Zangief ending a relationship

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zangief ending a relationship

But anyway, yeah, I'm sure if a game had this kind of ending today, there'd . There's a big difference between someone who thinks gay marriage .. a rumour Zangief was gay and people were making fun of this ending from. Mar 25, By the end of said e-mail, I was thoroughly disgusted. . everywhere, (which fully describes his relationship to the gaming community) he is one. Zangief and Abel have a decent relationship, although not really covered in the In R. Mika´s ending, she followed Zangief as he destroyed the Psycho Drive.

zangief ending a relationship

Street Fighter V's newest character is also one of Capcom's oldest Come explore the retro roots of Abigail, the "superhuman hot rodder. I love pixel art and old games in general! Please send inquiries to KishiFR. On Sunday, Capcom announced that the man-mountain Abigail as the latest addition to Street Fighter V, due to go out for download on July Aside from fan favorite Akuma, the Season 2 roster so far has consisted of supporting characters from previous Street Fighter games making their playable debut: Abigail is following the same track, except this makes his first appearance in any Street Fighter game at all.

He originally appeared as a stage boss way back in Final Fight, Capcom's seminal beat-'em-up from The connection between Street Fighter and Final Fight is nothing new, going all the way back to before the latter was released, when it made location tests under the title "Street Fighter ' Several of Zangief's moves, such as his jumping piledriver and the iconic Double Lariat, were also swiped wholesale from Mike Haggar, Final Fight's pro wrestler turned civil servant.

Other than that, the relationship between the two series remained fairly low-key until the Street Fighter Alpha series, where Capcom began folding more Final Fight characters into the cast with each new game.

Zangief's home field advantage has kept Haggar out of the running to this day, but fellow heroes Cody and Guy crossed over without issue, as did stage bosses Sodom and Rolento. Andore, Final Fight's heaviest-hitting normal enemy, arrived in Street Fighter III after a name change to "Hugo" the better to disavow his being patterned after Andre the Giantand fan favorite Poison finally made the jump right at the end of Street Fighter IV's life cycle.

Now it's Abigail's turn at bat, although he's not really a character anyone's been clamoring for. In his original appearance, he was easily the least distinctive of all Final Fight's bosses; as a head-swap of Andore, he didn't even have a unique sprite. However, this isn't the first time Capcom has taken special care to give a Final Fight alum a new lease on life. For Cody, who was also fairly nondescript, they explored the logical end of the mania for fighting he hinted at in Final Fight's ending by reframing him as a jumpsuit-clad jailbird.

With Sodom, they revealed the American inexplicably wearing a full samurai helmet was in fact a clueless Japanophile, who emblazoned a misdrawn kanji on his chest and set out to rebuild the Mad Gear gang in the image of glorious Nippon. In Abigail's case, Capcom have leaned hard on his sheer size, with an even higher profile than Hugo and the most inflated and misshapen muscles I've seen since Bane on the cover of Batman He's so big he wears tires for arm bands, which ties into his new personality quirk: For SFA3, he most likely just Nothing really big though, I imagine.

Maybe he met R. And possibly Vega, judging by Vega's midboss fight with him then the fact that he has a picture of Vega in his SF2 ending.


Zangief enters the SF2 tournament to prove the power of Mother Russia!!! It's possible that he got a personal invitation from M.

zangief ending a relationship

Bison, but I don't think he did since he didn't really do anything that big during SFA3, apparently. He probably put on a rather impressive showing then he and ex-president Gorbachev dance in celebration! Zangief is still a Russian hero. And wrestling bears as always. Dunno if he still works for the government, though. Miscellaneous Facts and Notes Zangief wrestles bears for sport.

That's how he got all the scars on his body. Zangief and Mike Haggar are rivals, though they have yet to meet in person. Haggar and Zangief purposefully copy moves from each other all the time, which infuriates the other: P Zangief stole Haggar's spinning clothesline and Haggar stole his spinning pile driver in return. Zangief was inspired to learn the spinning piledriver one day when he got caught in a cyclone while piledriving a bear.

One of Biff's lose quotes is something like, "Comrade Zangief! Americans DON'T play fair!

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That win quote is from the US version so maybe it's not supposed to be in the Japanese version of Slamamsters too, but I don't know. Capcom of America changed a lot for that game. He has one scar on his back which he got when he protected Gorbachev President of Russiaonce. Zangief does lots of muscle man posturing in his win quotes, but it's just that.

He really isn't a big dumb oaf, unlike what a certain live action movie portrays him as. Just because someone is a tank doesn't mean they're stupid. Regarding a certain Zangief dislike: I have no comment.