Channel 2 news denver past anchors for meet

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channel 2 news denver past anchors for meet

On Sunday, August 12, 9News weekend morning anchor and reporter off for the last time at the station where she's worked for the past eleven years. African -American personality on local TV news over the past several years. . and began anchoring the Saturday morning newscast on Channel 2. Veteran TV-news anchor Mike Landess, leaving Channel 2 at the end of in Denver, which included a Colorado visit from Pope John Paul II. . I always tell college kids, “I'm the only anchor you'll ever meet in life . Ware-ing it out: Former Denver Broncos star dazzles on “Dancing with the Stars” premiere. At the network level, this is most obvious in Fox News's stringent, and “You've got to wear your skirts short and your heels high,” former Fox News anchor Diane Denver's NBC affiliate, suggested she help the station's on-air talent Like most image coaches, Shyne meets with her clients regularly and.

It was a fun moment.

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When that happens, you feel so worried and emotional, but you have to be professional on the air and let people know what's happening. I had to drop them off at daycare and then go to the theater later that morning.

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There were so many people in a daze and things that were so heartbreaking that we had to filter through in order to figure out how to cover a story like that. We didn't put a lot of those images on the air, because we determined that people don't need to see every bloody detail. But we have to see those things ourselves so we can decide. We meet people on the worst day of their lives a lot of times, and it's hard not to absorb that — and I do absorb it.

channel 2 news denver past anchors for meet

But that makes me feel more deeply about a story and more determined to get it right. Facebook At this point, Thomas is keeping her employment options open.

Those skills are invaluable in a job like mine. But I'm going to take my time and enjoy being a mom for a minute, because my kids have never had a school year where I was there when they woke up.

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So before I jump back in, I'm going into mom mode. And after that, I'll be back on TV — just in a different time zone. And in Thomas's view, that's a shame.

channel 2 news denver past anchors for meet

The African-American population isn't that big here, but no matter how small a population it might be, seeing someone who looks like you on TV makes you feel like you can be the way they are.

I remember meeting a little girl at a gala, and her mom said, 'She's so excited to meet you. Every time she sees you on TV, she stops and looks.

Additionally, the prospect of KWGN as a multi-market Fox affiliate was unattractive, since most of the smaller markets in its vast cable footprint had enough stations to provide Fox affiliates at the outset. The affiliation instead went to KDVR. Inthe station altered its longstanding "Denver's 2" branding to "Denver's WB2," to reflect its network affiliation; the "WB2" branding continued to be used in some form for the remainder of KWGN's tenure with the network.

In preparation for the affiliation switch, the station retitled its newscasts from WB 2 News to News 2 on August 14, On July 7,KWGN removed references to its CW affiliation from its branding in both station promotions and its on-air logo, as part of a decision by Tribune Broadcasting to de-emphasize the network brand from its CW-affiliated stations as a result of the network's relatively weak ratings, choosing to reposition them as more "local" stations; KWGN began referring to itself simply as "2," featuring the CW branding era's "2" logotype within a solid circle logo.

channel 2 news denver past anchors for meet

Although it was the longer-established of the two stations, KWGN served as the junior partner in the virtual duopoly. As a result, the station would migrate its operations into KDVR's studio facility on Speer Boulevard in downtown Denver based at the same location where KWGN's original studios were located during the station's first 30 years on the air.

The move resulted in both stations combining their news departments and sharing certain syndicated programming.

On March 30,KWGN changed its on-air branding once again to "2 the Deuce," in an attempt to appeal to younger viewers and become more involved in local issues.

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On March 1,the locally produced talk show Everyday with Libby and Natalie which debuted in was renamed as simply Everyday and moved to KWGN from KDVR effectively changing timeslots as a result moving from late afternoons to late mornings with the program's station switch ; Libby Weaver co-hosted the program with Natalie Tysdal until June 1,after which Weaver was replaced by Chris Parente. The following month, the station changed its website domain from 2thedeuce.

That fall, the station dropped Live! On July 22,KWGN debuted a new on-air appearance and branding becoming known as "Colorado's Own Channel 2," resembling the former "Denver's 2" identity from the s and early sas well as reformatting its local news programming to a more traditional format.

Department of Justice's Antitrust Division.

channel 2 news denver past anchors for meet

Tribune also filed a breach of contract lawsuit in the Delaware Chancery Courtalleging that Sinclair engaged in protracted negotiations with the FCC and the U.

Department of Justice's Antitrust Division over regulatory issues, refused to sell stations in markets where it already had properties, and proposed divestitures to parties with ties to Sinclair executive chair David D.