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meet greet eazy hair

And it isn't just me and my blue hair. He remembers so many others So during the meet and greets, he couldn't speak. But that didn't stop him. For Meet & Greet packages Fans queued for this is fabulous chance to meet George, who was accompanied by Roy and Mikey With Claire With The Hair. We decided to splurge and upgrade to meet and greet tickets so that we He stood at a tall 6-foot-5 and had his black hair slicked back in his.

We did a lot of homework, went to a lot of thrift shops looking for the right clothes to get that 50's look.

Diandra Reviews It All- G-Eazy Has No Limit of Energy At Jones Beach

We really wanted to do it right and not in a cheesy way. You've gone all dark and moody Laughs I'm a villain now!

I started gradually changing. There is the vulnerable side to me, the guy getting played, just like in the song Runaround Sue, but then there's the fuck you! Its like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Will I switch my style up again? Well you can't be the untouchable guy all the time, like I said people relate more to the vulnerable person more. Your fans are very dedicated, the girls love you and the guys dress like you There's a lot of girls yeah! Teeny boppers to tumblr girls! The dudes are heavy smokers dressed in all Black with their hair slicked back!

Tell us the story on how you capitalised on your male fans looking like you Well we do this pre-show meet and greet thing, and we noticed the dudes that would come with their girlfriends would have the same haircut as me, so I wondered If we had a barber on tour, would they buy a hair cut from my barber, and they did.

meet greet eazy hair

It worked and it was cool! You've opened for T. What was it like trying to win over their fans? We've seen so many different sides of the spectrum on tour, from being bottom of the bill to your own show.

Dusty Kessler: G-Eazy, America’s Most Wanted Tour

But its been a struggle. Your trying to win over these people that did not come to see you!

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As a rapper you have to feel yourself, so much of your performance is confidence and If you show confidence, the crowd feed off it. How much of a buzz was it knowing you'd sold out all your solo tour dates back in the States? Shit is a dream, straight up!

meet greet eazy hair

Its just important to keep in perspective how big the mountain is. I'm still pretty low on the mountain. But its encouraging, so I don't get satisfied where I currently am.

meet greet eazy hair

Which artist would you like to collaborate with? We've talked about it. When the times right we'll do it. What can we expect from your debut album 'These Things Happen'?

You can expect the introspective look into who I really am. Real life issues but at the same time enjoying the wild nights, the moments and parading around giving no fucks! Newsletters may offer personalized content or advertisements. Capturing images during the pre-game, during, and after the show in a very candid manner is something I strive for. Did I mention living on a tour-bus with all of your homies? With that said, the best camera is the one you have with you and I had two on this trip.

The Fuji Xs proved to be a great investment. For those of you who might be in the market or on the fence about the Xs, make sure you get an extra battery because you will need it. I still brought out the 1Ds II when I had time to set up a shot or if I was in a more controlled environment. Nothing beats that camera and a nice portrait lens. What I think all of these images have in common is a feeling of calmness amongst chaos.

Be fully aware at all times because anything can happen. For me, it comes down to timing. Learn your subjects physical gestures on and off stage and the rest will fall into place. Stylistically, the images reflect the brand aesthetic that has been associated with G-Eazy for some time now.

Leather jackets and slicked back hair…black and white, very crucial. These images stand for a relationship I have built with an artist over a period of time resulting in an in-depth look into the life of a rising rap superstar.

meet greet eazy hair

Being able to document a national tour all before I was even 21 was a surreal experience that I will never forget. On that note, I really strive to get to know my subjects on a personal level and make sure there are no boundaries between me and my subject. Surrounding yourself with people you respect on a professional level is a great way to stay inspired. More times than not, these people become lifelong friends who constantly make you push for more.