How to make a cancer and capricorn relationship work

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how to make a cancer and capricorn relationship work

Are your signs compatible? Read your Cancer and Capricorn love matcher horoscope by The AstroTwins to learn about your signs in love. The match of Cancer and Capricorn is great for a short term fling, but can be more challenging to make work in the longer term, with the risk of a love-hate. Cancer, the water sign and Capricorn, the earth sign, will not have many . All in all, this compatibility can work quite good and seldom will.

Uncomfortable with strangers, this man will not make the first move to get to know people in the room.

Cancer And Capricorn Compatibility, Love And Friendship

When he is attracted to someone, it will take some time before he makes a move and will make sure that she is someone worthy of his time and love. Crab in a commitment is someone who wears his heart on his sleeves. Cancer men are known to be good fathers and husbands. Intelligent, strong and sensitive women with strong family values make his heart flutter.

Her serious demeanor may give men the impression that she is standoffish but she is actually the opposite.

Interesting Information on the Cancer and Capricorn Compatibility

This lady is funny, charming, dependable and thoughtful once you get to know her. Capricorn finds it difficult to open up and it takes a few more encounters with her before she warms up to others. She is attracted to men who are successful, romantic and funny. Flings do not appeal to her because she is into long-term commitments.

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Marriage may come in late for this driven gal who desires to provide the best for her family. She guards her heart fiercely and will only open it to a man who earns her trust. Most children are sensitive to undercurrents and words not spoken. The atmosphere in this home can become murky and hard to breathe in.

What Happens When a Capricorn Man and a Cancer Woman Break Up?

Once they do move apart, things will improve and the children will be happier. Traditional Gender Roles Cancer and Capricorn easily fall into traditional gender roles. The dependency cycle can be stereotypical, with Cancer the dependent homebody and Capricorn the breadwinner and workaholic. A Capricorn man can be cut off from his Cancer side and a Cancer woman out of touch with her Capricorn, because their relationship dynamic reinforces, and is reinforced by, traditional gender roles.

Cancer and Capricorn Relationships with

A Capricorn man defaults to becoming the grounding and support for a Cancer woman while she tends to be the avatar for his denied emotions and vulnerability. If these two can individually access the qualities described by their Earth signs Cancer for the man and Capricorn for the womanthey can each become more independent and whole on their own.

When a Cancer woman can access her practical, disciplined side, and a Capricorn man grows capable of tears and vulnerability, they will be much happier and healthier as individuals.

how to make a cancer and capricorn relationship work

Even while in relationship it is healthy to find balance that way, but it helps a great deal after a breakup to avoid the codependency problems with this combination. After It's Over The bond between these two signs is powerful; they are likely to remain in touch long after the relationship is over. Their post-relationship connection may be co-dependent or mutually supportive, and if the breakup was acrimonious, they can polarise into entrenched mutual enmity.

Capricorn and Cancer Love Compatibility -

They need to connect on a very deep level, or they will have opposite goals and Capricorn could seem like a career obsessed lunatic with no emotion what so ever, while Cancer could seem like a clingy housewife no matter if male or female. They should both remember that if they see each other in this negative light, they are probably only hiding from their own, inner opposite side, dismissing the chance to be complete.

Although this could sound like a dream come true and could in fact create very strong emotions in both partners, there is almost always a karmic debt to be repaid before they could say they are truly happy together. These two are considered one of the most and one of the least emotional signs of the zodiac.

One of them should be family oriented and the other turned to their career.

how to make a cancer and capricorn relationship work

Still, their emotions often run wild as soon as they lay eyes on each other. In time, they will both fight for security and stability of their relationship, and although it might be hard for them to reconcile these primal emotional differences, they will in most cases simply — find a way. The emotional depth of Capricorn is really hard to reach, but Cancer partner can approach this as their life challenge. When they get tied to each other, it is almost impossible for them not to get married, have children and the entire earthly love package.