki lives in the North Pole, and does not leave her house due to the cold Even though it does not show on her balcony, there is a chance her balcony could have a wallpaper-type thing over it, or she could be hallucinating what goes on outside due to not remembering what outside looked like.

The snow world in the game is her way of going outside without being cold. Yuki-onna and the Hat and scarf effects point towards this. Madotsuki used to have an obsession with harem anime and games Harem, games or animes or mangas in which many, many people fall in love with one person, were one of Madotsuki's past addictions. She would play them daily, watch them daily, read them daily, and loved them. In her nightmares, the girl's she loved in the game's came back as violent women, AKA the Toriningen.

Her computer was taken by her parents after her addiction started effecting her health. All of the original world's are pieces of Madotsuki's personality Her room represents her scared self, since she wants to be here the least. The Nexus is her aware self.

The Snow World is her cold self. The Number World is her smarter self. It could also be her innocent self, believing there were no problems if she knew a lot. The Shield-Folk world is her odd self. The Candle World is her insecure self, because of the bully Toriningen, and someone who is also short like her Midgetbut is much faster and more talented than her.

It could also be her religious self. The Eyeball World is her feeling like she is being watched and expected to be perfect. The Graffiti World is her perverted self, which is why there is a men's bathroom there.

The Dark World is her lonely self, because she can't find any friends there. The Puddle World is another part of her insecure, self-conscious self. The Block World is her "normal" self. The Mural world is her killer self, full of pictures of everyone she has killed.

The Forest World is her drug-addict self, which is why she see's cat hallucinations there. The Balcony is the place where she remembers everything she has done, which is why She kills herself.

Madotsuki is in a hospital. After a car accident which involved her, her mother Poniko, her father Masada, and her younger sister Monoe, her mother died and was horribly disfigured, Monoe had both of her arms dislocated and almost died, Masada lost all vision in one of his eyes, and Madotsuki was completely blinded. However, before she was completely blinded she saw her mother and sister get horribly disfigured, and the images of arms and eyes were forever burned into her brain from then on.

She is still inside her hospital room throughout the whole game, which is why she cannot go out of it. Her eyes are always shut because she sees no reason to open them when she cannot see anything.

The video game she is playing is actually much more complicated, but because she can only hear sounds it appears to be a very simple and very depressing video game that she cannot play because she can no longer see. This is a huge blow to her, as she loves playing video games as can be seen when she dreams of being inside of one. Madotsuki is a Yandere. She fell in a love with a man maybe, a young teacher or a friend of her familybut he thought of her more like of a friend.

He married a woman who was carrying his child. When Madotsuki found out, she was blinded by jealousy and tried to kill the man. He fought back and saved his life, but, for some reason, instead of turning Madotsuki in to the police, he left her place with his family.

Madotsuki fell into deep depression. There were people but him in her life who treated her kindly represented in her dreams by Poniko and Masadabut she chose to ignore them in favour of him. She became aggressive and at the same time passive and secluded. She couldn't face the world around her, crushed by her guilt and unrequited feelings. She tried to escape by dreaming, but her dreams were haunted by her distorted memories and emotions hence pervasive sexual and violent imagery.

Uboa represents the man she loved; that's why he's so difficult to find and so scary - she can't reach him now and is tortured by her guilt. Eventually Madotsuki finds herself unable to live in a world without him and throws herself from the balcony.

The Toriningen Party is This is one I found on Youtube, and that I thought I should post here. The Toriningen represents girls that bullied Madotsuki, and the party that you cannot go to shows how she wasn't invited. Madotsuki killed herself because of her Angst. She was raped, got pregnant, is an Angsty Surviving Twinkilled her friend Poniko, wasn't invited to a party, all of the above.

At the beginning of the game, as she sleeps, all her bad memories come back and try to kill her in her dreams. Unable to face it anymore, she kills herself at the end. Madotsuki is an undiagnosed schizophrenic She is a young girl who has just developed some form of schizophrenia. She started seeing the people in her life as bizarre twisted beings. Terrifed by what she percieved as everyone she ever knew and loved becoming horrifying monsters, she barricaded herself in her room,the only place where she felt safe.

The place where she honestly believes no "monster" could ever come. However, because the disease is in her mind, she still sees the monsters in her dreams, as well as warped versions of places she used to visit. Madotsuki is a troper and her dreams have been corrupted by everyone else's less pleasant WMG entries It's already happened to me, so why not?

My other theory is that she doesn't know what's going on at all, has no control over it, and we're just being controlled by the ghost of Freud. The save files are. Madotsuki is opening the door the wrong way in her room. According to the theories board on Uboachan. The hinge is on the inside. Madotsuki only opens the doors related to the nexus outward.

She's given up because she keeps opening the door the wrong way thus it doesn't opentrapping her inside her room in the waking world. Madotsuki wasn't raped and became a killer it was the other way around. She was a serial rapist who eventually got killed. Madotsuki developed dissociative identity disorder because of the sexual abuse in her past and the effects are her alters After experiecing sexual abuse at such a young age her psyche split.

She wanders her dream world or her headspace for DID to try and connect with each alter. At the end when she jumps to her death it's because she's gathered them all together and then left them alone in her headspace the nexus and cannot function without them.

Madotsuki was bullied verbally The very last thing we see in the game is a blood splatter from where Madotsuki hit the ground. The splatter, however, is identical to the place where mouth monsters can be found in various parts of the game. The mouths always wander around the area of the blood. If mouths are Madotsuki's visualization of her bullies harassing her through languagethen the parallel is that the bullies surrounded Madotsuki's death.

Madotsuki is asexual Sexual imagery and symbolism can be seen just about anywhere in this game, much like real life, and it absolutely terrifying. Perhaps Madotsuki is repulsed by sex and is depressed by the pressure to be "normal" and sees the world as sex obsessed.

Madotsuki is a sponge That's why she doesn't have to eat, or go to the bathroom, and just sleeps all day. Madotsuki is a robot And Masada is her creator. And she was just trying to understand humans. Madotsuki is a nymphomaniac suffering from a morality crisis. Openly admitting this theory came about as a result of severe sleep deprivation and overactive imagination, but hear me out anyway.

Our story starts off with Madotsuki, an average japanese college student visiting her transfer student bestie Poniko in preparation for a halloween costume party.

Now, both Madotsuki and Poniko have something odd about them. Namely, Madotsuki is a nymphomaniac who doesn't know it yet, and has lived her life with an odd feeling of something missing. Meanwhile, Poniko is a hermaphrodite. So while they're prepping, Poniko ends up asking Madotsuki if she could try something lewd. Madotsuki complies, follows Poniko's requests to strip and lie down on her bed, after which Poniko has sex with Madotsuki.

At this point, something clicks in Madotsuki's head, and she realizes this is what she's been missing. She and Poniko start regularly having sex from there on, keeping Madotsuki's nymphomania in check in the process. Until Poniko moves out to visit her parents back in America.

Deprived of her main source of sex, Madotsuki holds back her own lust for as long as possible. But when Poniko doesn't return within the week, she ends up starting to look to others for sex, except most are either not interested or too shifty for Madotsuki to even consider them.

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Eventually she's brought nearly to her limit and ends up befriending Kyukyu-kun, leading him to some secluded area and attempts to have sex with him. Now, here's where things go wrong - Kyukyu-kyn is gay, or at least so firmly in the closet about bisexuality that having sex with a woman feels wrong to him.

Despite his protests, Madotsuki persists in trying to get into his pants, up to and including cutting the button on her and his pants to prevent him from trying to lift them up. A little later, Kyukyu-kun explodes at Madotsuki, about how she can't be the real Madotsuki and yells some paranoid theory about castrating rapists or something.

This ends up shocking Madotsuki straight. Her trying to have sex hurt people, so she reasons Sex Is Evil and she needs to stop. Redoubling her efforts, she tries to stay celibate until Poniko returns. Some time later, Madotsuki meets Monoko and Monoe. Monoko's as much of a pervert as Madotsuki used to be, and is really excited over meeting a real live nymphomaniac. She thinks nothing of how Madotsuki seems oddly quiet about sex, chalking it up to Monoe's presence.

Now, Monoko's a bit of a handsy girl, with a fixation on groping. So, at one point when Monoe falls a bit behind for some reason, Monoko decides to try groping Madotsuki.

Who now believes she should avoid sex at all costs. So while she does enjoy it and the groping did go a ways towards keeping her nymphomania in check, she does not approve and throws Monoko off. Right in the path of a speeding sports car.

Yume Nikki / WMG - TV Tropes

In panic and desperately trying to help her new friend, she doesn't notice Monoe filming the event. Monoe, in turn, was paranoid and a bit of a mean soul, always ready to record blackmail material. Seeing Madotsuki throw her sister in the way of oncoming traffic would be a good way of getting material for a court trial. After this, she runs off and posts the material on the internet to gather hype. However, observant viewers note Monoko started it and some others note how Monoe wasn't in the frame at all.

Madotsuki and Monoko gain immense amounts of support from Monoe's viewers, who demonize Monoe instead. With this, Monoe goes into hiding until the debacle blows over. After Monoko's handed over to paramedics, Madotsuki continues elsewhere. She's hurt people trying to get sex, she's hurt people trying to avoid sex, what is she supposed to do anymore? In confusion, she seeks help from a teacher who played stand-in for her sex-ed teacher at the time.

A certain German musician called Masada-sensei. The two start meeting regularly, Masada tries to teach her how moderation and consent are important, up until Mars-san, Masada's gay lover, busts in and breaks down in tears because he thinks Masada's replaced him with Madotsuki.

Madotsuki wanders off apologetically and leaves Masada to console his lover.

yume nikki theories ending relationship

Now, she's more confused than ever. Seeking sex hurts people, avoiding sex hurts people, seeking advice hurts people. Eventually, she turns to lucid dreaming to help her puzzle out what's going down. Poniko's Poniko, Uboa is just Poniko wearing a costume, and the gooey realm Uboa throws you to is a memory of Madotsuki's first time twisted through her belief of sex being evil.

Kyukyu-Kun, a rainbow penis, is accessed by cutting down what looks like a zipper, complete with blood maybe she botched cutting her own jeans and gave herself a shallow cut? Monoko has a lot of hands, signifying both how she looked after getting run over and her grope-happiness, with the leaking eye maybe refering to eightball fractures.

Monoe looks smugly at Madotsuki and disappears, signifying how Madotsuki didn't see her after the incident with Monoko. Masada-sensei lives in a calm and serene environment, with a piano and googly eyes, signifying his foreigner status and how his words could put Madotsuki at ease.

He runs away from the knife, maybe because she heard him be worried about a nymphomaniac castrating rapist, and told Madotsuki as much. The spaceship crashing after you sleep in his bed is refering to Mars-san's outburst.

This also handily explains what Toriningen are - people Madotsuki doesn't understand. First anti-sex prudes, and later sex-obsessed nymphos, ironically. You could also link the glitch in Mother World to this and any other theory about Madotsuki puzzling something out as her realizing her mind's wandering to video games and her forcibly crashing her train of thought to get back on topic. The new content added to Dream Diary includes a school area with Monoe crying at the front, her lashing out at you in the hallway, and a hallway with Monoe crying under Kyuukyuu-kun, which causes Madotsuki to wake up.

This is why only after Madotsuki confronts the shadow at the end of the game at the apartment does she wake up and leave her room; she's faced and confronted her fears. Madotsuki and Monoe were the only survivors of the accident her face being represented as comprehensive in this case, and wanting to distance herself from Madotsuki, who reminds her of the incident.

After the trainwreck, he took pity on her and took her to live with him making Monoe jealous. He may be in fact the one who raped her, referenced to as an accident crash after she went to sleep. The somber soundtrack of the game also contributes to this. Throughout the game Madotsuki encounters tall girls called Toriningen by fanswho are considered enemies in the game due to their nature of trapping Madotsuki in inescapable locations when in a "lunatic" state. They also have the characteristic of having a group dynamic that goes beyond other multiple identical NPCs spawning in one location such as the Wheelies.

Three girls having fun The most significant example of this is The Toriningen Partywhere a group of Toriningen have a picnic together in The Wildernesswhile dancing to cheerful music. This party cannot be accessed, as the plants of The Wilderness hinder Madotsuki from approaching any closer.

This is commonly interpreted to tie in with a theme of social anxiety or isolation regarding Madotsuki. It is notable that the NPCs thought to be the enemies of the game act as a team while Madotsuki herself is a sole figure. There are furthermore characters that seem to share Madotsuki's theme of isolation.

Ponikowho is the only character of The Pink Sea and similar to Madotsuki, never leaves her room of which she seems to be the only inhabitant. Mafurakowho is the only NPC roaming around Block Worldand prefers to teleport to a random spot far away from Madotsuki when teleporting her back, with the exception of Madotsuki being in her snowman form, which makes Mafurako always teleport next to her.

Mars-sanwho can be found in the underground area of Marswhich can only be reached by crashing a spaceship into Mars and then using an effect to access the tiny hole to the underground. This exit compared to the size of the character themself make them seem trapped, as it is impossible for even Madotsuki to enter if she is her normal size.

Another important encounter in the dream world that may point to a theme of isolation is Closet Madotsukia sleeping version of Madotsuki hidden in a closet in The Checkered Tile Path. Relating to this may be the Hikikomori phenomenon, in which reclusive teens or adults abandon social life completely.

Themes of Anxiety A Floyag following Madotsuki with her eyes The theme of being watched seems prevalent in Madotsuki's dreams such as eyes following you in Dense WoodsBarracks Settlement and more on the way to the Witch Effect. Hands are also scattered throughout the game ranging from a large theme of one world to appearing a few times within another.

Yume Nikki theory

Some examples being the staircase lined with reaching hands on the way to Seccom Masada-sensei 's spaceship, sprouting out of the ground in the Eyeball World and in the White Desert. The room Uboa teleports you to has a nightmarish landscape where a monster with multiple hands grasps hills in the background.

The implication may be that Madotsuki dislikes being touched and prefers a great amount of personal space. Organoid A character who may tie into this is Organoidwho is the only NPC to swiftly teleport away upon approach.

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See also Themes of Anxiety above for a description of hands in this game. Some fans suggest furthermore that KyuuKyuu-kuna large colorful worm-like creature who is seen rubbing the handrail of a stairway, is phallic imagery, as to access them Madotsuki has to go through a zipper in the wall. For whatever reason, Madotsuki seems concerned or engaged with body related things with how frequently they appear in her dreams. Another prominent body related theme found is various strabismic NPCs strabismus meaning to be unable or having problems with fixating both eyes on one point at the same time, leading to the eyes not being aligned.

The most well known strabismic character of Yume Nikki is Seccom Masada-senseibut other characters such as KyuuKyuu-kun are shown with strabismic eyes as well. A few fans suggest Madotsuki herself would be shown to be strabismic if she would open her closed eyes. Themes of Violence Madotsuki leaving a wound on Mars-san's foot Depending on the player's actions, Madotsuki can behave violently towards NPCs and sometimes inanimate objects. While this makes the Knife a prominent effect in the game, it is nevertheless unnecessary for gathering effects and thus archiving The Endingand most of the time can be replaced by the Cat Effect for exploring purposes.

Still, the Knife stuck in the minds of fans, leading to many imagining Madotsuki or other characters from this game as characters prone to violence. Themes of traffic accidents Seemingly the victim of a traffic incident. Different areas in Yume Nikki imply that Madotsuki often thinks about traffic accidents of some kind. Examples of this are Shitai-sana dead person on the ground in Dense Woodssurrounded by traffic cones, of whom the Stoplight can be gained. Seccom Masada-sensei is troubled by his spaceship crashing onto Mars, while Mars-san cries near something that appears to be a crashed locomotive.

In Dense Woods, Madotsuki can also board a Traincartaking her to the Witch's Island where a creature similar to Mars-san can be found.

yume nikki theories ending relationship

Japanese Folklore Madotsuki's dreams are influenced by japanese folklore, as various NPCS and Effects are connected to demons, ghosts and monsters from japanese mythology. This suggests that Madotsuki is interested in or feels personally involved with japanese folklore.

NPCs that definitely relate to japanese folklore are: