How to forgive yourself for staying in a bad relationship

Getting Back to Loving You: Forgiving Yourself For Putting Up With A Bad Relationship | MadameNoire

how to forgive yourself for staying in a bad relationship

Sep 17, Before we jump into this article, I want you to give yourself a pat on the Forgive yourself — it's OK. feelings that can be left behind as a result of a bad relationship. Four Expert-Approved Ways To Stay Active This Winter. Feb 21, When you get out of a bad relationship, in addition to forgiving the person I had to learn that instead of being angry with myself for staying as. Oct 24, When one is in a toxic relationship you don't see how bad it is. You don't see how much it hurts. You grow numb to the pain. You dismiss the.

But over time the combination of you two becomes toxic. You grow numb to the pain. You dismiss the bad parts while clinging to the good parts that act as a highlight reel.

Whatever it is, they take it out on you.

how to forgive yourself for staying in a bad relationship

But the emotional toll it has on someone to constantly be treated poorly, impacts every relationship you have afterward. To end a toxic relationship is hard in itself but to recover from one is where the real challenge begins.

You suddenly become skeptical of everyone. Someone shows you their best and you expect the worst. You associate relationships with control and not something mutual where you meet halfway.

how to forgive yourself for staying in a bad relationship

What you learn to is yourself through their eyes. A negative stream of blows they turn into self-destruction. They are constantly striving to be good enough but when your best was never enough you learned to point at yourself and not other.

Getting Back to Loving You: Forgiving Yourself For Putting Up With A Bad Relationship

Because in toxic relationships you learned kindness came with strings attached. Favors came with ownership. Gifts were used a blackmail and manipulation.

You are never your own person but rather an extension of someone else.

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Through that, you fail learning your own identity thinking all you are good for is what you can do for someone else. Do let go and leave the past behind you It will be tempting to remember the mistakes you made and that your partner made.

You will likely also remember the wonderful times you had together. You have to let go at some point in order to move forward. But, the truth is that you have complete power over the most important part of the whole situation — you and the way you choose to think.

Why It’s So Hard To Forgive Yourself And Trust Again After A Toxic Relationship

It may not be as easy as flicking a switch, but you will be a whole lot happier if you make the effort to change your perspective. Do not be an elephant Elephants are said to have big memories for lots of little details. If you hash and rehash all of the things he or she did wrong, you will stay stuck in the mud, so to speak. Do not be a hermit Yes, you probably need time to lick your wounds and regain your strength.

But cutting yourself off from the world only increases your feeling of loneliness.

How to grieve, forgive, and move on after a failed relationship

Spending time with your friends helps you to focus on things other than your pain. Besides, having some fun will lighten your mood and improve your attitude.

how to forgive yourself for staying in a bad relationship

If you decide to do that, you should be very clear to both yourself and the other person that you are not ready for a new relationship. You just want to have some fun. Do not jump into another relationship too soon It may be very tempting to quickly replace your lost lover with a new warm body. But the odds are that you are not ready to be a good partner yet.

It takes time to process the grief and take stock of what you really need to have in a happy, healthy relationship. You may even need to work on a few things yourself. The biggest risk in moving into a new relationship too quickly is that you may find yourself in another relationship that does not work. When you want to have a relationship so badly, it is easy to overlook all of the red flags.

Do not hold on to anger When you have been hurt, it is very tempting to hold on to the anger. You might be mad at the other person for all he or she did, or at yourself for letting it happen. However, anger does have benefits.

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But the key here is to release those feelings. Releasing anger is like throwing off the old, tattered, winter coat and embracing the spring sunshine. Holding on to them and keeping the caldron churning blocks you from seeing a bright new future.