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An autoimmune disease that attacks the thyroid, Hashimoto's has an . test that I had gotten done back when I was in the middle of a flare. Hashimoto's disease — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms, Meet the Staff condition in which your immune system attacks your thyroid, a small It primarily affects middle-aged women but also can occur in men. The disorder depends on what tissue the antibodies attack. Graves' disease and Hashimoto's thyroiditis are examples of autoimmune thyroid disease.

People exposed to excessive levels of environmental radiation are more prone to Hashimoto's disease. Complications Left untreated, an underactive thyroid gland hypothyroidism caused by Hashimoto's disease can lead to a number of health problems: Constant stimulation of your thyroid to release more hormones may cause the gland to become enlarged, a condition known as goiter.

Hypothyroidism is one of the most common causes of goiters. Although generally not uncomfortable, a large goiter can affect your appearance and may interfere with swallowing or breathing. Hashimoto's disease also may be associated with an increased risk of heart disease, primarily because high levels of low-density lipoprotein LDL cholesterol — the "bad" cholesterol — can occur in people with an underactive thyroid gland hypothyroidism.

If left untreated, hypothyroidism can lead to an enlarged heart and, possibly, heart failure. Depression may occur early in Hashimoto's disease and may become more severe over time.

Hashimoto's disease can also cause sexual desire libido to decrease in both men and women and can lead to slowed mental functioning. This rare, life-threatening condition can develop due to long-term hypothyroidism as a result of untreated Hashimoto's disease. Its signs and symptoms include drowsiness followed by profound lethargy and unconsciousness.

A myxedema coma may be triggered by exposure to cold, sedatives, infection or other stress on your body.

Myxedema requires immediate emergency medical treatment. Babies born to women with untreated hypothyroidism due to Hashimoto's disease may have a higher risk of birth defects than do babies born to healthy mothers. Doctors have long known that these children are more prone to intellectual and developmental problems. There may be a link between hypothyroid pregnancies and birth defects, such as a cleft palate. A support system I am really so fortunate to have a family — my partner, my parents, and my sister — who tolerated all my sniveling, who confirmed that I was not myself, who listened to me and my ramblings about the latest medical journal I had read on one thing or another.

I had the chance to meet others almost all women who were battling other autoimmune diseases, and fervently hoping that food changes would help. The food molecules then trigger an autoimmune response, and the body begins to mount an attack on those molecules. But the more I read, the more I felt that I should give it a try.

What did I have to lose? She explains complex medical ideas in simple, compelling ways. I was at a goodbye lunch for a coworker in November, and I was enjoying a roasted pepper soup and a salad with roasted beets and goat cheese. Partway through the meal I began to feel nauseous and dizzy. I warned my team that I might need medical attention.

The moment passed, but I developed a massive migraine as the day progressed. For each time I had an experience like that, it took me two to three days or more to recover. I paid for my tests out of pocket because I asked several doctors, and no-one was willing to order them for me. In fact, other people online whose opinions I respect agree. However, in my case, I was having catastrophic issues with food all the time. Migraines were common, heart palpitations, my blood pressure was all over the place, I had unexplainable fatigue, digestive issues, and more.

I am lucky to have the means to pay for the tests out of pocket, so I did.

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Just before Christmas, the test results revealed my sensitivities. Beets were on the list, as were berries and melon, grapes, agave, several kinds of fish, most Indian spices, and many more things.

I immediately removed all the offending items. It was not easy, but literally within a few days, I felt like a lead blanket had been lifted off my shoulders.

I felt so, so much better! It might not be the right thing for others, but in retrospect it was the right thing for me. For autoimmune diseases, the AIP recommends eliminating all grains not just those with glutenrice and corn, dairy, eggs, nuts and seeds, nightshades, coffee, and more. For me that has meant batch cooking AIP foods and packing all my breakfasts and lunches for the length of my trip.

I have also begun staying in a hotel with a kitchenette or at least a refrigerator so that I can buy and prepare food that is safe for me to eat. Business travelers will appreciate that I have to check my suitcase so that I can carry on my cooler so annoying. And I almost always receive additional scrutiny by airport security. The only real bummer is that there is just no way I can travel to India to visit my team right now, as it would just be a minefield for me.

I have also started making bone broth you can learn more about why on The Paleo Approach blog and homemade water kefir a probiotic. Bone broth and probiotics such as kefir and sauerkraut help too. But it takes the body much, more longer some have estimated as long as two years to address all the consequences — from inflammation, to the auto-immune response itself. Some people report losing 20 or 30 pounds of inflammation weight in those first few weeks!

I was not so lucky, but I definitely felt another lift with the elimination of nightshades from my diet. Eggplants, tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes are all part of the nightshade family, and something about them causes increased inflammation in the body. If I have setbacks it may take me longer. It takes tremendous willpower, especially if you enjoy sharing food as a way to build friendships or community.

Genetic testing As I learned more about the failure of our medical system to address the tsunami of autoimmune diseases, I once again found myself looking at alternative health options. I felt that I needed a doctor — if such a doctor existed — that would help me deal with the whole picture, from hormones to food and more.

I had been to a couple of naturopaths before my diagnosis, and I do believe strongly in that kind of alternative care. Through a variety of online channels, I was exposed to Functional Medicine. This is an emergent area of medicine that is not only holistic, but personalized.

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That is, looking at the whole person in context along with their genetic make-up to provide the best possible guidance. I was lucky to find an MD a former pediatric anesthesiologist not far from my house who was just starting her own practice.

My main interest in a functional medicine practitioner FMP was to get help in reading the analysis of my genome mapping, and helping me figure out what to do about that.

I ordered my genetic tests from 23andme. I opted out of as much of that research as possible, knowing that this was the only direct-to-consumer genetic testing option available to me. Ordering all three reports was a little bit of overkill, but I was on a tear to learn as much as I could. I learned that I might have a sensitivity to l-glutamine, a critical insight since that is an amino acid that is often prescribed for helping to heal the gut.

However, the body stores toxins in fat cells. Detoxing too quickly can cause huge problems, including brain damage. I hope that others will learn and benefit from my experience. It takes a long time to get so sick, and a long time to heal. Having the right support system, making dietary changes, and addressing the underlying cause of illness are the only paths to remission.

I read a moving article about Chronic Fatigue Syndrome ; there is apparently some new research that show brain differences in those suffering from CFS.

In my case, the scariest thing was and continues to be the brain fog. A common symptom of autoimmune diseases is debilitating fatigue. Complaining of fatigue sounds like moral weakness; in New York City, tired is normal. I honestly question how I took on a new job and, this year, a new role in the same company when I can barely remember what day of the week it is.

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So much of my sense of self worth is caught up in my intellect, in my ability to read and synthesize ideas, in my ability to generate new ones. I am still not where I was before I had kids, but I am definitely better than I was six months ago, three months ago, or even one month ago.

I hope that this blog post will contribute to that growing public awareness so that women can get the medical attention they need. One of the scary things about being chronically ill is that it can really consume you completely. In my case, I have to have my thyroid and vitamin level checked regularly, my diet is restricted, and with every meal I take supplements to make up for the deficiencies in how my body is working today. Sometimes I get unexpectedly knocked back by something I ate or drank, and it may take me a week to recover.

Then the disease had me. I hope I can keep the positive attitude in spite of the many ups and downs. I can think of … 14 doctors who should receive a copy from me! Her website is also full of information and resources that are informed by the experiences of other patients, and not by outdated medical practices.