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meet hue philips

The Philips Hue system has a great API for several services and new . The privacy policy of aka Philips Lighting explains in. Welcome to the world of smart lighting. Register here to experience the intelligence of Philips hue. Submit your details below for a demo of our hue smart lights. ·

Luckily, you can find Philips Hue starter kits will fewer bulbs at retail locations such as Amazon. These kits typically include two bulbs, not four, and sometimes are available in sizes other than E These smaller kits are ideally suited for those looking to save some money, have a smaller home, or are new to smart home living.

Hardware Installation for Philips Hue First, screw your new bulbs into your existing light fixtures and be sure to turn on your wall light switches.

Philips Hue — Starter Kit & Lightstrip Plus

Next, plug in your bridge, and it will automatically power up. Connect it to your Wi-Fi router using the cable provided.

Hue! Let there be light!

Wait for the three lights on the bridge to turn on. Yes, from a hardware perspective, installation of your Philips Hue lights is that simple. Not surprisingly, this step depends on the type of bulbs you use.

Before moving forward, be aware that for home operation your mobile device must be connected to the same Wi-Fi router as your Hue bridge to control your lights. To control your lights outside of your home, your Wi-Fi and Philips Hue must both be operational and connected to the internet.

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By doing so, you can control lights based on where they are located in your home. You can control these lights individually, or as a group.

You can also create favorite scenes using a picture or just by selecting the intensity of each light. Philips understands this, which is the reason behind the Philips Hue Personal Routines feature. You can also have your lights wake you up gradually in the morning or put you to sleep at night thanks to the Sleeping Routine.

You can also adjust your lights using widgets on both Android and iOS. These widgets provide easy access to your lights even when your phone is locked. Own an Apple Watch? Indeed, you can control your lights from your wrist too.

Finally, there are lots of third-party apps out there that can help you make an even more personalized lighting experience 8 Fabulous Apps for Philips Hue Lights 8 Fabulous Apps for Philips Hue Lights The Philips Hue system has its own app, but why settle for the default when there's so many cooler options out there? These 8 apps give you fabulous options for some really cool effects.

These apps offer cool effects and in some cases allow you to sync with your favorite songs to create musical light shows. Whether or not this fact influences the overall security level is one of the questions we try to answer in this Quick-Check. Application The Android application tested version: The app implements standard security mechanisms, like an adequate use of obfuscation, and shows no weaknesses in regards to secure local storage, any hard-coded secrets or overly open information exposition via Android logcat.

In respect to these points the Hue application seems rather flawless. Device pairing There are two ways of pairing new devices. To pair the Hue App with the Bridge, you need to push the Link-button of the Bridge, which works like a WPS button and simply connects the devices after pressing. The pairing of new Hue accessories like bulbs, switches or motion sensors runs over the app itself. What we missed was an overview of connected Apps and services.

At second look, we realized it is nevertheless adequately secure: Philips decided to use an extra layer in their communication by encrypting the payload separately with AES but transferring it via HTTP. Regarding the reasons, we can only speculate, but we guess this might be to avoid the extra infrastructure and implementation effort for a secure SSL communication along with classic problems, a secure certification, key exchange, and authentication can inherit — No problem with that as long as the AES keys can be kept secret.

Nevertheless, we suspect that there is no key exchange at all between Bridge and servers otherwise there is no reason why Philips Lighting would not just use standard SSL and that the keys consequently must be hard-coded into the firmware of the bridge. Of course we are just speculating here, as we did not check for the possibility of retrieving the firmware from the bridge nor we eavesdrop into encrypted communication in a Quick-Check.

The communication between Android application and server is secured very efficiently as well by integrating the use of the internal Android Internet browser into the app — the authentication for and the remote access itself is performed over the api.

meet hue philips

The advantage of this implementation is that certificate validation to prevent Man-in-the-Middle attacks is performed by the browser and the connection is adequately secure. This way an explicit Certificate-Pinning is obviously not possible but all standard checks for e.

Man-in-the-Middle attacks on application connections are therefore quite unlikely and for most scenarios adequately prevented.

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Local communication Whereas the online communication is adequately although unconventionally secured, the local communication between Android application and Hue Bridge is not secured at all — There is no encryption and no real authentication to be found.

In our tests, we checked for possible replay attacks of just resending command packages and these worked as expected.

meet hue philips

Switching lights via debug web interface Direct API access is also possible using any registered user id. Many products we tested recently completely ignore security for the local communication presuming a completely secure local network their product is integrated in. But even with this assumption in mind one cannot additionally assume that all clients in one network are allowed to have access to everything connected to it.