Police using tasers for wrong reasons to be in a relationship

Police Taser their own black race relations adviser after mistaking him for wanted man

police using tasers for wrong reasons to be in a relationship

Oct 21, The reason police were pursuing him was that he had taken two "What we are saying", he argued, "is that it's ok to use the Taser if you run. Jun 29, “Legs straight out or you're getting tased,” the police officer can be heard fired the Taser appeared overzealous and decrying the use of a stun gun characterizes a productive relationship between communities and law. Learn when officers can use Tasers, and when a "tased" suspect has a potential lawsuit. Police officers are, of course, allowed to use reasonable force when Even when the crime is minor, it might be okay to use a taser on a hostile . and no attorney-client or confidential relationship is or will be formed by use of the site .

The reason police were pursuing him was that he had taken two packets of biscuits from a convenience store.

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A two-week inquest into the year-old's death has just wrapped up, with Coroner Mary Jerram due to hand down her findings on November Those findings will not establish that Taser was the cause of Curti's death. None of the four medical experts called as witnesses to the inquest was of the opinion that the Taser was directly or solely responsible for Curti's death, though they did agree it was a likely contributing factor. It is also unlikely any criminal charges will be brought against any of the officers involved in the final confrontation with Curti.

Gormly though did describe certain uses of the Taser as 'ungoverned', 'unjustified' and 'excessive', and in that regard there are likely to be changes to standard operating procedures and training, in particular with regard to use of the weapon in drive-stun mode.

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Drive-stun mode is when the Taser is pressed directly onto the skin, causing pain rather than an electric shock. Roberto Laudisio Curti was drive-stunned seven times as he lay handcuffed on the ground with what one officer called 'half a tonne' of police on him.

Taser download records indicate that in the space of a one-and-a-half minute period, drive-stunning was taking place for 51 seconds.

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The officers who carried out the drive-stunning said it was in line with their understanding of the standard operating procedures and training. A senior trainer agreed with them. They denied that Curti had not been given enough time to recover from each application of the stun gun, and rejected suggestions they were in essence punishing him for not complying.

The Counsel Assisting the Corner Jeremy Gormly SC was clear that he considered as wrong any use of the Taser as a mechanism to cause pain or compliance, rather than to protect life or limb. Given that it was a PC who carried out five of the Taser applications while Curti was on the ground, the Coroner could recommend that it is always the most senior officer who carries the stun gun. Lawyers for the NSW police have raised logistical concerns about such a rule ever being imposed.

The police have however already flagged some changes. Officers from the top down spent two weeks arguing that their each and every use of the Taser on Roberto Laudisio Curti was justified. Yet in what was almost an about face, on the very last day of the inquest, their senior legal representative Bruce Hodgkinson SC told the court procedures were already being changed to reflect issues raised in court.

Hodgkinson spoke of the clear need for certain terms to be clarified, and for more direction to be given to officers about Taser use, particularly in drive-stun mode. Will those changes suffice? Given the testimony of junior and senior officers, who refused to concede that they had taken a step wrong, it is hard to have too much confidence in just how fundamental any changes to procedures and training are likely to be.

police using tasers for wrong reasons to be in a relationship

Many of the concerns Bruce Barbour raised in that comprehensive document were factors in the Roberto Laudisio Curti case. My second truth is that modern police services are desperately short of sufficient personnel and money to do their job properly.

Police budgets are tight and getting tighter. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms makes it a lot more time-consuming for cops to process a case in -- up to 10 times as long -- than it was a quarter of a century ago.

Every restriction imposed on police increases costs and time consumed. Deploying cameras in conjunction with Tasers is no exception.

Former Supreme Court Judge Frank Iacobucci brought down a report last week filled with 84 recommendations that would lead to much improved interaction between the Toronto Police Service and those he calls "people in crisis" -- be they emotionally disturbed, mentally disturbed or cognitively impaired. These are people who should be receiving adequate treatment for their disabilities, but they're not.

police using tasers for wrong reasons to be in a relationship

Iacobucci has issued a vast array of prescriptions for not just the police, but for governments and other public institutions that must better help the police do their job. As for the police themselves, his recommendations are designed to upgrade their social worker skills and attitudes, including improved recruitment, training, coordination among the police and healthcare communities It's a good list, but it's a list that will require still greater investment of time and money in our police services.

That includes the judge's recommendation that the Toronto Police Service consider a pilot project to equip more line officers with Tasers. One must remember that while Iacobucci was clear that his report was not a commentary on particular past incidents, it was commissioned by TPS Police Chief Bill Blair after the death a year ago of Sammy Yatim.

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Yatim was a disturbed man brandishing a knife on an otherwise vacant streetcar. He was gunned down by an officer now facing a charge of second-degree murder.

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Iacobucci clearly believes that the carefully restricted use of Tasers could lessen the chances of lethal outcomes in these kinds of clashes, but he wants to see the experiment monitored closely to see whether he's right. I have argued in favour of cameras in conjunction with Taser use many times. A study conducted by police in Rialto, California demonstrated the number of complaints against police officers in the city plummeted by 88 percent the year after body cameras started being used.

The use of force by police dropped by 59 per cent.