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meet core 7 ponies games

My Little Pony is a free-to-play video game for iOS and Android mobile devices Farmerama ran a My Little Pony event in from April 29 to May 7. Buy My Little Pony Tails of Equestria Story Telling Game Core Rule Book by N/A ( ISBN: ) from Amazon's Book Publisher: Shinobi 7 (4 Sept. Games Ponies Play is the twelfth episode of the third season of My Little Pony Article workshop · Placeholder name polls · Core wiki activity · Project forums On December 7, , the episode's writer Dave Polsky was asked "Was there a They meet Princess Cadance in a spa, where she is waiting to get her hair done.

Twilight arrives at the spa, but Rarity won't let her see Cadance because she needs more time to fix her huge mistake. Somepony really likes to stretch her legs. Back at the castle, Pinkie is showing the Inspector around.

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Twilight asks Shining Armor to give the Inspector a proper tour. At that moment, the other ponies and the Inspector enter the stadium, and the Inspector is so overjoyed to be outdoors that she runs around the track. She is thrilled to meet Prince Shining Armor, and says she is thoroughly enjoying her "vacation". To their horror, the ponies find out that she is Ms.

Peachbottomnot Ms. A chance meeting at the spa. Twilight and her friends dash to the train station, but Ms. Harshwhinny is having a hooficure and Ms. Peachbottom is getting a massage in the spa. Harshwhinny complains that she was neglected all day.

meet core 7 ponies games

Peachbottom starts to tell her about her wonderful visit, Twilight and her friends rush in. Rarity shows them Cadance, her mane fixed and ceremonial headdress complete. Harshwhinny walks over and tells Cadance there wasn't a welcome for her at all.

Rainbow Dash confesses to the princess that they welcomed the wrong pony. Harshwhinny changes her mind when Ms. Peachbottom tells her about the warm reception that Twilight and her friends gave her. Going home This looks oddly familiar. As Twilight and her friends wait for the train back to PonyvilleRainbow Dash basks in the satisfaction of helping the Crystal Empire win the competition and says she looks forward to coming back to watch the Games.

Just before Fluttershy boards the train, she sees a cart of luggage fall over as a green jewel flies by. Rainbow Dash feels sorry that Spike had to miss out on everything, but Twilight is sure that he's having plenty of fun taking care of their pets back home. Applejack hears something growling and asks her friends if they can hear it as well. The girl suddenly runs off, and Sunset gives chase. Before Sunset can catch up to the girl, she escapes on another bus.

Having safely gotten away, the girl pulls off her hood, revealing her identity as Princess Twilight's human counterpart. Upon returning to her own school, Twilight enters a private research room and assembles a device resembling an amulet.

Sunset wonders about the mysterious girl's interest in the statue, noting that she appears to be from the human world and not Equestria. Rainbow Dash believes the girl is a Crystal Prep Academy student trying to deface the statue due to the upcoming Friendship Games, which the Crystal Prep Shadowbolts always win. Despite the Games representing schools coming together in sportsmanship, Canterlot High and Crystal Prep are fierce rivals, and Rainbow Dash has a plan to bring victory to their school.

Later, at a pep rally in the gymnasium, Rainbow Dash with the help of the school marching band rallies and motivates the unenthusiastic students with a spirited song. At the song's climax, Rainbow Dash sprouts pony ears and wings. After the pep rally ends, Applejack wonders how Rainbow was able to "pony up" without her guitar. Vice Principal Luna approaches and asks that they keep their magic in check during the Friendship Games to avoid accusations of cheating.

She also tasks Sunset Shimmer with solving the mystery of her friends' random magical transformations. Later, in the CHS library, Sunset hits a block in her research and tries reaching out to Princess Twilight in Equestria again, telling her about her assignment to keep magic out of the games. Twilight's research Back at Crystal Prep, Twilight goes to her research room and finds her dog Spike.

She explains to him that the device she built can measure and contain the strange energy surrounding Canterlot High, hoping that this research will get accepted into the Everton Independent Study Program.

Aware of Twilight's interest in Everton, Cadance also encourages her to give friendship a try. On her way to Cinch's office, Twilight begins to contemplate her place at the school.

Principal Cinch blackmailing Twilight. Having learned of Canterlot High's recent rise in test score averages and athletics, Cinch requests that Twilight join the Shadowbolts and compete in the Friendship Games to maintain Crystal Prep's reputation. Twilight is very reluctant about this until Cinch threatens to deny her application to Everton. In the end, Twilight decides to compete after all, since she planned to collect more data at the school anyway.

She wears her amulet around her neck and hides Spike in her backpack. Upon reaching the bus, Twilight meets her teammates: She immediately has difficulty getting along with them and makes a fool of herself.

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Canterlot meets Crystal Prep After the Rainbooms finish band practice, Rainbow expresses hope that the Games will have a music competition, but Sunset reminds her they are supposed to keep magic out of the competition. In the meantime, Rarity shows her friends various outfits she made for the girls to wear for the Games. Using her amulet to track energy, Twilight enters the school and is surprised when several CHS students greet her by name. She bumps into Flash Sentrywho wonders about Twilight's glasses.

meet core 7 ponies games

Twilight ends their conversation when her device starts detecting energy. Twilight meets the Rainbooms. Back in the band room, Applejack asks why Rarity would make so many clothes they might not need, and Rarity says that she is only being generous. As her generosity shines through, Rarity ponies up. Outside, Twilight detects the energy given off by Rarity's transformation, and her device opens up to absorb it.

As her magic is drained, Rarity suddenly feels fatigued, and her pony ears and extended ponytail disappear. As Twilight enters the band room, the Rainbooms are ecstatic to be reunited with their friend from Equestria.

However, they are confused as to why she is wearing a Crystal Prep uniform and glasses. Twilight expresses even more confusion when Fluttershy and Rarity recognize her pet dog. As Celestia gives Cinch a tour of the school, she also recognizes Twilight and becomes baffled when Cinch refers to Twilight as her student.

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She assumes that Twilight has a twin sister, but Pinkie Pie explains that she is not the Twilight from Equestria. Outside the CHS entrance, Cinch has a private conversation with Twilight, telling her she needs to be focused on the Games.

Twilight tells Cinch about how everyone knows her at the school, and Cinch convinces her they are only trying to distract her and lure her away. Rarity is in disbelief that the human world's Twilight goes to Crystal Prep, and Rainbow is surprised that they will be playing against their supposed friend. However, Sunset is more concerned about the random magical occurrences as well as the fact that she hasn't heard back from pony Twilight.

After separating from her friends, Sunset considers returning to Equestria to find Twilight herself. Unfortunately, human Twilight's device suddenly detects the portal's energy and absorbs the magic from it, rendering it inactive. In the gymnasium, a welcoming party is held for the Crystal Prep students, but no one appears to be getting along.

Sunset informs her friends about what happened to the portal and immediately places blame upon the human Twilight. She tries to confront her, but a sudden confrontation with the other Shadowbolts prevents her from doing so. Meanwhile, Pinkie introduces herself to Twilight. Twilight notices that there isn't a lot of partying going on, and Pinkie enlists her help in fixing it.

As Principal Celestia greets the Crystal Prep students, Pinkie and Twilight haul a pair of party cannons into the gym. With a little redecorating and appropriate lighting and music, the party kicks into full swing, and the Canterlot High and Crystal Prep students start to mingle.

MY LITTLE PONY characters and Equestria Girls set a great example of how to be a better friend!

At that Pinkie Pie went back to her house and do all the preparations for her party, she checks everything to see if she is doing right, only finding out her nightmare on preparing a party came true. Her friends came in and Pinkie Pie accepted their help: In the end, everything went well and Pinkie's party goes well as planned. Rainbow Dash's Party[ edit ] Pinkie Pie went to Rainbow Dash's home, only to see her that she got buried in a pile of clothes.

meet core 7 ponies games

She went inside her house and helped her up, also asking Rainbow Dash why is she inside her pile of clothes. She answered that she is getting ready for her dress up party happening in her house.

As the others arrived, they all joined in her party. Rainbow Dash said she will host her own fashion show, with a special grand prize to be awarded to someone with the best clothing design. As the fashion show started, Cheerilee, Starsong, Toola-Roola, Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle showed off their awesome clothes they're wearing.

meet core 7 ponies games

In the end, Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash decided that they all win and got the grand prize. Cheerilee's Party[ edit ] Cheerilee has finished styling Pinkie Pie's mane and she likes how it turned out.

Pinkie Pie asks if Cheerilee is ready for her own slumber party, responding yes seeing that everyone will help out. Later on, her slumber party began and she and her friends were having a lot of fun. As nighttime comes, everyone is still enjoying the party, listening to one of Cheerilee's spooky stories. But then, they hear something strange in the room and each one of them gets scared on what's making the strange noise.

But it all turned to be a mouse hiding behind Starsong's tape recorder.