Tom delonghi meet and greet 2012 ford

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tom delonghi meet and greet 2012 ford

15 February, Christopher Cara: Thomas Cara, Ltd. San Like comparing a Dodge to a Ford to a Chevy, you can usually tell the second DeLonghi Sorrento I'd used up in only a couple of years. . a bubbly Dalmation trotted from the back of the shop to greet me. .. December 7, at pm. 08/21/18, Amazon Game Studios Announces The Grand Tour Game 04/24/ 18, Amazon Renews Prime Original, Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan, for Second. In our outlet for brand and designer eyewear, you will find a huge selection of sunglasses from Ray-Ban, Oakley, Gucci, Pradar, Tom Ford, among others.

Granted, the lack of a label might be a flag. But come on—these machines are so specialized that obvious appearances would preclude any confusion between models.

Like comparing a Dodge to a Ford to a Chevy, you can usually tell the difference.

Tom Ford: Meet the Designer

I sat down at my kitchen table. I was looking at the likelihood that I would never get to see the beautiful machine operate. I was looking at an artifact. With a sigh, I fired up the Mister Coffee that I relied on for my daily espressos. As such, they were composed of plastic for the bodya soft magnesium alloy for the hot parts tank and portafilter holderand decanter-carafes made of such delicate glass to necessitate a thrift store vigil for their regular replacement.

While I was by no stretch a wealthy coffee drinker, I had felt justified in elevating my experience by buying a used machine of good reputation, and further, a machine in need of some work. I poured some organic milk, added a dash of cane sugar and vanilla extract, and steamed it to frothy perfection. It was implicit that there was more to this than was being told, and this would likely be my only chance to glean an explanation from Christopher, so I pursued it.

Any help is better than none, even some advice on where to go next.

Christopher Cara: Espresso Machine Purveyor

Somewhere in San Francisco some considerations were being made. When Christopher next spoke it was in a hushed tone.

tom delonghi meet and greet 2012 ford

This tone carried the weight of discretion, if not implicit danger. In the early seventies the La Cara was a lever espresso machine that was an example of this vision.

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There were four generations, each with subtle refinements. They were only a few— maybe or —in each production run.

tom delonghi meet and greet 2012 ford

But … maybe not. It did power up, the tank got hot, and for all intents and purposes it did seem to work. And it was very clean. All I really needed was to stop the jets of errant steam issuing forth from the many seals of the machine, which should be no more complicated than rubber o-rings and gaskets.

Oh, and I needed a new sight glass; mine was cracked at the top. With this odd history to inform my dilemma, I was ready to take up the challenge of restoration with a renewed vigor.

Grateful for the sideways encouragement, I thanked Christopher and figured he may have found some entertainment from the diversion.

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We said our farewells. While out on a jog I stopped by the shop. It was an unannounced recon flyby. Admittedly intimidated as a newbie restorer who might fall short of industry standards, I went literally prepared to run out of there should I prove myself inadequate, or worse yet, one of the irritating class of customers Christopher had conveyed in our prior interaction.

tom delonghi meet and greet 2012 ford

The storefront was located at the edge of North Beach on Pacific Avenue, a narrow, boutique-y lane filled with professional firms and retail design galleries. With minimalist class in mind, it was a manicured if not pleasant side street in a desirable part of town.

tom delonghi meet and greet 2012 ford

Tucked discreetly behind some iron gate work on the shady side of the street, I nearly ran by the shop. Across the gate in gold letters was spelled out Thos. Unlike typical store frontage, nothing grabbed my attention or even attempted to pull me in. Forget the seduction of foot traffic; clearly this was a shop for the intentional customer. Just within the gate, a sidewalk mosaic of a large copper espresso machine suggested the destination.

It was a message of exclusivity, maybe even exclusion, a clue to a riddle you need to be looking to solve. Through the window beyond the ironwork, my eye was at last drawn to an array of chrome, brass, and copper sculptures spotted by overhead track lighting. They were espresso machines of various makes and manufacture, esoteric and mysterious——H. Wells-ian constructs of industrial extraction.

A trim man in a white oxford shirt and dark smock was chatting with a couple in business attire. Now self conscious of my sweaty presentation, I slipped through the door.

A brass entry bell announced my arrival, and a bubbly Dalmation trotted from the back of the shop to greet me. Her brown spots and white coat accessorized the crisp lines and pooled light of the modern, understated showroom. I wandered about the boutique, ogling at the ornate coffee making machinery, while Christopher wrapped up the business of the young couple. From what I gathered, they were dropping off a La Pavoni for maintenance.

Christopher made some notes and filled out a service tag, which he hung on the machine. After the couple left, I introduced myself. Christopher was congenial but harried, an impeccably scruffy man with good posture, fitted clothing, and too much to do. Emanating a vibe of compelling commitments, he was nonetheless eager to hear how my restoration worked out.

I recounted the trips to various auto parts stores to wrangle the myriad o-rings in varying specifications of inner and outer diameters, made more complicated by the fact that the old o-rings I needed to replace were often too hard, brittle, and impacted to extract in a way that could be measured in the first place.

It was an exercise in trial in error, with lots of hand tools and delicate maneuvering to deconstruct and reconstruct the piece. I recounted the process of having a sculptor friend cut and temper a new sight glass tube, the dimensions of which were critical. He leaned against the counter and crossed his arms. You might have the only one in existence.

Do you have pictures? Being that I was out for a run, I did not have them on me. But on my laptop, well, there I had a series which documented the overhaul.

Looking like my seal of approval was imminent, we resolved to reconvene in a day or two. Christopher opened a drawer at his work bench and casually produced said tool——basically a brass tube with opposing notches at one end. He tipped over a Pavoni that was in the process of an overhaul, and inserted the tube up into the sleeve of the cylindrical group. He demonstrated the locking effect of the notches around something up in there, and then gave it a wrench-assisted turn.

The piston dropped right out. The dimensions should match, if you want to take some measurements. I took the opportunity to take measurements and sketched specs for The Tool. I figured my buddy Jerry should be able to fabricate such a doohickey easy enough. As I finished up my armchair schematic, Christopher returned from the depths bearing a familiar relic of a bygone era.

He set it down on the bench before me. Coated in dust and wearing a decrepit service tag was another misfit La Cara. It was nearly identical to my own, but bore a monikered label on the front of the base. Not only did we go canoeing, we also went kayaking with the manatees at the nearby Manatee Park and visited the Edison-Ford Winter Estates with them.

In the meantime, I will share highlights of our adventures with them. We posed for Pam as we glided along the canal. We followed part of the 7. And the whole wonderful experience was free! Many mangrove trees Mangrove tunnel On another sunny day we headed back to the water, this time at the Manatee Park where John and Pam invited us to kayak with the manatees.

We patiently waited as these huge mammals seemed to welcome kayakers, swimming around and under the kayaks. It is when they came up for a breath of air that everyone got excited. Their friend Henry Ford built his winter home next door, in so they can spend winter side by side. Both families enjoyed exploring southwest Florida — fishing, boating and dancing when they got together. After a guided tour, we strolled around the garden that Edison designed himself for many purposes, including research on the practical and industrial uses of agricultural and native plants.

The most famous tree here is the massive Banyan near the entrance. Planted around when it was 4 ft.

The picture below is just half of the tree captured side by side. The multiple trunks in the foreground are large aerial prop roots sent down from the enormous tree in the background.

tom delonghi meet and greet 2012 ford

Left side Right side The landscape today remains dominated by the huge Ficus trees planted by Thomas Edison, Henry Ford and Harvey Firestone during the time of their quest to find a viable domestic source of rubber latex that would grow in the region.

Mysore Fig Ficus drupaceaft. While Steve and John continued on with the self-guided tour, Pam and I wandered around the gardens. We were fascinated by the various plant collections, including the unusual ones shown below: