Monarchs gymnastics meet videos

Little Gymnastics for Little Girl - video dailymotion

monarchs gymnastics meet videos

Testimonials / Videos / Photo Collection Archive . of this website is only allowed at the express permission of Monarch's National Gymnastics Training Center. MONARCH'S BUTTERFLIES-Young gymnasts show off their numerous ribbons following a recent competition in Camarillo. Athletes from the. Video; Slideshow Powel Crosley, Jr. YMCA Monarchs Gymnastics Team All Parent Meeting July 10 / Payment Policy Regular Season Meet Fees.

All payments need to be labeled and placed in lock box DO NOT hand payment to coaches Payment can be made to family account at any time prior to invoice due date. Gymnast new to the team this year or has any uniform pieces that do not fit from last year. Gymnast will receive a paper in their family folder after the sizing to let you know what size your gymnast needs.

monarchs gymnastics meet videos

Complete tags and attach to your old uniform pieces. It must have a completed tag to be sold. Please make sure the pieces have been cleaned. Come to the sale or send someone for you.

Purchasers can choose 1 item that they need from the selection available.

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If you wish to purchase any additional items, you can place your name on a waiting list for what other item you want. Purchase through the Monarchs or you can purchase on your own. Recommendation - gymnasts wearing child size leotards purchase the 1 piece undergarment in the same size as their leotard.

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There are also 2 piece bra and panty available usually for gymnasts wearing adult size leotards To order undergarments through the Monarchs, please mark what undergarments you would like to order on your invoice and adjust your total appropriately. All other fundraisers are optional. If you are late, ask the office to escort your child to their class…parents are not allowed on the gym floor; young children should not walk out to their class on their own.

monarchs gymnastics meet videos

If you are fifteen minutes or more late for class, your child will not be allowed to participate that day. The class will already be warmed and stretched and it is not safe for your child to immediately begin participating in the class, please see the office if you need to schedule a make-up.

Gymnasts must be picked up and dropped off inside the building, please be on time! Students are not allowed to wait outside the building for their ride. Parking Please park in our parking lot only.

monarchs gymnastics meet videos

Our neighboring business need to supply their customers with sufficient parking spaces. Class Cancellations or Changes Monarchs National Gymnastics Training Center reserves the right to cancel or combine the classes if a minimum enrollment is not met.

monarchs gymnastics meet videos

Miscellaneous Monarchs National Gymnastics Training Center will not be responsible for any lost, damaged or stolen articles. Safety Rules We ask that you help to keep your child safe and happy by carefully reviewing and adhering to these rules at all times.

Monarchs Gymnastics Team

All visitors to the facilities are required to follow safety guidelines as determined by Monarchs National Gymnastics Training Center. This provides our students with the safest possible workout environment. Therefore, we enforce the following rules: No one may go on any equipment at any time without an instructor present. Students arriving late to class must not go one the floor alone.

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Please come to the office. We encourage our students to be on time for class as the warm up and stretch are necessary to prevent injury and are done first in class.

monarchs gymnastics meet videos