Meet miss pauling in team

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meet miss pauling in team

Oct 5, Meet the Director is a comic, released on May 5, Patch to accompany the Replay Update. Meet the Director follows Miss Pauling and the. Jul 16, Welcome to a Mini episode of A Collection of TF2 Easter Eggs. The video will be going over Miss Pauling and her cameo appearance in "Meet The Medic"! Game. Team Fortress 2; ; Explore in YouTube Gaming. Jul 25, After realizing that the efforts to cease these sudden Latin rhythms on the battlefield were outnumbered by how many of these dancing.

Demomanhaving become overweight and even more of a slovenly alcoholic, readily joins her crew for a chance at his old job. While preparing to fly to Siberia to pick up Heavy, she finds out that Scout and Spy have both been arrested and are set to be hanged for their crimes of vandalism against Teufort. While Demoman and Soldier are assigned to delay the trial and Execution, Miss Pauling visits the library to destroy the Administrator's birth records with Pyro's assistance.

She stops the Execution of the Scout, Spy, Demoman and Soldier, citing that the mercenaries could not have been responsible for the various zoning errors in Teufort, for which they are being executed.

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Fooling the mayor with a pamphlet, she directs him to the library, followed by all the townspeople, effectively calling off the Execution and angry mob. Privately, she admits that the entire population of Teufort suffers from madness induced by lead poisoning, and so the mercenaries were not charged with the murder and property damage they actually caused. It is later revealed that Miss Pauling also met with a heavily concealed Administrator, who gave her new orders to obtain the last cache of Australium.

To Australia Having assigned the mercenaries to various duties, Miss Pauling searches for Sniper's home in Australia along with Demoman, finding it apparently abandoned. They are quickly ambushed by Sniper, who had discovered that Mr. Mundy were not his birth parents, and threatens Miss Pauling for information on his actual parentage. Miss Pauling placates Sniper, telling him they are headed to meet his true parents, convincing him to join.

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Piloting a submarine obtained by Spy and Soldier, Miss Pauling leads the team sans Scout and Heavy to the sunken city of New Zealand, where the last cache of Australium lies. However, Miss Pauling discovers that the cache was depleted by Sniper's real father, Bill-Bel; unaware of the metal's potential, he exhausted the supply painting his prototype rockets which have long since exploded.

Sniper's mother steals away with the only functioning rocket, prompting Miss Pauling to despair that she has failed in her mission. Captured Along with the other mercenaries who were with her, Miss Pauling is captured by the TFC mercenaries who begin torturing them for information. Despairing that she has failed her mission and her team, Miss Pauling accepts Spy's offer to commit suicide with their dignity intact, but is interrupted by Heavy attempting a rescue.

Angered by their mutual dislike and Gray's request to stop the Administrator, Miss Pauling goes into an emotive speech defending her allegiance to the Administrator, mentioning how she's willingly lied and killed under the Administrator's command. Midway, though, Spy stops her as Gray has died before hearing most of her speech. Spy is none too amused at the implication that Miss Pauling has been lying to the team. Having been tricked by the Scout in an attempt to meet Miss Pauling to ask her out on a date, she had arrived to the RED base to help defend the Intelligence.

On arrival, she was initially concerned about the presence of the briefcase but became furious after finding out that the Scout had pushed the briefcase alarm. In her frustration, she turns, notices the decor and asks if they are having a prom.


The Scout attempts to reason with her, stating they should discuss it over dinner, opening a door to reveal a giant bread monster. The other mercenaries arrive to help while Miss Pauling yells at the Scout for pressing the alarm, then notices his death watch and uses it as a timer. She uses the Payload cart as a bomb, but she and the Scout end up on the wrong side of the blast doors. Without a word, both the Scout and Miss Pauling dive into the bread monster as the Payload explodes.

They survive, and the Scout asks Miss Pauling on a date. She does not outright disagree, but begins to describe the tasks on her work schedule, one of which is to kill the person who pressed the briefcase alarm, and then remarks that the Scout would already be there, implying that she is going to kill the Scout. Miss Pauling is most likely single, judging from a personal advertisement found in the Teufort Reader magazine.

Miss Pauling works days out of the year and enjoys gun shows and quiet nights of surveillance. In Meet the Medic0: According to her responses when giving the Pyro a rare contractMiss Pauling seemingly talks to Pyro as if they were a young child. Miss Pauling as she appears in the Meet the Director comic. You are a strong-willed, charismatic Renaissance man of medical science, while Mr. Conagher is a stupid, short-sighted man who hates advancement and has no passion for pioneering scientific progress.

She shook her head. She tells you what you want to hear to get into your head! Vetterlein, I read up on this project of yours! It was never tested on humans! It was tested on animals — once — and that was a failure. Do you have any scientific basis to suggest that the experiment will work this time?

Miss Pauling suddenly reached into her blouse, and pulled out a revolver. Ze real fighting is still on ze far side of ze hill. Her knees were shaking, and she seemed to be hiding behind the weapon. I'm trapped in this hospital, same as you.

meet miss pauling in team

She gave me orders to tell you to go ahead with your project — she said the rewards outweigh the risks. But while our lives are an acceptable loss to her, I don't see things the same way!

I would rather not get captured or killed by the enemy because of an underdeveloped, untested hypothesis gone wrong! Pauling's revolver arm shook. Miss Pauling, getting over her initial surprise of the rocket attack, slowly put the revolver away. If I don't start cutting before he vakes up, things vill be a lot more complicated! Usually, though, once I get him cut open, he becomes much more Viktor's slow climb out of oblivion reminded him of the escape from the Siberian gulag. He was trapped under freezing water, trying to push to the surface with great, powerful strokes, but continuously hitting solid ice that pinned him beneath the surface.

He punched the ice repeatedly, but it wouldn't give. His whole world was dark. His muscles were freezing cold, with hypothermia not far off. His lungs were aching, an ache that he knew would turn into unbearable pain in seconds. Viktor gave up his pounding, letting himself sink into the depths He shot up to the surface, using the last of his strength and oxygen to let out an angry cry, and then he smashed into the ice, and burst through- "Ah.

You are finally avake. He was no longer in Siberia. That was nothing but an old memory. He was lying on the cot, with his old friend the Medic leaning over him. It was all coming back to Viktor. Medic had needed his help.

Miss Pauling

He had lay down on the cot. Medic shot him with the syringe Viktor's heart seemed to leap to his chest, and he slowly looked down at his stomach. There was Medic, leaning over a gaping hole in Viktor's torso. Viktor opened his mouth to cry out, but Klaus put a bloody finger to the man's mouth. I am sorry, my friend.

meet miss pauling in team

As for vhat I'm doing You have a story for zis, hm?