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Ascended Masters comprise what is known as the “Spiritual Hierarchy of Earth” For example, an Ascended Master could sit in a blast furnace without being. TOPICS: The concepts of love and time - Control games cannot be sustained over time - Releasing Ruby Ray love - Control games in relationships - Time is an. It is our joy to bring Ascended Master Andua's voice and wisdom to your spirit Without it the connection to self becomes as thin as a thread and it does not take .

Remember that, while we now look at the theme of love relationships. When you fall in love with another person, there is often an intense experience of delight at the beginning of the relationship. It seems as if something gets torn wide open within you, something that was long hidden and can be only unlocked by the look of that other.

Your passion and your enthusiasm for life return, you feel seen and loved, and you are going to experience your own depth — the wonder of you. That is what you experience in infatuation. And although it seems to be about the other, it is really about you, what the other evokes within you, which is delicious, a miracle!

You seem to become awake only then and to feel how much you have to give and how much you can be loved. At that moment, people usually become intoxicated with the awe and wonder of this infatuation they experience, and they blindly attach themselves to the one who awakened this feeling within them. Then begins a struggle with the other. You will want to possess the part of them that makes you feel so good.

And the other often does the same with you, and you both become immensely confused by this tug-of-war. In this way, the highest that you can give each other eventually calls up the lowest, namely jealousy, dependency, and power struggles.

This is an extremely painful fall that almost everyone has experienced in their life. How does this fall happen? There are two parts within you. From that heart-crystal I described, there is a love in you that can see the other exactly as he or she is, and can experience the beauty that is there. From this space in your heart, you can enter into an equal and balanced connection with each other, in which you acknowledge the divine in each other and in which you also do not lose sight of the human in each other.

You grant the other their pain, mistrusts, disappointments, and resistance. But from your belly there is another energy at work, something that can be a very strong, disruptive force in infatuation. I call this energy the neglected inner child, who carries a very strong and deep pain within that goes back to that original cosmic birthing pain of leaving the Father-Mother-God oneness.

This child also awakens as you fall in love, and this child has many emotions that can obscure your heart. However, the child in you, who is in pain and crying out for the attention, love, and recognition it has missed for so long, may be tempted to take a kind of stranglehold on the partner; it wants to hold on at all costs in order to get for itself what it lacks.

In this way, the child and the heart-crystal can end up on two opposing sides. What at first seemed to be very beautiful, turns into a destructive relationship where you are going to fight with each other and enter into a battle that nobody wants, but that happens anyway. At the time the magic threatens to disappear, you may become desperate. At all costs, you want to cling to your partner, because you once felt a sense of absolute love with that person. You are going to fight to hold on to them, and your oldest pains, your emotions of anger, fear of abandonment, hatred even, can come into play.

It is very difficult to let go of the other person even then, because you will be driven by a reminder of how good it was when all was in harmony. It is very important that, at this stage, you know how to let go. The moment you feel your relationship going into a downward spiral, and you are going to accuse and blame each other, is the time to step back. You can injure each other so badly, precisely because you have touched each other so deeply, and that pain is hard to heal.

So dare to take a step back when you feel that you are spinning out of control, that you are being swept away by emotions that prevent you from approaching your partner with an open heart. You may sense a deep fear of being abandoned, or just the opposite: There can be other emotions such as anger or jealousy, but what is important is that you notice how the most intense emotions aremore about you than about the relationship.

The relationship triggered the emotions, but they themselves stem from deeper causes. What matters now is that you turn toward the hurt and neglected child within, who is the real cause of your emotional imbalance. And you, too, are not responsible for the inner child of your partner. Making someone else responsible for your pain and expecting them to heal it leads to enormous confusion in relationships.

So, how can you see when the relationship, which was initially a loving bond, is going wrong and is getting unbalanced? Actually, there are clear signs, and one of the ways you can find out is by symbolically doing an exercise with your inner child. Imagine you stand opposite your partner at this moment. Or take someone who is very important for you, if you currently have no partner, and allow your inner child to stand to your left.

Simply imagine yourself as a child somewhere under the age of ten, and stand with that child to your left opposite your partner. Now see how the child responds to your beloved.

Look at the first reaction of that child. What did you find so irresistible? What touched your heart, what fascinated you? Can the child still feel that love? In a healing relationship, that unique quality is still very much present. The ascended master Saint Germain has been releasing the ancient teachings in a more modern and simplified form, as can be found in the books of Peter Mt. Shasta, which show how the Masters can work with those who have an open heart and the desire to benefit humanity.

Germain and Kuthumias well as dozens of others. Truly the Great Ascended Masters are Gods. It is no wonder in the mythology of the ancients that their activities have been brought down to us in the guise of myth and fable. They wield Tremendous God Power at all times because they hold with unwavering determination to the Great God Presence and hence all Power is given unto them for they are All-Perfection. When Jesus said, 'All these things I have done, ye shall do and even greater things shall ye do,' he knew whereof he spoke," continued Saint Germain.

Master Jesus Jesus is one of the Masters of the Ancient Wisdom in Theosophy and is one of the Ascended masters also collectively called the Great White Brotherhood ; with white being in reference to the light in the Ascended Master Teachings, a group of religions based on Theosophy. According to Alice A. Sanat Kumara According to the post publications of Theosophy specifically, the writings of Charles W.

LeadbeaterAlice A. It is believed by these authors that he is the founder of the Great White Brotherhood, which is composed of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom Fifth InitiationAscended Masters Sixth InitiationChohans and Bodhisattvas Seventh InitiationBuddhas Eighth Initiationand highly spiritually-evolved volunteers from other worlds, who have all joined together to advance spiritual evolution on Earth.

Leadbeater wrote that Sanat Kumara was the "King" or Lord of the World, and the head of the Great White Brotherhood of Mahatmas who had revealed the principles of theosophy. He is usually depicted as having the appearance of a year-old boy.

The concepts of love and time

Comparison with Masters of Wisdom[ edit ] There is considerable difference between the concept of Masters of the Ancient Wisdom in Theosophy as described by Blavatsky, OlcottSinnettand others and the current concept of Ascended Masters, developed by Guy Ballard and Elizabeth Clare Prophet fifty-five years after the Theosophical Society was founded. They added more than new "Ascended Masters" that they claimed to receive dictations from in addition to receiving dictations from the original Masters of the Ancient Wisdom of Theosophy.

The original teaching, channeled by Guy Ballard, was that a new Ascended Master would not die but would take the body up with him. This teaching of ascension is in direct opposition to the Theosophical teachings. There was but one hysterical woman alleged to have been present at the pretended ascension, and The Masters of the Wisdom are not like the Ascended ones, who are said to become Godlike, all-powerful beings beyond the laws of nature.

ascended master for relationship

In their teachings, the Theosophical Masters even denied that such beings exist. If we had the powers of the imaginary Personal God, and the universal and immutable laws were but toys to play with, then indeed might we have created conditions that would have turned this earth into an Arcadia for lofty souls.

Proponents of the Ascended Masters sometimes attempt to account for these discrepancies by claiming that when the Theosophical Society TS was founded most of the Theosophical Mahatmas were still "unascended Masters". This leaves room to detach the Ascended Masters from the limitations.

However, the Mahatma K.

ascended master for relationship

The more spiritual the Adept becomes, the less can he meddle with mundane, gross affairs and the more he has to confine himself to a spiritual work The very high Adepts, therefore, do help humanity, but only spiritually: Theosophy teaches that the psychological ego is false, that the idea that we are this body, emotions, and mind is a mistake of perception and the source of sorrow.

It says that real happiness comes only as an unsought by-product of reducing rather than increasing our attachment and identification with the personal. Blavatsky wrote that "Occultism is not. In a letter Blavatsky explained: The Masters would not stoop for one moment to give a thought to individual, private matters relating but to one or even ten persons, their welfare, woes and blisses in this world of Maya [illusion], to nothing except questions of really universal importance.

It is all you Theosophists who have dragged down in your minds the ideals of our Masters; you who have unconsciously and with the best of intentions and full sincerity of good purpose, desecrated Them, by thinking for one moment, and believing that They would trouble Themselves with your business matters, sons to be born, daughters to be married, houses to be built, The Ascended Masters Teachings teach ways to attract material or emotional possessions to a person's life, and also how to dissolve unpleasant karma, a conception that the Theosophical Mahatmas emphatically opposed.

In contrast, Mahatma M. There comes that point where the control games of both people start kicking in. Sometimes, you see that, after the honeymoon is over, two people can instantly shift into the control game and the feeling of being in love is gone. In other cases, it takes longer because their control games might be more subtle.

It may also be that two people can live together for a lifetime in what, from an outer perspective, seems to be complete harmony, but it is because they are both satisfied with the control game they are playing.

They each feel they have control over the other partner, and they are willing to give up some of their own control so that the partner may have his or her need for control fulfilled. Therefore, they can live together in harmony for forty or fifty years, but are they growing? Are they transcending their control games?

Do people benefit from living together for an entire lifetime by being locked in a control game? Well, that depends on what you mean by benefit. If you look at their cosmic spiritual growth, they do not benefit for they only reinforce the control game. Then they come back in their next lifetime and they find each other again, and they again reinforce the control game.

In past ages you would see these people who had been together lifetime after lifetime after lifetime being locked in the same control games. For sometimes hundreds of years, they would hardly move up one step on the ladder of the levels of consciousness.

They were instead reinforcing each other in staying at the same level and the need for control.

ascended master for relationship

Releasing Ruby Ray love Then, the ascended masters who oversee the evolutions of earth took council, and they saw this particular problem and said: They came to us, the God and Goddess of Love. We are not the God and Goddess of Love specifically or exclusively for planet earth, but for a much larger system that goes beyond the physical universe in which you live. The solution was that we released more of a certain quality of love.

Love has many qualities, one of which is a very intense love that in color would be close to what you call ruby. It has the effect of disturbing anything that is static. It can consume that which refuses to change. It stirs up, it burns, it intensifies. By releasing this quality of Ruby Ray fiery love, people's control games were challenged to the point where they could not maintain their control games in the same way as before.

They would have to either act out the control game in a more and more extreme form, or they would have to transcend it. Of course, many have gone into this spiral of acting out their control games in ever more intense forms, and that is why you can go back a hundred years and see that the divorce rate was much lower back then than it is today.

It is because people cannot stay locked in a control game for a lifetime. There comes a point where they cannot maintain their ability to live together in the same household.

The conflict becomes too intense, and it cannot bridge the opposite polarities, it cannot balance them. They cannot maintain the static matrix of their relationship that in previous incarnations would have allowed them to live together for an entire lifetime. You may ask if this an interference with free will, but it is not, because a critical mass of people have been willing to make an effort to move beyond their control games, and this has made this intercession possible.

Many of you will know that you have had more than one relationship in this lifetime. Many of you have experienced that these relationships were very intense and that you could not maintain the relationship for very long.

The reason for this is that you are the courageous ones who have said: Control games in relationships My beloved, look at what is happening not only to the divorce rate itself but to the intensity of the conflict between those who do divorce. Look at how many times there is an intense conflict that leads to both people hating each other, maybe for the rest of this lifetime. You, who are the spiritual people and who have said: When you have an intense relationship that ends, the explanation is that the relationship contained a control game.

In the vast majority of cases both partners have control games they are playing. Your partner may not be one of those who said: You are not responsible for the ascension of your ex-partner.

You are responsible for your own ascension—if it is your goal to ascend after this lifetime. That is why I say to you: Acknowledge that any intense relationship that ends in conflict exposes a control game in you! It does not matter what control game your ex-partner had or has or is still outplaying.

What matters is that, if you want to win your ascension, you need to transcend your control game. That is the only thing that will set you free from that relationship. Not only with that particular partner but potentially with many other people who are at the same level of consciousness and have the same control game. In many cases you will see family members — maybe even friends, co-workers, or bosses — who have that same control game.

You attract people with that control game. This is not to say that their control game is the same as yours, but there is usually an aggressive and a passive control game. Many of you, who are spiritual people, tend to be in the passive control game, and you have attracted partners to you who may not be spiritual and who are in an active control game that is the opposite polarity of yours. Again, it is not really your concern and your responsibility what your ex-partner does.

Your responsibility is yourself, to transcend your control game, and the control game relates to this desire to maintain a certain state over time. There are many individual control games. I cannot list them all in a dictation like this, but we will continue to give teachings on this, as we have already given magnificent teachings in the book by Paul the Venetian.

You can also look at the worldly psychology on relationships, and you will find good teachings on these control games. What I wish to give you in this dictation is the awareness that behind all control games, and the specific form they take, is the desire to maintain a certain state on earth over time. Time is an illusion of the separate self Why do I continue to say "over time?

What we have called the Conscious You, as the formless aspect of your lower being, lives in the eternal now.

Love Relationships | The Ascended Masters

The eternal now is what we have called the River of Life where you are constantly flowing from moment to moment. When you are flowing with the River of Life, there is no need to maintain a certain form over time, for you recognize that any form is an image projected onto the matter light. When you are in the flow of the River of Life, you know it is not necessary to maintain a love relationship in a certain form over time. You know that in a true love relationship, you are both transcending yourselves.

You are willing to let the specific form that your relationship has right now die so that your relationship, your love, can be reborn in the next moment, and perhaps be reborn in a higher form than before. Perhaps it is even reborn in a form that you could not imagine or envision with your outer mind. You trust that when you surrender to the flow of love, you will not lose, you will not end up with nothing, you will end up with a higher matrix of love.

This is the highest potential. Artificial conflict between men and women In contrast to this potential is the entire common view of relationships, not created by Hollywood but certainly in this age reinforced by Hollywood. Well then, who created the common view of relationships? The fallen beings did. They knew that, for life to reach its highest potential, men and women must come together in a true spiritual polarity where a relationship does not become stagnant but the source of continued growth and self-transcendence.

They wanted to disturb that natural state by creating a conflict between men and women. This they have attempted to do in a multitude of ways. I put forth to those who are ready to hear this that some of you, who are in embodiment, have in your Divine plans to expose this manipulation, this deliberate sabotage of male and female relationships, and bring a higher awareness of relationships in the Golden Age.

This will not all come through this or any messenger but through many sources, from backgrounds in psychology, counselling or healing. I simply release an impetus of the ruby fire to stir the memory in those who have it in their divine plans to bring forth this higher awareness, not only of the sabotaging of male-female relationships but of the potential for a higher form of relationships in the Aquarian Age.

Truly, so much has been done. Look at the Bible, how encoded in Genesis are the matrices of the fallen beings to create a conflict, an unresolvable conflict, between men and women by blaming women for the fall of men.

ascended master for relationship

What but the fallen mind could conceive of such a construction? Then, look at how the Bible in many other ways has institutionalized the suppression of women. Look at how other religions have done the same, even Eastern religions. Look at how this has continued up to the modern day where you see the common dream that, if you just meet the right person, then you will live happily ever after.