Cas meet acronym

Creativity, Action and Service (CAS): Chatsworth International School

cas meet acronym

The Associated Schools of NSW Inc, most commonly referred to as the Committee of The meeting of the representatives of the CAS in April saw the. All IB students must complete a CAS program which can be documented as Real, purposeful activities, which meet one or more of the learning outcomes. A CAS is a very important electronic document that is generated by Kingston by the SM-Pre-CAS team, all these documents must meet the UKVI requirements.

Pre-payments You may want to pay some of your tuition fees in advance and in addition to any other payments you are required to make, if you do so, you must pay this before you request your CAS.

Prospective international students

We will then show the amount you have paid on your CAS statement so that you only have to show the remaining balance of your fees and your maintenance funds in your bank account. You must not make any further payments after you have requested your CAS and before receiving your student visa.

cas meet acronym

We cannot guarantee that any payments made later will be confirmed when you apply for your Tier 4 visa. Academic qualification documents Your existing academic qualifications must be confirmed on your CAS and the documents must be submitted with your visa application, you will need to have all the original documents proving your academic qualifications that were used to get your unconditional offer from Kingston. Sponsorship and scholarships If your studies are being funded partially or fully by a scholarship, international organisation or government, you will need to inform us when you request your CAS.

Loan letters must state that the loan is provided by: Requesting a CAS As soon as you have firmly accepted an unconditional offer at Kingston University, you will be sent by email details of how to request a CAS, including your username and password. Once you have requested your CAS and paid your deposit this is only required if you are a postgraduate studentwe will continue to process your CAS request.

To be eligible for a CAS an applicant will need: Deadline for CAS request If you are overseas A CAS request should not be made if there will be less than 15 working days between the date of application and the latest start date for the course.

The only exceptions to this will be if a student is able to use a priority fast track service and can provide evidence of this or if the student has been granted a faculty extension to the latest start date for the course. If you are applying from within the UK A CAS request should only be made if you meet the Tier 4 visa requirements and can submit your visa application prior to enrolling on your course.

The University will not issue a CAS to an applicant who: All the information contained in the CAS is extremely important, so you must check it is all correct and up to date. If any of the information is incorrect then you must inform us by email to cas kingston. It is possible to include multiple words in the name fields within the CAS Application task, and if you wish you can amend the arrangement of your names when you confirm your CAS Application Information.

There can be information missing in the Qualifications Section because of the different application methods that we have at the University for different levels of study. You can access and amend your CAS Application Information as many times as you want before confirming your information.

However, we will not be able to apply to the Home Office for your CAS number until you have confirmed that all your information is present and correct.

It is very important that your information is all present and correct. Therefore we will not apply for your CAS number until you have confirmed it. Without a CAS number, you will not be able to apply for the student visa you need to study in the UK.

Why is my nationality shown by country name and not as the standard nationality name? Your nationality is written as a country name because this is how we record this information at the University of Sheffield.

I have been awarded a scholarship. If you are awarded a scholarship by your department or faculty, this may not automatically appear in your CAS Application Information. You will need to email a scanned copy of the letter confirming your scholarship to pbsapply sheffield.

If you are awarded a scholarship from any source other than the University of Sheffield, this will not appear in your CAS Application Information. You will need to include the scholarship documentation when you submit your visa application.

cas meet acronym

We automatically inform all applicants if they are eligible for any scholarships after they have been made an offer of a study place. If your CAS number covers only one course at the University, your deposit payment will appear in your CAS Application Information within 48 hours of the payment being processed by the University. I have been awarded a tuition fee discount for paying my tuition fees in full.

If you receive a tuition fee discount before your CAS is issued this will appear in your CAS Application Information within two working days of the payment being received by the University. Why is the course start date in my CAS Application Information different to the start date in my offer letter?

Intro Week is a programme of welcome events for new students the week before teaching begins. It is also when you will be expected to register at the University.

We strongly recommend that you arrive for the start of Intro Week. You will also be able to carry out certain immigration tasks during this week, including collection of your Biometric Residence Permit BRP from the University if you have selected this on your visa application. On your visa application you can choose to collect your Biometric Residence Permit BRP at the University instead of a local Post Office, and this will be much easier for you. To do this, you need to include the code "2HE" in the Biometric Residence Permit Collection screen in your visa application form.

cas meet acronym

If you have a problem completing the CAS Application task, please let us know by emailing pbsapply sheffield. This email address should only be used to inform us of a problem, not to confirm your CAS Application Information. What happens if I have a problem using the Pre-Registration system? If you have a problem using the Pre-Registration, please let us know by emailing preregistration sheffield.

cas meet acronym

Will I have to pay this? How will you tell me my CAS number? You will then be able to view the CAS number, and the information we used in your application, by logging back in to your record in the Pre-Registration system. How long will applying for a CAS number take? If you have not received your CAS Statement within 20 working days, please let us know by emailing pbsapply sheffield. I won't meet the conditions of my offer until shortly before my course starts.

What does CAS stand for?

Will there still be time to arrange my CAS number and visa? Applicants often receive their results in late August and still manage to arrange their CAS number and visa in time to start their course in September. If you receive an Unconditional offer only a few weeks before your course is due to start, we should be able to arrange your CAS number within approximately a week. Visa offices are aware of the deadlines applicants are working to and try to accommodate this where possible.

After you have received your CAS number, you can find details of how to make your visa application on the Home Office website. Please note that you will only be able to apply for your visa a maximum of three months before the date your course is due to start.

When can I use my CAS number to apply for a visa? You can use your CAS number to apply for a visa up to three months before the date your course is due to start. The CAS number links to an electronic record on the UKVI database, and so you will only need to enter the number on your visa application.

How long will my CAS number be valid for? You CAS number will be valid for six months. This means that you should apply for your visa within six months of being issued with a CAS number.

CAS numbers are linked to the specific course you have applied for.

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This is why we only apply for a CAS number when you have accepted an Unconditional offer. Can my friend use my CAS number? Your CAS number is unique to you. Does receiving my CAS number mean that I will definitely get a visa? Applicants must meet all the other requirements of the UK's immigration rules. You can find more information about this on the UKVI website. If my visa application is unsuccessful, can I use the same CAS number to re-apply? If your visa application is unsuccessful, you will need a new CAS number to re-apply.

An immigration adviser will then let you know whether a new CAS number can be assigned. If a new CAS number is assigned, you should use this new number when you re-apply for a visa.

What are the legal implications of having a CAS number? This requirement applies to all universities, not just the University of Sheffield. You can ensure that you comply with the terms and conditions of your student visa by doing the following: Enrol for every year of your studies. If you are unable to enrol, you must inform the University so that we know where you are. Keep good attendance at all teaching sessions.

If you are in the UK on a student visa you must study full time. Do not take a break from your studies unless this is absolutely necessary Do not work more hours than permitted. Your visa will tell you what hours you can work, if any.