Zasalamel ending a relationship

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zasalamel ending a relationship

His personal ending in Soul Calibur IV shows him accepting his immortality and taking on a role as humanity's progress–encouraging guide. Zasalamel does not . Apr 25, Zasalamel becomes Night Terror The Reckoning defeated Night Terror Ending l+A Astaroth Stages, Details: Start (Astaroth) A6: Investigate the relationship between Soul Edge and the defeated man. Of course, since that ending is non-canon, Zasalamel failed. .. including her connection to Xianglian, as will Kilik, and this will help heal their relationship.

Well, that's just terrible. Homosexuality was still considered an evil thing back then, especially considering that Greece is still part of the Ottoman Empire by that time, and so an example of each decided to hook up so as to keep the idea that they weren't into the opposite sex as far from the public eye as possible. Honestly, if I don't ship Sophitia with Rothion, I use this idea pretty much exactly, since we don't have to go through something like the characterization of Rothion as a drunken, abusive asshat, or having an unfortunate forging accident to have him be shipped with whoever else they might aim for.

Ezio or a relative of his will appear in a Soul game. All right, given the Soul Series' predilection for guest fightersthis isn't so much a wild guess as a near certainty. Not to mention, unlike the others, Ezio was active at about the time all this is supposedly going down.

Still though, it's definitely closer than Kratos was in Broken Destiny. Just adding; his appearance in the game is justified due to a glitch in the Animus after Ezio picks up an artifact before he goes off to confront Cesare Borgia. Hence why he appears in a timeframe one century later than he reasonably should.

Another character will have to become Nightmare. Nightmare can't continue to exist as a body for the sword forever; he needs a host, and he needs one now. Alternatively, Nightmare kills Algol and in absorbing him gains the power to exist perpetually on pure willpower, eliminating the need for any character to fall to the Nightmare persona.

I damn sure hope that someone else becomes Nightmare already so things can finally change a bit! Or how about Mitsurugi becomes Nightmare? Since he may be an ancestor of the Mishimas in Tekkenit would make a lot of sense for him to acquire the Devil Gene via Soul Edge, which he then passed on down to his descendants. Jinpachi in particular bears some great resemblance to Soul Edge, what with that demonic eye he can have. Which turns out to be Raphael's body. If it is really Raphael.

They both do look alike, fact; but Project Soul has yet to actually confirm that.

zasalamel ending a relationship

Cassandra and Raphael's stories will remain linked In the transition to SCIII, Cassandra's weapons were cracked from an encounter with the vampire townsfolk Raphael turned, while in the transition to SCIV, she was attacked by Raphael personally and had her shards stolen, seeking out the holy stone. This road could lead to her becoming Raphael's nemesis rather than Soul Edge's, and end in one of two ways for her appearance in SCV's opening or ending: Angol Fear's ending states that "If mankind was the only being on this planet she would had brought judgement without hesitation but there are other numerous lives on this planet that are unswayable by others and live in peace.

Immunity to both Soul Calibur and Soul Edge is what "unswayable" means. Angol Fear hopes they would become sentient and become the new dominant species. Humanity would be destroyed by the Soul Swords. It would leave both swords with no way to affect the planet and maybe even the wise dodo species would destroy them.

This could make them immune to becoming malfested. Holy Roman Emperor Rudolf II also had a collection of stuffed Dodo in his Kunstkammer which was a collection of the three kingdoms animal, vegetable, mineral. Graf Dumas serves this emperor so the Dodo extermination might have started at his reign. The dodo's in the collection were too dangerous to remain alive and Nightmare killed them himself.

To please the Holy Roman Emperor he gave their bodies for his collection. Soul Calibur V Assuming there will be one, where do you speculate the plot and characters will go?

Put your guestimates here. Now that there is, adding bullet points for the answers. Lizardman will return from being a comic relief villain.

His goals make him an Evil Counterpart to Sophitia and gives him and Astaroth a common enemy, possibly giving Astaroth more to do than be Nightmare's The Starscream over and over. Aeon no longer going by Lizardman did manage to bounce back from comic relief status, but since we don't really see what he does storywise, he's more of a threat in gameplay, now that he has two weapons and wings.

Algol will die or become a What If? Tira informs Sophitia that if Soul Edge is to survive along with her children, that it must be fed souls. So Sophitia kills her and feeds her soul to Soul Edge. Alternatively, Sophitia takes Soul Edge herself, allowing it to possess her and becoming like the very being she once fought, bringing the story full circle.

Remember that shard of Soul Edge that was lodged inside Sophitia's body since way back at the end of SE when she fought Cervantes? Yeah, she pulled it out and implanted it into Pyrrha to save her life since she cannot live without the Soul Edgebut ended up dying in the process. Then the poor kid was kidnapped, setting off a domino effect that turned her into quite The Woobie.

Talim somehow takes possession of Soul Calibur, the spirit sword drawn to her pure heart; with its current Knight Templar tendencies, however, she will need to keep it under control. Enter Zasalamel, who becomes her unseen guardian, training her skills and willpower in order to keep either sword from gaining an edge and helping preserve the continuing existence of the human race.

They've both been Put on a Bus.

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A combination of Algol's and Kamikirimusi's ending becomes canon. Algol is able to claim both Soul Edge and Soul Calibur.

zasalamel ending a relationship

Kamikirimusi finds the family she was looking for by by falling in love with his strength. They both elope together, gathering many followers among the youkai and humans. Later, he rules Gensokyo with his bride, Kamikirimusi, from the shadows after the Hakurei barrier is established. Which is hinted at in his SCIV ending as his motivation: Taki, banished from her ninja clan, takes a last name, Hakurei, becoming the first priestess of the Hakurei Shrine.

She does this as the numbers of youkai fall but feels a disconect with the rest of humanity, possibly coming to the conclusion that the only difference between humans and Youkai is power levels. So she flees to a land full of Youkai unable to live with the rest of humanity, creating a position that treats humans and youkai somewhat equally.

Taki traveled to at least Ostrheinsburg, maybe even some of Europe, which explains why the Hakurei miko outfit has western influences such as the skirt and frills. The longer hair and clothes help hide her identity from the Fu-Ma Ninja and allow her to bury her past.

When the Hakurei barrier is created, she goes to the barrier to live with the youkai, keeping them in line. Taki will get her "first Hakurei Miko" costume, Ivy a Nekoromancer costume, Cassandra a cute witch costume, Amy a "Scarlet Devil", and a shop keeper costume for Mitsurugi.

I refuse to comment on these. It's unknown what happens to Rock. Though it would be nice to have Bangoo follow in his footsteps, as Rock's Soul Calibur ending hinted at. Here's how it goes down: Nightmare and Siegfried clash, awakening Algol. Algol takes Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, destroying Nightmare once and for all, and putting Siegfried on the brink of death. Zasalamel tries to use his mystical arts to stop Algol, but is handily defeated by the Hero King because he lacks the power to overcome him.

Kilik then arrives, and both Kilik who has the Rod and Mirror that created Soul Calibur in the first place and Zasalamel ironically work together to purify and defeat Algol, banishing him forever; but in doing so, Inferno and Crystal which is what I am calling Soul Calibur's soul break free of their restraints: Inferno enters Zasalamel's body, turning him into Abyss and using his powers to materialize in our world as Night Terror, while Crystal renters Siegfried's body and turns him into an angelic being called Evangelion, and materializing in our world in an ephemeral form as Logos.

Kilik tries to stop this, but is stopped by Xianghua who fears for his life. This will set up a unique system in the story for the next game, setting up a war between the two swords: The Dark Capital versus the Kingdom of Light. Siegfried and Nightmare do have their showdown, and the clash between Soul Calibur and Soul Edge sends them to Astral Chaos, where in the end, Siegfried prevailed, destroying the Soul Edge.

Because of this, the Soul Calibur wouldn't respond to him anymore, so Siegfried left it and went back to the Schwarzwind. But that wasn't the end of Soul Edge, and its fragments got scattered about again. So, with time, most of Soul Edge was put back together by the malfested i. Maxi will be killed by Nightmare, so that his piece of Soul Edge will be absorbed and Li Long will take his place. Maxi is still alive and well, though the piece of Soul Edge stopped him from aging.

He just didn't succumb to it because Edge Master taught him how to control its dark urges. Li Long, meanwhile, is living with Chie, who is now the head of the Fu-Ma ninja clan, and their son. Yun-seong will realize too late his foolishness, and will die protecting Seong Mi-na, and Hwang will take his place.

Nothing happens to them. They go back to Korea and, since Tokugawa Ieyasu declares peace, there's no more need for the Koreans to fight. After awakening, Night Terror will turn Ostrheinsburg sorry for the misspelling into the real Dark Capital, and consume every soil there including Wolfkrone's entire armyand only those protected by Soul Calibur or spared by Soul Edge will be saved.

The Nightmare we knew is gone. So, no Night Terror here. And Ostrheinsburg is correct. Where Wolfkrone was there's still a wasteland.

Seong Mi-na and Hilde will despair, having lost everything, and will devote their lives as servants of Evangelion and Logos. As said before, Mi-na went back to Korea and stayed there. As for Hilde, she's trying to rebuild Wolfkrone elsewhere. Sophitia realizes that her daughter has already been consumed by Soul Edge and gives her mind over willingly to Soul Edge, like a drunkard drinking to keep from being sober, and becomes a loyal servant.

Read above on Sophitia's fate. Taki tried to stop Siegfried, but was soundly defeated, and watches as her worst nightmires are realized; only through the power of Mekkimarru does she survive, but Mekkimaru is consumed by Night Terror, strengthening it; Yoshimitsu watches as his group of thieves is wiped out when Ostreins-you-know-what-I'm-talking-about becomes the dark capital and has his sword consumed by Soul Edge; he joins up with Taki and the two forge new weapons and pledge to fight both swords.

Taki doesn't get to do anything: Yoshimitsu, in the meantime, goes back to leading the Manjitou, dies one year before the events of SCV and is succeeded by the new Yoshimitsu, which is the one we see in this game. Raphael searches for Siegfried, but he runs into Kilik instead and is purified by the Holy Stone; he and Amy are spared by Night Terror and Soul Calibur, and meet different fates; Raphael joins Soul Calibur, while Amy is forced to join Soul Edge because of her malfestation, and is slowly corrupted by the sword to become its new number two.

There's a potential spoiler on Raphael's fate, because they haven't yet decided what happened to him: What is known is that Raphael is looking for Amy, who had suddenly disappeared assuming you don't believe her to be Viola. Kilik and Xianghua survive due to the power of the Kali-yuga and Dvapara-yuga, but Kilik becomes angry with Xianghua, affecting their relationship; Talim, who was protected by the wind, joins them, and together, they vow to bring balance to the world; Xianghua meets her father and learns of her heritage, including her connection to Xianglian, as will Kilik, and this will help heal their relationship.

The worst that happens between them is that Kilik leaves Xianghua behind only with the Dvapara-Yuga. They Dobut he cannot be in a relationship with her since he's still tainted with the evil of Soul Edge, and must train hard to cleanse himself. So he goes off to the Astral Gates, while Xianghua was placed in an arranged marriage with an army general and had Leixia who, surprise surprise, wears the Dvapara-Yuga as a pendant.

Oh, and that one-night stand would result in Xiba, though apparently only Xianghua knows it. Astaroth is killed by Rock, who also destroyed Ashlotte who was confused by their similarities and attacked Rock ; Rock is spared by Soul Calibur, but doesn't outright join with it, thus escaping its grasp. Astaroth does die, but by Ashlotte's hand.

She retrieved his heart and sent it back to the Fygul Cestemus, that was getting back together. Deciding what to do with it was something different altogether; in the end, Kunpaetku, who came Back from the Deadended up with the heart and made another Astaroth, which is the one that appears in SCV. In fact, the backstory says he made some more, but nothing in the game came of it unless the giants we see tied up in some stages are Kunpaetku's golems too. Cassandra, ticked off with the whole situation, pledges hatred against both blades even though she was saved by Soul Calibur when the Dark Capital was created and joins up with Aeon Calcos who reclaimed his soul and human form when the two spirit swords clashed and pledges to free Sophitia or put her out of her miserywhile Aeon wishes to atone for his sins now that he has regained his humanity.

Cassandra's apparently still lost in Astral Chaos after Sophitia knocked her out cold and left her at Ostrheinsburg. Ivy joins up with Logos to fight Soul Edge; her father, Cervantes, survives, and, because of his connection to the sword, is forced to bow before Soul Edge, but makes plans to reclaim his "property". Ivy has a showdown with Cervantes and kills him as much as you can kill an undead anywayreleasing all the souls he's ever stolen.

At this point, the Astral Chaos opened and he was sucked in. When Soul Edge was shattered, Ivy knew that it was not the end of it, and promptly went back home and hit the books to look for a way to destroy Soul Edge once and for all.

As for Cervantes, he came Back from the Dead when he returned to this world. Usually due to Zasalamel placing a curse on your character, once you're on Path Z, you'll find that your character's health will not always replenish to full after every battle.

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Grand Labyrinth Olcadan's Lair: Usually due to your character having brought limited provisions into the Labyrinth, once you're inside the Grand Labyrinth, you'll find that your character's health will not always replenish to full after every battle. You will have to attack its legs. So once you've defeated Colossus As far as I know, this has no effect on gameplay. If knocked out of the ring, Night Terror will fly back in, and the match will continue, with character positions being reset to initial.

Rather, he will, before each round, randomly select someone else's style to use for that round. Olcadan's repertoire of styles consists of the 23 other playable characters in Tales of Souls: He will not use the pre-match poses, taunts, or win poses from his randomly selected fighting style.

However, Shadow Master's repertoire of styles does not consist of the ToS- playable character styles 23but the Custom Character styles 17 weapon Disciplines instead: However, since Will-o'-the-Wisp always uses the Soul Edge, its repertoire of styles will include only the six character styles that have Soul Edge as the W6: C2 Revenant 2 C3 Zasalamel pre: A Trap r Zasalamel cog 3: Deep in the Labyrinth Olcadan 7: Netherworld 1 G Zasalamel becomes Abyss Netherworld 2 G defeated Zasalamel becomes Abyss Victory defeated Abyss Zasalamel becomes Night Terror The Reckoning defeated Night Terror Place priority on searching for Soul Edge.

Place priority on eliminating those who seek Soul Edge. Chase after the girl. Leave the girl alone and explore the castle. Lakeside Coliseum Defeat all the enemies before time runs out! Water Mill Valley Defeat all the enemies before time runs out!

Lost Cathedral Rock Juggernaut W5 post: Lost Cathedral - Ruin pre: Astaroth acquires the SoulEdge pre-match sequence before this battle, even if he's using it already.

zasalamel ending a relationship

Astaroth will use the acquired SoulEdge during this battle. Old Toledo Defeat the enemy before it consumes you! Trust the man's words and pursue the Azure Knight. His words cannot be trusted. Water Mill Valley Defeat the enemy before time runs out! Leave the man with the scythe alone and continue the journey of soul hunting.

zasalamel ending a relationship

Search for the Azure Knight. Follow the man with the scythe. Valentine Mansion Defeat all the enemies before time runs out! Judge it to be an absurd rumour and ignore it. Find the man in question.

Grand Labyrinth see II. Head for the exit. Move away from the presence. Chaos - Spiritual Realm pre: Secret Money Pit Defeat the enemy before time runs out! Head east by land. Head east by sea. Fuji Yoshimitsu Kastane W3 E8: Fuji Defeat the enemy with special powers before time runs out!

Battle in the Strait see II. Find the man with the scythe in order to remove the curse. Continue to follow the trail of Soul Edge. Just in case, hunt some worthy souls before pursuing the Azure Knight. This is already enough. Pursue the Azure Knight immediately. C2 Assassin 2 C3 Zasalamel pre: G 13,14 C11b Night Terror pre: The Demon Strikes G Astaroth 4: Search for the one who had controlled the skeleton.

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Leave this land at once. Lost Cathedral Raphael Estoc W5 post: Ostrheinsburg Defeat the enemy with special powers before time runs out! Consider the man's words to be a trap. Follow the man's words and head east. Continue searching for Soul Edge. Focus the search on Soul Edge. Focus the search on the Azure Knight. It may be dangerous, but pursue the man with the scythe.

Proving Grounds Defeat the enemy before time runs out! Kunpaetku Shrine Ruin pre: Conclude that it's nothing more than empty boasting.