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Here's a collection of the best farewell quotes and sayings - from the funny to the And meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are. Lorena Bobbitt famously sliced off her husband's penis in with a . Back on screens: Bobbitt is pictured right on a special 'Where Are They Now . Solar if You Live Near PhelanEnergy Bill Cruncher Solar Quotes .. she heads to a meeting in Los Angeles Momager stepped out with daughter's double. Next month marks the 16th anniversary of an incident that rocked the nation, sparking two trials and countless late-night jokes: Lorena Bobbitt's.

I want to hear the real reason why she did it.

An Affair to Dismember: John Wayne Bobbitt's Penis at 25

A lot of people wonder, does everything still work? The severed organ was found and reattached. He talks very candidly about that. When you put a woman in a room and a man in a room and she's cut off his manhood, you can bet that there are sparks. It was her -- Lorena is so angry at him. She says that he drove her crazy, literally. And they both really were thankful that we had done it.

The Unkindest Cut: A Look Back at the Lorena Bobbitt Trial

Lorena cut off more than half of John Wayne Bobbitt's penis as he slept on June 23,after he had returned drunk from a night of partying and allegedly raped her. He was tried and acquitted of the spousal rape charge in After assaulting her husband, Lorena left the apartment, with the severed penis. After driving a short while, she rolled down the car window and threw it into a field.

Realizing the severity of the incident, she stopped and called After an exhaustive search, the penis was located, packed in ice, and brought to the hospital where John was.

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The penis was re-attached during a nine-and-a-half hour operation. Lorena was taken into custody. The defense argued that Lorena had been so traumatized by abuse that she acted irrationally but not maliciously.

The trial and its outcome seemed to provide metaphorical fuel for ever-present issues regarding gender. Although he had not technically been castrated, John Wayne was certainly emasculated, and in a rather horrific way—punishment, some believed, for his deplorable behavior. In defacing his manhood, Lorena seemed to become emblematic of what some women felt like doing to spousal abusers. Lorena fielded book, movie, and interview offers but largely stayed out of the spotlight, reverting to her maiden name and trying to disappear.

She was also sentenced to a day psychiatric evaluation to make sure she presented no danger to the public. It was John Wayne who perpetuated his own celebrity, turning what was a gruesome assault into a story worth monetizing.

An Affair to Dismember: John Wayne Bobbitt's Penis at 25 | Mental Floss

He urinated with use of a catheter for two months following the procedure. A kind of pornographic biopic, Bobbitt played himself, reenacting the attack and then proving his restored sexual abilities by engaging in sexual acts with a succession of actresses.

Having exhausted his potential in pornography, Bobbitt and his penis sought other venues. First, he tried his hand at stand-up comedy. At the Ranch, Bobbitt introduced himself to men waiting for prostitutes and sometimes indulged their request to have him drop his pants for a look. Here, too, Bobbitt seemed to fail in realizing his potential, refusing to be a target for a knife-thrower or learn the art of hammering nails into his nose.

He also appeared to have learned little from the consequences of his boorish behavior. Inhe was jailed for pushing a girlfriend into a wall.

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Inhe was arrested and charged with battery in relation to an incident involving his new wife, Joanna Ferrell, the third such allegation during their now-defunct marriage.

He was later acquitted. Currently, Bobbitt has settled in Niagara Falls and works as a limo driver and carpenter. The man would not have an opportunity for a Bobbitt-esque reattachment and subsequent victory lap. She pulverized the penis in their garbage disposal.