Dolce flirt kenton ep 20

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dolce flirt kenton ep 20

Album · · 20 Songs. 20 Songs, 53 Minutes . influenced especially by the harmonically sophisticated big-band music of Stan Kenton. in a steamy, controversial sequence in director Federico Fellini's classic La Dolce Vita. In the early '60s, Prado began to flirt with rock & roll dances, adding - EP: Patricia. In Episode one, Ken admits he transferred to Sweet Amoris High School to be with your Candy. In episode three, it is revealed Ken's father is in the military. gym20|pretty woman||d:webob.infoll|comd has9|second-hand belle equipe||d:duvivier|ctxx jud8|p'ep'e le moko||d:duvivier|romt jud9|une carnet de east||d:duigan|ctxx idu21|flirting||d:duigan|romt idu22| wide hell to heaven||d:kenton|dram eak30|the cat creeps||d:kenton| horr.

Whether he actually created the rhythm is somewhat disputed, but it's abundantly clear that Prado developed it into a bright, swinging style with massive appeal for dancers of all backgrounds and classes. Prado's mambo was filled with piercing high-register trumpets, undulating saxophone counterpoint, atmospheric organ later onand harmonic ideas borrowed from jazz. While his tight percussion arrangements allowed for little improvisation, they were dense and sharply focused, keeping the underlying syncopations easy for dancers to follow.

Prado played the piano, but was often more in his element as the focal point of the audience's excitement; he leaped, kicked, danced, shouted, grunted, and exhorted his musicians with a dynamic stage presence that put many more sedate conductors and bandleaders to shame.

With this blueprint, Prado brought mambo all the way into the pop mainstream, inspiring countless imitators and scoring two number one singles on the pop charts albeit in a smoother vein than the fare that first made his name as the fad snowballed. He was a star throughout most of the Western Hemisphere during the '50s, and even after his popularity waned in the United States, he remained a widely respected figure in many Latin countries, especially his adopted home of Mexico.

Prado is often best remembered for his softer, more commercial work, which has an undeniable kitschiness that plays well with modern-day lounge-revival hipsters.

Unfortunately, that has served to obscure his very real credentials in the realm of authentic, unadulterated Latin dance music, and to this day he remains somewhat underappreciated. According to custom, he carried both his father's and mother's last name; his earliest recordings were issued under the name D.

Starting in childhood, Prado studied classical piano, and by the time he finished school, he was good enough to play piano and organ professionally in local clubs and movie theaters. He moved to Havana around and freelanced for a number of smaller orchestras over the next year or so.

Chiefly a pianist at this point, he also landed an arranging job with Gapar Roca de la Peer, which sometimes supplied material to the highly popular Orquesta Casino de la Playa. The orchestra's lead vocalist, Cascarita, liked Prado's work, and soon they hired him as arranger and pianist.

This was the early platform Prado needed to develop his own arranging style, and after-hours jam sessions around Havana were already influencing his rhythmic concepts. Seeking to bring more excitement into the well-established rumba rhythm, Prado began to experiment with the hard swing of American jazz, influenced especially by the harmonically sophisticated big-band music of Stan Kenton.

He also sought to build new Afro-Cuban-derived rhythms, including a pattern that was dubbed the mambo, whose early forms were traced back to Arsenio Rodriguez and Orestes Lopez.

Prado's innovations were greeted with outright hostility from Cuba's conservative musical establishment, which resisted the incursion of jazz on their native music.

No longer able to find arranging work, he left Cuba in to try his luck in Puerto Rico. He eventually joined a touring group that swung through Argentina, Venezuela, Panama, and Mexico, and emerged as their star attraction.

Inhe relocated to Mexico City and set about putting together his own orchestra, which featured a core membership of Cuban expatriates. InRCA reissued it in the U. OverPrado released numerous singles in Mexico; most of them were titled in tribute to a broad range of social classes and occupations, which helped make them wildly popular. Additionally, Prado appeared in several Mexican films, generally playing himself and spotlighting his stage act.

The early '50s were a busy time for Prado, who mounted a number of international tours as the mambo sound spread like wildfire. In Peru, Catholic authorities threatened to deny absolution for anyone who participated in mambo dancing, to little discernible effect.

The tour was a smashing success, however, especially on the West Coast, and RCA started releasing his records on their main RCA Victor imprint, rather than consigning them to a specialty subsidiary. Kentin is a friend of your Candy. In episode three, it is revealed Ken's father is in the military.

He came to transfer Ken out of Sweet Amoris after hearing Amber and her friends were bullying him, and enrolls him into a military boot camp instead. He comes back at the end of Episode 12, looking completely different to his old self.

It is revealed in Episode 13 that he is the one who kissed Amber.

Contents [ show ] About Ken was in the gardening club before leaving military school. Throughout the military experience, one of Ken's traits never changed: He still loves cookies.

dolce flirt kenton ep 20

Ken at the beginning was afraid of Castiel, even if he didn't want to admit it. In Episode 13, he claims Castiel "is a wimp" compared to himself, but when Alexy tells Kentin that Castiel is behind him, Kentin gets so scared he almost falls. In Episode 18, when Kentin goes into a classroom and finds Castiel in there, he does a turn in the other direction and leaves. In Episode 14, he reveals he can play the flute, but not the guitar, since his father thinks it's for "delinquents" which he says is true when he sees Castiel.

In Episode 17, he reveals he may still be slightly obsessed with you or at the least still see you romantically. Ken's gift to you In Episode 18, if your Candy choose the right outfit for your date with Kentin, after you get the illustration, it'll be revealed that he hasn't had his first real kiss excluding the one from Amber, since it was a revenge kiss.

It can obviously be assumed that he wants the kiss to be with your Candy. Throughout the game prior to the point where Ken returns, he'll sometimes daydream whenever he has time, it'll be mostly likely about your Candy being his girlfriend. Once or twice he will unknowingly react or move, believing that it is all a part of his daydream, and not reality.

He was one of the few characters who weren't redrawn inand so his art style is noticeably different compared to the rest of the characters, having a bold layout. One of his most noticeable accessories are his glasses. His hair is brown and is in the style of a bowl cut, and he has freckles scattered across his cheeks and nose.

Ken's pose is always with his arms open to Candy, as if preparing for a hug. He shows the most variety of facial emotions spanning from rivers of tears coming from under his glasses to large hearts showing up on his glasses. He has four expressions in total. When he comes back from military school, he appears very different.

He's more muscular and has windblown brown hair that seems to stick out a bit. He grew several inches taller and appears to lean slightly to one side. He no longer has a constant smile upon his face.

Instead of the thick glasses, he wears contacts that reveal his green eyes. He wears an open button up white shirt with a black muscle shirt underneath. From being in the military, he has dark green cargo pants and a dogtag necklace.

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He also wears black fingerless gloves. Personality Ken in the Amour Sucre anime.

dolce flirt kenton ep 20

Ken has a sweet and caring personality. He is in love with your Candy and has no trouble showing his affection. He offers your Candy cookies all the time and is willing to help her out and lend her money.