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devachan meet your stylist

Next, your stylist will shape and style your curls to meet your needs, suit your lifestyle and satisfy your personal preference. This service is. We know your curls are just as unique as you are. HOURS. Tuesday - Friday 10am - 7pm. Saturday 10am - 4pm. ADDRESS. 14 S. Haddon Ave, Haddonfield, . I've the spent the better half of the last 24 years trying to tame the curly hair I met with a stylist-slash-curl doctor who had been assigned to me.

Was there a professional hairstylist who could handle that? Well, I guess there's at least one who can, because I loved loved!

devachan meet your stylist

With two whole inches trimmed off, I gained a new set of knowledge about textured hair and maintaining hair health: Finger detangle For those who live and die by the wide-tooth comb me please know that finger detangling is so much gentler.

Split your hair down the middle, and then separate the halves into even smaller sections on each side—four to six sections is my sweet spot.

Curly Hair Salon Wars: Ouidad vs. Devachan - Healthy Hair To Toe

Latoya taught me to use my fingers to separate the ends of my hair first, and then continue upwards until I get to the roots.

Make sure your styling products also moisturize I've learned that layering moisturizing products is key to hydrated hair. I follow up with products that add extra moisture and then seal—so the moisture stays in my hair.

Then, the styling is up to you.

DevaCurl at Devachan Salon. Meet Sergio, your Devachan Salon Stylist

After styling products were applied, my stylist used clips at the crown of my head and placed me under a hooded dryer. Afterwards, my stylist diffused my hair on a low heat setting upside down while continuing the same upward scrunching motion of my hair until dry. Before DevaCut…little to no shape in hair, uneven lengths left and right originally attempted to trim myself, bad idea!

devachan meet your stylist

Spa-like experience with Devachan salon in Manhattan Soho. Hooded dryers come to your chair versus you having to move around. Devachan stylist diffusing my hair upside down after being placed under a hooded dryer. After…curls were stretched with more volume.

Curly Hair Salon Wars: Ouidad vs. Devachan

Length was now even. The following DevaCurl products were used: No finishing product was applied. Next, they gently squeezed excess water out of my wet hair and blotted with a towel to pull out additional moisture.

devachan meet your stylist

Afterwards, styling products were applied, I was placed under a hooded dryer without any clips at the crown of my head. My hair was diffused on a low heat setting and a finishing pomade was applied for medium-firm hold.

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Do not rub hair briskly or flip head over. Both methods fragment curls and cause frizz Day before Ouidad cut. Day before Ouidad cut. Day of Ouidad cut. Getting ready to tame this mane!

devachan meet your stylist

There are so many advantages of dry cutting! First off, the only way to see the behavior of curls is when they are dry. Curly hair is 3D. There can be multiple curl patterns and textures on one head.

devachan meet your stylist

The only way to observe and honor those textures is see it on dry hair. What is the process of the dry haircut? We ask clients to come with their hair, down, dry and recently detangled with minimal product.

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This preparation is key. Every cut starts with a conversation about lifestyle, expectation and concerns, from the information gathered in that conversation, a proper style can be mutually decided.

The cut is done without the use of combs or brushes, just fingers and scissors. Then, some refining and finishing touches are done to the cut.

DevaCurl at Devachan Salon. Meet Rick, your Devachan Salon Stylist

Since you have worked at Devachan for a while, what made you decide to work here instead of working at another salon? I went to cosmetology school with the sole intention to one day work at Devachan, so here I am! Devachan has their very own academy for anyone who wants to enhance their curl career and expertise.