Super mario sunshine secret places to meet

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super mario sunshine secret places to meet

Super Mario Sunshine/Bianco Hills Jump on to the roof where Petey Piranha is waiting. The roof isn't strong enough Something similar happens in every secret area. Now it's If you've played Super Mario 64, you'll know how this works. For Super Mario Sunshine on the GameCube, GameFAQs has 15 cheat codes and meant to find an obscure way into the pool room on the top floor where the . Super Mario Sunshine Hints. Advertisement Then go to the place where the two policemen are standing. There is a Secret Shine in Delfino Plaza D. Go to the . You can navigate to Roofs,find hidden BLUE COINS and SHINE SPRITES.

Instead, grab a group of bananas and go up to that room's glass windows. Approach the windows and then turn facing away from them. Do a backwards jump to get right up against them, then do a double-jump.

At the peak of your jump, throw the bananas and you should clip through into the pool room. Jump onto one of the edges of the fountains most opposite the entrance to the room, Do a back-flip and hover towards the structure at the side of the room opposite the door and you should grab onto a ledge.

Face to the side of there, hold L, and sidestep towards the black void on the other side for about 2 seconds. Then jump and hover in that direction for about a second and you should land on a platform with the pipe to the next portion of the level.

It's a lot faster than hoping for those 's! Immediately after, find the pianta on a roof that throws you into a building for one coin. Another tip is when your in the water press the B button to dive. Who knows what treasures lurk in the water's murky depths. Also if you keep blasting away an M on a wall left by the culprit who polluted the island you will get a blue coin.

super mario sunshine secret places to meet

In the first level you will find a blue coin in the river. You'll also find a huge M on the top of the building with the big wheel. Blast it to get a blue coin. Find the huge Ms in the other levels too. Ill keep u informed on more tips! GameCube Submitted by Bogthedoggy Walking Wires In the first level you can walk on clotheslines and you wont fall off so dont worry.

When you are on a clothesline press the A button to jump high. All you have to do is daze the enemy or not then grab the squids tentacle and move backwards and then SNAP! It comes right off! GameCube Submitted by Bogthedoggy The Pesky Pirahnna Plant When you get to the large sludge spitting piranha plant in the windmill you'll have to beat it in order to move on.

When it opens up its mouth use the spray function on the water cannon to pray water into its mouth. When it tips over and a red arrow appears do a ground pound on the bump on its stomach. To do a ground pound, while your in the air press the L button and you should do a ground pound.

Super Mario Sunshine Cheats

Watch out for the enemies and the sludge the piranha lant spits out. The sludge will damage you. Also be aware he has a special trick for if u get too close. To regain your life the piranha plant should make some miniature replicas of itself and when you spray them with your water cannon they will drop coins. And your water cannon will refil itself automatically when u run out. Do the sray and pound combinations a few times to gain victory.

And if the pirahnna plant should spit out sludge than oint your water cannon down at the sludge and clean it up. You now know how t! Just know not to get too close or he will use his special trick he'll swipe you with his head and do it in a counter-clockwise direction.

GameCube Submitted by Mario fan Washing off If Mario is filled with polluted paint all over him,you can either do afew spin jumps or jump in the water to get the paint off! You can't turn very fast with the turbo nozzle and you can't turn at all while jumping with the turbo nozzle.

You can though with this move. First get the Turbo Nozzle then start using it to go really fast. While your going fast spin jump rotate control pad then press A and immediately after that press Y to go into the view mode.

While your in view mode going extremely fast you can turn while spinning in the air inside view mode!! That way you can run around Delfino Plaza with the turbo nozzle doing insanly tight turns and even do degree turn while in the air with the turbo nozzle running! It kinda confusing but if you get it right it's pretty fun to run around with. Walk right, and you will see inside a building a blue coin.

Swim around the back of the building, and you will see a hole. Go in it, and you are infront of a blue coin. Blue Coin 2-In Delfino Plaza, climb onto the rooftops. You will see a flock of parrots. They are all green, except for one, which is blue. Spray it, and pop, its a blue coin. GameCube Submitted by Ian Shaub Get free coins out of a windmill What you have to do to get free coins out of windmills is you have to go to the first level and spray a windmill until a coin comes out but you can't stop spraying until it pops out you can do this with all the windmills.

GameCube Submitted by Mairi Entrance to Noki Bay When you get 20 shines, a big rainbow looking thing will appear in front of a fountain. Look into the sun. You are now in Noki Bay. After that you must get through the Corona Mountain level dousing fire, dousing spies, traveling across lava in a boat, and then use the rocket nosel to go up through clouds landing on each one.

Then you land on the edge of a poolwere Boser and Baby Boser are relaxing in. Be careful, the water is hot it will burn you and take off 3 damage.

GameCube Submitted by Kevin Secret Shine First, go to the fountain, close to the statue and get the rocket nozzle; you must have 30 or more Shine sprites to get it. Go to the top of the lighthouse.


Rocket up in the air and do a ground pound on the fire symbol and a Shine should appear. This is the Same person who put Mario's Hawaiian shirt and Sunglasses!

For the Hawaiian Shirt I found out that the Hawaiian shirt is shaped like a shine pattern and you really don't have to beat the entire game to get it!

But for this one you do!

The Hotel Lobby's Secret - Super Mario Wiki, the Mario encyclopedia

To Return to the airport, beat the ENTIRE game and get back to the airport and there will be a lot of cool fun stuff to do there, like get coins and all that! Its sort of like a small unknown secret level! So try it out, its pretty cool! But I'll help you out with where to go and with some advice on what to do. I've done these before so it should work.

Don't forget to jump on the enemies. Make sure you destroy the enemies. There's 2 owl like birds flying around the area where there was 2 bee hives. Or it was the area with many palm trees.

Squirt the 2 birds with water collecting their coins until they give you a 1-up. Then just keep squirting the bird until it touches the ground or jump on it to get another coin. You can find valuable coins there. Scour the catwalks and hop on top of bloopers to discover more coins. High above the stand is a wire which you can swing on to nab some more coins hold up as you jump off of the wire as it's spinning. Cataquacks will give you a coin if you spray them and then jump on them.

You deserve one after the previous episode. Shadow Mario returns and you just need to keep chasing him around and spraying him, just as when he kidnapped Peach in Delfino Plaza. If you lose him, just keep searching and follow the evil music. When you've sprayed him enough he'll fall over and give up a Shine. Episode 7 in every level involves catching Shadow Mario. The Red Coins of the Lake[ edit ] Objective: Collect the 8 red coins.

When you start the episode you get a view of the lake. You may have noticed additional windmill being added around the lake as the episodes progressed, and now the construction is complete with tall windmills connected by ropes scattered around the lake.

You need to collect Red coins as in Episode 4, but this time all the coins are located above or near the lake. If you've freed Yoshi's on the island then there will be a Yoshi egg right where you start the level, but you don't need Yoshi to get the Shine for this episode. The Rocket Nozzle will make getting to the Red coins easier though.

super mario sunshine secret places to meet

Get this from the platforms on the lake just below the hillside cave entrance. Go to the grove of trees and find the two small windmills next to the lake. The coin is floating above the rope that connects the windmills. It's easy to get with the Rocket nozzle; just stand in the shadow of the coin and take off. Hop onto a lily pad boat and propel it to the right of the bridge and find a group of 4 gold coins with a red coin above them. Rocket from the lily pad to reach the Red one.

The next coin is above the trail of platforms that crosses under the bridge. Rocket up to one of the platforms and hop to the rope where the coin is.

Go back to the platforms where you picked up the Rocket nozzle. The next coin is above a rope that passes over these platforms. Continue going up this rope until you reach a windmill with flags. Jump to avoid being hit by a Wind Elemental; these will be quite common when you're high up like this. Follow the next rope, jumping to avoid the electric beads, until you're above the bridge and the next coin should be right there.

Keep following the rope to the next platform. Then follow the next rope left. If you fall at some point then you can easily get back to this point by rocketing from the path near the bridge.

Beat the Pokey on the next platform by jumping on his head but be very careful not to fall. Cross the next rope which has a coin above it. Keep following the rope to the next one which also has a coin above it.

This time it's a bit higher up so you may need to switch to Mario-cam to find it. The last coin is above a rope that's not connected to the others. You can reach it with the Rocket nozzle but perhaps it's easier with the Hover nozzle.

Drop down and get the Blue toolbox near the base of the big windmill, then use the windmill blades as in Episode 2 to get some height and hover over to one of the platforms holding up the rope. The Shine will appear in a little alcove in the big windmill, hover over from the windmill blades but if you still have the Rocket nozzle it will be easy to just rocket up there. Collect at least Gold coins. You can get coins in several episodes, but we recommend Episode 8 and unlocking Yoshi first since you can get a large number of coins by eating bees.

Some of the coin counts listed below are approximate. There are many more coins than you actually need here. Coins in plain sight; in trees, on lake, under bridge, above ropes, etc. Using Sprinkler Squirt inside a ring is one way, but you can also just spray from side to side as you approach from a distance.

It can be difficult to get all three coins when the Pokey is on a small ledge or platform. Also, some Pokeys have a Blue coin replacing one of the Gold ones. Or just have Yoshi eat them. This includes the ones in trees 4 coins There are a few more coins to get by having Yoshi eat the yellow butterflies and water bugs. Secret Shine 1[ edit ] Objective: Collect 8 Red coins in the Hillside Cave secret area in less than 1: Start Episode 3 and enter the Hillside Cave as before.

As with every secret area, you can replay it for another shine. However, this time you have to get red coins within a time limit. At the start is a red button; ground pound it to make the red coins appear and the timer start.

You have one minute. The first red coin is on the left side of the sliding blocks in front of you. Get Coin 2 from the left side of the set of small orange cubes. You just need to land on the corner cube since it will lift you up to the coin. Hover along the left side of the cubes to the far corner and get Coin 3 the same way.

You can now get two more coins on the cubes but it seems to be easier to save these for last. Now look into the distance to see a star shaped platform floating to the left. Jump and hover over to it and grab coin 4. Now hover toward the green bridge and touch down either on the bridge itself or on one of the cubes that are circling it. Jump immediately and keep hovering to another floating star; there are two and you want the one further from the start.

This has coin 5. From there is easy to hover to the other star on this side of the bridge, taking you back toward the start again. This has coin 6. You're now in hovering distance of the small orange cubes again, so get to the nearest corner to find Coin 7.

Finally, hover along the side of cubes to land on the next corner for the last coin. Be careful on this one because the corner cube doesn't stay in the corner; look to see where it is before trying to land on it. The timer stops after getting the last coin so there's no hurry to get through the rest of the course to where the Shine is waiting. Secret Shine 2[ edit ] Start Episode 6 and enter the secret area for the replay.

This time, you get 1: Hover over to the first red coin in the middle of the red and blue sliding platforms. Touch down on one of the platforms and hover to the next safe spot. Coin 2 is on top of the star here, just above the 1-Up which you might as well grab. Don't bother wall jumping for the next gap, just hover to the cube, touch lightly and hover onto the platform with the sliding prisms. Coin 3 is between them, just touch ground long enough to collect it.

Then hop onto the cube which acts as a lift. For this section you have to stay on top; collect coins 4 and 5 and the second 1-Up on the way. Watch the shadows to see where you should be standing. Coins 6 through 8 are on the second set of sliding platforms. These are much easier to navigate with the Hover nozzle so you probably have more time than you think. Get Coin 6 in the far left corner, but wait until the platform is under it.