Pua relationship rules for men

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pua relationship rules for men

A lot of guys email me for relationship advice, where they banged the . After reading about “game” it wasn't that I needed to be a PUA in the. Some girls will create drama just to spice things up. To most guys, this sounds absolutely crazy. Why would you not want your relationship to be smooth sailing?. Here we look at the basic relationships rules that men should follow. relationship, head over to webob.info and find.

Stop throwing your socks, shirts and shoes all over the place. Organisation and orderliness are not necessarily a gender trait, anyone can learn it. Be neat and orderly. Your woman is not your maid. You should keep your things well. You are an adult not a baby. You are a husband not a tyrant. Stop barking orders at her, you are not a dog.

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You should know that raising your children is actually your duty as the man. Be present in the lives of your children. Take them to school.

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Your wife must not drop dead taking care of your children. Take care of your children while your wife goes clubbing with the girls.

pua relationship rules for men

Cook for them, wash their clothes and make sure you help them do their homework too. If you keep running after money all the time while neglecting your wife and children, one day you will wake up and discover they have left you. As a married man, stop demanding for sex every time as if your life depends on it.

There is more to your wife than her breasts, vagina and buttocks especially if she does the entire house work with no help from you.

pua relationship rules for men

Do you want to kill her? If you want more sex, help out more at home. Most importantly, improve your ability to give your wife pleasure during sex.

pua relationship rules for men

They might be playing their roles well as good actresses who put up with your two minute show so as to get your money. The best evaluator of your sexual prowess is your wife. She knows what she wants from you, she knows her body and she knows you. Listen to your woman and improve your pleasure giving skills. It will reduce the number of times she says no to your advances.

Relationship rules men must follow

You guys should do your work well. She must not always obey you; your marriage is not a military barracks and you might be wrong too. Marriage is partnership between two people not one barking orders at the other person. Set your priorities right, your wife and her needs should be more important than your football club. You will be surprised at the many things she can do behind your back.

Surprise your girl with little gifts, phone calls, or messages that show you how much you appreciate her. Keep taking her on fun dates and having new experiences together.

Doing all this keeps the relationship strong and exciting, so this is a key relationship rule for men to follow. Some guys are hesitant to do this and will stay in the relationship until they find a new girl to date. But this is a huge problem for two reasons: So if you know a relationship is over have that talk and move on.

More relationship rules and advice The relationship rules for men described above will help you create stronger relationships. But just as important as creating strong relationships is being able to spot the warning signs that a relationship is in trouble.

pua relationship rules for men

For tips on how to do that check out this article on relationship red flags. This explains why jerks and drug dealers can get good looking women. Strength and power are amoral. Forget all the modern social conditioning nonsense. This is the result of evolution. The rest of your life and your behaviors provide a clue to your evolutionary fitness.

Only a lame ass with no hobbies obsesses over a girl or relationship. Girls should rank, at best, 5th in your life. Your method of earning income, your family, your friends and your hobbies should all rank above her.

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Until then, this ranking will help you get into a happy relationship. This is the hardest mindset for guys to develop. However, the one thing that must never be part of the equation is fear. The first time I did this, I will admit I had liquid courage. The second time I was clear-eyed, sober and terrified. After thinking through things and seeing her posts on Facebook, I made the right choice. Even if I got together with her, I would have had to downgrade my life and interests to make it work.

This is powerful because it forces you to deal with your biggest fear head on and fully in control. All humans are afraid of rejection. Guys, specifically, see potential in every single girl.

pua relationship rules for men

Their afraid to extinguish that hope prematurely. It could be hope for a future wife, hope for a same night lay, a kiss, or even just a little attention. This also makes you more attractive. Remember, no one likes a doormat.