Coraline meet the cast of duck

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coraline meet the cast of duck

Their initial meeting has already presented Coraline as a girl who is easily .. direction and with the aid of an excellent cast of voice actors2, Neil Gaiman's spare, .. Then there's Baden-Powell himself, who's frankly kind of an odd duck. Disclaimer: Me: I do not own Coraline and Kingdom Hearts. "if you havent cast a spell! My staff should have still been in one piece!" shouted the royal wizard of Disney Castle, Donald Duck. "aw gwarsh Nice to meet you!. Explore the alternate world of 'Coraline' through its official website, meet the cast of the 3D movie through a featurette and learn some new.

Which show he might be of mixed ancestry. They may also possibly foreshadow Wybie coming to the rescue in the climax.

Justified since his full name, "Wyborne" is pronounced so it sounds like "why born". Wybie is 12 and he officially cements this trope after coming to Coraline's rescue in the climatic scene. This is what Coraline thinks he is.

Coraline starts to warm up to him during the slug scene. Masculine Girl, Feminine Boy: Feminine Boy to Coraline's Masculine Girl. There are some twigs mixed in with his hair.

Which Coraline finds annoying. He never gets mad or insults Coraline for deliberately misnaming him, tells her about the poison oak she's holding, gives her the "mini" doll of herself, and valiantly comes to her rescue. The only one around Coraline's age who she befriends, if slowly. Mixed in with Unfortunate Name. Is an upbeat preteen with brown curls. Wybie owns a red bike, and he is a genuinely Nice Guy who saves Coraline from the Other Mother's hand.

Especially since the little punch she gives him in the end is similar to Coraline's mother's punch to her father. He is rather bold with his words, and only reacts to what he says after he says them, as shown when he rudely judges Coraline's name based on some study he read, and when he calls her crazy when she tells him about his grandmother's missing twin sister, something she shouldn't know about and which may be worth listening to.

Spanner in the Works: If Wybie hadn't had showed up like he did, the Other Mother probably would've won. Stalker Without a Crush: He claims it was the cat's idea. But it could be Stalker with a Crushdepending on your interpretation. After he saves Coraline she tells him " Unfortunate Name: His full name is Wybourne Lovat, his first name is pronounced so it sounds like "why born". Coraline picked up on that fact. Even his nickname is cruel, since "Wybie" sounds like "why be?

Poor kid can't catch a break. Unwitting Instigator of Doom: By giving Coraline the doll, he essentially made it possible for the Other Mother to spy on her and lure her into the other world. He makes up for it later by rescuing her.

I'm sure she'd prefer jasmine. Jasmine it is, then. Are those dogs real? Our sweet departed angels. Couldn't bear to part with them, so we had them stuffed. Now, there's Hamish the third It's hand-pulled taffy from Brighton. Best in the world. The fourth, I'm right. Jock the third, the fourth, and that's Jock's second cousin thrice removed.

I'll read them if you like. Your tea leaves, dear. They'll tell me your future. No, not all of it. Not all of it. Now hand it over. You are in terrible danger. Oh, give me that cup, April. Your eyes are going. You're blind as a bat. Well, not to worry, child. There's a tall, handsome beast in your future. You're holding it wrong. What do you see? I see a very peculiar hand. I see a giraffe. Giraffes don't just fall from the sky, Miriam. Well, what should I do? Never wear green in your dressing room.

Acquire a very tall stepladder. And be very, very careful. Now, was there something you came to tell us? Thanks for the tea, though. Do you have any nice queens for Mummy?

I wasn't stalking you. We're hunting banana slugs. What do you mean "we? Your cat's not wild. He's a wuss puss. He hates to get his feet wet. Did you make it look like me? I found it that way.

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It's older than Grandma. Old as this house, probably. Blue hair, my swampers and raincoat? You're just like them. I meant my parents. They don't listen to me either.

You know, I've never been inside the Pink Palace. Thinks it's dangerous or something.

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Well, she had a twin sister. When they were kids, Grandma's sister disappeared. She says she was stolen. Well, what do you think?

coraline meet the cast of duck

Maybe she just ran away. Look, I gotta go. So thoughtful of you to send this nice cheddar, Coraline. Would you go fetch your father? I bet he's hungry as a pumpkin by now. You mean my other father. Your better father, dear.

He's out in the garden. But my parents don't have time to garden.

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I love your garden! Tickle no more, you dragon snappers. Well, she says it's time for dinner, breakfast, food. I wanna show you something. I can't believe you did this. Mother said you'd like it. Boy, she knows you like the back of her hand. Bobinsky has invited you I knew he was wrong.

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Well, everything's right in this world, kiddo. Your father and I will clean up. I thought you'd like him more if he spoke a little less. So I fixed him. So he can't talk at all?

Now, run along, you two, and have fun. You're awful cheerful considering you can't say anything. It didn't hurt, did it, when she Lady and gentleman, for to tickle your eyes and ears Very, very thank you, lady and gentleman. We loved it, Mr. You are very welcome anytime you like.

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You and also your good friend there. There were garden squash like balloon animals Oh, and upstairs, I saw a real mouse circus. Not pretend like the crazy man's in our house. You sure you won't come? They'll love the new catalog. At least they'll love my chapters. I did not call him crazy, Coraline.

Well, I guess I'll see you around, you dizzy dreamer. I'm not five anymore. My kingdom for a horse! But, Mom, the whole school's No one will have these.

My other mother would get them. Maybe she should buy all your clothes. So what do you think is in the other apartment? Not a family of Jones imposters. Then why'd you lock the door? I found some rat crap, and I thought you'd feel safer.

They're jumping mice, Mom, and the dreams aren't dangerous. They're the most fun I've had since we've moved here. Your school might be fun. With those stupid uniforms? Had to give it a try.

How do you feel about a mustard, ketchup, salsa wrap for lunch? Are you kidding me? Had to go food shopping, anyway. Dad's planning something special. You wanna come along? You can pick out something you like. Look, Coraline, if things go well today, I promise I'll make it up.

That's what you always say. But I might be. I knew it was real. I hope you like the new outfit I made you. Wybie's got a cat like you at home. Not the quiet Wybie. The one that talks too much. You must be the other cat. No, I'm not the other anything. I can see you don't have button eyes, but if you're the same cat, how can you talk? Cats don't talk at home. Well, you're clearly the expert on these things. After all, I'm just a big fat wuss puss.

I'm sorry I called you that. How'd you get here? I've been coming here for a while. It's a game we play. She hates cats and tries to keep me out, but she can't, of course. I come and go as I please. The other mother hates cats? Not like any mother I've ever known. You probably think this world is a dream come true, but you're wrong. The other Wybie told me so. Perhaps not to you. We cats, however, have far superior senses than humans, and can see and smell and I'm known as the siren of all seven seas.

The breaker of hearts by the bay. So if you go swimming With bowlegged women. I might steal your weak heart away. A big-bottomed sea witch May bob through the waves. And hope to lead sailors astray. But a true ocean goddess Must fill out her bodice. To present an alluring display.

Beware of old oysters too large in the chest. Let's banish them from the buffet. I'm far more nutritious. You smell like the fishes. Did I hear a banshee? You're sea green with envy. No, I, Birth of Venus. Will send sailors swooning Will send sailors swooning all day. Ready to break a leg, Miriam? Our lives for the theater, April. Was it wonderful, dear? They swooped down and pulled me right out of my seat, Spink and Forcible, only they weren't old ladies.

That was just a disguise. But then, I was flying through the air, and it was You do like it here, don't you, Coraline? You could stay here forever if you want to.

We'll sing and play games, and Mother will cook your favorite meals. There's one tiny little thing we need to do. Well, it's a surprise. For you, our little doll. But if you'd prefer pink or vermillion or chartreuse Though you might make me jealous. You're not sewing buttons in my eyes! But we need a "yes" if you want to stay here.

coraline meet the cast of duck

So sharp you won't feel a It's your decision, darling. We only want what's best for you. I'm going to bed. I'm really, really tired. I just need to sleep on things. Well, of course you do, darling. I'll be happy to tuck you in. You've done so much already. We aren't worried at all, darling.

Soon you'll see things our way. Don't you wanna play? I wanna hug your face! Get a grip, soldier! Where's your buttons, Loper? You want to stay, don't you? Going home tonight, robots, and I won't be back. A tiny little thing we need to do. So sharp you won't feel a thing. Where's the other mother? I wanna go home. All will be swell, soon as Mother's refreshed.

Her strength is our strength. Mustn't talk when Mother's not here. If you won't even talk to me, I'm gonna find the other Wybie. He pulled a long face, and Mother didn't like it.

And what do you think you're doing? Well, I'm getting out of here. That's what I'm doing. Shouldn't the old well be here? It's the empty part of this world. She only made what she knew would impress you. Why does she want me?

coraline meet the cast of duck

She wants something to love, I think. They are looking for a King and a friend, heroes that have saved worlds and have fought monsters called the "heartless" and "nobodies", My staff should have still been in one piece! We can just fix it up when we land. There was a nobody behind you! If I didnt cast fire! You should have been a goner! Donald's eye twitched "you should have aimed better! While Goofy was already feeling hopeless.

As Goofy turned his head to his front he hears a beeping noise. They were already crashing towards a world. But this world was different from the rest they visited.

This world had two halves. The top half had a pink house, an old garden and an old well. The bottom half had the same house but blue, had a colorful garden and has no well.

Chip and Dale were clinging to Sora's leg, Donald and Goofy were hugging themselves.