Meet him on the main line or will

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meet him on the main line or will

Marie called to tell me, “Young Bob is doing just fine at Main Line Military Academy. Bob had a strange request, asking me to arrange a meeting between him. Running after somebody, you gotta get him somehow / I think you've got to Will you meet him on the main line, or will you catch him on the rebound? / Will you. At 2 P. M. the men returned, having met with the party on the Main Line, at the I should also resort with the supplies, if I did not meet with them as expected.

In October, I took one round of clomid and low and behold I became pregnant. Every ultrasound was terrifying and thrilling. I was so scared that what had happened before would happen again. But every week there was a heartbeat, every week my sweet baby grew stronger. My husband and I marveled at every single picture we received of our miracle baby. We had some bumps, scary moments, and times when we thought the worse was happening again.

Just before ChristmasDr. I was so scared to leave the comfort of weekly meetings with him and his staff. In July, at 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant, I gave birth to my sweet son. He is perfect and here because of the compassion, expertise, and care I received from Dr.

Orris and the staff at Mainline Fertility. We are forever grateful!

meet him on the main line or will

I have and will continue to recommend this practice to anyone struggling with fertility issues. Simply an amazing group of individuals. I was hesitant at first and needed to come to term with the fact that my DNA would not be passed through to my child. I soon realized that my blood, my body, my food would nourish this child and biologically she would be mine. To me, it was more important to experience pregnancy, to carry a baby, to go through the birthing process, to physically bring a child into this world than it was where the egg came from.

Thanks to the egg donor program and the unbelievable staff at MLF, I now have a beautiful 5 month old baby girl. Orris that compels me to write this testimony for others considering his practice to read. Its the fact that the entire journey, which had its share of obstacles, trials and tribulations, was navigated by the compassionate engineering of Dr.

Orris in February of having just had a miscarriage. By March we were again pregnant. In May of we sustained a second miscarriage. The process that followed was grueling and Dr. Orris ultrasound technician Stephanie, and his technical assistants Heather and Bree were unbelievably supportive, informative, and kind.

They kept my head above water so to speak. However, my wife had, under the circumstances, sunk into a depression where neither I nor her family could reach her most days. This is where Dr. Orris, in my opinion, has separated and distinguished himself, above his peers in this medical field.

Orris has a keen sense of the human psyche, and he is very good at reading people. While his office continued to conduct thorough testing on both my wife and me for answers, Dr.

Orris healed my wife both physically and spiritually from the inside out. Pregnant with twins, that were carried thirty-eight weeks, and then delivered at Paoli Hospital in April of Mainline Fertility came highly recommended from my regular OBGYN, who mentioned to me that almost half of their patients became parents with help by Mainline Fertility. I nervously walked into the clinic in July Deanna Brasile was incredible helpful, thorough and understanding.

She assured me that she would do her best to get me pregnant a s a p. After some extensive testing my husband was diagnosed with low count and I had low progesterone levels and irregular ovulation. Brasile advised us to wait for several months for my husbands count to go up while we were trying to regulate my progesterone levels. We are expecting our baby this autumn.

The whole experience with Mainline fertility was just excellent. The entire staff made me feel comfortable during these frustrating times.

Very supportive, warm and attentive professionals! Thank you so much for everything! We did not have fertility issues with our first daughter, but then have needed help with the subsequent pregnancies. We checked out fine but could not get pregnant on our own. He is incredibly knowledgeable with his recommendations and actions within our infertility. He is sensitive to our situation and makes my husband and I comfortable and confident while going there. We now are expecting our third child in October and are super impressed with Dr.

Orris and meeting and working with Dr. Brasile this time, and the whole crew at Main Line Fertility, we look forward to using them for our 4th child in a couple of years! We are forever grateful to everyone for helping our family grow and having the best support to do so.

Orris and his staff did for our family. After having a miscarriage and then trouble getting pregnant, it was amazing to have a team of professionals at each and every step along the way. It was apparent that every single person that we came into contact with at the office truly cared and understood. Not once did I feel like we were a burden or that a question was unwelcome. See you for baby number 2! My husband and I have been waiting for a long time for a miracle.

Glassner and his staff were professional, encouraging, and caring in our situation. They made me feel comfortable in preparing in the steps leading to my pregnancy. We are excited and expecting our first bundle of joy in May We found out we are having a girl! Glassner and staff for all you have done for us. After hearing from friends regarding their fertility struggles, and almost a year of trying, my husband and I decided we needed to get checked out. Glassner and Mainline Fertility came highly recommended from a close friend who with their help had welcomed a daughter.

I remember the nerves and at the same time the excitement we had after our first appointment with Dr. He was frank, and made sure he was explaining what our next steps were so that we understood and were comfortable with them. As tests were run and the results came back it seemed as if the potential reasons for infertility were adding up.

Our main obstacle being that I was ovulating immature eggs. Glassner felt our problems were ones that he could fix. We welcomed our son and daughter in August and I cannot imagine a life without them. I know without the help we received from Mainline Fertility that they would not be here today.

Words will never be able to accurately explain the amount of gratitude I have for the entire staff. Glassner 11 months ago. After my first meeting with Dr. Glassner I had such a positive feeling with not only him but with the entire staff. Each and every staff member I was in contact with made me feel so special and comfortable.

With the help and support of Main Line Fertility, my husband and I were able to fulfill one of our dreams to have children. John Orris and his staff at Main Line Fertility. They made us feel extremely comfortable and were very welcoming from the very first visit to our very last. They truly care about you and your well being and were always there to answer any questions we may have had.

We were successful on our second IUI procedure and are expecting in July!!! We were also very pleased with the way everything was run in both the West Chester and Bryn Mawr offices.

Walking into an infertility clinic is intimidating. There are a lot of mixed feelings whether rational or not that go along with the experience everything from fear to embarrassment to hesitant hope. Not only was Dr. Brasile extremely knowledgeable and proficient regarding the medical facets of infertility which is a huge comfort in and of itself but she was uncommonly kind and compassionate.

She spoke to both my husband and I equally, addressing all of our questions and concerns and working hard to reinforce the idea that the three of us were a team. She approached all of our meetings with an arsenal of information, new ideas and research, and always a comforting attitude of purpose, aptitude and determination.

She made us feel like more than just nameless, faceless patients, but friends whose struggle — and sense of comfort and well-being — was incredibly important to her.

meet him on the main line or will

Despite several failed attempts early on, I never left the office without a renewed feeling of hope. Less than a year later, I am thrilled to say that I am almost 4 months pregnant. Though I am happy I was healthy enough to be released to a regular OB, it was with a heavy heart that I left Mainline Fertility the nurses, techs and staff are fabulous too! She has changed our life in so many ways.

We will never be able to fully express our gratitude and love. They went above and beyond to help us try everything possible before going to IVF and made sure we were comfortable and ready once we realized IVF was the right choice.

Our beautiful little girl was well worth everything and we even have 10 frozen embryos and hope to have success with another baby when we are ready to try again. Glassner and the team at Mainline Fertility. We visited the Paoli office in February and in December we were blessed with our beautiful daughter. Yes, Mainline Fertility helped us conceive during the first month. Thank-you for your support and dedication while we were under your care!

My husband and I tried to get pregnant for almost a year with no luck. Brasile assured us she would do her best to get us pregnant and almost guaranteed a pregnancy. We tried 3 rounds of IUI with no luck. Brasile recommended my husband get a surgery that would possibly help his count and motility. Brasile to start everything back up and they drew my blood. They told me due to my levels there was a possibility I was pregnant and I went back a few days later and it was confirmed I was pregnant!

Now I have a beautiful little girl thanks to Dr. Orris is the BEST around!! You cannot get any better. Here is my story…At age 36, through intercourse, I got pregnant and had a healthy baby. Then from ages 38 through 41, I had secondary infertility. My dreams turned into a reality when I went to see Dr. My sixth IVF first time with Dr. Orris resulted into healthy baby. NEVER let the odds deter you from doing what you know in your heart you should do.

All I can say is he is highly recommended!! So, two gals told me about Dr. I was past the IUIs and went with Dr.

meet him on the main line or will

I am now 42 and hope we can replicate the same thing. Orris is the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fortunately, we found Eileen in the research study department and she had us come in and start care under Dr. In just a few short months our dream came true and we are now expecting twins in January!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about the care we received from Dr. Orris, Eileen and the entire team at main line fertility.

We were treated as individuals, never felt rushed, they took the time to answer all of our questions and encouraged us not to give up. I will be forever grateful to Main line Fertility for giving us our family. Our situation was only made worse with re-occurring negative experiences with the seemingly un-empathetic, confusing, and doubtful doctors and medical staff at our local hospital.

Thankfully we were fortunate enough to be put in contact with Dr. Glassner by a family member and from the moment of our first phone call we received the absolute highest level of care, comfort, and support during such a challenging time. We first met with Dr. Glassner on July 3, We travelled back and forth from VT to PA for two months for ultrasounds, retrieval, implantation, and confirmation.

Glassner and the staff at MLF for giving us our miracle baby and for making the entire process a positive one. Our experience could not have been better. Everyone at MLF was compassionate, honest, supportive, and knowledgeable; from the people at the front desk, to the nurses, to Dr.

Every detail of every situation was well thought out — from a medical to an emotional standpoint there is never a box of tissues out of arms reach! We would definitely recommend visiting Dr. Glassner and his team to anyone and everyone faced with fertility issues — even if you live outside of the Philadelphia area. It was so worth it!

The nurses and staff at Main Line Fertility are amazing; they are kind, selfless and will seemingly do everything they can to make sure you, the patient, are comfortable. I was lucky enough to work with Dr. Orris undergoing IUI treatments. Orris made both my husband and I feel comfortable and answered any questions we had about treatments.

He spent the time explaining what we should do in our next steps and why. The ultrasound technician Kathy is one of a kind and does an amazing job.

meet him on the main line or will

Each time I had to go in she was always kind and more importantly did a wonderful job putting me at ease during an regularly uncomfortable visit. I looked forward to seeing her and hearing about what was new in her life. As I said, going to the fertility clinic can be difficult and trying but they do a great job. I would recommend them to any one of my friends or family members going through the same or similar uphill battle we did to conceive.

Glassner, every once in awhile you meet someone that changes your life, a teacher, a friend, or even a doctor. You have been all three to us over the last 3 years. We always felt that we were in the best hands and honestly always looked forward to seeing you and learning from you. We admire your dedication and passion to your field. We are so excited to share our birth announcement with you and your team. Thank you for helping us to become a family.

This October it will be three years since we started trying to have a baby, but by the time it rolls around, our little girl will be 5 months old. We owe everything to the doctors and nurses at MLF. Their empathy and care during our miscarriages, and their sincere joy and happiness for us when the fifth one finally stuck, helped get us through one of the hardest times in our lives. Glassner encouraged us to keep the faith and believe — and it worked. We will be forever grateful to everyone at MLF for giving us our miracle baby and allowing us to have the opportunity to finally become parents.

And, we will definitely be back for number two! Glassner in November And he was exactly right!! From day one, the entire staff was extremely supportive, caring and always available. The nurses took great care of me when I experienced some health issues after IVF. Glassner is the best. He is attentive, caring and very personable.

He made us feel comfortable and always explained things in detail. He always gave us exceptional care and service. We are so pleased with the service as a whole from MLF. As soon as you walk in, the receptionists are friendly and inviting. The facility is professional, clean and spacious.

We highly, highly recommend MLF. The entire staff is professional, courteous, supportive, compassionate to individual needs, attentive and warm.

We had a successful IVF in February!! First IVF cycle too!! In April we bid farewell for now but on my way out, Dr. Glassner and nurses all hugged me and congratulated me!

meet him on the main line or will

They nurtured us through a storm for a few months and for that we are forever grateful. We are expecting our baby this Fall, all thanks to MLF. We decided it was time to get professional help and decided to go [another center]. We found MLF through a friend that had raved about them.

Well the difference from [another center] to MLF was night and day. They were not only nurses but our friends! We always wanted a large family.

After talking with us, he point blank asked me if I was willing to miscarry again- if he promised me a baby. He told us he would figure out what was going on and he did!

As heartbreaking as it can be to lose a baby…. After a few more losses, nine total, we gave birth to our second child inour third child inand by the grace of GOD, and the gifts of Dr Glassner and his incredible staff- our fourth child in !

We are sorry...

Words could not express our gratitude for the joy he helped bring to our lives. I have referred several friends to MLF… And will continue to do so. Stay strong my friends, stay positive, and smile through the tears… The best is yet to come!

We did extensive research on the IVF centers within the city also eliciting the opinions of other physicians we know that went through this processand we could not be happier with our decision to go to MLF. We followed with Dr. Glassner, who does a remarkable job of balancing professionalism and personality. I genuinely believe that this is the best IVF option in and around the city, and I would strongly encourage any couple in the city considering IVF to see Dr. Glassner if it is feasible for them to do so.

Orris at Main Line Fertility. I was extremely nervous about the whole process, but everyone at MLF made it easier than I could have ever imagined.

Main Line Fertility - Superior Care Every Step Of The Way

After having a successful first round of IVF in October that enabled us to bring a healthy baby girl into our lives, we are back to try for a second. I have to say…after over 2 years of not stepping foot into the office, every face is still familiar to me and the staff and Dr. Orris made me feel like I never left…kind of like family. They are welcoming, friendly, and kind, yet top notch professionals. Orris to anyone having trouble with their fertility journey.

Glassner in June of after one year of having trouble conceiving. I was extremely nervous and did not know what to expect. The second I met with Dr.

Glassner and all the nurses I knew I had no reason to be nervous. I literally dont have one negative thing to say about our experience. Every single step of the way we felt incredibly informed about our choices and what to expect. In October of I found out I was pregnant. We now have an 18 month old perfect and crazy little boy. I remember our first meeting with Dr.

This is the kind of comfort we got every single time we met with anyone, regardless if the news was good or bad. My advice to anyone who is having issues conceiving is to see Dr. What my husband and I were anticipating being an awful experience turned into one of the best experiences of our lives mostly in part to Dr.

Glassner and the wonderful people surrounding him. Thank you all a year and a half later for our little boy. We still think of all of you often and are so very appreciative for everything you did for us.

You changed our lives forever. They were compassionate, understanding, and easy to speak to about questions or concerns. We ended up with one baby girl on our first IVF Cycle. We are so blessed to have met and worked with Dr. Orris and his team. We will forever be grateful for the beautiful gift that is our daughter Emma Mae. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Glassner enough for the gift of our son. After going to another doctor at a reputable fertility practice and having four failed IUIs and three failed IVF cycles, I finally decided that a second opinion was worth a shot. I was not willing to give up our pursuit of parenthood. Upon our initial consult, Dr. Glassner took my thick file of medical records home with him and promptly called me the next morning with a plan of action.

Glassner had mixed up my protocol and medications and it was just what we needed to get a grade A embryo on transfer day. We are beyond thrilled. There is nothing worse than the uncertainty and heartbreaking sadness of infertility. Glassner I finally am. After 10 long years of trying naturally and with the help of fertility treatment and medication and not one single pregnancy we were beginning to doubt if we would ever achieve a pregnancy.

Thankfully, then we met Dr Glassner at Mainline Fertility, after an initial consultation and reviewing our history closely he made us feel that we still had a chance and he could help us. He helps you stay focused and keep positive. He suggested we try a cycle of IVF this would be my 3rd my previous attempts had failed and in the last round none of my eggs fertilized, so we were really nervous.

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Out of which 13 fertilized, we were amazed. After a 5 day transfer we achieved our very first pregnancy!! If you are considering any fertility related treatment I would definitely recommend Mainline Fertility. Glassner and the entire nursing staff for a wonderful experience during a not so wonderful time. I went to Dr.

Glassner after two coworkers recommended him and after I had been trying to conceive for 1 year. After seeing a different doctor who told me I was. Glassner was able to give me the medical answers I was looking for. I was diagnosed with PCOS after having suffered a previous miscarriage. Glassner told me he would have me pregnant within 1 year and he delivered!

After 4 months under his care I was finally pregnant and am nearing the end of my first trimester. I would tell anyone TTC or just looking to rule out any issues to go see Dr. We have unexplained fertility and could not get pregnant with our second child first child is 8yrs oldone miscarriage in We started off doing clomid for two months with IUI and no luck we started doing injections with timed intercourse.

February we were on our third round of injectables and I got a positive pregnancy test! Now, I am 37 weeks with a little girl! I loved my crazy emotional experience with Main Line Fertility. Glassner who helped us make our dreams come true. The six months I was there, and it went with ease due to the friendliness of the staff.

Our baby, Sidaarth Sid was born on 18th August. Glassner and the nursing staff. We had tried for a couple of years at a different facility and when deciding to move on to IVF, this was the only place I trusted. The staff was exceptional, patient, caring and always answered all of my questions I had a ton: Glassner was the first doctor to sit down and explain what the issues were and was committed to helping us achieve a healthy pregnancy.

He cares about you as a person and will advise you on what is best for you. I really appreciated that because it showed they really did care about me and respected the financial burden. We went through two more rounds and miscarried with both but Dr. Glassner gave us the hope and information we needed to give it another try. We did and I am happy to report I am 20 weeks and our little boy is due in Feb If it were not for Dr.

Glassner and the amazing nurses, we would not be expecting this miracle. We will always be eternally grateful and there really are no words that can approapriately thank them. We could not be happier with Dr. Glassner and his staff. They all have showed compassion and care throughout this whole process.

Glassner started with a plan and made sure we were comfortable. They are very accommodating and we were lucky to have success early on.

We will be forever grateful to Dr. Glassner and his staff! I started seeing Dr. Glassner in November and was with the practice for 2 years. In this time I conceived 4 times, 3 ending in miscarriages including one with a set of twins at 18 weeks.

Glassner never gave up on me conceiving and delivering a healthy baby. He encouraged me to keep trying and push forward. On May 21, I welcomed my son into this world! I especially want to thank Marg who helped me along this journey by answering all my questions and reassuring me that it would all work out.

Your words of encouragement made me smile on my darkest days. Also the entire IVF staff made me feel comfortable. My husband and I are already talking about 2, we will sure be back to see Dr.

Thank you for making ur dreams come true! It was a huge emotional roller coaster for us — to keep trying with no success. We decided to see Dr. Glassner and the team of nurses at mainline clinic made us feel warm and helped us through this phase. Glassner for months and finally decided to go for IUI. Orris performed the IUI and we had success in the very first attempt.

We are now blessed with a 4 month old angel. Life now feels complete — thanks to Dr. Glassner, all of the nurses and administrative staff are at Main Line Fertility. I have never felt more comfortable, accepted, loved and encouraged in my life. Infertility is such an emotional rollercoaster to travel and if you do not have the right doctor, you will not succeed, but with Main Line Fertility, everyone is perfect.

Everyone is always helpful and will always answer any question you have. In the time I have been seeing Dr. Glassner I have never been able to come up with one complaint, even the wait time is incredible. I have never waited more than 15 minutes, even on a holiday. Everything about this practice is perfection. He will do everything in his power to get you pregnant and if you are not comfortable with something, he will explain it further or move on to another option.

He is caring, generous and his heart is in the right place to get each and every one of his patients the wonderful gift of a child! His bedside manner is fabulous! He makes you laugh, when you are sad and about to shed tears. He always finds a way to help! Glassner is not your normal, everyday, dry doctor that sees you for two seconds and leaves the room.

He is busy, but he still answers all of your questions, thoroughly examines all situations with all individual patients and will always spend the time needed with everyone.

I could not have asked for a more incredible doctor. The nurses…to sum it up into one word…WOW! I have been hugged so many times and respected every time I have been to all three offices. Every one of the nurses are caring and supportive. They always take the time to answer any question about medicine, follicles, etc.

One in particular stood out to me every time, Margi, I love her. She is the best nurse I have ever dealt with in my life. She is the most caring nurse and will do anything for you and will listen every time you are upset or frustrated no matter what. Even the IVF team is perfect! They are like family and care so much about every one of their patients.

I always have way too many questions and it did not matter every time I came in with my list. They spent every minute they needed to with you. They make you feel comfortable and make sure you understand every step of the IVF process. I was amazed and could have not asked for a better environment.

Deanna Brasile for providing us an avenue to have a family. My husband and I have been waiting for a long time for a miracle. Glassner and his staff were professional, encouraging, and caring in our situation.

They made me feel comfortable in preparing in the steps leading to my pregnancy. Glassner and staff for all you have done for us! The office staff is the sweetest, all the techs and assistants are caring and knowledgeable. Brasile is beyond wonderful. I am so very lucky to have been in the care of these women, we conceived healthily because of them all! We did extensive research on fertility centers in the greater Philadelphia area also eliciting the opinions of other physicians and we could not be happier with our decision to go to MLF.

Glassner, does a remarkable job of balancing professionalism and personality. Orris, and decided to try one more time. This time, everything went perfectly and we are expecting twins!! When we graduated from our weekly visits with Dr. We miss everyone terribly! After my first meeting with Dr. Glassner I had such a positive feeling about not only him but with the entire Main Line Fertility staff.